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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


im just gonna play it safe and use stable


I believe so, but don’t quote me on I. I’m not Killrob. :smiley:



Huh? im missing a lot of stuff Even vanilla fixtures???


1996 RCM Yukonite Colonial

The sport utility vehicle reinvented for families


The SUV that takes care of you and all your loved ones


1996 Cascadia Hariken S


1996 Ardent Marathon GT Turbo and Ardent Chancellor DL


Idk if im able to submit my entries in time… but oh well i only have like until november 28th


Behold, a cheap 90s car. I’ll finish this round in the stable version, but I’ll probably update before the next round, whether it works or not I really want to try out the 3D fixtures.

The 1996 Earl Vista Peon. It’s going places, even if you aren’t.


1996 RCM Fox EL

A subcompact with 90s American tastes in mind.




The Earl Jupiter Space 3.5 - Fast, Comfortable, Capable, Efficient and bland as hell.

Brag to others about having a midsize car with the most stylish part of the car, this $4.00 badge.

Or, make your car ever so slightly less boring by picking a color besides white or silver.


If you care about nothing but looks… This car may be for you. Introducing the Hakumai 150XT 22nd Anniversary edition. It may not be fast. But it does the job, Under the hood is a 16-Valve DOHC I4.
Designed for Practicality

(Ignore the modern interior. There’s no 1990s interior that suits it, It’s for the most part a placeholder and the racing wheel)
It comes with a standard cassette deck for your music, Decent fuel efficency.

Hakumai. Our cars sure will last. (Legal stuff applies, we are not liable for injuries or death caused by it. Tax in certain areas applies.)


1996 RCM Atlantic DX

A predictable car from a stable company. The perfect amount of beige of a stable family.


The all new Hakumai Crest 3dr CX Active Trim.
It’s cheap, and made for the person who does not care about anything, the only part he cares about is the fact it drives and has wheels. (3Cyl model shown. Car may differ at dealership.)

Horifficaly bland: Check

Brag to your neighbors about these really cheap hubcaps or the cheap steering wheel. Starting at $14,999


1996 KATSURO Parente


The new Hakumai Raider RS.

For when you want the performance with the abillity to look like a normal performance car like its competitors

It has a 3.2L V6 with 240HP And a Rear-Drive Layout, It tries to bring the fun of the 250XR Of the past. With the cost of pulling out your teeth at $33,400. For that money you get fun in a midsize sedan package.
Go brag to your neighbors about that V6 that’ll beat their old lightly modified hatchback in a race.
It has comfort too. and practicality, Vehicle not right for you? Take a look at the range.

(Warning: Vehicle is known to the state of California to cause reproductive harm or cancer.)

(Hakumai Raider V6 RS 3.2 Performance Package Shown.)


Hakumai Super Carrier 150 LS 4WD

Designed to go anywhere. Made for the dirt. Your chiropractor will be impressed at the cost of pulling your muscles out buying this car.

This car will last, Comes with a premium interior that’s comfortable and a 230HP V6 From the Raider (Above),

It has been given some modifications to fit in a SUV, 0-60 of a blistering fast 10 seconds, ofcourse its made for adventuring. Car’s all yours to own for $27,600

(Offroad package shown with Luxury interior package. Taxes do apply)

Hakumai. Cars from a company that cares about safety.


Earl continued through the 90s with cars that were generally received as well engineered, though often thought to be weird looking or downright ugly, when not playing it very conservatively.

The Earl Vista Peon - Economy Entry
Slightly rounder and smaller but not altogether superior second generations came to the Vista and Eagle in 1990. The pushrod Black Smoke Four was finally dropped for a modern SOHC four partly derived from the Goddess Six. Somewhat cheeky but not completely inaccurate trim levels for the Vista were coined, with this mid-level Peon model having a two speaker radio/casette player and an 80hp 1.8 liter engine.

The Silverhare Pegasus 2.3S - Sport Compact Entry
Despite looking very similar to the larger, four seat Earl UFO, the second generation Pegasus was unrelated by platform having many components from the original model of the 80s. Still a front engine RWD two seater, easier to drive four cylinder models like this 2.3S became more popular as efficient, fun to drive commuters.

The Earl Conqueror Lakota - SUV Entry
The full size E15 trucks were restyled for the 90s with more dramatic and less boxy styling, and so were the requisite Conquistador two door and Conqueror four door SUV. The aged Caliber V8 was replaced by a new but very similar Cannon V8, after prototypes for OHC V8s proved underwhelming. This high trim Lakota model provides high comfort and family versatility as well as off road capability, albeit at a price in the showroom and at the gas pump.

The Earl Jupiter Space 3.5 - Midsize Entry
(Please forgive me, I think I forgot the CHMSL)
The second generation of FWD Earl Jupiter / Silverhare Spear came about in the mid 90s, with very conservative styling, almost boxier than the first generation. While appearing bland, the enlarged 3.5 liter V6 provided models like this one with good acceleration despite a 4 speed automatic, various comfort features, and maintaining good fuel economy.