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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


Regarding bumper regulations for this round, do most bodies with integrated bumpers still qualify, as last stated explicitly in Round 6?

Also, there seems to be an omission in your description of the sport compact category for this round:

Judging by the “sport” in “sport compact”, weren’t cars of this type also supposed to have a modicum of sportiness and performance as well?

And as for the luxury/executive car category:

In real life, some luxury cars offered naturally aspirated V12 engines by 1991, but such engines were reserved mainly for top-spec trims. I’m expecting them to be allowed, though.



It wasn’t an omission; it was an attempt to steer your focus. Whether or not your company’s product development team steers that direction (AKA figures out what type of car I’m aiming for) or not is (quite literally) up to you.

I’m not disallowing them. They were quite rare in the US market at that time, though. Yes, a handful of models were available. Not many were purchased. Even rich people have their limits during a recession.


darnit i forgot the bumpers… i was looking for some nicer ones but then i forgot em altogether


The body you submitted is considered to have integrated bumpers.




1991 Hampton Model Range

Lore Post

The 1991 Hampton Motor Group model range includes the following vehicles:

Sport Compact: Ferret (submitted trim: 1.8 Prime 3-door, center) - As cheap as it is cheerful, with a base price of $16,800 (for 1.8 Prime 3-door with automatic transmission, and capable of returning well over 35 US mpg on the EPA combined cycle economy test. Small dimensions make it ideal for urban commuters, but at least it’s not an utter bore to drive thanks to clever suspension tuning - effectively a warm hatch.

Luxury: Vanguard Mk.V (submitted trim: 6.0 V12 Elite, right) - Our latest flagship luxury sedan is the most luxurious and advanced car we have ever made, boasting genuine Connolly leather and woodgrain trim throughout. Adaptive dampers and air suspension (the latter optional on V8 Supreme, standard on V12 Elite) guarantee a smooth, comfortable ride in all conditions. Pricing for the V8 Supreme and V12 Elite starts from $48,500 and $58,000 respectively.

SUV: Braemar 4x4 (submitted trim: 2.8 4x4, left) - Built on an adapted Nevis III platform, our first SUV is designed to take you off-road, no matter the weather, thanks to high ground clearance and a 4x4 system incorporating manual locking differentials. Base price (for 2.8 4x4) is $17,700.

All 1991 Hampton models will be on sale from the fourth quarter of 1990. Please contact your nearest dealer for test drive inquiries and trim/option availability.


I’m pretty sure I saw the vanguard at Driver: Parallel Lines


1991 Ardent Motors Lineup

Passenger Cars

Piper - 3-door subcompact. Available in SE, DL, and 1.7 GL trims. Engine options: 1.4L or 1.7L Trivalve 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto.

Marathon - Compact sports coupe. Available in SE, GL, and GT V6 trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed electronic auto.

Sentinel - Compact coupe, sedan, or wagon. Available in SE, DL, GL, and GL V6 trims. Engine options: 1.7L or 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 2.7L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto.

Smoke - Personal luxury coupe. Available in GL and Limited trims. Engine options: 4.0L Scorpius V8. Transmission options: 4-speed electronic auto.

Chancellor - Mid-size sedan. Available in DL, GL, LS, and Limited trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder, 2.7L or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6, or 4.0L Scorpius V8. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed electronic auto.

Manhattan - Full-size luxury sedan. Available in LS and Limited trims. Engine options: 4.7L or 5.4L Toledo V8. Transmission options: 4-speed electronic auto.

Trucks, vans, and utilities

Shoshone - Compact pickup. Available in SE and GL trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 2.7L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual, 3-speed auto, or 4-speed electronic auto. 4WD available on 2.7L only.

Ozette - Small 2- or 4-door off-road utility. Available in DL and GL trims. Engine options: 1.7L Trivalve 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto. 4WD available. Soft top available on 2-door.

Kestrel - Minivan. Available in SE, DL, and GL trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual, 3-speed auto, or 4-speed electronic auto. 4WD not available.

A-series - Full-size pickups and vans. Available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton configurations, DL and GL trims. Engine options: 4.7L Vela straight-6, 5.4L Toledo V7, 6.6L or 7.3L Ursa V8. Transmission options: 5-speed manual (Vela or Toledo only), 3-speed auto, or 4-speed HD hydraulic auto (Ursa only). 4WD available.

