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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


The crossover I am entering is the Courageux 15 4ALL


it’s deer and hunt, they don’t bother with weak cars


@VicVictory hours left?




About 8 hours rn


2007 RCM Carabine Sport


Only one more competitor to submit their 3 cars


2007 Rocha Laredo 418

Boxer 4, 1801cc, 124 hp, automatic 5, FWD

2007 Rocha Dallas 640

Boxer 6, 4002cc, Turbo, 240 hp, automatic 6, AWD

2007 Rocha Rocket 418 Turbo

Boxer 4, 1801cc, Turbo, 203 hp, Automatic 6, AWD


@VicVictory Iddrs submitted his motor vehicles.




Am I the only person not using the explorer body for my crossover? I thought the explorer was an actual SUV anyway


me too. im not using that


Yes, I’m aware of that.

I also just got up because, again, night shifts. Also, I have an unexpected meeting with my Dad today (which is never a good thing), so processing is going to have to wait a few hours. So please, PLEASE don’t post again until AFTER I have posted results.

Edit: Aaand I’m an idiot. My meeting with my Dad is NEXT weekend, and it’s not unexpected. Sooo… on to processing I go.

Mine isn’t. It’s using the Matrix-ish body.


Nah, just sleep deprived… You’re literally now sleeping when you want to be awake and that smashes cogniive efficacy. Don’t rush your conclusions, have a cup of tea and a biscuit then, once you’re relaxed and feeling creative, smash out the results and your signature tongue-in-cheek humour we all love, hahaha!!!


Best of Sport Compact Class - 2007

Hakumai Furcio R

The pinnacle of performance, let us just tell you right now, will cost you. But it is well worth every penny, in our opinion.

If you’re looking to press your brains into the glass of your car in any direction, the Furcio R will most definitely do that. Its extremely taut suspension and wide, aggressive tires allow it to pull a shocking 1.11g in our slalom tests. It is also the second fastest in its class for 0-60 acceleration, at just 4.5 seconds. This is made possible thanks to its 3.1 liter, twin-turbo motor that cranks out 400 horsepower.

But unlike many of its competitors, the Furcio doesn’t eschew creature comforts. High-bolstered sport bucket seats are well-padded, and give such a wide range of adjustment that every single one of our staff was able to find both a comfortable cruising position, as well as a preferred performance driving position.

And the Furcio doesn’t give up its road manners to do this, being just at home on a commute as on the track.

Just remember, you’re going to pay a hefty sum for this kind of uncompromising car.

Hampton Fennec IV 2.0 HPS Turbo

“…the only car that could hold its own against the Furcio in the slalom. It’s not as impressive off the line, but you could almost buy two of them for the price of a single Furcio…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase price, best in class slalom (tie), good acceleration
Cons: Poor reliability

Earl Vista VHS Quadra

“…an excellent performer given its rock bottom price point, with a strong history of reliability…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, great reliability
Cons: Poor sportiness

Katsuro Vatina GT-R

“…hands down the fastest to 60. Also quite impressive in our slalom tests. Its sticker price is on par with the Furcio…”

Pros: Great sportiness, fastest in class acceleration, good slalom
Cons: High purchase price

Cascadia Solaris SC Turbo

“…very good balance of performance and cost. It’s one of our least favorites for daily driving purposes however…”

Pros: Low purchase price
Cons: Poor comfort, otherwise mediocre

Bogliq Baroque 836S

“…seems to be about the most Bogliq way they could go about it. Great overall reliability with a questionable engine and poor road manners…”

Pros: Best in class reliability, good sportiness
Cons: Poor skidpad, worst in class drivability, slow acceleration

Rocha Rocket Turbo

“…very comfortable coupe that handles curves exceptionally. Its projected reliability is also exceptional, but not in a positive way…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, good slalom, best in class drivability
Cons: Worst in class reliability, high purchase price, worst in class acceleration

Deer and Hunt Bambi Special*

“…when you need something cheap that’s faster than a base Ardent…”

Pros: Low purchase price, good reliability, good comfort, great drivability
Cons: Worst in class sportiness, worst in class slalom, poor acceleration

