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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 10 SUBMISSIONS]


The original post was updated with your suggestion and a few 9ther finishing touches. I think it looks better. What’s your take?


I don’t know much about the other touches, but the wing certainly looks more realistic if a little busier.


Subtle changes


First off the bat is my Economy entry, the brand new for 1996 Courageux 3.


It’s hard to make this body not look like a freight liner, so it ended up a little messier than I intended (for example the headlights are nowhere near regular sealed beam size). That and it really needed a new V8. But it was this or a refresh on my 1985 body… and I do love me a Durango. I believe one of my friend’s parent’s first gen Durango was the first SUV I ever rode in - to this date neither myself nor my parents have bought one.


1996 Hampton Model Range

Lore Post

Clockwise from top: Braemar 4x4 2.8i, Fennec 1.8i Prime 5-door, Vulture 1.8i Performance, and Ferret 2.5i Prime.

Our offerings for 1996 include the following vehicles:

Fennec - Revised with variable intake and exhaust valve timing for improved economy and performance, our entry-level compact car can now deliver over 40 mpg on the EPA combined cycle (in 1.6i Essence or 1.8i Prime trim). Prices for the Fennec 1.8i Prime shown above start from $17,400.

Ferret - Our mid-sized offering has been completely redesigned for 1996 on a new platform, designed to provide excellent comfort and easy drivability with a touch of sportiness. Prices for the Ferret 2.5i Prime shown above start from $27,500.

Braemar - Updated for 1996, our award-winning SUV retains its trademark durability and off-road capability, while also gaining some much-needed efficiency in the process, and is now available in upmarket Deluxe spec for the 3.2L engine. Prices for the Braemar 4x4 2.8i start from $18,100.

Vulture - Designed for the burgeoning sport compact category from the ground up, this small and light mid-engined coupe - updated for 1996 with 10 more horsepower and an optional Performance Package for the base model - provides the performance and economy desired by budget-conscious enthusiasts. Prices for the Vulture 1.8i Performance shown start from $24,200.

All 1996 Hampton models will go on sale in the fall of 1995. Please contact your nearest dealer for option pricing and test drive inquiries.


am i able to submit OB Entries?


A what?


I think you meant open beta, the latest version of which is now available.


So OB isn’t Open Beta?



The update to OpenBeta (e.g. clear windows now) is compatible with the older builds, unlike that big update a while ago. I don’t see why we couldn’t submit them?


i have no idea at all


Calculations have changed and not to mention all the fixtures and bodies that are new in open beta and not in stable. It would depend on what Vic is using, really. Be on the safe size and aim for stable for now.


I haven’t had good luck with updates not blowing up my files, even when it’s supposedly “safe”. So I want to hear from the competitors. Choose:

A ) Stay in Stable build for now


B ) Update to OpenBeta with the caveat that if my existing save files blow up, I’m just going to end the competition (because I built out EVERY engine for my company from 1946-2020 before the competition even started, and I ain’t redoing all that work)


Stable it is.


I’m in Open Beta, and I’m going to submit in Open Beta, and I’m going to accept all the risk that comes with that choice. Apparently the Open Beta cars into stable is only minor suspension and stat differences and I’ve not seen any trouble with engines or compatibility as yet!


I’d vote stable for the time being and I guess subject to change for the next round? This current round already started in stable so no reason to change it imo.


I’d rather stay on the current stable release for now - my submissions were made on that build.


Since I’ve downloaded the open beta but I did back up my sandbox files. Can I download the stable, put the sandbox back. Build my generations cars. Then re download the open beta and then put the sandbox files for the open beta back in and then import the generations cars that wouldnt be backed up in the sandbox any more?


im just gonna play it safe and use stable