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Games crashes when changing family size


Nearly every time I start to build an engine, if if start to adjust the family size sliders the game will freeze for a second. This has only been a common occurrence since the latest update, though it did happen occasionally before. It was kind of an eh thing at first, but it’s become kind of enraging knowing that every time I begin to build an engine I’ll have to restart the game.


Having this issue as well.


Never seen that myself, what is the context? Building an engine for a car or a standalone engine?
After that happens, please send us the log file to support@camshaftsoftware.com and the link to this thread. That will help see what is going on.


Just woke up, fuckin time zones :b. Anyways, it happens whether or not it’s a new model or standalone engine. I’ll be sure to send the log file the next time I’m on my computer :smile: