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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


The first scenario.


What about colors for parking lights? Must they still be amber, as they had to be in 1972?


1972 Aftermath

Market situation:

Anhultz Mimas V D

  • successful
  • customers consider comfort and ease of driving to be exceptional
  • considered expensive to purchase

no immediate changes made; facelift/ update planned for 1974, introducing catalytic converters

Anhultz Superkroon IV D

  • similarly successful to Mimas (relatively)
  • also easy to maneuver and very comfortable
  • not a status symbol and “meh” on most other things

recently introduced; no immediate changes made

Anhultz Mimas V S:

  • best in class according to press
  • engine info again being misprinted, acknowledged and not corrected ( cough @VicVictory cough )
  • may not be fast, but actually handles better than most competitors

no immediate changes; facelift/ update planned for 1974, introducing catalytic converters


  • Buyout of Keika Automotive is officially confirmed though gradually increasing stock share in the upcoming years. in Parallel, a project has been started to release a post-buyout Keika to dealers. The buyout is planned for finalisation in 1977 with an immediate model release.
  • Bogliq Automotive USA is now (as of late 1972) sourcing OHV engines from Anhultz.
  • The previously cancelled Callisto line will be re-introduced for 1973, as the engineers had difficulties adapting the Monocoque chassis of the Dione and Mimas to accomodate a truck bed.
  • The Anhultz Ganymede is to follow a few years after.

Company relations:

what does Anhultz think of others?
 Relation Hated Cold Neutral Warm Friendly
Company -  Ardent Motors Corporation   literally everyone else  - Bogliq Automotive USA


Hakumai makes the transition to aluminium panels, Monocoque chassis. The manager claimed that the Alu panels will make the car safer than it’s steel competitors thanks to better energy absorbing


The new Hakumai LX Range of cars. Better than the original Crest, more power, and more importantly. Reliable cars.

Using the same powerplant (engine) accross the range.


1977 Hampton Model Range

Lore post

Left to right: Fennec 1.6i in Bittersweet Vermilion, Valiant III 2.8 Prime in Olive Green, and Nevis II pick-up in Sand Beige.

Hampton’s 1977 model line-up includes the following vehicles:

  • Fennec (model shown: 1.6i 3-door hatchback w/4-speed manual transmission) - Our first-ever front-wheel-drive economy car just got even thriftier for 1977, with mechanical fuel injection available across the board from just $12,600.

  • Valiant III (model shown: 2.8i Prime 4-door sedan) - The third generation of our long-running mid-size car also comes with mechanical fuel injection as standard throughout the range, with prices for the Prime trim starting from $17,100.

  • Nevis II (model shown: 2-door pickup) This is a redesigned version of our 4x4 pickup truck, with a 1.6-ton load capacity, skid plates and off-road tires ensuring go-anywhere capability from just $13,300.

All Hampton Motor Group vehicles are now fitted with a catalytic converter as standard and require 91 RON (87 AKI) unleaded gasoline exclusively. Please contact your nearest dealer for test drive inquiries.



So uhm… it was turn signals that were supposed to be amber in 72. I had written down the wrong one. I didn’t mark anyone down for wrong color lights.

Turn signals must be amber. Parking lights can be either color, but are typically white.


i’m getting in early so i dont forget like last time…

Economy Entry, Courageux Trois 1400 Rallye

The second generation 3 offers the original 3 cylinder 1103cc engine but also a new 1400cc ohc 4 cylinder in the top models. This engine is found in the “rallye” model equipped with a 2 barrel carb it produces 53bhp. Other fitments are alloy wheels with low profile tyres, sports suspension, twin spot lamps and racey graphics on the side.

Intermediate entry, Courageux Quinze 1.7

The facelift model of the Quinze has quite a raft of changes, and is almost a completely new car compared to the 1971 original. Powering this model is 1975’s new 1.7 all cast iron sohc engine.

Utility entry, Courageux 3 Utility

Still utilising the original Trois as its base the utility has been updated with new styling and all of the safety required.


Man this is not a great year for relevant bodies… there’s nothing that fits a ̶G̶M̶ ̶c̶o̶l̶o̶n̶n̶a̶d̶e̶ ̶m̶i̶d̶s̶i̶z̶e̶ Silverhare Spear very well, no good body for a ̶P̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ Earl Beano, and my pickup truck would have to be 17 years old so I have to use a van or a ute instead. I wonder how a midsize luxury intermediate would go over…mm

I did somehow manage to get better stats in my economy car with a 2.3 liter pushrod engine instead of a 2.0 SOHC though… absurdly low hp but acceptable acceleration and fuel economy from high torque.