Submitted vehicles:
Sport Compact: Ardent Marathon GT V6, 3.2L V6, 5-speed manual
Luxury/Executive: Ardent Chancellor Limited, 4.0L V8, 4-speed auto
SUV: Ardent Ozette 4WD Soft Top, 1.7L I4, 3-speed auto 4WD


Courageux 15 model line-up

New for 1990 was the Courageux 15 small family car. In the American market this is marketed as an economy/compact car.

Courageux 15 S16 - Sport Compact

Powered by a 2.0 4 cylinder engine with a DOHC 16v head, the sporty s16 is both practical and quick.

Courageux 15 4ALL - Sport Utility

Offering a practical wagon body style with an awd drivetrain this really is a great choice for families who like to take it off the beaten track

Courageux 100 line up

Courageux 100 GLIe - Executive

A silky smooth 3.0 straight 6 engine drives this European sports sedan.


One week left remaining for submissions.




i really did think this rounds gonna go for a month


Due to Hakumai’s lack in funds after the crash and barely any investors, the assets and the company itself gets sold to the new owners. the assets inclued various designs for concepts, factories, etc. The previous owners quit due to the very stringent US Regulations in 1991. The new owners hired more workers to get more cars made, and paid them more. Cars may no longer feature a crashy and jarring ride, they will start trying their efforts to make affordable cars with seats that dont disintegrate or the italian car reliabillity it desperately wants. Before then they have remained silent for years, all they told the public about was the vehicles, nothing about its near fate of bankruptcy or the lack of investors, the cars eventually became more crashy until the new owner bought it.


Does that mean you are withdrawing?


no, but ill be using crappier materials until next round


       The new Hakumai 300LT SE. Affordabillity at its finest, easy to fix. The second ever Hakumai to feature a spaceframe structure

Efficent, sporty and barebones. (SE Model shown, car may vary.) Due to financial issues, we’re only doing 2 cars this round. sorry

A Flexible platform allows easy changes without hassle. Parts from other generations of Hakumai cars can fit on, aslong as the width of the car is similar

Our rigid spaceframe. we couldnt afford shiny fancy wheels for this trim level so steelies it is.


Land Climber: Modest V6, will take you over any mountain.
King: Redesigned from the ground up for presidents and dignitaries. Truly spectacular in both luxury and price.
Prima KRD: KRD’s first project. While not on the most sporty platform, Katsuro’s racing division retuned the princess’ straight 6 to make roughly 160 hp, and utilized the platform’s double-wishbone suspension setup to make a very capable RWD sports compact car. The main focus was on handling, driver feel and then power.


Just a little over 72 hours left to go. Still need submissions from:



Entering the 1990s, the Earl Motor Company started to form a holding pattern, updating certain models with primarily stylistic upgrades instead of architecture changes. Most passenger cars were now front wheel drive, multipoint injection and 4 speed transmissions became ubitquitous, and the Pioneer and Conquistador SUVs started to make inroads into the family, and even luxury car space.

The Earl UFO Turbo - Sport Compact Entry
While the traditional Silverhare Chupacabra remained popular in its RWD pony car format, Earl showrooms got a new FWD sports 2+2 in 1989. The “UFO,” named as such from a public poll from its unusual appearance, was offered with a naturally aspirated or turbocharged four as well as a small V6. This Turbo model features a 2.4 liter with a turbocharger and a 5 speed manual transmission, offering good acceleration but high mpg at a low price.

The Hirondelle Galahad 350 - Luxury Entry
The Galahad introduced Hirondelle to the world of not-quite-full-sized cars in 1975. Ostensibly marketed as the Hirondelle for the buyer with more European tastes, it was never quite as small or as sporty as it could be; but while the Lancelot was somewhat stymied by tradition, the Galahad became more and more technologically advanced through the 1980s. This very new 1991 model features what would indeed prove to be some of the styling themes yet to dominate the 90s, as well as a silky smooth engine, respectable performance, and advanced technology - but for a less eye watering a price as historically expected.

The Earl Pioneer LE - Sport Utility Entry
Earl introduced the compact E10 truck platform in 1985, launched with the Palomino pickup and the Prancer two door SUV, but soon the Pioneer four door model was released and outpaced its brother. Slightly refined and having lost its wood paneling by 1991, this V6 powered SUV was ready to replace the station wagon in the driveway of many a faux outdoorsy family.


Mm yes, 90s styling… i might have accidentally started the trend of mid-early 90s designs in this round