Ardent Sentinel GT Limited

“…just fails to stand out, except for its poor road manners…”

Pros: Decent acceleration
Cons: Poor drivability, otherwise mediocre

Courageux 15 CSR-5

“…pretty quick off the line. Like most Courageux models, it is also well-mannered. But it falls short of most competitors in track feel…”

Pros: Good acceleration, good drivability
Cons: Poor sportiness, poor slalom, poor comfort

Best of Luxury Class - 2007

Mont Royal GV LX AWD

What kind of challenger does it take to dethrone a King? Mont Royal has the answer to that, with their GV LX model.

The two are head-to-head competitors, in the upscale ultra-luxury category.

Ultra-plus, hand-stitched, real leather seating surfaces with heating and cooling. 10-speaker THX-quality SatNav system with Bluetooth capability. Power tilt-and-telescope wheel and pedals with memory settings. Digitally controlled electroluminescent gauges with HUD. Rear window power sunshades. Electrochromic rearview mirror. These are just a few items on the exhaustingly long list of standard features that Mont Royal includes.

Power comes from a 5 liter, 32-valve, twin-cam motor. With 300 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque, it is easily and smoothly motivated, even if the car’s girth doesn’t give it extremely sprightly performance.

But its suspension is where it shines in particular over the Katsuro King. While the ride is a little stiffer than the Katsuro, the difference is only barely perceptible. What is quite ovbvious, however, is how the Mont Royal GV resists unwanted wandering as it “floats” along. While the King can at times feel like a raft in a rainstorm, the Mont Royal is confident and secure.

That is why the king of kings, at least this year, comes from Mont Royal.

Hirondelle Lancelot Tradition

“…solid, reliable, and confident offering in the lower end of the luxury market…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase price, good drivability, good prestige, great reliability
Cons: Poor environmental resistance

Katsuro King

“…most opulent interior. It was in serious contention for car of the year, but its poor road manners knocked it down to third…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, great safety, best in class prestige
Cons: High purchase prices, poor drivability

Hampton Vanguard 6.0 Elite

“…very viable alternative to either the Mont Royal or Katsuro, for a little less scratch…”

Pros: Good comfort, great drivability, good prestige, good environmental resistance
Cons: Poor reliability, subpar safety

Courageux 200 CSR-8

“…makes a huge statement, mostly about the size of one’s bank account…”

Pros: Great prestige, good safety, great environmental resistance
Cons: Poor reliability, highest in class purchase price

Ardent MTS GT Limited

“…may not be the flashiest, but gives a reasonable level of opulence for a relative bargain price, and the absolute last word in safety…”

Pros: Best in class safety, low purchase price
Cons: Worst in class environmental resistance, poor prestige

Bogliq Highwayman 150L

“…quite the spacious comfortable sedan. There is evidence leading us to believe that Bogliq may be about to issue more than one recall, however. One particularly disturbing recall surrounding airbags…”

Pros: Good comfort, best in class environmental resistance
Cons: Worst in class safety, worst in class reliability

STAG MTMWV Civil Berserker

“…best described as a luxury battle tank…”

Pros: Best in class reliability, lowest in class purchase price, great environmental resistance
Cons: Worst in class comfort, worst in class drivability, poor prestige

Hakumai Premier Deluxe II

“…will last a long time, and provide a quiet, smooth, and capable ride. The seats could stand a little more padding and nicer materials, and rumor has it their airbags were sourced from Bogliq…”

Pros: Good drivability, good reliability
Cons: Poor safety, poor environmental resistance, poor comfort

Rocha Dallas 640

“…Rochas as of late have gained quite a cheap feel to them, and their reliability is not what it once was…”

Pros: Low purchase price
Cons: Poor comfort, poor safety, worst in class prestige, subpar reliability

Best of Compact Crossover Class - 2007 (TIE)

Bogliq Bolero 127B and Ardent Olympic LS AWD

There was a day long ago where Constantine Bogliq and Jack Chancellor would trade blows with each other, both with their cars and their words. They’re probably continuing that this year from beyond the grave. That’s because the newest crossover releases from both companies are duking it out for the top of our list, and neither has an overall advantage.