Looks like Bogliq will be getting some European flair in the next model update…

Bogliq Automotive USA info sheet

EDIT: And here’s a teaser of what’s been going on in Bogliq HQ the last couple of weeks…

Oooohhhh, interesting… What’s this all about then?

Bogliq Automotive USA Lore Page

Unfortunately, the US Senate didn’t agree with this deal, so there’s nothing to see here, move along!

US Congress Veto’s Engine Deal


Bah, I knew I was forgetting something!

When you submit your cars, let me know if your company is advertising their engine sizes in CID or CC.


Ardent Motors, 1977

Submitted Utility: Ardent Shoshone S (2.3L, 4-speed manual)

Submitted Economy: Ardent Piper L (1.7L, 4-speed manual)
Submitted Intermediate: Ardent Chancellor S (4.7L V8, 3-speed auto)


would it be possible to potentially add another sub-brand for future rounds?
(the one after the current one)

I am thinking of founding a third company under the Anhultz family, which would be very utilitarian.

Just asking, no biggie if that’s not happening.


I feel for the sake of clarity between the registration and play rounds that should be a “no”


1977 Entries for Bogliq Automotive USA

It was only when he did the photoscene that HighOctaneLove realised he’d ducked up! There was meant to be three distinct colours shown in this photoshoot!

The Entries

  1. My EC entry is the Exordium 518B5. The B3 has slightly better fuel economy but the B5 is a better car in all the relevant categories (internal use only, not part of the Gen II scoring process AFAIK, hahaha).

  2. My Utility entry is the Haulstar 325C All Terrain. The 2WD version is better at being a generic utility, but I was really proud of how the All Terrain turned out, it scores well in Offroad Utility and I wanted to benchmark it against it’s peers.

  3. My IM entry is the venerable Sachem 133F. It’s the best trim, IMO, that’s relevant for Bogliq targeted families and is really important to see how it fares against it’s competitors… Fingers crossed!

Good luck everyone and don’t forget to have fun :slight_smile:


ONE WEEK REMAINING FOR SUBMISSIONS. I only have submissions from 4 of ye!


1977: Surviving the Depression!

With rising inflation and gas prices, the Global economy was really struggling. Automakers were either shuffling to create new mass market fuel efficient designs to meet the demands of the diminishing middle class, or forced to go out of business. Katsuro was already well positioned for success in the era as most of the brand’s lineup were already fuel efficient reliable people movers. With advancements in Tech, the entire lineup was gradually being refreshed with the addition of two new models, a lightweight unibody offroad utility vehicle, and a new hatchback, both with 1.6 liter engines producing between 50-70 horsepower. A new version of the L-2 was also announced, the Midnight edition which basically came in a midnight purple pearl paint, and blacked out interior, wheels and trim. This was a limited edition model that would only be produced for 1 year to celebrate the success of the L-2 over the years


1977 RCM models

1977 was a big year: Royal Canadian Motors was founded from Dominion’s acquisition of Mont Royal when the latter fell into financial ruin, as well as the acquisition of Cascadia from Japan as a subsidiary offering some much needed know-how (and market share) on small and economical cars.

The Fox was facelifted for 1977 and got a new HiMiler trim that offered a combined 31 MPG to commuters.

The Highliner was also facelifted this year, and the 4x4 model was outfitted with some new accessories.

Also of note is the new Atlantic Turbo, a sleek fastback with a turbocharged I6 making use of the forced induction technology Mont Royal was working on for nearly a decade. This allowed it to return 20 MPG without being sluggish.


Meet the extended family!

1976 Deer And Hunt Goonie MKII

Better comfort, Better performance, Better consumption. The new Goonie does everything better.

1976 Bambi Liberator BD-2 MKII

Since 1970 the Bambi subbrand brings cheap, afforadable transportation to anyone who wants to enjoy the Deer And Hunt services for a smaller price.

1974 STAG Hauler

Another subbrand of Deer And Hunt is STAG. Mostly focus at the Heavy Duty, Commercial, Service, Military, Contract and Heavy Transport sector. The Hauler is mostly sold as a Boxtruck but other configaration like a Shortbus, Security and RV are also listed


Just over 24 hours remaining…