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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 10 SUBMISSIONS]


This was previously addressed.

I can confirm that this works, as 3 companies have done this already.


The Charge lineup for 1956:
JR: Dynasty Trident 300 Sedan

SR: Riva Bella 200A Hardtop

UT: CBT Delta 400HD


Dem colours! WOOW :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


1956 Dominion Elgin V8

Lore Here

1956 Dominion Victory Deluxe

Lore Here

1956 Dominion Highliner Delivery

Lore Here



Note: I’ve been getting a lot of “missing mod” errors when importing. FYI, I have 302 total mods installed. To my knowledge, what I don’t have installed is anything that comes up as “incompatible” when I install it, and various badge packs. Hopefully I’m not missing anything that’s critical for the requirements. :confused:

Edit: 4 of the 8 missing entries have been received. 27 hours left until deadline!


Heh I have like 380+ mods here (most of which are supported) and I still sometimes get the missing mod message :joy:


I’m a potato and cant math when my kids are stressing me out.

NOW it’s 24 hours until deadline. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still missing entries from:


Rocha Motor Company - 1956


Silver-York Sovereign for 1956

*sadly NOMAD had no time to be finished due to IRL stuffs



Crap, my laptop is being fixed…



I just lost 4 hours of writing because, like a dumbass, I was doing it in the editor here… and my touchpad freaked out and deleted EVERYTHING and of course there isn’t an undo. So I’m going to start working in Notepad now and not be a dumbass.

In the mean time, here are my honorable mentions for visual design for this round (do not count for points… but extra props for their designers for going above and beyond)

Silver-York Sovereign Sedan
Charge Riva Bella 200A
Earl Glenwood
Watson Auviera 350 Hardtop


I’m surprised you picked the Glenwood over the Shambala, but either way, I’m flattered!

Given the long term focus of this challenged I don’t think any of us will mind if you have to take your time on turnaround.


OK… I was (barely) able to rewrite the Junior class before I needed to head to bed. So here that is. The rest will come out hopefully tomorrow night.

Also, for those of you who either read or participated in the original Generations, you are probably used to getting a Relative Rating for your car. Because this is a full-line challenge, individual cars will not get an RR, but rather the company as a whole gets one at the end of the round, weighted for the importance of the various segments.

All reviews are IN ORDER from top to bottom performers in their class.

Best of Junior Class - 1956

Katsuro Model A-2-X

With such a wide varitey of Junior-grade cars available this year, the hunt for our gem was a difficult one. Over thousands of miles and many months, our staff waded through the more than dozen vehicles to find a little sedan from Japan.

Meet the Katsuro Model A-2-X. Admittedly, the biggest portion of this tiny titan’s foundation deals with cost. That is, the miniscule cost to buy and own it.

It is not quite the cheapest to buy. That honor goes to the Ardent Starlight. But the Katsuro is not nearly as punishing to drive as the Ardent, other than its even slower run up to to highway speed. Like many imports, the Katsuro has only two front seats, and a gap between them, up front. But these items are about all we can complain about with the Katusuro Model A-2-X.

It is competent on-road, possibly because it doesn’t have enough power to get into trouble. It is also inexpensive and easy to service, cheap to buy, and is expected to hold up well mechanically over the years.

Junior Class Reviews

Bogliq Bettong Deluxe

“…a good all-around car for a good price. Roomy, comfortable, and yet simple. Alas, the Bogliq’s road manners are less than stellar…”

Pros: High reliability, high practicality, good comfort
Cons: Poor handling

Ardent Starlight 200 Special

“…the venerable Starlight is the choice when low cost is the absolute requirement. It is cheap to buy and run, but is obsolete and outmatched in every other way…”

Pros: Lowest in round purchase cost, low maintenance cost, high practicality
Cons: Poor comfort, poor handling

Anhultz Mimas III Comfort

“…a good balance of features and low cost that sips gas thanks to its post-war European sensibility. Anhultz could stand to invest a little more in making the ride more comfortable…”

Pros: Low purchase cost, great fuel economy, good reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, mediocre handling