With an overall cost difference of just $300 in Bogliq’s favor, the usual edge that both companies battle for just isn’t there this time. Instead, other merits must be considered.

The Ardent Olympic comes across a little bit more like a stylized and lifted hatchback, while the Bogliq looks more like a conventional crossover. This, and a slight height difference, could explain why the Bogliq fared a bit better in our rough road tests.

Conversely, the slightly lower stance and more precisely tuned suspension give the Ardent an overall better, more confident feel on the street.

Better use of dead space for storage and a slightly larger cargo bay gives the Bogliq a significant advantage in interior usability. The Olympic fared a little better in crash tests (though it’s worth noting both got overall 5-star ratings), and reliability projections favor the Ardent.

With two so similarly priced competitors locked in this manner, there was no way we could pick just one for the top of the pile.

RCM Carabine Sport

“…another 5-star safety rated product, with even better dummy kinetics than the Ardent. It also has, similar to the Ardent, exceptional road manners. The price tag, however, is hefty, even by this class’s standards, and reports of rust on recent RCM models does not bode well…”

Pros: Best in class safety, good drivability, great reliability
Cons: Highest in class purchase price, poor environmental resistance

Hakumai Journey 1.5T Mk II

“…should serve its owners well for many years. It earned a solid four-star safety rating as well. What keeps it from scoring higher is its atrocious behavior both on and off road…”

Pros: Good safety, best in class reliability, great environmental resistance, great practicality
Cons: Worst in class drivability, worst in class offroad

Rocha Laredo 418

“…cost-cutting from Rocha so far doesn’t seem to have taken a toll on its reliability. The Laredo only managed three stars in crash tests, with concerns both in rollover and offset tests…”

Pros: Low purchase price, good environmental resistance, best in class offroad
Cons: Poor safety, subpar drivability

Silverhare Masquerade 3.0

“…very capable, both on and off road, with good reliability prospects. If anything, we can say it just does its job without drama…”

Pros: Good reliability, good drivability, good offroad
Cons: Mediocre otherwise

Courageux C15 4ALL

“…spendy French hatchback-style. It’s a noble, if not noteworthy entry, other than its tendancy to rust…”

Pros: Good practicality, decent drivability
Cons: Worst in class environmental resistance, high purchase price

Hampton Fairlie 3.0 AWD

“…only received 3 stars in crash testing. This is a bit of a shame, as it is superb on road, and quite capable on rough roads as well…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, good offroad
Cons: High purchase price, poor safety, poor practicality, poor reliability

Katsuro CX-4

“…great reliability doesn’t justify the premium sticker price…”

Pros: Good reliability, best in class environmental resistance
Cons: High purchase price, poor drivability, poor practicality

Deer and Hunt Hawg Sport Hardtop

“…shockingly capable for only being front wheel drive, and the least expensive of our entries. Unfortunately, the Hawg earned just 2 stars in crash safety testing, and lives up to its name on the street…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, mediocre offroad
Cons: Poor to worst in class in all other categories

Motor Review World Engine Rankings

This year, we have simply decided to show you our rankings from best to worst. We acknowledge that our grading criteria tends to lend itself towards motors found under the hoods of very expensive luxury cars, but this should help our readers figure out where along the line the engine that’s in their favorite car lands in our rankings.

(Meta: An engine gains 1 point of scoring for being in the top 6 in each of 7 categories I track. An engine, conversely, loses 1 point of scoring for being in the bottom 6 of each of 7 categories. The top engine gives its company a 5 point overall RR bonus for the round)

