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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 12 SUBMISSIONS]


Sorry, had to rush this entry in. Workload is quite high at the moment but in summary:

Allura: 2.5 inline 6 with 180 hp.
Parade: SOHC Inline 4 with 58 hp
Road Cruiser: 3.2 V6 with 175 hp and 269 NM of Torque


starts processing entries

looks around, realizes that interior is asking the wrong people about his power war

laughs and dies a little inside at the same time

(and no, it’s not me, I sent in models with base engines in all 3 categories)


Oh yeah. I almost forgot to note.

I’ve been put back on graveyard shift as of the beginning of the year.

How does this affect things, you may ask? Good question.

This happened during Generations last time and I can’t honestly remember how it affected me right off the bat. I will do at least one more round. I will re-evaluate how I feel after that. But just go into next week with the mentality that Round 11 may potentially be the final round.


NOOOO! Bruh I haven’t even made any GDI turbo engines yet :sob:

Also, We at Katsuro have no interest in childish power wars. :rofl:


I actually wanted to post a sedan version of my previous body style, looking sort of like a Legacy, but Automation glitched out every time I tried to modify the design of a clone. So, here we are with a new body, and another wagon, because this body’s sedan looks kind goofy.

The Earl Jupiter Space LE - Midsize Entry
While the boxy Jupiter/Spear twins of the 90s sold well they had a decidedly dowdy image. For 2001, a brand new generation in sedan and wagon only was introduced with long rounded lines, if a somewhat questionable front end design on the Jupiter. The real engineering kick was a very wide but longitudinally-short engine compartment designed for most trims to have small, transverse inline six engines, instead of the larger, rougher V6s used previously. This reasonably equipped LE model has such a feature, but the one that wowed reviewers was the EXE model with a 24v turbocharged six. Otherwise the vehicle was not especially technically advanced - for example, ABS still remained an ala-carte option.


welp if so i cannot do more steroid injected cars, may round 11 have the last set of steroid injected vehicles because if i do CSR, then i wont be able to do steroid cars


I’ll tell you what, since for the most part my cars have been very slow from the beginning, I’ll make one steroid injected car next round to try and go toe to toe with you.


If it’s the last round I’ll join in, even though I’m hoping it isn’t.


Recton gun in use again… Hakumai Joy rear gets redesigned and a bit more power. Sending it soon along with the other cars in one shot

(For clarity. The joy does have front turn signals in the headlights but Automation doesnt show turnsignal over glass. I have tried some solutions for it, but i gave up.)


The Earl Eagle Peasant - Economy Entry
The Vista hatchback and Eagle sedan were jelly-bean-ified in a year 2000 redesign, gaining better rustrproofing and a 16 valve engine for most models. Styling was controversial, with the front end often being compared to “a sad puppy.” This moderately equipped Peasant trim for the Eagle features a 2 liter engine and a automatic transmission but still delivers 33 mpg for under $16,000.


:joy: “what trim of car is that?” “Oh, its a Peasant trim.”


Sad puppy is too nice. Kinda looks like a blobfish lol


i may have made my cars too agressive looking early whilst the 2000s had happy cars


Peasant is actually the better trim, above the Peon.

What happens when you combine an already weirdly proportioned body with a lack of practice with modern cars, I guess.


if generations ever ends in 2020, then you may end up struggling i guess


just over a day left for Round 10 submissions.


:eyes: oh no, im gonna have to prepare for the possible finals, i hope it isnt final round. Wont be able to make the Raider XT V8 bigger than it is because the deadline and its designed for fuel efficency in mind


2002 Cascadia ALV 2.5 AWD

We know most SUVs end up never stray from the road. For that, we offer the updated 2002 ALV, offering the ground clearance, all wheel drive, and spacious interior that buyers want from SUVs along with the comfort, handling, and fuel economy of a car. Get the best of both worlds.


is this another suv that isnt a truck? i thought this Allroad style suv trend wouldnt catch on


2000's design is hard okay

2000 Deer And Hunt Bambi GreenAir. Completly new engine and aero

2002 Deer And Goonie. A complelte new design with influences from the european subbrand. New chassis and now with FWD

2000 Deer And Hunt Hawg. Military grade stuff for everybody who is a vet, soldier or seen one to many Rambo movies