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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


(Warning, Lazy ad campaign incoming)

(excerpt from from Cincinnati Enquirer Automotive section, shortly after the LA Auto Show in November):

Ardent 1972 Offerings:


For the '72 model year, the Sentinel compact sedan, coupe, and wagon continue virtually unchanged, save for alterations to the bumpers to meet federal standards. It is a poorly kept secret that Ardent is in the process of designing an all new Sentinel, so we expect the status quo until that is released. We’ve been told that will be the '74 model year.


Ardent has announced a rather sizable shakeup of the Chesapeake line this year. The Jetsetter convertible trims are now gone, and new base L and mid-trim S model two-doors join the lineup. The L 2-door is only available with the 203 cubic inch Orion straight-six, though one has the option of a 3-speed manual or 3-speed automatic. The S 2-door is only available with a 289 cid Toledo V8 and a 3-speed auto. The remaining two door options, the 333 GT, 444 SS, and 444 Super SS, remain unchanged.

Other changes to the line are minor. The base L models now gain an in-dash analog clock that higher trims have had for years. Minor changes were made to the pattern of the optional cloth seating surfaces. Finally, the bumpers and brackets have been revised to meet upcoming federal crash standards.


Ardent’s pony car gains a little extra weight this year with the addition of federally compliant bumpers. S models now an in-dash clock standard, and L models gain new wheel options.


Ardent’s flagship sedan soldiers on with no major changes. The rumor mill is, however, flying that the Townsend-exclusive fuel-injected version of the 444 cid big block will soon make its way into the Manhattan.

A100 and A200 series trucks and vans

Since Ardent’s little truck-world coup in 1969 of making the 444 big block available in the A100 series, it has proven quite popular. Popular enough that, for the '72 model year, the 333 small block will no longer be available in the A200 series, as Ardent tries to shift more attention to its heavier duty workman’s vehicles.

Townsend 1972 Offerings:


Townsend’s small but luxurious offering continues on for yet another year with minimal changes, giving rise to the question as to Ardent’s long-term intentions towards this line, or any Townsend for that matter. The good news is you can still get the Trinidad with a 289 cid V8. The bad news is you can also still get it with the questionable 140 cid Templar straight-six.


What could have once been considered a premium sports car now languishes after years without major updates. Like the Trinidad, it can still be had with a 140 six or 289 eight.


The bright spot in the Townsend lineup is definitely the Toulouse. Based on the Ardent Manhattan, it still holds on to its exclusivity of the fuel-injected 444 cubic inch big block. This makes for a smoother ride than the equivalent Ardent, plus the interior just feels more refined. Townsend has hinted at further changes to this model over the next couple years.

Submitted models:
Ardent Chesapeake L sedan w/203 and 3-spd auto
Ardent Chesapeake 444 Super SS w/4-speed manual
Townsend Toulouse base w/444 MechJect and 3-spd auto


Hey @VicVictory, is this dealt with in the same way as with the taillights (i.e. two bulbs required if in a single fixture)?

Or do I have to have separate fixtures for the turn and park signals?


Ah, I forgot to put in there what I put in later rounds of the original Generations.

For parking and turn signals up front, at this time, there MUST be some form of visual separation. Either the fixture must have different color bulbs for each purpose, or they have to be separate fixtures.


I suspected that might be the case, so I’ve placed separate fixtures for turn and park signals… :nerd_face:


Parking lights and turn signals don’t seem to be consistently distinct in a lot of cars. Hard to tell in this for example


1972 Hampton Model Range

Lore post

For 1972, the Hampton Motor Group model range now includes the following vehicles:

  • Intermediate: Valiant II Prime 3.5 - Refreshed for 1972 with a new front-end design, the Valiant II range has received safety upgrades for the new decade, along with minor powertrain revisions for improved performance and efficiency. Standard equipment on the Prime trim shown above includes an 8-track player and cast-alloy wheels.

  • Muscle: Valiant II 5.0 Supersprint - An even more powerful version of the existing Valiant Sprint, with a more highly tuned engine than before, now developing 270 net horsepower - a formidable amount in such a small, light car. Forged magnesium alloy wheels, 4-wheel disc brakes and a sportier suspension tune are all standard on this trim.

  • Luxury: Vanguard II 5.0 Sedan - A revised version of our flagship luxury sedan introduced in 1969, powered by a detuned version of our 5.0L pushrod V8 developing 200 horsepower and kitted out with more standard equipment than lesser models in our range, including fully independent hydro-pneumatic suspension, with genuine leather and woodgrain interior trim, plus a high-end AM radio and 8-track player. This is also the first Hampton ever to be fitted with hydro-pneumatic suspension.

Please contact your nearest dealer for pricing and test drive inquiries.


1 week, 1 day, 2 hours till submissions due for this round.


I need to reinstall Automation. @VicVictory


1972 Hakumai Crest (XA) GL

Hakumai’s first attempt at a vehicle. It’s a partsbin of Multiple cars and it sold well in the US Market because of the oil crisis, Because of that, the car is pitifully underpowered at 77 Horsepower and 84Lb ft of torque, It will be their only car until 1981. The only trim you could buy at the time, The car only has 1 engine option, and other cosmetic options. The XA Platform was only suited to hatchbacks.


Under 72 hours left and I still need submissions from:

@ProfesserP3PP3R (…can’t seem to tag? Renamed or even still on the forum?)
@interior (1 of 3 submissions received)


Finalising my entries now… You’ll see a PM ASAP, :grin:


I’m gonna no longer take part, appologies


Once again I can’t compete, been busy recently…sorry


My Entrants for Round 4!

