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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 10 SUBMISSIONS]


Beware of when bodies unlock in game, they are set about 5 years too early to simulate the time taken in campaign to actually design and build them.

If you use the s15 body it will look far too modern


If you want it look less modern just paint the bed to look like it’s wood paneled. E-Z


I don’t think we have the wood paneling mod updated to the new version sadly…


Nor does the S15 have a bed. It’s a sport coupe.


for some reason i read that as S10 like the chevy pickup


An S15 woodie coupe would probably break my brain anyway.


Do it, do it, DO IT!!!

Hahahahahahahaaaaa!!! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Thankyou for this hilarious exchange, it definitely sparked joy! :wink:


Are we able to use the meme body utillity UPS Truck to make a van like a delivery van you’d regularly see, not the regular vans


And on a regard, i may not be able to play Automation because it crashes on startup.


Dude… I answered this question already when YOU asked it (in a different manner) 2 days ago.

Also, if you remember, I had to explicitly ban meme bodies after round 5 because of the specific body you are asking about. It was my mistake back then to assume that an implicit ban on meme bodies would be enough.


Allo, allo, allo... What's all this about then?

Somewhere in the UK, the M1 motorway… Uhhh, just doing some road testing officer… Honest!

Check out the most badass Bogliq in Generations II history: SPV Buccanneer


I believe you’re forgetting about two words. Bogliq. Bazooka.


Hahahahahaha!!! This time the Buccaneer has the looks to match the performance. I’m super proud of Marcus’s efforts on this car; I kinda wish I could make a RL version just because it’s so damn cool, hahaha!!!

Looking at the overall shape, it may even be possible… If I use a Z31 Fairlady donor, do lots of bodywork and accept it’s going to be FR nor MR, then a replica might actually be feasible!


If I wasn’t literally in the other side of the world I’d help! I can design 3D printable parts you might need at least. Maybe a AW11 donor to keep it MR?


…you guys should check my lore pages as well. Not as detailed as Bogliq’s page, but some more about this cars can be found there.


Ardent Motors Timeline, Late Malaise Era (1981-1986)

February 1981 - First-year sales figures for the second-generation Piper come back somewhat below expectations. After harsh criticism in the motor press about its unimpressive fuel economy, Ardent engineers are tasked with making improvements, and fast.

July 1981 - Ardent begins equipping Piper subcompact models with fuel-injected versions of its Cygnus 1.6 and 2.0 liter four-cylinder engines. As such, some early 1982 models are still carbureted.

May 1982 - To meet increasingly stringent requirements in California, all Sentinel and V6 Chancellor models receive upgrades to fuel injection.

June 1982 - Ardent begins production of the 3rd generation Marathon. Most models are equipped with their all-new “Toledo Trivalve” engine, a 1.9 liter, 12-valve overhead cam. It is also a significant departure from previous generations, as it is now on a front-wheel drive platform. The new Marathon arrives on showroom floors in September.

May 1983 - Production begins on the 2nd generation Smoke. Growing in size and eschewing performance for comfort, this new generation is considered a personal luxury coupe. The only engine available is the venerable 5.4 liter V8 (333cid), with a newly revised fuel injection system.

February 1984 - Sales of the new 3rd generation Marathon jumps significantly over the previous generation, though very few GT V6 models are sold. The automotive press gives positive reviews on its performance and value, though a few register their disdain for its configuration and call it “not a Marathon by any measure”.

November 1984 - Ardent unveils two concept cars. One is a passenger van that is not much larger than an Ardent Chancellor, the other is a small off-road vehicle with an open top. Ardent executives note that they have already green-lighted production of the van, to be named Kestrel.

February 1985 - Sales figures for the 1984 Smoke comes back flatter than expected.

May 1985 - Ardent green-lights production of a version of the previous year’s concept off-roader. It is given the name Ozette.

October 1985 - The new Ardent Kestrel “mini-van” arrives at dealerships. It is powered by either a 1.9L Trivalve four or, more commonly, a 3.2L Eridani V6.

November 1985 - in keeping with last year’s theme, Ardent shows two concept cars. One is a much larger open-top offroader than the previous year’s Ozette concept. The other is a Kestrel minivan with a modified, high-power overhead-cam version of the Eridani engine, and showcasing luxurious and futuristic features such as an on-board computer entertainment system with a TV that pops up from the rear floor.

March 1986 - Ardent’s year gets off to a rough start with major strikes at several key plants, causing shortages of vehicles across their lineup. This puts a significant financial strain on the company, and gives them a rather nightmarish PR black eye.


