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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


If faster was all that matters, my project car wouldn’t be a a 50 hp slow poke that I don’t have the smallest interest in making faster while my daily have 115 hp, and still feels slower than the project. Cars are subjective.


Katsuro Automotive Round 6 Aftermath

The 1970s and 80s have been tough periods for Katsuro, from the company struggling to finetune their image and have a track record of producing abysmal performance cars. Not only that, the company saw an unexpected chain of events leading to the company losing out to its new arch-rivals Hampton Motor group in the subcompact class. This was an area where Katsuro was renowned, and to be beaten by a European car manufacturer was not sitting with the shareholders well.

To change direction and improve the image of the company, the following directives were considered:

  1. Continue to improve on the city and other compact cars
  2. Fire Chief Designer of the GT-100 and hire the head of a certain European car conglomerate’s performance division.
  3. Partner with a Japanese tuning house to create a new dedicated performance division- KRD: Katsuro Racing Division.
  4. Enter Japan’s touring car championship with a dedicated race team instead of sponsoring independent teams, but will still supply parts to independent race teams.

The companies sales were still very strong as the cars were extremely reliable and ranked no.1 in the world for reliability. This drove the growth of the company as customers were usually very pleased with their purchase, and thus the brand was trusted. The release of the Emerald was also well received and properly played its part in filling the gap between the Model L which was discontinued, and the King.


Hakumai Autos Incorporated Round 7 Aftermath (sorry if this is a copy)
Hakumai struggled getting later cars with galvanized steel construction since 1977. Making cars have exorbitant costs, even for the Econoboxes, reason they done this so their aluminum panel cars don’t disintegrate like steel competitors, but it’s ramping up the costs of the whole lineup.
Being beaten by their competitors in performance, Bogliq’s SPV Buccaneer being faster than literally everything by the competitors, Lack of cheap affordable cars.
The following will be considered
Participating in races,
Hiring an Italian design team
Ditch the Aluminium and Galvanized steel and replace with cheaper alternatives.
Performance cars that are blazing fast.
Enter Japan’s touring car championship to compete with other car manufacturers

Release a new nameplate to a car, Make nearly all the cars a “Global” model. since its cheaper to use EU Sized plateholders for all markets instead of making different ones.


Blows the dust out of chat still waiting for Round 8




ehh, maybe ill add an aditional vehicle to pass the time


1987 Hampton Model Range

Lore post

The following vehicles are part of the 1987 Hampton Motor Group line-up:

Fennec (submitted trim: 1.6 Essence) - Revised for 1987 with multi-point EFI, our evergreen compact economy car continues to provide affordable, thrifty motoring. Price as tested: $14,900 AMU.

Ferret (submitted trim: 2.8 Prime) - This mid-sized family sedan serves as a bridge between the entry-level Fennec and our larger executive car, the Valiant. Price as tested: $21,200 AMU.

Transliner (submitted trim: 2.0 Prime) - Our first-ever minivan provides seating for seven and their luggage, with decent comfort to boot. Price as tested: $19,800 AMU.

Nevis III (submitted trim: 4x4) - Redesigned for 1987, our workhorse truck now comes with multi-point EFI as standard for reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Price as tested: $15,000 AMU.

All cars shown above will go on sale in the fourth quarter of 1986 for the 1987 model year. Please contact your nearest dealer for test drive inquiries and option availability.


If you mean tinker around in Automation and play with stuff, sure, knock yourself out. If you mean an “additional” vehicle for the competition, you’ve already submitted all four of yours for this round.


1987 Ardent Lineup

Passenger Cars

Piper - Subcompact hatchback. Available in SE, DL, and 2.0 GL trims. Engine options: 1.6L or 2.0L Cygnus 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual, 3-speed auto.

Marathon - Compact sports coupe. Available in SE, GL, and GT V6 trims. Engine options: 1.9L Toledo Trivalve or 3.6L Eridani V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual, 3-speed auto.

Sentinel - Compact sedan, hatchback, and wagon. Available in SE, DL, and GL trims. Engine options: 2.0L Cygnus 4-cylinder, 3.6L Eridani V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual, 3-speed auto.

Smoke - Personal luxury coupe. Available in GL and GT trims. Engine options: 4.7L or 5.4L Toledo V8. Transmission options: 4-speed electronic auto.

Chancellor - Mid-size sedan or liftback. Available in DL, GL, and Limited trims. Engine options: 4.0L Eridani V6 or 4.7L Toledo V8. Transmission options: 5-speed manual, 3-speed auto, 4-speed electronic auto (V8 only).