Earl Persephone V12 6.6 NA - +4
Hakumai MX350-R MK II - +3
Hampton HS12 6.0i - +3
Katsuro 10V40-5.0 Biturbo - +3
Ardent TD8-55DVi Advance - +2
Earl Persephone Six 3.0 - +2
Katsuro 6I24-2.7DT - +2
RCM MR V8 5.0L L - +2
Courageux 200 CSR-8 - +1
Hampton HA6 I6 3.0i - +1
RCM V6-M 3.4-2 - +1
Ardent Cygnus CE4-24DTVi - 0
Bogliq NDI-836VVT - 0
DaH 5LI6 C - 0
Earl Persephone Four 2.0 Turbo - 0
Hampton HA4 I4 2.0 HP - 0
Ardent Cygnus CE4-24DVi - -1
Bogliq 1N3B-50VVE - -1
Courageux CZ5.2 C15 4ALL - -1
Courageux CZ5.2 C15 CSR5 - -1
Hakumai SSX-VTi-ZX MK II - -1
Hakumai V600R-TT EVO - -1
Rocha 418 DOHC VVT - -1
Rocha 418 DOHC VVT Turbo - -1
Bogliq 1NC27VVE - -2
DaH 2L I4 Turbo - -2
Katsuro I416-2.4NA - -2
RCM I4-M S4 2.1-ST2 - -2
DaH 2.6L SOHC V6 NA Sport - -3
Rocha 640 DOHC Turbo - -3

Visual Design Honorable Mentions

Hakumai Furcio R
Katsuro Vatina GT-R
Earl Vista VHS Quadra
Silverhare Masquerade 3.0
Deer and Hunt Bambi Sport

2007 Reliability Rankings

Earl - 67.9
RCM - 67
Deer and Hunt - 66.37
Bogliq - 66.13
Hakumai - 66.1
Katsuro - 65.43
Ardent - 65.33
Courageux - 65.13
Hampton - 64.47
Rocha - 63.97

2007 Relative Ratings

RCM - 100.00
Earl - 98.12
Hampton - 90.38
Hakumai - 89.73
Bogliq - 89.13
Ardent - 86.59
Katsuro - 84.66
Rocha - 78.99
Courageux - 78.66
Deer and Hunt - 55.92


Holy, i didnt expect to win the sport compact segment, Downsizing time!!!.


Hakumai 2007 Results.

The AutoMonthly review, Mid-2008.

Their B70 Furcio has been very unexpected to win the sports compact segment on the Motor review world magazine, It’s their best-selling sports car with overall positive reviews. Their Journey, Also on the same B70 Platform, has gotten third place on the crossover segment. The offroad and drivabillity will be improved, The Bogliq sourced airbags have done well in safety tests. Perhaps better than their own brand airbags. This also means less money is spent developing the airbags the Japanese firm says. They will be pushing out an update to the Furcio to feature a possibly downsized engine, The SSX-VTi-ZX unit used to power their latest crossover in the lineup. The Journey which will be tuned (maybe if a econobox round happens again that engine will be reused.)

The Premier V8 has been doing well (even if it has some parts from Bogliq to save costs but shhh.), The safety has been not so stellar but the car itself has a such a smooth ride, and quiet ride that the AutoMonthly team had decided to test the car out for theirselves.

Their cars have overall been successfull. It has shown that the brand has changed quite a lot since then.

The leather seats used in the premier’s launch units had real cow leather. Animal groups weren’t happy at all, with a protest at the dealership causing property damage. It was switched to faux leather to avoid that happening

Their banned commercial “Fly like the stars” promoted reckless driving.