Valence 250 Sedan
Fixture Violation: No side mirror (first offense, no penalty)

“…great road manners from the Valence 250. Maintenance is easy as well. Aside from this, the Valence is very middle of the road…”

Pros: Good handling, low maintenance cost
Cons: Mediocre in every other way

Earl Glenwood

“…well packaged, reliable wagon that is easier to handle than many of its sedan counterparts. It is on the pricier end, and not just at the dealership either…”

Pros: Good handling, high reliability
Cons: Somewhat expensive, poor fuel economy

Hampton Ferret 1.6
Note: Car equipped with radial tires. Creator accepted the associated penalties.

“…can cruise the highways in comfort, passing by service stations on the way. This comes at a price, both up front and down the road in repairs…”

Pros: Good handling, best in round fuel economy, good practicality
Cons: High purchase price, poor reliability

Charge Dynasty Trident

“…decent inexpensive option. We found that it didn’t have great room for luggage or people, and we had some disconcerting problems with the test vehicle…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase price, good reliability, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor handling, poor practicality

Courageux Ambronay Berline Luxe

“…comfortable for both highway and city use. It is easy on fuel as well. Just remember to pack light…”

Pros: Good comfort, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor practicality

Dominion Victory Deluxe

“…Canada’s finest small car handles ruts and chuckholes without drama. However, it drinks gas and doesn’t have a particularly large trunk…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase price, good handling
Cons: Poor fuel economy, poor practicality

Watson Antlia
Fixture Violation: No antenna (First offense, no penalty)

“…powerful 235 cubic inch straight six is a bit much to handle, even in less than spirited driving. Barring that, the Antlia is a wonderful boulevard machine…”

Pros: Very comfortable
Cons: High purchase price, questionable reliability, worst in class drivability

Rocha Madison 430

“…good amount of space for 5 people and luggage. That’s the most we can say for this Brazilian machine…”

Pros: High practicality
Cons: High purchase price, poor reliability, worst in class fuel economy, high maintenance cost

Platinum Panamerica 55

“…gives its occupants comfort and convenience features only found on larger cars. This truly is a toy for those with money to burn, who still want something smaller…”

Pros: Best in class comfort
Cons: Excessive purchase price, excessive maintenance cost, abhorrent reliability


Oh crap… lol I wasn’t expecting that :grin::grin:


Earl Glenwood

“…well packaged, reliable wagon that is easier to handle than many of its sedan counterparts. It is on the pricier end, and not just at the dealership either…”

Pros: Good handling, high reliability
Cons: Somewhat expensive, poor fuel economy

All fair enough, probably symptoms of being a Murica-sized 7 seater instead of the European half of the entries. That and nothing but two speed automatics available.

poor fuel economy

HOO boy you ain’t seen nothing yet, it only goes downhill from here. :slight_smile:


Oupsss… It’s a crime, I should be guillotined … :rofl:


Best of Senior Class - 1956

Hampton Valiant 2.8 Deluxe
Note: Car equipped with radial tires. Creator accepted the associated penalties.

If the selection of Junior cars we had available this year was ponderous, the run of Senior cars was absolutely dizzying. Vehicles from all across the globe showed their stripes. When all was said and done, our favorite this year came from Britain, in the form of the Hampton Valiant 2.8 Deluxe.

Even though its 171 cubic inch engine only puts out 104 horsepower, its silky-smooth, quiet operation and strong reliability impressed us greatly. Though it is not the Engine of the Year, it is definitely high on the list.

On the road, the Valiant is sublime, thanks to thoughtful suspension engineering. Interior features are numerous as well, including a high quality AM radio, generous carpeting, and incredibly soft, yet supportive seating for five. Hampton also provided plenty of luggage room for travelers, even with the spare tire stashed in the trunk.

And the Valiant won’t punch a hole in buyers’ budgets, despite all that one gets in the package. Truly, this car deserves its mention.

