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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


To add to this I think the rear lights are definitely ford-like. Looks period correct to me as well.


Deer And Hunt 1991 Stock

From left to right
1990 Hawg, 1991 Tines, 1986 Bambi Dominator


Bogliq USA MY91 line-up

Sports Compact

E4 Bogliq Beagle 525S

The MY86 Beagle was a striking design that needed no change so, apart from more aerodynamic headlight fixtures, nothing was changed visually. The old all iron engine has been replaced for 1990, with an all new, all aluminium, pushrod inline four in its place. Coupled with suspension and handling improvements, the MY90 E4 Beagle is now more faithful than ever, adopt one today!


B4 Bogliq Baller 258L

The initial concept born from political salvage; the Baller executive saloon has gone from strength to strength. Buyers love it for it’s combination of old school stonk and new school sophistication. the MY90 Baller also has an all new aluminium pushrod V8, which allows the handling to improve, benefits to fuel economy and performance also is enhanced. Don’t just say you’re a Baller; prove it by buying the best Baller there is, the Sports Luxury Baller 258L!!!

Sports Utility

G2 Bogliq Bushranger 750AT-R

The G2 Bushranger turned out to be a decent success, thanks to the high performance twins, the 750AT-X and the 750AT-R. For 1990 the 750AT-R has a new aluminium pushrod engine, yet retains the rugged good looks of its Mk 1 version. For folks who need speed, ground clearance and bragging rights, the MY90 Bushranger 750AT-R is the truck for you!


Hakumai’s terrible time-1989-1991
The company hasn’t gone well in the shares lately, Owners sold the company to the government to keep it running, Company being given 2.8 Billion by them to stay alive, but still didnt have enough to go back to normal, nor to keep producing cars in bulk


1991 Rocha Colorado 640

1991 Rocha Dallas 650

1991 Rocha Rocket 416 Turbo


1991 Models

RCM Labrador

Facelifted for 1991, the RCM Labrador has the popular Expedition model updated for families wanting an offroad ready SUV while the all-new Premier model offers wealthy buyers the option of a well appointed vehicle with enough towing capacity to pull their yacht or luxury travel trailer.

Solo Radical

As Solo’s first new model since the brand’s introduction in 1989, the Radical is aimed squarely at young buyers who want something both fun and efficient on a tight budget.


Submissions are closed. However, since it’s Halloween, I will not be doing full processing tonight.


OK, while I may not be doing ALL of the processing today, I am doing the base processing today.

And I’m really, really tired of something. And I’ve tried being polite. I have tried explaining this multiple times in PMs when this person submits. I am done being polite, I am done being private, and I am done putting up with blatant disregard of the rules of this competition.

@interior - I am now going to stop looking at any duplicate-class entry you provide. You provided me TWO sport compacts and no luxury or SUV. Therefore, though you “submitted” 2 cars, you get credit for only one. Starting now and going forward, that means I grade the first car in a class I open up. In this case, your 250XR gets counted and your 300LT gets instabinned.

In case I somehow haven’t made it explicitly clear over the multiple PMs and in the initial rules, YOU ARE TO PROVIDE ONE AND ONLY ONE CAR PER CLASS.

And because you keep doing this, I’m now going to up the penalty for missing submissions from a 40% max placeholder score to a 30% max placeholder score.


all this for nothing, 4 cars a round- 3 car classes, then i come to this


if you dont want me to use up 4 slots yet theres only 3 car classes, then i wont do 4 cars- simple as that, i dont want to argue, nor do i have the time to today, i dont really wanna just go after anyone, its not my fault theres no fucking economy car category because now it falls under sport compact, what do you expect me to do? put one of them under a luxury entry, @VicVictory if i even put out one car you’re probably gonna complain. if you dont want to have duplicate entries, thats fine with me, but complaining about it

TLDR: 3 CAR CLASSES Yet i have to submit 4

im done being nice to this challenge, if all this is now is just binning upon binning because duplicate classes


This isn’t a 4 car round. It’s a 3 car round. 3 categories = 3 cars. One car per category. This means exactly ONE Sport Compact, ONE Luxury/Executive, AND ONE SUV.

I get that your company isn’t quite full-line, so when you don’t submit a category you have been getting at least some credit instead of a flat out zero in the missed category.

In competitions, it is incumbent on the contestant to make sure their submissions adhere to the rules put forth by the host. And I have been very lenient on you in the past.

You’ve sent in multiple cars under one category. I asked you not to do that. You did it anyway. I tried to sort out your entries by making one of your duplicates an entry into a category you didn’t submit. you kept doing it. I asked you to resubmit an appropriate entry for a category. You refused to do that. I asked you multiple times to submit all of your cars at once, not piecemeal over the course of the submission period. You have only managed to comply with that once.

You are the only one to have any issues following the requirements in well over a hundred entries for this competition. The problem here is you. You have an issue following basic instructions.

Of course you’ve decided to make this about design and not the actual problem, so while you’re going to complain about there not being an economy car category, just know that there are 2 cars submitted as Sport Compacts this round that are very much economy cars. Their company owners are throwing the dice to see how they work. I know neither of them are going to whine if they don’t score well, because they understand that they are taking a gamble. Most of your designs so far have been very low-effort, poorly thought out designs, which is why they have scored how they have. The 250XR is actually the first car I’ve seen from you that has broken this pattern.


The rules aren’t that hard to follow. If you needed clarity all you needed to do was ask, and if you were already informed as to how the rounds worked, all you needed to do was comply.

I’ve had that obscurity before when I was submitting the King, I had 2 trims i.e 2 cars for the same category. Vic made it clear that it was only one car per category, and guess what? I submitted the one I think would compete best… problem solved.

If you made a mistake that’s normal, but if you keep on doing the same thing over and over again that’s against the terms of the competion, to me it means that you didn’t care in the first place.


i dont spend years on my designs, not even days, i get theyre low effort, but i have more things to do other than Discourse, all i care about is the ratings and scores


@Interior, dude, if you don’t understand something and need help or clarification, PM me your problem and I’ll try to help you out. Don’t suffer in silence; PM me and I’ll do what I can.

But you do need to just stop, take a breath and apologise to Vic. @VicVictory is a long standing forum competition host and is EXTREMELY for giving and helpful. When he gets mad, you’ve crossed the line by a mile and need to get back on track. Vic still lets me compete in his competitions despite the terrible mistakes I’ve made in the past, so you can be assured that he’ll not hold this against you, just listen, learn and do better next time!

I have a bad feeling about this; My car isn’t one of these and it isn’t as cool as the sports coupes… Sheesh, did it suddenly get hot in here?


i’m sorry for trying to start an argument over duped vehicles @VicVictory, Yes text format doesnt express emotions well i understand that, i dont mean to be aggressive over it.


And yes, it did get hot in here, sometimes i cant get my way and just decide to cause something because of it, but i understand that the rules exist, and 3 cars, 3 classes


Huh? I wasn’t referring to your, ahem, indiscretion, hahahaha!!! I was making a joke about my entry most likely coming last!

I have been playing Generations II with an odd set of restrictions, thanks to watching a Killrob let’s play where he used only pushrod engines, and I think my company’s about to hit the wall, both financially and competitively, hahahaha!!!


oh no


Apology accepted.

The results should be done tonight.


My “sports compact” car is based on the chassis and running gear of an intermediate family car… go fig. :joy:

We live and we learn brother. I commend you for not blowing up even more. Let’s learn and move forward and have some fun!