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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 10 SUBMISSIONS]


Round 9 - 1996
Iraq invades Kuwait, prompting the US and coalition to counter and repel the Iraqis and leading to a brief war. The former Yugoslavia melts down into civil war, with only Slovenia avoiding a protracted, bloody conflict. Meanwhile, Apartheid falls in South Africa as a new Constitution is formed. The music world is rocked as well, when Freddie Mercury dies of AIDS. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union dissolves into its constituent republics. Bill Clinton is elected president of the United States in '92. The Mall of America opens in Minneapolis, the largest such structure built. Hurricane Andrew, one of the most destructive in US history, slams into Florida. Infamous mob boss John Gotti is convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The Intel Pentium processor is introduced. The US and Russia sign the START II arms reduction act, aimed at further decreasing the sizes of their nuclear arsenals. One of the biggest scandals in figure skating occurs as national champion Tonya Harding is stripped of her title after her ex-husband attacks her rival, Nancy Kerrigan. OJ Simpson makes his famous flight from the LAPD on I-5. Legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna is killed during the San Marino Grand Prix. The Winter Olympics are held in Lillehammer, Norway. Right-wing domestic terrorists bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City, OK; victims include children in a daycare within the building. Overseas, Bosnian Serbs commit horrific acts of ethnic cleansing at Srebenica. Windows 95 is released, and auction site EBay is launched. And in a show of international cooperation, the Space Shuttle Atlantis docks with the Russian space station Mir.


Unemployment: Medium-low
Inflation: Low
Economy: Growing
Short-term economic forecast: Continued growth


Fuel: Regular Unleaded (universal), Premium Unleaded (universal)

Bumpers: 5 MPH bumpers required (all integrated bumpers qualify)

Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Turn signals may NOT be placed in bumpers. Exactly one pair of parking lights are required. Parking lights MAY be placed in bumpers. Parking lights and turn signals may not be part of the same lens/fixture. There has to be some form of visual separation.

Front light colors: No red may face forward.

Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. NO lights may be placed bumpers (however, optional red reflectors may be). If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture AND of the same color, there must be a minimum of TWO bulbs in the fixture. ALL vehicles must also have exactly one Center High Mount Stop Lamp (a single brake light fixture at or above the level of the top of the trunk, in the center).

Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals may be red or amber (unrestricted) OR may have a white or clear lens ONLY if the bulb is amber.

Side marker/signal lights: Front side markers required. Rear markers required, may be placed either on the side or the rear.

Side light colors: front side may be amber only, rear side may be red only.

Mirrors: Driver and passenger side mirrors required on ALL vehicles.

Aerials: Long mast or retractable antenna required if car has a radio.

Fuel fillers: Must be placed on the side of the vehicle. ALL vehicles must have the filler somewhere on the rear quarter, regardless of engine location.

Emissions: Catalytic converter required. All vehicles must be OBD-II compliant (translation: carbs and mechanical FI are banned going forward)

Safety: All passenger vehicles must have a minimum of 37 safety. All trucks, vans, and utes must have a minimum of 31 safety.

File Naming Convention:

Model: G2R9-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)

Engine: G2R9-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)

Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

Vehicle categories this round: (THIS IS A FOUR CAR ROUND)

Economy Car (File naming convention: EC) - Subcompact or compact car with good fuel economy and low cost. Typically 3 or 4 cylinder, non-turbocharged. ABS AND TCS ARE BANNED FOR THIS CATEGORY FOR THIS ROUND.

Sport Compact (File naming convention: SC) - Subcompact or compact car with good fuel economy and 2- or 3- doors. Typically 4 cylinder, but may also be 3 cylinder or (rarely) a small 6. For the US market, these are typically NOT turbocharged. TCS IS BANNED FOR THIS CATEGORY FOR THIS ROUND.

Sport Utility (File naming convention: SU) - Typically 2- or 4- door, enclosed with a hard or soft top, available with 4WD and good ground clearance. Can be a range of sizes. TCS IS BANNED FOR THIS CATEGORY FOR THIS ROUND.

Midsize (File naming convention: MS) - An intermediate sized car, good for commuting and/or family service. Typically a larger 4-cylinder or modest 6-cylinder engine.

Round 9 deadline: Saturday November 28, 4:00 PM PDT (UTC-8)

With regards to the CHMSL - Please try your best to do something visual. PM an explanation if it doesn’t work.


This is a reminder to look at the regulations. There are some important changes, notably to emissions and safety.