Watson Auviera 350 Hardtop

“…a glamorous cruiser that should be the staple of any Hollywood star or financial titan of New York. It has power to match its flash…”

Pros: Prestigious model, very safe, good comfort
Cons: Rather expensive

Anhultz Superkroon Luxe automaat

“…showing us how difficult it truly would be for us to choose. Although they fit a similar bill, we ended up liking the Watson ever so slightly better than the Anhultz…”

Pros: Prestigious model, good comfort, good practicality
Cons: Rather expensive

Hirondelle Shambala

“…perhaps the single car to be seen in if you want to be somebody. Fashion does seem to come somewhat before function in this case, however…”

Pros: Best in round prestige, very comfortable
Cons: Poor practicalilty, very expensive

Bogliq Bison Deluxe

“…a well-mannered car that would definitely be suited to a large family or as a cross-country tourer. That said, it is still a Bogliq, and as such suffers image problems…”

Pros: Good drivability, good practicality, low purchase price
Cons: Subpar comfort, poor prestige

Charge Riva Bella 200A

“…easier to maneuver both on the highway and city than even some smaller cars. A good, solid choice, if not a standout…”

Pros: Great drivability
Cons: Very mediocre otherwise

Katsuro Model L

“…everything that makes the Model A-2-X endearing ends up making the Model L just an underpowered, poor man’s luxury car…”

Pros: Extremely underpowered, poor prestige, poor safety
Cons: Low purchase price, good drivability

Dominion Elgin V8

“…could have been a contender with the likes of the Anhultz or Hirondelle, but our consulting engineers expressed grave safety concerns…”

Pros: Good comfort, good prestige
Cons: Poor practicality, mediocre handling, poor safety

Courageux Croisiere Berline Luxe

“…found to be similar to the Bogliq, but without the redeeming quality of road manners…”

Pros: Good practicality, good safety, low purchase price
Cons: Poor prestige, poor handling, subpar comfort

Rocha Dallas 650

“…Rocha puts on a good front for how to put on a good show with limited resources, but once you peel back the veneer you see flaws, particularly with the engine…”

Pros: Good safety, good drivability, good prestige
Cons: Poor comfort, poor fuel economy, loud engine

Platinum Roadyacht 2

“…definitely in luxury car price territory, yet is handily outclassed by other similar cars…”

Pros: Best in round safety, good prestige
Cons: Worst in class practicality, poor handling, extremely expensive

Ardent 420 Deluxe Estate

“…low-priced wagon with a 289 cubic inch V8 and the ability to haul like no other. But that can’t save it from its stodginess or its history…”

Pros: Low purchase price, best in round practicality
Cons: Poor comfort, worst in class safety, poor prestige, poor handling

Silver-York Sovereign Sedan

“…the least expensive of the big boats. It’s beautiful to look at, but is a bit of an uncontrolled missile when on the road…”

Pros: Good prestige, inexpensive for a large model
Cons: Terrible drivability, very mediocre otherwise

Deer and Hunt Hawg
Fixture Violation: Only one reverse light (First offense, no penalty)

“…not what you’d expect, except you would from Deer and Hunt. It is unwieldy on the road and unforgiving on the back, and perhaps why it is best left to off road tasks…”

Pros: Great off-road capability, low purchase price
Cons: Poor drivability, poor safety, poor comfort

Valence 200 Sedan

“…we found copious leg room that unfortunately was nullified by hard, overly upright seating. The Valence is also harder to park than the USS Missouri…”

Pros: Lowest price large model
Cons: Worst in class comfort, worst in class drivability, worst in class prestige

Best of Utility Class - 1956

Earl E15 Workman

Every farmer or tradesman in the country, every delivery driver or foreman, will tell you that the keystone of their business is their work vehicle. The oil that pumps through the engine is the blood flowing through the veins of the very business itself. This year, that blood is red, white, and blue. Topping our list of utility or work vehicles is the Earl E15 Workman.

It’s alright that there is only a 183 cubic inch motor under the hood. Seemingly underpowered on paper, Earl has gone to great lengths to tune its gearing so that the job gets done. As well, that “Black Smoke Six” as it’s called, is one of the most reliable engines that money can buy.