Manhattan - Full-size luxury sedan. Available in GL and Limited trims. Engine options: 4.7L or 5.4L Toledo V8. Transmission options: 4-speed electronic auto.

Trucks, vans, and utilities

Shoshone - Compact pickup. Available in DL and GL trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 2.3L Amagi 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto. 4WD not available.

Ozette - Small 2- or 4-door off-road utility. Available in DL and GL trims. Engine options: 1.7L Trivalve 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto. 4WD available. Soft top available on 2-door.

Kestrel - Minivan. Available in SE, DL, and GL trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 3.6L Eridani V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 3-speed auto. 4WD not available.

A-series Full-size pickups and vans. Available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton configurations, DL and GL trims. Engine options: 4.7L Vela straight-6, 5.4L Toledo V8, 6.6L or 7.3L Ursa V8. Transmission options: 5-speed manual (Vela or Toledo only), 3-speed auto, 4-speed HD hydraulic auto (Ursa only). 4WD available.

Submitted vehicles:
Economy: Ardent Piper DL, 1.6L I4, 5-speed manual
Mid-size: Ardent Chancellor GL, 4.7L V8, 4-speed electronic auto
People Mover: Ardent Kestrel SE, 1.9L I4, 3-speed auto
Utility: Ardent Ozette GL 4WD Soft Top, 1.7L I4, 5-speed manual


Princess: Redesigned from the ground up. 2.6 inline 6 with 107 hp, 4 speed automatic and comes with modern safety features and power steering.

Ace Pro: A new member of the Katsuro Family. 2.4l v6 with 87 hp and lots of torque, seats 8. 4 speed manual and modern safety features.

A3: Well it’s a car… Same philosophy as the A2 and A1, almost the same power but with a lot of upgrades.

x3: The X2 was loved and now it got even better with a 4l V8! Cranks out 150 hp and decent torque, seats 4 and tows just about anything, anywhere.


looks like a pickup truck competition?


Let’s get it started then…


By 1987, the Earl Motor Company had to switched most passenger cars to a front wheel drive architecture, essentially taking the chassis of the Vista, stretching and strengthening it. The Goddess six turned out to be a dead end in this regard, limited to performance cars, so the less smooth, but sturdy Master OHV V6 was developed. All engines received multi-port fuel injection besides the big block V8 optional, but unpopular, in trucks.

The Earl Vista Value Plus - Economy Entry
The Vista Value turned out to be a huge success, so before a full Vista/Eagle replacement would arrive in 1990, little was changed. A cheap radio was added as was a five speed transmission, and the engine was returned with multiport injection to provide slightly more power but much better economy.

The Silverhare Spear ES - Midsize Entry
For 1985 the new Spear switched to front wheel drive as the old generation soldiered on cut down to the luxury Shamal coupe. The new Spear was available with a four, but more popularly, a V6, and featured space-ship styling and a light-bar, and in some models turbocharging or AWD.

The Earl Pilgrim S - People Mover Entry
Fortunate to catch the minivan wave on the front end in 1985, Earl caught the winning front whee drive formula and built the Pilgrim and a matching Silverhare on the Vista/Eagle chassis, including using the Black Smoke engine. Available all the way from cargo vans to turbocharged sports models and V6 wood panneled monstrosities, the S model was the fairly basic version many families opted for.

The Earl E-15 Workman Xtra Cab - Utility Entry
While Earl would introduce compact trucks and utilities in the 1980s, the full size E-15 was still a dominant market force. Extended and even crew cab models became popular, as well as a new four door SUV. Yet basic trims like these still served worksites everywhere, beloved in their ability to handle loads (and people) too large for compacts.

I named the file trim as “Base” but in hindsight I should have named it “Workman” as a callback to my original truck in 1956.


The 1987 Courageux passenger range for north America

Courageux Quinze 2.0 D’or (Economy entry)

fuel and space efficiency doesn’t need to come at the expense of comfort. The D’or model has a modern fuel injected 2.0 engine and a 4 speed automatic gearbox. There is a full 5 seat interior and standard cassette player.
This 1986 facelift was only sold as a sedan or wagon, the previous hatch variant of the Quinze was removed from sale in the 1985 model year.

Courangeux Vingt TLie (intermediate entry)

A new platform was created in 1985 for the Vingt and the Famille to share engine and drivetrain, suspension, steering and brakes. The Vingt being available in a 4 door sedan or 5 door wagon model.
The submitted model is the TLie using a 2.9 V6 engine with multipoint injection and higher compression.

