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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


Round 6 - 1981

Personal computers and game systems proliferate throughout American homes as IBM releases new PCs, Apple releases the revolutionary Apple II, and Commodore, Atari, TI, and others enter the market. Domestic oil supply increases as the Trans Alaska Pipeline is completed. Overseas, western Europe sees changes as Spain holds its first elections in 41 years, and a new Constitution is established. Moviegoers are treated to a spectacle of special effects as Star Wars premieres. The Camp David accords bring a framework for peace between Egypt and Israel. The comic strip “Garfield” premieres. Early in 1979, Ayatollah Khomeni returns to Iran from Exile, sparking great tension and causing oil prices to rise globally. Margaret Thatcher becomes the first female Prime Minister. Closer to home, security and safety concerns rise as the Three Mile Island reactor in Pennsylvania suffers an accident. Fascinating new products are launched in the form of the popular Rubik’s Cube puzzle and 3M Post-It notes. The US Men’s hockey team completes the “Miracle on Ice” and defeats the Soviet Union to earn gold in the Olympics. The country is shocked, and severe economic damage is caused, when Mt. St. Helens erupts in May 1980. The year closes out tragically with the assassination of John Lennon.

Unemployment: Moderate-high
Inflation: High
Economy: Recession
Short-term economic forecast: Potential recovery

Notable Social and Political Happenings

Personal computers and consoles become more popular. Spanish elections held. Star Wars premieres. Camp David Accords. Iranian Revolution. Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Thatcher becomes UK Prime Minister. Mt. St. Helens erupts. CNN launched. Rubik’s cube and Post-it Notes debut. Miracle on Ice. John Lennon killed.


Fuel: Regular Unleaded (universal), Premium Unleaded (common in metro areas, uncommon in rural areas). Catalytic converters REQUIRED for ALL vehicles.

Bumpers: 5 MPH bumpers required. Most bodies with integrated bumpers qualify. If it does not have a discernable integrated bumper, bumper(s) must be added

Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. Only sealed-beam (including pop-up) are allowed in this era. Only one pair of headlights is required, regardless of whether they are round or square. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Exactly ONE pair of parking lights is required. Turn signals and headlights may NOT be placed in bumpers, but parking lights MAY. There must be some form of visual separation between turn and park lights, either by physical separation (separate fixtures) or color separation (Different color bulbs in the same fixture)

Front light colors: No red may face forward. Turn signals MUST be amber. Headlights MUST be clear or white.

Rear lights: At least TWO pairs of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. NO lights may be placed bumpers (however, optional red reflectors may be). If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture and of the same color, there must be a minimum of THREE bulbs in the fixture.

Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals cannot be white.

Side marker/signal lights: Front and rear side markers are required.

Side light colors: Front side markers must be amber. Rear side markers must be red.

Mirrors: Driver’s side required.

Aerials: Long mast or retractable antenna required if car has a radio.

Fuel fillers: Fillers MUST be on the side of the vehicle (either side). Fuel fillers must be on the opposite end of the vehicle from the engine. Pickups may have the filler either behind the door(s) on the cab, or on the bed side.

Tires: No semi-slicks.

Safety: Minimum score of 26.

File Naming Convention:
Model: G2R6-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)

Engine: G2R6-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)

Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

Vehicle Categories This Round:

Economy Car (File naming convention: EC) - An inexpensive car, typically of a compact or subcompact body size. Usually powered by a 4-cylinder or smaller, though some cars of this era had a small 6-cylinder.

Performance (File naming convention: PF) - During this era, a wide variety of such cars was available. This can include pony cars, muscle cars, personal luxury coupes, grand tourers, or sports cars.

Full-size (File naming convention: FS) - The largest class of car in a lineup. These can run anywhere from modestly equipped sedans or wagons for large families, to executive or luxury cars, and can include large grand tourers or personal luxury coupes.

