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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][FINAL SCORES]


One week remaining for submissions.


time for me to prepare for potential results on the Hakumai brand I might be last


Mont Royal GV LX AWD


The Earl Vista VHS Quadra - Sport Compact Entry
From its inception as an overpowered turbo variant of the Vista hatch in 1982, the VHS evolved through the decades, eventually gaining optional AWD in 1991 and a lightweight 16v VVT/VVL engine in 2005. This 2007 model features the front refresh of the 2002 Vista/Eagle platform to make it look less like a blobfish and more in line with the Jupiter midsize models. With 230hp (OOC: I literally could not get more power out of the 2 liter) delivered to all four wheels through a sequential trans, it achieves 60 mph in 6.5 seconds but still gets incredibly high gas mileage, at a moderate price. The obnoxious black and red paint scheme is a limited edition throwback to the original 1982-1989 model’s premier color.


MY2007 Bogliq USA Line-up

Compact Crossover

Bogliq Bolero 127B

Based off the A6 Buttress chassis, the Bolero is a compact crossover that can move the entire family!

By the early 2000’s it was abundantly clear that buyers wanted crossovers. In order to ensure financial viability, Bogliq USA scraped together some spare engineers, loose change and bored interns and got them working. The result is the Bolero; an inoffensive but stylish crossover just as the soccer moms of America wanted…

Sports Compact

Bogliq Baroque 836S

The Baroque was designed to be the perfect Pony-car, a category that was only conceptually slightly less American than apple pie, daisy dukes and the M1 Garand!!!

Bogliq USA just doin’ what Bogliq USA does best; pushrod V8 powered sports coupes that blend new and old together to make something interesting.


Bogliq Highwayman 150L

The 3rd generation of Highwayman is now imported to the USA since Bogliq USA hasn’t produced a domestic luxury car since the 90’s.

Luxury is a funny thing. Some say that luxury is about excessive power, like the Hirondelle Lancelot. Others say it’s about timeless elegance, like the Mont Royal GV LX. Still others would point to effortless dominance, like the Katsuro King… Well the Highwayman is none of these things!

The Highwayman seeks to impress solely on how it feels to be inside, rather than looks, handling or even class. It’s brash, reactionary and anachronistic; a recall of the times when a luxury car just had to be swathed in chrome and pillow soft to hit the mark. This is the faithful backdrop to the everyman’s weddings, proms, bar mitzvah’s etc.


Hold on is that a barcode plate


I get that thre’s a power war in the sport compact setgment, but can you at least submit an actual sport compact instead of a sports/super/muscle car?



Who is this comment directed at specifically?

If it’s directed at my entry, be aware it’s only a 3.6L V8 which puts it on par with a 350Z and the wheelbase is 2.5m which means it’s compact… According to Wikipedia the Sports Compact category is a catch-all category for small sporty stuff. I have asked VicVictory for an appropriateness ruling so I may yet have to replace the Baroque with another car.

I’m AUDM, not USDM, so all these weird categories don’t come naturally to me. If you have any issues with my entrants being eligible, just PM me with your concerns, I’m flexible and committed to ensuring everyone’s having fun, hahaha!!!


Sports compact seems a rather large group myself. Anything from a ford focus up to BMW 340 seems to be in there. Along with the Impreza or 200sx.


I don’t think Vic would be able to make a new dedicated Muscle Car class again given theor modern rarity so Sport Compact seems to be the closest place to put something like this.

A V8 could be pushing it, but then again I think two seaters won the class both times so I would call those just plain Sports cars at that point.


I Can’t do more revisions or make new cars for this tournament as of this round, so the Furcio R And Premier on steroids are staying, the 1980s had performance subcategory, but in further rounds idk if thats happening


That would make the porsche 981, porsche 982, porsche 987, porsche 986, porsche 992, porsche 991 911 GT2 RS and every modern ICE lotus sport compacts. A 600hp hot hatch is fine, but an actual sports car? That seems like too much.


Wtf are you guys doing to your hatches to give them 600hp


mine just uses a 3.2 V6 Powerplant, to beat the competition in speed, its probably heavier than the competition though and slower than them in corners, it was originally gonna use a 500 Horsepower powerplant but it wont sell at all with that much power in a bland car from a blander brand


Coming soon on 2 Slow 2 Fools


Did you miss the part where I defined the sport compact? 4 or 5 seats, I4 or V6 engine.

Yeah, the power war got a little silly here, but I saw that coming based on the posts before this round.


I Probably caused most of that


The Evora has V6 4 seats, and the 991/992 have F6 4 seats.


Well, it’s not like Automation has any good way of distinguishing. :roll_eyes:

(Also, you’re not running or competing in this, soo…)


Aussies are known for putting big engines in small chassis, that by definition is a sport compact IMO. As long as it makes sense to your brand and it’s origin. Like I wouldn’t expect that from a JDM or European Car manufacturer.

I think a decent way to judge that category in Automation is to look at the Sport Budget and Sport Markets, with more weighting on the sport budget segment.