Edit: this is also a 4 car round with almost a month turnaround. Because if I made it a 3 car round, it would end on a weekend I’m not going to be in town. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hampton Motor Group - Round 8 Aftermath/Round 9 Prologue

If the 1980s were a renaissance for the Hampton Motor Group, the 1990s was more of a golden age. Strong sales throughout their entire lineup, now either completely redesigned or otherwise significantly updated, ensured that Tony’s multi-million-pound investment would recoup itself within just a few years. The Braemar SUV was proving to be incredibly successful across the globe, as was the Nevis with which it shared its platform. And just as Tony had hoped, this was also true of his company’s core range, from Fennec to Vanguard.

The following year, Hampton Performance and Racing debuted its lineup of cars to rave reviews - everything they offered proved to be a hit with the enthusiast set. But they were not content to rest on their laurels, and in 1993, they finally launched their first hypercar, the Hydra - the fastest car the company had made to date. It was an immensely expensive and exclusive machine, to the point that only 50 would be made (one for each of the brand’s 50 years, in anticipation of Hampton’s 50th anniversary), but lessons learned during its development greatly benefited Hampton as a whole.

And just for good measure, Toby had approved the development of a fifth-generation Ferret on an all-new platform, as well as a new second-generation Transliner. However, with the Fairlie being cannibalized by the larger Nevis after 1991, he ordered the small pick-up discontinued. It wasn’t missed as much as he expected. With his elite team of engineers, designers and marketers all perfectly coordinated, Hampton was well on track to fulfilling its promise of its entire mid-1990s lineup being its greatest yet.


Well, I’m glad to see the Pioneer did well, and that Earl on the whole did okay. Corrosion resistance complaints across the board, though - I guess galvanization is no longer enough.

I figured the UFO would do meh, I didn’t quite know what the round was looking for, a Miata or a GTI etc. Mostly it was just hard to make something that front heavy handle very well. I did expect the Galahad to do better… mostly, I was hedging my bets that price would be much more important in the luxury class given the economy and what you said about V12s. Of course my more expensive car still would have a live axle, so c’est la vie.


About the duped entries i been doing, i been misunderstanding it for variants


The 90s saw Katsuro building on its reputation as being a people’s company, providing excellently engineered products for the market. Corrosion concerns were now a thing of the past as the development of a new anti-corrosion steel coating as well as the ability to source cheaper steel from new suppliers meant that the company had a good baseline to provide customers with corrosion-free, high-quality chassis’.

Not only that, the newly announced Land Climber was a major hit for customers with its high practicality and off-road capabilities, it would appear that the lines were now being blurred as to the separation of family carriers and sport utility vehicles. It stood out as a bargain for its capability to carry a family of 8 during school runs and going camping in the mountains on weekends.

Even though sales were low for the King based on the limited market and struggling economy, it was still a preferred choice for high class officials and dignitaries. It even became the preferred car for the Japanese Prime Minister.

The Prima was not so well received, as the use of an intermediate family car chassis did not make for good use of a Sport Compact. KRD knew this going into the Project, but the car was a test to examine what was possible. It wasn’t the worst sports compact around, but for the price, it didn’t really make sense for most consumers within the category, and the company decided only to make a limited number and focus on a new dedicated sports compact car over the next few years.


ehh, heres aftermath for me.

The 1990s had Hakumai go down to a crash. Cars having poor reliabillity, Exorbitant pricetags for what they are, What almost ended the crippling debt was the 250XR, pure fun. with a V6, but it wasnt successful, Finally reliabillity. but it was poor and worst in class in every other category, h It has beaten some performance competitors by a tiny bit, but they didnt really have competition, or barely any for that matter



Ardent Motors Timeline, Changing of the Guard (1991-1995)

February 1991 - Ardent sees a significant bump in annual sales, with particularly strong showing from the newly redesigned Chancellor. Sales of the Piper are also unexpectedly strong, helping to make up for slowly slumping numbers of Ozettes leaving dealer lots.

August 1991 - A brand new, mid-size SUV goes on sale at Ardent dealerships. The Ardent Hood is availalable with a 1.9L Trivalve four or 3.2L Eridani V6, in RWD or 4WD configurations. V6 models are available with 7 seats, whereas 4-cylinder models have the option of a 5-speed manual transmission. Despite being supplied constantly with large quantities, franchises report long back-order lists and continuous shortages for months.

September 1991 - A mildly refreshed Kestrel minivan is released for the '92 model year. Most notably, Ardent drops the manual transmission from the lineup. Furthermore, the aging 3-speed ShiftGuard automatic is replaced by a 4-speed ShiftGuard electronically controlled transmission.

April 1992 - The 3-speed ShiftGuard automatic is quietly retired on all remaining models except the Piper subcompact.

September 1992 - Ardent gives the Shoshone pickup its first clean-sheet redesign since it was introduced. The new model is larger, with an extended cab option available (only on V6 models), optional 4WD, and the choice of a 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 3.2L Eridani V6.