Remember, vehicle categories are based on your company’s lore for the US market, there is not a specific body size requirement or type for any category…


Round 6 deadline: Saturday September 19, 4:00 PM PST (UTC-8)

Companies now eligible in this competition:
ALL COMPANIES NOW ELIGIBLE (Except those withdrawn or eliminated/dropped)

The following companies will be auto-dropped from the competition if they fail to submit this round:


The following companies will incur a Relative Rating penalty if they fail to submit this round:



Ardent Motors Timeline, Middle Malaise Era (1977-1980)

March 1977 - Rumors swirl as Ardent engages in talks with a private equity firm. Speculation grows that Ardent intends to sell Townsend Coachworks, though executives insist that the purpose is for increasing capital for new projects.

July 1977 - Ardent executives confirm that their private equity talks have ended inconclusively.

August 1977 - Ardent CEO Charles Bergman announces his intention to retire within the next year. As the search for his replacement begins, industry experts begin to dissect his tenure. Many consider him too timid to make the kinds of bold moves of his predecessor. Some suspect that he is being forced out by the Board of Directors, a rumor that is denied by executives, including Bergman himself.

January 1978 - Ardent receives recognition from Motor World Review as the “Top Domestic Manufacturer in Reliability”.

February 1978 - Ardent’s Board of Directors selects Matthew Seldon, currently serving as President of Townsend Coachworks, as the new CEO. Charles Bergman officially retires.

April 1978 - Originally introduced as a concept car called “Silver” at the 1976 LA Auto Show and refined into a production model, Ardent announces that their factories have started churning out the new third-generation Sentinel, ready for the 1979 model year.

May 1978 - Ardent CEO Matthew Seldon announces that the Townsend brand will be discontinued within the next year, ending the nameplate’s run after 60 years. One of the two remaining factories is to be shuttered, the other retooled to produce Ardent Shoshones, and Suzume Kaibokans and Kaminaris.

September 1978 - The third-generation Ardent Sentinel goes on sale, now on a front-wheel drive platform.

December 1978 - Ardent unveils the second-generation Piper subcompact at the LA Auto Show, slated to go on sale for the 1980 model year.

January 1979 - The last Townsend Toulouse rolls off the assembly line.

March 1979 - Ardent announces plans to invest $400 million to expand and modernize their Toledo Ironworks factory, where their V8 engines are produced. Renderings indicate that additional facilities will be built to support production of additional types of engines.

April 6th, 1979 - The last Townsend ever built, an Alpine White Trinidad Super, rolls off the line. Matthew Seldon, having once been the top executive at Townsend, is waiting in the parking lot to purchase it.

September 1979 - The second-generation Piper goes on sale.

February 1980 - First-year sales figures for the third-generation Sentinel show a significant increase over the previous year. However, revenue for the line misses expectations as sales are driven primarily by base-model units.

May 1980 - Ardent announces that development of a new family of four-cylinder engines has started. They are to be produced at the Toledo Ironworks factory currently under expansion.


In the third round, the closest equivalent to this category (which was the Muscle Car class) required trims of existing models from other categories, but it won’t be necessary for this round; as such, if I am not mistaken, submissions for this round in the Performance category may be entirely separate models from those in the other two categories.




I was distracted and made some questionable decisions, hahaha!


Bogliq USA to compensate owners for Aluminium head failures

Bogliq USA made a public statement today that their alloy head engine range were being put on ice. Customer complaints were rising dramatically and even Bogliq workers were buying alternate brands. The problem seems to reside in gasket technology being unable to compensate for differing expansion rates.

The problem has resulted in Bogliq issuing a recall on engines over 20K miles, where Bogliq mechanics will retrofit an iron head to the engine. This seems to be the only way to provide long term easing of concerns over reliability…

Found in a bathroom stall at Bogliq R&D:


You are correct. The Performance car doesn’t need to be a trim of something else, it can be its own model.

looks at my own lore

Sheeeit. This round is going to suck for Ardent. 2 of the 3 categories I only have offerings that are 5 or more years old, and their redesigns not quite ready for launch yet.


