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Game never launching fmod errror 30


Like the title says, whenever I start the game from the launcher it never starts. The game launched the first time with zero problems and since then I’ve been having issues with it. Task manager shows it running but using near zero usage across the board. I left it in this state for 20-30 minutes multiple times and went to check the game logs to see what is causing the hang up and after other errors it endlessly repeats “CamsoLog: Error: FMOD error 30 - An invalid object handle was used.” until the executable is terminated leaving me with game logs in some cases nearing a GB in size.

I’ll be posting the other screenshots under this being a new user and all, but they are from the most recent log, every line is numbered and I took pictures mainly of things that seemed off with the last one showing the line that repeats, in this case, line 27,528,497. So any help would be greatly appreciated.


FMOD error 30 sounds like something is wrong with the sound files the game is using - have you done the good old verify file integrity through Steam?


I’ve verified and re-installed multiple times with no success so far with zero errors popping when verifying integrity so that’s why I came to forum after checking other people’s problems with the game not launching.


Thanks @Beamer810 for the report.

Can you manually delete all game logs. Try playing again and send that log (so long as it isn’t huge). I think I know the culprit of the error, and it is related to engine testing.


So I just deleted all of the logs, turns out the main log was 120gb which explains the game not launching, but the game immediately launches with no problems now. The smallest log backup I have is 2gb which I’d classify as huge and my standard log is now back to 50kb or so. If you’d like I can trim out a majority of the repeating error and see what the size is then and send that.


Yes, that would be great! We’d only need the log up to and including the point the error shows up the first time :slight_smile: thanks!


AutomationGame-backup-2018.07.28-11.38.14(Edited).zip (32.1 KB)
Here’s the last log backup before everything was fixed, just deleted all but the first line of the looping error. Hope it helps and thanks for helping get all my stuff situated.