It also helps that Earl builds every E15 with quality parts, and doesn’t gouge for replacements at the dealership.

These vehicles go through a lot, but Earl trucks will get it done, and keep doing it. That’s why we can recommend them.

Hampton Nevis 3.0
Note: Car equipped with radial tires. Creator accepted the associated penalties.

“…smaller panel delivery van that will get to surprisingly difficult and far-flung worksites. It is also quite easy on fuel…”

Pros: Best in round offroad, good utility, good handling, good economy
Cons: High maintenance cost

Anhultz Callisto II Comfort

“…second only to the Nevis in its ability to handle roads, or the lack thereof. It is also expected to be one of the more reliable models…”

Pros: Good offroad, good utility, good reliability
Cons: Poor drivability, mediocre fuel economy

Ardent A1 1-ton

“…all-around tough, yet well mannered. For rural areas, one should make sure to get the optional Jerry-can carrier for fuel…”

Pros: Good utility, good reliability, low maintenance cost, good drivability
Cons: Poor fuel economy

Courageux Croisiere Utilitaire

“…for those who live a less rough life and want a little comfort, Courageux offers this coupe utility based on their large sedan…”

Pros: Good reliability, good drivability, great fuel economy, low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor utility, mediocre offroad

Katsuro Model X

“…another coupe utility, in this case from Katsuro. Having a better suited engine than their Model L, this does a decent job…”

Pros: Great reliability, low maintenance cost, good utility
Cons: Worst in class fuel economy, poor drivability

Bogliq Buffalo

“…strong worker that doesn’t break the bank in fuel costs. It may bankrupt you in other ways, however…”

Pros: Good utility, good fuel economy, better than average reliability
Cons: Poor offroad, high maintenance costs

Deer and Hunt Fallow

“…would make a great farm truck or hunting truck. Road manners are less than great, as is its reliability…”

Pros: Good offroad, good fuel economy
Cons: Very mediocre otherwise

Dominion Highliner Delivery

“…inexpensive and maneuverable on city streets. Reliability is somewhat of a concern, as is load capacity…”

Pros: Good drivability, low maintenance cost, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor utility, questionable reliability

Watson Cargo

“…similar in many aspects to the Dominion Highliner. However, its thirst for fuel and expensive maintenance parts put it lower on our list…”

Pros: Good drivability, good utility
Cons: Poor fuel economy, high maintenance cost, questionable reliability

Valence 100 Utility

“…cheap to run, and reasonably reliable. But the Valence is difficult to manage, and not the best suited for large cargo loads…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost, good reliability, decent fuel economy
Cons: Poor offroad, poor drivability, poor utility

Charge CBT Delta/40

“…can get to far flung work sites with ease. That’s about all positive that we can say about the Charge…”

Pros: Good offroad
Cons: High maintenance cost, poor reliability, poor utility

Platinum Deluxe
Fixture Violation: No side mirrors or door handles (First offense, no penalty)

“…surprisingly not the worst vehicle to use for a business application, thanks to a mammoth trunk, good fuel economy, and easy maneuvering…”

Pros: Good drivability, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor utility (from not being a utility body), abhorrent reliability, poor offroad, excessive maintenance cost

Rocha Cargo 421

“…relatively maneuverable. Perhaps the Brazilians don’t understand the needs of the American market…”

Pros: Good drivability
Cons: Literally everything else

Best Engine - 1956

Anhultz Granada I 5400
+4.24 Point Relative Rating bonus (Maxed out)

Of the engines put before us this year, the Anhultz Granada I 5400 is our selection for Engine of the Year. This 329 cubic inch V12 provides 178 horsepower, and does so without making a grand ruckus. Furthermore, Anhultz has put great care into reducing vibration and providing smooth application of power. For these reasons, this engine is our top pick this year.