Bogliq by Design is proud to present my three entrants for round 4 of Generations II…

Intermediate and Muscle

The Sachem 141F and 170AE fly the flag for Bogliq Automotive USA in 1972!

Sachem 141F

My Intermediate entry, aimed squarely at middle America, boasting a 4.1L V6 and premium interior. The car is made of all steel construction, has a ladder chassis and is rear wheel drive. Suspension consists of a double wishbone front end, with a solid coil sprung axle in the rear. Both efficiency and performance has improved over its predecessor, plus it runs 91RON lead free fuel (but can run anything since it has no catalyst).

Sachem 170AE

This model is the car in the image. All the data from the 141F applies to the 170AE but it now sports a 7L V8. This model also runs on 91RON, plus it’s more frugal, so the ownership burden of this car is lower than you might expect…


A design department thought bubble ends up becoming a reality; for better or worse!

After deciding to retcon the IRS on my luxury car, I felt I needed to do something different for my luxury entrant, something edgy… So this beauty was birthed! There’s a coupe version as well, but it doesn’t photograph well because I get fixture spikes coming from the taillights, which also turned out well.

Steel on a galvanised steel ladder; The Primarius runs a 7L V8, is quick and comfy and runs on 91RON. Now no-one will think about the old car when they see this beauty motor by!


I will have lore pages up soon (there will be more surprises too!) and I'll update this post with links once they're done.



For some reason I thought I’d have until Sunday to do this, therefore most of the day Saturday…

Welp, my luxury entry is going to have to be my personal luxury coupe instead of a ground up sedan build. Goodbye practicality!

EDIT: @VicVictory if you see this, you can safely delete Steed from the initial post. Until such a time that the Jeep bodies don’t look quite so derpy I won’t be making any, and there will always be Earl equivalents anyway.



Very front:
Anhultz Superkroon IV D

Luxury entrant

2nd row; red:
Anhultz Mimas V S

Muscle entrant (more a pony, but eh…)

2nd row; orange:
Anhultz Mimas V D

Intermediate entrant (shoved the Dione into full-size)

3rd row; single headlight pair:
Anhultz Puck II D

3rd row; two headlight pairs:
Anhultz Dione VI D

@VicVictory due to engines being re-used between models, some of them not entered and/or of previous rounds but valid lore cars, there MAY be discrepancies regarding engine family name.
They should all load in fine, but i’d rather warn you in advance.
If yyou want me to clone the famiies out for proper naming, tell me, but they will have a [CLONE] added to them to not mess up the internal structure.

As for the VEHICLE trim names, the MC entry and IM entry will very likely load in as a single family with the IM naming convention.

Letter to [insert current Bogliq Automotive USA CEO] @HighOctaneLove

Dear [Name of CEO],
This letter is being sent as a formal appreciation towards you and your manufacturer for being willing to provide chassis blueprints in the wake of the R&D disaster.
Those blueprints saved Anhultz from having to permanently retreat from the north american market and were a great, even if indirect financial boost to the company, aiding the rebuilding process.
Though you formally did not demand any compensation for the supply of chassis blueprints, we do consider ourselves to be owing you and Bogliq Automotive USA a return of favor.
Since we do have fairly little knowledge of the inner workings at Bogliq Automotive USA, we can not shoehorn an offer down your throats. As such we will formally declare Anhultz being open for cooperation in the near and not-so-near future.
Best regards,
Willem Anhultz
CEO of Anhultz Automobile Manufacturing

the Superkroon probably will get fucked by morph reset…
for a quick-fix, please move the firewall (lower windshield) morph all the way to the front


The new Style for Deer And Hunt


1972 Dominions

Newly updated for 1972 is the Atlantic model range, including the Stag muscle car.

Also available is an all-new generation of the Elgin luxury car.


For 1972, the Earl Motor Company offers more choices than ever for each and every discerning customer to find just what they are looking for!

The Earl Jupiter Estate - Intermediate Entry
The thorough redesign of Earl & Silverhare’s midsize entries carried through to 1972, and the Jupiter remained a top choice for family vehicles. This basic Jupiter Estate is a safe and efficient wagon for modern families, representing a great value proposition. This model features the standard 150 gross (118 net) horsepower six, AM radio, cross ply tires, and front and rear bench seats.

The Earl Executioner - Muscle Car Entry
While the muscle car market started to die out partly due to insurance premiums, the already “refined” muscle cars, the Silverhare Spear GTA and Earl Rio Grande gradually began to soften into personal luxury, but the purposefully obnoxious Earl Executioner remained a dedicated performance machine. Clad in black on black, with a subtle, unique graphic, this engine uses a Manchester 4 barrel carb allowing the 444 cubic inch Langhorne V8 to produce 400 gross (300 net) horsepower, accelerating the car to 60 in under 7 seconds and providing surprisingly good gas mileage and handling when optioned with the Radial Tire & Suspension Package, as shown here.

The Hirondelle Shambala - Luxury Entry
The Hirondelle Shambala, a nameplate long denoting the high trim convertible of the luxury line, became a high style personal luxury coupe with a monocoque chassis and design entirely unique from the other Hirondelles. Nearly every imaginable convenience was offered as standard, such as heated front 8 way power leather bucket seats, FM/AM/8-Track four speaker stereo, power front disc brakes, radial tires, power sunroof, power trunk lid, automatic triggering and dimming headlights, automatic climate control, and much more. But the largest highlight was an engine designed specifically for the Shambala: the Opus Twelve, a torquey eight liter V12 engine offering paramount smoothness and quietness.


Sorry that i could not make it yet. i did not go on the forum today.