The all new Hakumai Carrier van, It hauls and does your fleet jobs.

This was found in the lounge at the Hakumai office. “Crap cars aren’t always good cars. We need fuel efficent cars, more reliable car Let’s stop making such crap cars for once and make better ones, We need to stop using Galvanized steel for all our cars, and Aluminum panels, even though they absorb better than the steel competitors but it’s too expensive to use galvanized steel!.”

The brand-new Hakumai Premier, The fastest Hakumai ever made. The 0-62 is in 6.8 Seconds, beating all other cars we’ve ever made in the past. Although fuel economy is meh.

                           Hakumai Autos Incorporated is not liable for damages. You're the one who caused it, therefore YOU Are liable for your own damages *oh and property too*

The CEO Stood up out of his chair looking rather floored, and said "There’s a new SVP Buccaneer from Bogliq, its too fast. Some time later we should blow those clowns out of the water.


Courageux 1981 customer feedback and future plans

As a manufacturer of smaller cars with no v8 engine option we need to focus on maximizing value for money and buyers who look for something different.
The Quinze has been a reasonable success for us in America but we must strive for more reliability and class leading economy to differentiate ourselves in a crowded market.
We now have a range of overhead cam 4 cylinder engines available in 1.4, 1.7 and 2.0 variants. As well as a modern all aluminium V6 for our premium vehicles.

  • 1982: The Opal which has already launched in Europe the previous year will be shown at American auto shows this year and launches in 1983 in 2 door, 4 door and a compact 5 door hatch variant.

  • 1983: Courchevel is facelifted. The 5 door hatch and 4 door sedan are joined by a more sporting 2 door coupe and a capacious 5 door wagon model.

  • 1984: M4 coupe is discontinued with no replacement in the pipeline. This was an interesting diversion but did not find a large place in the market. The production facility will be much better utilised for a more family orientated vehicle which is what our buyers require.
    The 3 is discontinued at the end of 1984 being replaced by the Bijou an exciting new car designed purely for city driving.

  • 1985: European and American buyers now require more interior and load space. The Courchevel and Opal estates were the most versatile vehicles produced however more was needed. With this in mind and always with cost reduction in the wings a more versatile platform was developed. This was the CM-A, a front wheel drive base to develop a full range of medium to large cars on. The first vehicles to use this platform were the Famille “multi purpose vehicle” , the Vingt large family/premium car

  • 1986: The 2.6 V6 is joined by a slightly revised 2.9l variation. The 2.6 now only available with carburettors whereas the 2.9 has fuel injection on some models. In American markets the 2.9 replaces the 2.6 as fuel injection is used on all American Courageux models at this point.
    A panel van variant of the Famille is launched. While not have the load capability of a purpose designed van the handling and comfort are some of the best in class.


Hakumai planning.
"Today, we must axe some cars by 1991. the trucks can stay, the Premier can stay, but the entire Stallion name and Katana lineup will be axed for a long time, The Crest being overpriced, Premier being faster than its economy competitors for some reason :confused:
1986: They finally axe the Mk2 Crest.
1987: The new range of cars come out. And the Super Hauler pick-up is announced and it comes with an V8. the
1984: They decided it was cheaper to put on EU Sized plateholders instead of making their own for USDM
1981: The last ever Hakumai Katana XT Was sold. To a fleet sale for company use. The last Stallion LX was
sent to the crusher since nobody bought it. They stripped the powertrains, engines, etc off it, All it has is an interior, no suspension, just a shell with wheels on it and panels. The shell stands at the top of many junk cars somewhere. Oh, and no engine.


@HighOctaneLove am i sure my new model, the premier is no faster than the entire Bogliq lineup?
(0-60 wise)


I’m going to say that your Premier, thanks to the release of the new SVP Buccanneer, is not faster than any of Bogliq’s lineup from 0 - 60mph, although I use decimal calculations and would look at 0 - 100 Km/h times, hahaha!!!

I am 95% confident in this statement… The SVP Buccanneer Stage 2 does 0 - 100Km/h in exactly 5 seconds, so if you drop under 5 seconds then you’re faster, otherwise, you’ll have to get your engineers to have another go!

I hate to say this, but making this replica is a dream at the moment… I’m (first world) poor and I also lack fabrication skills! But, if I could afford to make a replica, I would still use the Z31 because I’d be able drive it confidently (and I would attempt to daily drive it, hahaha), plus I’d be looking to power up the V6 so that it performed as per expectations! I also believe that the MR2 would squish the design too much making it look like a micro-machine version of the car, not the actual RL car, hahaha!!!