Round 12 (FINAL ROUND) - 2013

A major bridge over the Mississippi, carrying I35W, collapses and drops 50 feet into the river, killing 13. This sparks a debate about the nationwide condition of infrastructure, but ultimately goes nowhere significant. The iPhone is released, creating a revolution in mobile communications. The housing bubble bursts in the US, creating a major economic downturn and massive foreclosures. Many large banks and mortgage companies report huge losses, and some fail. Others are absorbed by their competitors. Fidel Castro steps down after 50 years. Barack Obama is elected US president. Sony’s Blu-Ray format wins the war of HD disc formats. Michael Jackson dies suddenly. US Airways 1549, the “Miracle on the Hudson”, makes an emergency water landing on the Hudson River, with no fatalities. The Winter Olympics are held in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The BP Deepwater Horizon disaster inflicts horrific damage on wildlife and the shellfishing industry on the Gulf Coast. The Burj Khalifa opens in the UAE. SpaceX successfully launches and recovers its first orbital capsule. Apple releases the iPad, which quickly gains a hold in the tablet market. However, Android phone sales begin to outpace iPhone sales. A massive earthquake hits just off the coast of Japan, creating a massive, deadly tsunami that disables the Fukushima nuclear plant, leading to a disaster. In the Arab Spring uprising, several dictatorships in the Middle East and Northern Africa are overthrown. The Occupy Wall Street protests begin, casting a spotlight on the growing income inequality both at home and abroad. Charlie Sheen is fired from his regular TV show gig, and goes off on an erratic rant. A gunman opens fire at a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Colorado, killing 12 and injuring 58. At the 2012 London Olympics, US Swimmer Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympian of all time.


Unemployment: Medium-high
Inflation: Low
Economy: Slow growth
Short-term economic forecast: Continued growth


Fuel: Regular Unleaded (universal), Premium Unleaded (universal)

Bumpers: 5 MPH bumpers required (all integrated bumpers qualify)

Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Turn signals may NOT be placed in bumpers. Exactly one pair of parking lights are required. Parking lights MAY be placed in bumpers. Parking lights and turn signals may not be part of the same lens/fixture. There has to be some form of visual separation.

Front light colors: No red may face forward.

Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. NO lights may be placed bumpers (however, optional red reflectors may be). If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture AND of the same color, there must be a minimum of TWO bulbs in the fixture. ALL vehicles must also have exactly one Center High Mount Stop Lamp (a single brake light fixture at or above the level of the top of the trunk, in the center).

Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals may be red or amber (unrestricted) OR may have a white or clear lens ONLY if the bulb is amber.

Side marker/signal lights: Front side markers required. Rear markers required, may be placed either on the side or the rear.

Side light colors: front side may be amber only, rear side may be red only.

Mirrors: Driver and passenger side mirrors required on ALL vehicles.

Aerials: Antenna required if car has a radio. Higher-end cars may skip having an antenna. It must be noted in the lore post that the car has “antenna integrated into the glass”.

Fuel fillers: Must be placed on the side of the vehicle. ALL vehicles must have the filler somewhere on the rear quarter, regardless of engine location.

Emissions: Catalytic converter required. All vehicles must be OBD-II compliant (translation: carbs and mechanical FI are banned). Maximum ENGINE emissions: 500 for trucks, SUVs, CUVs, and vans, 350 for passenger vehicles and minivans.

Safety: All passenger vehicles must have a minimum of 52 safety. All trucks, vans, and utes must have a minimum of 46 safety.

File Naming Convention:

Model: G2R12-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)

Engine: G2R12-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)

Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

Vehicle categories this round:

Compact Crossover (File naming convention: CC) - Typically built on a compact to mid-sized car platform, with good ground clearance, and powered by a large 4-cylinder or small 6-cylinder motor and AWD.

Midsize Crossover (File naming convention: MC) - Comfortable larger cousin built on a mid-sized or slightly larger car platform, with good ground clearance. Typically powered by a medium-to-large V6, they can also be found in turbo-4 and sometimes small V8 variants, and usually utilizing AWD. Can be either 2 or 3 row seating.

Full-size Pickup (File naming convention: PU) - Large pickup truck with at least an extended cab, often a crew cab. Capable of towing large trailers, as well as hauling a family. Usually powered by a large V8 engine.

Round 12 deadline: Saturday January 30, 4:00 PM PDT (UTC-8)



Aw… I hoped it wasn’t finals


Hah! Every time I think I’m bordering on spending too much, I still end up with lowest/relatively low purchase price. A little disappointed in the Masquerade but otherwise can’t complain, tbh I like to win only because I love to read your in depth reviews.

In that I am obligated to link one of my favorite 50s songs,.“The Masquerade Is Over” https://youtu.be/-1dglx01eO0

Sorry to hear this will be the last round be glad to have been a part of everything


There goes my ideas of facelifting the B70 platform for this round I guess