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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


Simple. I don’t think anyone wants to be running a single competition for two ACTUAL years, which is what it would take to go through 60 years of cars every 2-3 weeks.


All that? :flushed::open_mouth:
Disregard what I said then. kkkkkk


My lore as updated in these forums is sub optimal, though many of my creations can be found in the corners of Discord and Reddit.

My company, the Earl Motor Company, lore-wise also contains the Silverhare premium cars division (think Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Buick, DeSoto and Mercury), the Hirondelle fine cars division (Cadillac, Lincoln), and the Steed off road vehicle division (Jeep), in addition to the regular Earl division (Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth, Dodge). Would this be an issue? Would I have to submit all vehicles - even if a luxury car is demanded - under the Earl name? Normally its not an issue, but since you’re concerned about lore…


First off, you will need to have or create a lore thread before hand, and keep it up to date with at least your submissions as you go along. I am not going to Discord or Reddit to hunt anything down.

As far as divisions… since no one has been discussing this (and import groups), I guess I will need to make an executive decision.

Sub-brands: Yes, but you either need a separate lore thread for the brand, or to put it in your main lore thread and make sure (somewhere in the thread) it’s clear that it’s a sub brand or division.

Import groups (Single player): One lore thread per company if they are truly distinct (not sub-brands)
Import groups (Multi-player): One lore thread per company. During registration, I need to know who is controlling which brand(s).


The performance car category may well expand to include supercars and even hypercars in later years, but in accordance with the rules of this round, if we ever see any such vehicles, each of them must have the brand name of a full-line manufacturer. As for the large car category, full-size luxury cars (equivalent to the European F-segment classification) might fit right in there, again bearing in mind the requirement that all brands entered must be full-line manufacturers. Other than that, I see no problems with the planned list of categories for this contest.


I do have a lore thread, it’s just horribly out of date. I can obviously add submissions as I keep up with the thread; and perhaps I can add at least some of what I have already made before the competition starts.

I have no idea what single vs multiplayer means here? My company is monolithic besides the division structure, and domestic, and I don’t plan on collaboration so I suppose it doesn’t affect me.

Anyway, is there some entry format I am missing? Through PM or just a post here? I want to enter the Earl Motor Company as (poorly) laid out here: The Earl Motor Company


Via PM. Scroll back a few posts for details of what I need.


I found it. But you… might want to put it in the OP.


Whoops… thought I had done so already. Fixed.


huh, no. That would be too time consuming I think.


So I have a question based on something because I am slightly confused.

Say for example, I use my American Big company, and in the 70s they buy out a small french company, and then in the 90s, bought out a boutique sports/supercar company, would I be able to use their cars as The company it came from for Example GM with say a Chevy Truck and Coupe, but then an Opel hatchback, or would they all need to be Under Chevy for example?

Mainly because I have a 3 companies in mind, who do end up under the same parent company, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the lore to have some weird shit happen just to enter the cars.


You could always re-badge the cars as your American company (with a restyle if you’re keen, lol) kinda like how the Ford Contour is a renamed Ford Mondeo or how Chevy, Opel, Holden and Isuzu shared the same platform (but with different fascias) in the '70’s. Chrysler also did this extensively with Mitsubishi product as well…

Re-badging other car makers products are extremely common in RL car companies so, IMO, I’d say you’re not in any danger of doing anything weird to your lore in order to have those subsiduary brand cars sold as your parent company’s product, lol!


Eh, do what you want, badge them how you want. I gave up on trying to enforce subbrands, really. At this point it’s basically “If more than one person is working together to be one manufacturer, you need to tell me who is working what brands.”

On that note…

13 companies have joined the fray (including Ardent).

If you’ve already registered, and want to add sub-brands (if you haven’t already), just reply to your registration PM and I’ll notate it.


is there alread a naming scheme for the .car files?

i am preparing some gap-filler cars and i want them ordered properly


There will be round-by-round differences because the categories (announced at the beginning of the round) will be part of the name structure.

So no, there is no 100% structure you can use right now. If you want to give yourself a start, though, they will all start with G2Rx (where x = the round number)


I’ll be watching. Can’t participate until I either fix or replace my computer, and right now, that’s not in the budget.

But I’ll enjoy seeing what all of you come up with.


is there any plan on pre-revealing every possible vehicle category?

not asking which of those will be evaluated in the first round, but rather which categories exist in the first place.

reason being me wondering if cars are just categorized by size or by segment (i.e more akin to automation markets)

thanks in advance!


There’s a misprint in the OP

The name change is in 1976.


Is this something where we have to enter every round btw? I’m interested in joining but not sure if I’ll have the time to always have products available


Everything will fall under one of the five main categories. It is less likely that I will specify a individual format of car, though it WILL happen a few times (like, you can bet there will probably be a muscle/pony car round sometime in the 60’s). A lot of these categories are also just different names used for the same generic size of car used throughout history.

(also, fixing the typo in a sec…)

You’d be given the severely penalized score for every entry you miss, so if you miss an entire round it’s going to hurt really bad.


oh well… me dumb…

there is an issue in the size-based system though

what if manufacturer A enters a shitspec toyota Camry, and manufacturer B enters a similarly sized version of a MEGASPEC Merc S-Class?

those two cars would hardly be comparable at all