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Gatto Motors (Photos coming later)


Gatto Motors is a fictional car maker based in Lugano, Switzerland.

Founded in 1946 with the motto “A Choice You Can Trust”, it got in a severe financial crisis in 1955, when it was bought by CosmoCat Technologies (later renamed CosmoCat Industries), a Swiss industrial behemoth active in the communication and aerospace fields.
Gatto Motors comprehends 3 other brands:
GattoWorks, the official tuning/racing division, founded in 1962, that started tuning Gatto production vehicles in 1980. GattoWorks tuned cars are identifiable by the light orange/white paint scheme and by the “Z” lettering in their series code. All Gatto’s except for the Landscape have a GattoWorks performance version
Felino, the luxury division of the brand. Started its life as the highest trim option for certain Gatto cars, has been spun off in an “independent” brand in 2015. All Felino cars are handmade by special personnel in a different plant than the regular Gatto production facility
SuoKanAu, a state-owned Finnish auto maker founded in 1965 that went bankrupt in 1992, bought by Gatto Motors in 2008 with the intent of expanding production in Lapland and now it has became Gatto’s cheap cars division.

The current Gatto Motors lineup is composed by 10 cars:

Gatto NapMaster “G12”, the 12th generation of the second best-selling Gatto car ever, It’s a BMW 3-series size car, available in sedan, wagon (CargoBox configuration) or coupe body. First introduced in 1946, it has just been updated. For 10 years, the Coupe version of the NapMaster were Gatto’s go-to choice for rally racing until 2006

Gatto CatNose B7, the 7th generation of the best selling Gatto car ever, it’s a VW Golf size hatchback, lastly updated in 2018. First introduced in 1973, it replaced the 4th-gen CatEar compact sedan. The later iterations of the CatNose (from the “B5” series) were successful rally cars (since the 2006 CatNose replaced the NapMaster Coupe) and touring cars, getting GattoWorks may wins around the globe

Gatto CatTail “T12”, the 12th generation of Gatto’s BMW 5-series competitor, it’s available in both sedan and wagon (CargoBox) body configurations. First introduced in 1946, it has been updated in 2019

Gatto Baffo “Q10”, the 10th generation of Gatto’s small sports car. First introduced in 1947, has just been updated this year and it’s only available as an hardtop, since Gatto has decided that for safety reasons, they will never build a convertible. The Baffo was the car of choice for Gatto Motors for rally racing until 1995, when it was replaced by the NapMaster Coupe “G7”. It even raced in Group B with a special 586hp, mid-engine, AWD version of the 5th-gen “Q5” called the ZWR85b

Gatto Mustache “P11”, the 11th generation of Gatto’s medium sports car. First introduced in 1948, the Mustache has always been faithful to its front-mounted, 6-cylinder RWD layout, and, like its smaller brother (the Baffo) it has just been updated this year.

Gatto RoCat “F7”, the 7th generation of Gatto’s flagship hypercar. It was first introduced in 1956 to celebrate the CosmoCat Technologies takeover of the company. It was discontinued in 1973 because of the Oil Crisis, but it came back with the “F3” generation in 1985. It was lastly update in 2019. In 1992, GattoWorks made a special series of 10 RoCat GT1 spec cars, in order to participate in the at the time new LMP-GTP category

Gatto Landscape “LS9” the 9th-generation of Gatto’s Toyota LandCruiser competitor. First introduced in 1951, it was overshadowed by the popularity of the Land Rover, and for some people the introduction of the first Landscape was one of the major reasons behind Gatto’s bankruptcy in 1955. Thanks to the SUV boom in the world market and to the fact that it combines the ruggedness of a true off-roader with the Swiss quality that characterizes Gatto’s products, the new Landscape (updated last year) is selling strongly

Gatto CatPaw “O5”, the 5th generation of Gatto’s smallest and cheapest hatchback, first introduced in 1982 and lastly updated in 2018

Gatto Fluffball “A7”, the 7th generation of Gatto’s Ford Fiesta rival, first introduced in 1976 and lastly updated last year. In 2017, it has succeeded the CatNose as Gatto’s main rally car

Gatto Landscape Lite “LL5”, the 5th generation of Gatto’s small off-roader, created to compete against the Suzuki SJ410/Samuari/Jimny. First introduced in 1982, it has just been updated this year

The current Felino lineup consists of 4 cars:

Felino T12, the Felino version of the CatTail, as you have probably guessed by the car’s name

Felino G12, the Felino version of the NapMaster

Felino LS9, the Felino version of the Landscape

Felino Chicco “C8”, the flagship of all the Gatto Motors products, the Chicco is the only Felino with a name, since until 2015 it was a Gatto-branded car. The Chicco (first introduced in 1957) was always aimed straightly at the Rolls Royce Phantom and Toyota Century, being the most opulent and luxurious vehicle from Gatto Motors

All Felino cars use specifically tuned versions of GattoWorks’ modified engines

The current SuoKanAu lineup consists of 4 cars:

SuoKanAu Galazia, a cheap Fiesta-like hatchback, based on the Fluffball platform

SuoKanAu Lapland, a cheap compact SUV based on the Landscape Lite platform

SuoKanAu Rovaniemi, a cheap VW Golf-like hatchback based on the CatNose platform, named like this in honor of the plant where the best selling SuoKanAu car ever (the 80’s Syntrex), built in the city of Rovaniemi

SuoKanAu Turku, a cheap crossover based on the CatNose/Rovaniemi platform