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Game wont start and steam synced to "online" status not "playing automation"


When i clicked play on the game launcher, the game window doesnt popped up and suddenly, my steam synced up to “online” status. not “playing automation” status

ive tried many ways such as reinstalled the game, verifying the files, and it wont work. i need help here.

here some logs sorry if its too much

hope this gets resolved soon. i didnt play automation like for 2 or 3 months because of this…



Make sure your steam client is up to date, you can check for updates in Steam’s main menu in the top left. That can get rid of the connection-to-Steam issue you’re seeing.

You should also take a look at the Troubleshooting FAQ: https://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/discussions/0/1728701877456206094/

it could be your antivirus blocking the game.

On the other hand your game log ends with a “Closing by Request”, i.e. you decided to terminate the start of the program, which seems to contradict what you’ve been observing.

Are you on a really slow computer (laptop with old hard drive)?


Heres the thing

the only antivirus i have is the WIndows Defender.

i replaced the hard drive like 3 months ago.

my steam client is up to date. i reinstall the steam and the game but still wont work. Also i dont havt the time to keep restarting steam.

and now, i litterally deleted the log file.

my laptop specs if you need it.
AMD Ryzen 3 with AMD Vega Graphics
1TB of storage.


More annoyingly, i can start the game using the AutomationGame.exe from the game files.


Okay, so the game works but not via the launcher? Have you tried to clear the game cache from the launcher?


tried. but still wont work.


Are you subscribed to any mods? That is basically the only difference between a launcher start and a direct start with the exe.


i just unsubscribe some incompatible mods. but most of my cars using mods. if i have to delete all of the mods, i have to resubscribe and rebuild all of my cars


Uhh, why would you have to rebuild them? Just don’t open them while you’re running without mods and they’ll be fine.
You can simply deactivate the mods in the launcher.


hmm ok ill try. ill hit you up after it.


tried to disable all of the mods i have, still wont work. dang it, steam.


i know this will never get solved. or should i reinstall windows?