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Gamma Industries - Re-starting this, again


Gamma Industries

Country: Brazil
Year of foundation: 1976
Founders: Luís Guilherme Gama e Cecília Victoria Alves
Name meaning: Gama-Alves Motores, Motocicletas e Automóveis (Gama-Alves Engines, Motorcycles and Automobiles)


In 1966 Luís Guilherme started his business: the Gamma Garage. He and his family worked on it, including his wife Cecília. During the following 10 years they did a lot of different kind of works, from simple repairs to totally new builds for race or work purposes.

It’s 1975, the couple has been listening ideas from close friends and customers to start a car company, the internal market was closed so it was a good time to start a national brand. They did have quite a sum of money saved, so they thought carefully and decided it was worth the risk. Talking with their friends and some close clients they got everything set to start the company the next year.

1976, the company starts, a client and friend of the family had some connections in Europe and got Gamma a contract with TTL GmbH (a polish company that later would be know as MEN Nutfahrzeuge AG) to produce a vehicle using their 1260X chassis and body and a contract with VanHohe (a dutch engineering company that produces engines, transmissions and other things) to power their car.

With this Gamma is born.

Atom Motors - The Car Company of America

Gamma 1600X

The 1600X was produced under license of MEN Nutfahrzeuge AG from 1976 to 1990, but some modifications were done for it to hit the brazillian market that was more exigent than that of communist Poland, even if less than the rest of the world.

All parts where produced in national territory, since it was impossible to import.

The engine was a VanHohe 1.6L OHC producing 74hp and 118Nm, an engine oriented to produce good torque at lower rpm, the gearbox was also a VanHohe, with 4 gears.

The tyres where changed to radial long life 175/80 R14 and the wheels where also changed for national ones.
The suspension also was lowered to fit better the light utility market.