1981 Hampton Line-Up

Lore Post

The following models are part of the 1981 Hampton range:

Fennec - Revised for 1981 with more power and economy, courtesy of our new electronically-controlled automatic transmission, and now capable of over 30 US mpg on the combined cycle. Prices start from $12,600.

Harpy GTS - The flagship trim of our sports-coupe, powered by a 190-horsepower 3.5L straight-six and fitted with sport-tuned suspension. Prices for the Harpy GTS start from $20,700.

Vanguard LWB Elite - Our most opulent luxury car to date, with hydropneumatic 4-wheel independent suspension, Connolly leather, burr walnut trim, and Wilton carpets - all genuine, of course. Prices start from $28,800.

All 1981 Hampton models will be available in dealers nationwide from Fall 1980. Please contact your nearest dealer for option availability and test drive inquiries.


1981 Ardent Line-Up

Submitted Economy: Ardent Sentinel DL, manual transmission, Shock Green Metallic
Submitted Performance: Ardent Marathon GT V6, manual transmission, Deep Amethyst Metallic
Submitted Full Size: Ardent Smoke GT, automatic transmission, Competition Package, Toreador Red Metallic


Piper - Entry-level subcompact, available in DL, GL, or 2.0 GT trims
Marathon - Compact sports coupe, available in DL, GL, or GT V6 trims
Sentinel - Compact family/sports, available in Sport, DL, GL, or 3.6 GL trims and 4 body styles
Smoke - Touring coupe, available in GL and GT trims
Chancellor - Mid-size family, available in DL, GL, or Limited trims and 2 body styles
Manhattan - Luxury car, available in DL or GL trims

Trucks and Vans

Shoshone - Compact pickup, available in DL and GL trims
A-series pickup - Full-size pickup, available in 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ton varieties, DL and GL trims
A-series van - Full-size van, available in 1/2 and 3/4 ton varieties, passenger or cargo, DL and GL trims


MY1981 Bogliq USA automobile range

A3 Series - Budget Family Hatch
B3 Series - Aspirational Sedan and Convertible
C3 Series - Utility Van
D3 Series - Exotic Sportscar/Supercar
E3 Series - Compact Family Hatch and Sedan
F1 Series - Sub-Compact Export and City Hatch
G1 Series - Utility and Off-road Utility
H1 series - (Eco?) Sports Exotic

Cars submitted for Round Six

1978 Bogliq Button 615B (F1 Series)

1978 Bogliq Ungoliant 438S (D3 Series)

1978 Bogliq Baller 254GT (B3 Series)


1981 Courageux range for generations round 6

Economy car: Courageux Quinze 1.7

After poor sales of the 3 it was removed from American markets in 1980 and a second facelift of the Quinze was introduced, this facelift was only for America as the car had been replaced in Europe. The Quinze was moved down from it’s previous target as an intermediate car as the small size fitted in with American sub-compacts.

The engine was the same 1.7 sohc as the previous iteration but now with throttle body fuel injection, hypereurectic cast pistons and a 3 way catalytic converter making the car 50 state emissions legal.

Performace car: Courageux M4s

A small 2 seat sports car with targa roof. Powered by a 2.0 sohc engine from the same family as the 1.7. As the Quinze the engine has throttle body fuel injection, hypereurectic cast pistons and a 3 way catalytic converter. Even with these emissions regulations it produces 108bhp@6000rpm and moves the lightweight car to 100km/h in 8.35 seconds and a 201km/h top speed.

Full-Size car: Courageux Courchevel

The Courchevel was a large family car introduced in 1976 and the top model was powered by a modern all aluminium 2.6 sohc V6 producing 135bhp@6000rpm in federal spec.
The submitted car is the sporty 5 door coupe body offering ample interior and luggage space without the large size of a standard wagon.


