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Game Crashing 2019


So my game is crashing all the time when i am in the Launcher and i have tryed to delete it and install it again. Any one there can help.


So what error do you get? Could be that your .Net Framework has not installed correctly, that is the only thing the launcher really needs to work. You should still be able to launch the game normally by directly starting the game .exe here:


Hey so my game won’t start it crashes after clicking the option with launcher or without launcher the game will seem to start then will come up with bugsplat window saying error pls help


When i press play in steam the launcher it opens and then when you press play it opens a black window and it comes op with a crash message.


Yeah I tried both options and it comes up with the same issue


Are you guys running on an Intel HD graphics chip?
If so, you need to update your display drivers, if you’re running Windows 10 it is this one:


Yes the game works now after updating the display driver plus it helped fix other issues, thank you


My game is also working now, thank you so much for the help.