Courageux Famille TLie (people mover entry)

The Famille is a modern 7 seat family vehicle, also available as a low capacity van designed for town based deliveries.
Power in this model comes from the same 2.9 V6 engine as in the Vingt. The Tlie comes with a leather interior, electric front windows and a 4 speaker cassette stereo.
The USDM model still has sealed beam sized headlights as the combined headlights and parking lights are designed to fit into the space of the European headlights. A more attractive design will be introduced in a future facelift.

Courageux Cargo vehicles

Courageux Cargo (utility entry)

A dependable workhorse, the American specification Cargo is powered by a 2.6l V6 engine and has a 4 speed automatic gearbox.


Damn. It’s only when I don’t submit my entries at the last minute that I realize how much time we’ve actually spent on this… how long between rounds.

When this started I was still going in to the office every day without a mask.


One week to go!


Yeah… about that

don’t expect entries from Anhultz for at least this round

i got (and STILL am) immensely caught up in IRL stuff (rebuilding my bike, figuring out finances and such…)

just a heads up

there’s no Lore-Reason for this, so just imaging Anhultz doing it’s thing
(if anyone has ideas, sure)

plus i’m really burnt on the game right now tbh…


1987 RCM lineup

The star of the RCM portfolio in 1987 is the all-new Atlantic midsize range. The Canadian family car only keeps getting better with every generation.

Also new is the V6-powered Provincial minivan, including the 4WD model that was kept under wraps until the V6 could be ready.

Also at an arm’s reach away is the Cascadia Stellar 1.5 making use of a 1.5L RCM engine for the North American market.


Still need submissions from:



Bogliq Automotive USA 1987 Line-Up

First things first, sorry for not posting any lore, facelifts or flavour text since last round. Bogliq Automotive has gone through some massive changes, learning experiences and time crunches which has kept me absent. This may not improve, since I haven’t finalised half my line-up up to the latest 1986 standard, but I promise to try to do my best to catch up and keep up!

Now onto the main event…

Economy Car Entrant

Bogliq Beagle 518B

Introduced in 1986, the Beagle is a major improvement over it’s predecessor, the Busker range

The Beagle replaces the Busker, facelifted in 1982, bringing improvements in fuel economy, driving dynamics and performance. This is mainly due to the inclusion of Bogject II multi-port fuel injection across the range, replacing the simpler Bogject Uno injected carburettor system. The basic 518B is designed to get the working class moving; being simple, efficient and no-frills without sacrificing driving dynamics.

Midsize Car Entrant

Bogliq Buttress 132C

Designed to make the commute as pleasant as possible without breaking the bank.

The 2th generation Buttress aims to improve on it’s predecessor; make the perfect commuter car! While a little bigger than the competition, the Buttress is hardly a mammoth on the road and drives as it looks; inoffensively and with a minimum of fuss. The Buttress range is a compact one compared to previous generations, since the modern buyer has more varied tastes than in the past, but it still represents the dependable foundation for the Bogliq range that it has always done; buy one and the Buttress will always be there to support you and your lifestyle…

People Mover Entrant

Bogliq Bastion 132F

A big brood requires a big people movin’ van and the best van is the Bastion by Bogliq!!!

Bogliq realised that there was a demographic that they weren’t reaching; people with big families. Since all mainstream Bogliq sedans seated, at most, six people there were families which had to shop elsewhere… Not any longer they don’t! The Bastion provides all the driving qualities of the Buttress range of cars but seats seven people. Um, that’s it, it carries lots of folks so buy one if you need to move people without then wanting to kill you when you finally get there, hahaha!!!

Utility Vehicle Entrant

Bogliq Beagle 524H Highlander

This is why you should NEVER trust focus groups, hahaha!!!

Bogliq was looking to increase volume sales of the niche “Sportback” three door hatch bodystyle and the lads in Marketing, based on some focus group “research”, decided to make a “Lifestyle Offroader” out of it. It could go further bush than the usual Beagles and looked interesting, plus there were plenty of “Visualisation Accessories” available to make the diminutive hatch into a Dakar wannabe! Just remember to take one for a drive before making a judgement call; you might just fall in love!!!

And that’s all I have for everyone today… I have to thank @Marcus_gt500 for pushing me out of my comfort zone and start making my cars look more realistic (plus he dressed the Highlander, which is why it looks so cool!). Thanks @patridam for starting me on this path and @VicVictory for providing us all with this really fun competition!!!

Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)
Bogliq Automotive USA (Generations II)