1956 Reliability Rankings

Katsuro - 57.6
Bogliq - 56.5
Earl/Hirondelle - 56.07
Courageux - 55.1
Ardent - 54.63
Anhultz - 54.4
Valence - 54.27
Dominion - 53.8
Charge - 53.63
Deer and Hunt - 53.15
Hampton - 53.1
Watson - 51.97
Rocha - 50.9
Silver-York - 48.9
Platinum - 36.87

1956 Relative Ratings

Hampton - 100
Anhultz - 100
Earl/Hirondelle - 89.63
Katsuro - 82.61
Bogliq - 81.85
Watson - 77.36
Ardent - 75.08
Courageux - 71.79
Dominion - 66.67
Charge - 64.39
Deer and Hunt - 48.7
Rocha - 48.64
Platinum - 46.68
Valence - 46.11
Silver-York - 45.22

Round 2 rules will be out shortly.


Round 2 - 1960

Before securing his re-election, President Eisenhower signs into law the Federal Aid Highway Act, setting forth a boom in highway construction. Suburban sprawl continues, as more affluent families move away from clogged and dirty city centers, though justice and equality are not part of this flight; minorities are often outright not allowed to purchase homes in these new suburbs. In 1957, a flu pandemic breaks out worldwide, killing approximately 70,000 Americans. The Soviets are the first to launch a satellite into space, with the Sputnik program. Racial tensions in the South boil, and Federal troops have to be used to escort 9 black students to their previously all-white school. And the boom is definitely off the economy, as unemployment grows. 1958 sees the creation of NASA, solidifying the States’ resolve to a space program. Meanwhile, an engineer with Texas Instruments invents the microchip. While a nascent technology, this will shape everything in a few decades. And the age of jet travel arrives in earnest, with the release of the Boeing 707. There is a marked trend in cars getting larger as families swell in size as well. In 1959, Hawaii becomes the 50th state. Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba, giving the Soviets an ally right on the doorstep of the States. As 1960 approaches, campaigns for presidential elections ramp up again. Eisenhower must give way, being at the end of his second term. And though unemployment is down somewhat, there are signs that the economy is still weak.


Unemployment: Moderate
Inflation: Low
Economy: Steady
Short-term economic forecast: Possible recession

Notable Social and Political Happenings

Highway infrastructure act passed. Soviet-US competition for space heats up. Cold war tensions steadily rise. Cuba becomes a Communist state. Racial tensions in the south. Suburban “white flight”. Jet age begins. Baby boomers are now flooding schools.


Fuel: Leaded (universal), Super Leaded (universal)
Bumpers: Required, but no regulation as to size or strength.
Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. Only round, sealed-beam are allowed in this era. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Turn signals may be placed in bumpers.
Front light colors: No red may face forward.
Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. Turn signals and reverse lights may be placed in bumpers. If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture and of the same color, there must be a minimum of two bulbs in the fixture.
Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals cannot be white.
Side marker/signal lights: not required until 1963
Side light colors: amber only
Mirrors: Driver’s side required.
Aerials: Long mast antenna required if car has a radio.
Fuel fillers: Fillers on the rear panel and hidden behind fixtures are legally allowed. Fuel fillers must be on the opposite end of the vehicle from the engine.
Tires: Cross ply (universal) is REQUIRED for US-based manufacturers. Radial (rare, expensive) may be used by import companies, but this will incur a stat penalty to your most important stats on any car so equipped. This restriction will remain in effect until radial tires become mainstream in the US in 1970.

File Naming Convention:

Model: G2R2-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)
Engine: G2R2-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)
Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

Vehicle Categories This Round:

Intermediate (File naming convention: IM) - Larger than a compact car, usually a size class smaller than the manufacturer’s flagship vehicle.
Full Size (File naming convention: FS) - Larger, “upscale” models. Typically targeted at middle class or higher.
Sports Car (File naming convention: SP) - Sporty or performance cars, with 2 doors and typically 2 or 4 seats.

Remember, vehicle categories are based on your company’s lore for the US market, there is not a specific body size requirement or type for any category…

(though the Sports category will strongly favor a 2-door, non-utility configuration)


Round 2 deadline: Monday March 23, 9:00 PM PST (UTC-8)

Companies now eligible in this competition:

All EXCEPT Hakumai and Bravado