Meanwhile, at Hakumai, the Management of it decide to keep making the same cars because it was cheaper to do so. Even though they’re being a bit dated to modern standards. The CEO called the Stallion LX "Absolutely the most dogshit vehicle we sold, Hakumai’s vehicles still outsourcing car body parts from other manufacturers, interior pieces from various cars, Katana XT Being expensive. Engines are still being built inhouse along with drivetrain components. The demographic for the XT Katana mostly appealed to those with the money to afford it, meanwhile the Stallion LX appeals towards the people who want a basic car.


But then… they decide to release 2 more vehicles to the range. Both on the same platform, utillity variants on one car.


The new Hakumai Crest Mk2. the car is back from the dead. Now comes with a reliable motor, more power, and more features. Buy your Crest today for $16200. The new era makes improvements. Now without parts-binning! That’s right! We stopped partsbinning pieces from other vehicles. It may not be cheaper but it’ll be somewhat better for us. The car comes with Mechanical Fuel injection, a 8 Track radio


KATSURO Automotive: A new decade of fun!


Five days left for submissions, folks!


uh oh


Deer And Hunt 1981!

(From left to right: Deer And Hunt Tines, Bambi Liberator, Deer And Hunt SuperCoupe SuperRoad


Anhultz Holdings Ltd. 1981

left to right:
Anhultz Puck V C
Anhultz Dione VIII B
Keika Kakute 2100S

unusually low-effort this time round
got caught up in IRL stuff and the likes…


For 1981, the Earl Motor Company steps into the future by investing in fuel injection across the engine lineup, as well as creating the ODA-E electronic 4 speed automatic transmission. The biggest news was the venerable Black Smoke Six finally being replaced by an overhead cam straight six, very ‘humbly’ named The Goddess.

The Earl Vista Value - Economy Entry
After the original base model Vista, while successful for downsizers, proved to be a little to luxurious for the hyper-miler, the Vista Value was announced alongside the 1980 front end refresh. Every feasible expense was spared, including the radio, rear middle seat, and back doors. Fuel injection, despite the expense, was included, allowing the same power in a slightly downsized Black Smoke Four, but with excellent fuel economy considering the comparatively large size of the Vista.

The Silverhare Pegasus - Performance Entry
While the Earl Banshee remained a draw to dealerships as a somewhat unsophisticated V8 powered sports car, Silverhare finally got approval to complete it’s sports image with a smaller sports tourer. Originally designed to be mid engined, leadership wanted it to be the first car with the new Goddess Six - including the company’s first turbocharger. So despite appearances, the engine was turned and placed in the front with a four speed trans axle. With massive tires and carefully tuned suspension, the front-heavy handling was nonetheless excellent.

The Hirondelle Lancelot - Full Size Entry
The V12 engine originally exclusive to the Shambala coupe was downsized, fuel injected, and given to the regular Hirondelle sedans. This Lancelot edition, with numerous features above and beyond the standard Merlin, represents the greatest comfort four people (loose cushion seating and a rear center console) can experience from a live-rear-axle machine.


Rocha Motor Company 1981

Rocha Spok 413

The second generation of the Rocha Spok arrived with a modern look, electronic injection and a 3-speed gearbox + overdrive, providing greater fuel economy and lower maintenance cost.

Rocha Spok RGT 418

Rocha Spok RGT is proof that anyone can have a sports car, enjoying great performance but without giving up on the economy.

Rocha Dallas Imperial III 630

The third generation of the Dallas Imperial arrived bringing a lot of security, technology, modern look and comfort.



As a send off for the first generation of the award-winning Fox, RCM produced a model featuring the electronic fuel injection that buyers will be able to expect on the upcoming 1982 models. HiMiler fuel economy while able to comfortably haul the family!

RCM Regal Luxe

All new for 1981 is the RCM midsize luxury car: the Regal. Perfect for an era of fuel minded consumers who still don’t want to sacrifice comfort, elegance, and leg room while remaining surprisingly affordable.

RCM Mongoose Turbo

With the 1981 facelift of the Mongoose, RCM made the sportscar formula more exciting by introducing a turbocharger to the mix. The 0-100 km/h sprint of 8.5s brings the Mongoose Turbo up to par with much more expensive cars.