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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 12 SUBMISSIONS]


Earl Motor Company In Character Response - 2002
The Earl Motor Company continued it success into the new millennium, with cars that offered unmatched reliability value for money. The worst that could be said of them was they were usually rather slow, but executives were loathe to seriously upset success, but did start to pay more attention to performance. They also initiated campaigns to bring Silverhare and Hirondelle back into the limelight after Earl brand models started to eat into upscale market share.

Earl Motor Company Out of Character Response - 2002
1.) I personally don’t know what the alchemy I am performing is and why it affects the Eagle and the Pioneer but not the Jupiter, but I’ll take the praise.
2.) What the hell sort of rust proofing is everyone using? I was using treated steel body and galvanized chassis on everything, I thought that was pretty thorough?

At a cursory glance it looks like you can and should definitely take advantage of the rest of the octane in the fuel, isn’t regular much higher than 82? Raise compression, lower cam profile to 30, raise ignition timing to 50, etc.

Anyway, which segment do you want me to “steroid-inject” in this round? It looks like all of them might be AWD so I can afford to put down more power without harming drivability.


Sport compact is steroid inject


Would you consider Light Truck Monocoque a crossover or an SUV? Technically the Pioneer was LTM kinda like a Cherokee.


There has been some offroaders using monocoque that I would not call “crossovers”, the XJ as you said, and the Lada Niva that sure is closer to a hybrid between a tank and a farm tractor than it is to a crossover…


Luxury Entry Coming soon… Looking years ahead of its time.


Is it me or this looks too new for 2007? Sure its stylish in a way but to me it looks too new, much like Hakumai’s tradition of making cars look too modern


Too new? I think that most of all it reminds me of an Opel Calibra from this angle, and they came out in 1991…


may modernize it a bit, since i used this design language in Round 10. originally i was gonna go with a fictional car design from a game, but that didnt work out well on another car entry


Variant 2 @Knugcab


I am certainly not an expert when it comes to post 2000 car design, but I would probably not use orange turn signals on a late 2000s car, they were more or less gone by then.


Automation generally doesn’t show the orange light in the white housing.


The all-new Hakumai Premier XL Deluxe.
Luxury at its finest, you’ll hear nothing but the rumble of the 40-Valve V8 With 266HP And 51.9 Enviromental resistance and 23 miles to the gallon. Comfortable and sporty. Yours for $76,900 USD.
0-62MPH in 7.0 Seconds, it also comes with 19-Inch rims.

7-Speed Automatic included. DELUXE TRIM SHOWN Car may not be exact as shown on screen.
Professional driver. Do not attempt

(For clarification, the turn signal is the white bit wrapping around the tailight. This is an design done on purpose because amber signals are being dated)


Gauntlet thrown down


I May have started a Luxo-Barge 0-60 war


Challenge accepted


There lies the danger of saying your car is best at something. Anyone else can just one up you and make your marketing department into liars.


Yes, we know. Once you brag about something, you end up bringing customers. (Out of Lore: Ok, i thought that was a way to grab more customers in a corporate standpoint, you’d definitely end up being a laughing stock if you do that)



MY2007 Hakumai Journey.
It goes everywhere, Off-ROAD. On-road, and NO-ROAD!!

Comes with a 1.5 Litre engine, it’s designed for those who want the creature comforts of a premium car, yet want affordabillity. According to our research department, many SUV’s never go offroad. Brag about the most fancy piece of this car. This $25.00 Bull-Bar and 40 MPG out of the very fuel-efficent turbocharged engine.


So you want to take on the King eh?


Yep, Hakumai’s marketing deparement would be very delighted to with the fancy styling that totally isnt dated and the power. Unlike the King, the Premier has a very fuel efficent engine @FitRS