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Game making my PC screen turn off


When I am not playing the game my PC screen turn off in 1 hour of inactivity. When I am playing the Unreal engine version of the game my PC screen turns off within 1-6 seconds of inactivity of the keyboard or moving the mouse. This is quite an aggravating problems as I can’t really stop to thing about what I want to do or read something without fidgeting with the mouse. I am only home for the weekend but thought I would post this because someone else might have this problem too. If You need my feedback I will only be able to give you that until I leave back to tech school. Which will only leave for tonight for diagnosing the problem if I need to send any files (the next 8 or so hours).


This sounds like a serious graphics card issue rather than a problem with the game, we’ve not heard anything similar to date. You could try to set the game to minimum graphics options and 20 FPS. If that makes the problem go away, then I would recommend you check if your graphics card is healthy or not.
Hope that helps!


I will try that when I come home this weekend. That seems kind of weird though, I have played the UE4 version before with no issues 2 months ago. Since then my PC has been shut down because I have been at a mechanic school, I will be coming home again this weekend to give you an update. What kind of test should I do to see if my graphics card is good or bad.

I did a quick read on troubleshooting a graphics cars and read that dust can cause failure. So my questions are is 2 months of a dormant PC enough time for dust to cause the graphics card to overheat? And would the monitor/PC shutting off/sleeping be a symptom of an overheating card?


Difficult to tell. The best stress testers for GFX cards definitely are benchmark programs, but running Automation on Epic settings and “limited” to 60 FPS will basically do the same. :stuck_out_tongue:
It could be a graphics driver issue with the latest UE4.17.2 version of the engine too, which we switched to last month. So update your graphics drivers if you can, just to make sure it’s not that.
I doubt the monitor has anything to do with it. Overheating is why I suggested the very low settings and FPS limiter at 20, that would make sure the card is not nearly running at full load.


Hey, a fellow mechanic!

As for your questions, yeah, 2 months will have allowed dust in to the case (Especially if you have top-side fans/vents), but I doubt it would allow sufficient dust to have the PC shutting down intermittently. I’d do what Killrob said first, and I’d also check the card physically - make sure the PSU wiring leading to it hasn’t gotten damaged or loosened, make sure the card is still seated properly and yeah, check to make sure it’s cleaned. If it needs more cleaning than you can get with a small duster-can, take it to your school and blow it out there.


Well I’m back home this weekend to fix my car and now the game is running fine now. I’ll just have to wait until it does it again, unless the update that I installed today for the game fixed it.