November 1992 - Ardent CEO Matthew Seldon announces that he will retire sometime in Q2 1993. The Board immediately begins the search for his replacement.

February 1993 - First-year sales of the new Hood vastly exceed Ardent’s wildest expectations. Ardent’s overall sales figures also grow significantly, but it is apparent that sales of the Hood are taking bites out of the numbers for the Ozette, Chancellor, Kestrel, and even the Sentinel to a lesser degree.

May 1993 - CEO Matthew Seldon retires. Ardent’s Board of Directors hires Alexander Ward, formerly of BitMaxCom Technologies, as his replacement.

December 1993 - Ardent shows off prototypes for their next-generation Sentinel compact car and Marathon sports coupe.

February 1994 - Year over year sales increase modestly nearly across the line. Only the Ozette shows a downward trend.

April 1995 - Ardent is again rocked by major strikes. The union levels charges of bad faith negotiation at Ardent executive leadership, and these strikes last nearly two months.

September 1995 - An all-new Marathon sports coupe and mildly refreshed Chancellor become available to the public. The Marathon generates fresh buzz; Ardent has released a GT Turbo trim, using a turbocharged 1.9L Trivalve engine.


seems like a sport compact


Indeed so my friend


I think to motive myself from doing everything last minute I’ll post one segment entry each week on here; have a little fun with it. But which to start with…

(Don’t worry Vic I’ll submit them all at once)


I think this is a great idea… We could do periodic reveals to cut out some of the waiting and make things more interesting.

1996 ADARA R


image how will you open the trunk?


Trunk on the body is kinda narrow. Couldn’t find a spoiler i liked to fit in the space so screw realism this time around.


Or the keyhole could simply be hidden away, behind the badge or a taillight lens.


He was referring to the spoiler overlapping the trunk line.


You could use patchwork to cover up the existing trunk lines, then use cutout patchwork to make new trunk lines, then use a patch filler in gray beneath the new cut line to simulate a different cut.

Or put another narrower spoiler within the existing one (giving each side double supports) and handwaved it as the edges are fixed but the middle is not.


I like this idea. I’m not familiar with patchwork but this I could definitely do. Thanks!


(Will show my actual submitted cars over time, as others will be doing, but…)

1996 Ardent Motors Lineup

Passenger Cars

Piper - 3-door subcompact. Available in SE, DL, and LS trims. Engine options: 1.4L (SE, DL) or 1.7L (LS) Trivalve 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto.

Marathon - Compact sports coupe. Available in SE, LS, GT Turbo and GT V6 trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder (with or without turbo) or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto.

Sentinel - Compact coupe, sedan, or wagon. Available in SE, DL, LS, and LS V6 trims. Engine options: 1.7L or 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 2.7L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto.

Smoke - Personal luxury coupe. Available in LS and Limited trims. Engine options: 4.0L Scorpius V8. Transmission options: 4-speed auto.

Chancellor - Mid-size sedan. Available in DL, LS, LS-L, and Limited trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder, 2.7L or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6, or 4.0L Scorpius V8. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto.

Manhattan - Full-size luxury sedan. Available in LS and Limited trims. Engine options: 4.7L or 5.4L Toledo Aluminum V8 (new SOHC model). Transmission options: 4-speed auto.

Trucks, vans, and utilities

Shoshone - Compact pickup. Available in SE and LS trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 2.7L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto. 4WD and extended cab available on 2.7L only.

Ozette - Small 2- or 4-door off-road utility. Available in SE and LS trims. Engine options: 1.7L Trivalve 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto. 4WD available. Soft top available on 2-door.

Kestrel - Minivan. Available in SE, LS, and LS-L trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 5-speed manual or 4-speed auto. 4WD not available.

Hood - Mid-size SUV. Available in SE, LS, and Limited trims. Available in 5-passenger (all trims) or 7-passenger (LS, Limited) configurations. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder (SE) or 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6 (LS, Limited). Transmission options: 5-speed manual (SE only) or 4-speed auto (all trims). 4WD available on all engines/transmissions.

A-series - Full-size pickups and vans. Available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton configurations, SE and LS trims. Engine options: 4.7L Vela straight-6, 5.4L Toledo Aluminum (SOHC) V8, 6.6L or 7.3L Ursa V8. Transmission options: 5-speed manual (Vela or Toledo only), or 4-speed auto. 4WD available.

Submitted vehicles:
Economy: Ardent Piper DL, 1.4L I4, 4-speed auto
Sport Compact: Ardent Marathon GT Turbo, 1.9L Turbo I4, 5-speed manual
Mid-size: Ardent Chancellor DL, 1.9L I4, 4-speed auto
SUV: Ardent Hood LS 4WD (5-passenger), 3.2L V6, 4-speed auto 4WD