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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 12 SUBMISSIONS]


1405 kg is not too bad for that beast of a car actually. Nice stats on a nice car, it certainly would have been taken seriously back then (almost 14 years ago, can’t believe it… :frowning: )


tbh, the B70 Furcio was gonna have over 400-Horsepower, ( 459HP)
But it was detuned for cost reasons to not make it a literal supercar with 4 doors


@abg7 What’s the top speed of the Harrier Jump Jet


In the GT S2 spec shown, the Harrier has a theoretical top speed of 206 mph, based on its current gearing and aero configuration. It’s still not the fastest car Hampton has ever made, though.




“luxury” is very open ended imo. Is it $50,000 base s class or $250,000 rolls Royce. Hard to know where to go, I’m attempting a higher end car myself


50 grand would be the safe bet, when you go too much in Generations you might lose a position


My position is usually last anyway so I have nothing to lose


I dunno, in the last luxury round (1991) my sub-30k car was the cheapest but didn’t do too well.


@VicVictory Would crossovers be in G2R12?


The Vatina is definitely not a supercar. It could indeed be classified as a full on sports car but then it’s relatively small size and engine makes it somewhat capable of playing both roles. It’s about the same size if not a little smaller than the adara, but don’t quote me on that as I’d need to verify. It’s also 50k. However because everyone wanted to have a power war in the sport compact segment then here we are.

Also @abg7 the vatina was introduced as a sports compact before in a previous round, but was discontinued for a while due to it’s high price tag, which was simulated as selling poorly due to that fact. The new one is basically a rebirth.

I had the idea of a super flagship if a sports/supercar round came about… think Lexus LFA or R35. At least 450+ hp and upwards of 70k+


I don’t generate the year or category until the beginning of the round.


The Luxury Entry: Courageux C200 by Lynx

The standard C200 is available with either a 3.2l V6 or a turbocharged 3.2l V6. The “by Lynx” models however are offered with 2 high performance engine variants. Either a naturally aspirated 6.0l V12 or a twin-turbo charged 4.2l V8.

The entered model is the CSR-8 with a super car level V8 engine producing 480bhp@7000rpm. Power goes to all 4 wheels through a 6 speed automatic transmission. Steering, Suspension and drivetrain is all computer controlled with snow, comfort, sport and CSR modes available. 0-100km/h is in 4.6 seconds and the top speed is limited to 250km/h,




Ardent Motors Timeline, Aftermath of 9/11 (2002-2006)

December 2001 - Ardent unveils the production version of their previous “Admiral” concept at the LA Auto Show. It is a compact, unibody front-wheel drive based “SUV” utilizing an optional permanent All-Wheel Drive system sourced from the Kestrel and Chancellor). This new model is called the Olympic. It is available in RS and upscale LS trims. Power comes from a brand new twin-cam 2.4 liter four-cylinder, which revitalizes the old Cygnus series name. Two other models make their respective sixth-generation debuts as well: the Marathon and Sentinel. Of the two, the Sentinel garners more attention, with a striking GT-Limited model with claimed dealer-available modifications displayed such as lowering springs, strut tower brace, and body kit.

February 2002 - Sales for all models take a hit in the wake of the terrorist attacks, but most notably hit are the Manhattan, Hood, Ozette, and Marathon. The least affected model is the Piper, suffering only a 2% decline in year-over-year sales as gas prices skyrocket.

March 2002 - Ardent increases its rebates on all models and launches a 0% APR finance promotion on select models in an attempt to jump-start their continued flagging sales.

May 2002 - Ardent announces that new, advanced transmissions and engines are under development, and that they are deep into their development cycle on these. New items include a 6-speed ShiftGuard automatic transmission and a direct-injected version of its Scorpius V8 engine.

June 2002 - The Ardent Olympic goes on sale as an early 2003 model. Initial demand for it is strong, but very much at the cost of the outgoing 5th generation Sentinel model. Ardent offers up to $2500 cash rebates in addition to 0% APR, plus any loyalty and military programs, on Sentinels in order to move them out the door.

September 2002 - The 6th generation Marathon and Sentinel models go on sale. Savvy buyers find that they can take advantage of Ardent’s determined campaign to empty their lots of the outgoing models, as the Marathon gets its own $2500 rebate, and the rebate on the Sentinel jumps to as much as $4000, depending on trim. As a result, Ardent would end up taking a Q4 loss of over 50 million dollars.

December 2002 - Only one debut for the 2004 model year comes at the LA Auto Show, in the form of the 5th generation Piper. Notably, the little commuter car gains an extra gear in both the automatic and manual transmissions for improved acceleration and economy. A concept car, “REX-8”, is also on display. Appearing as a much larger, more aggressively styled version of the Hood SUV, this 8 seat monstrosity carries more people than any Ardent in the last 40 years, and is powered by a prototype version of the 5.4L Toledo Aluminum V8 engine, dubbed “Advance”.

February 2003 - Overall vehicle sales for Ardent in the 2002MY stabilize, but do not improve overall from 2001. The same vehicles that performed poorly the year prior continue that trend. Both the Sentinel and Piper grow their sales slightly.

September 2003 - The new Piper hits showroom floors. Very few old models are left over by this time, so clearance rebates are minimal, though special financing is still offered.

December 2003 - A pair of models are redesigned for their respective third generations, and displayed at the LA Auto Show. The Kestrel minivan is the first Ardent model to receive the six-speed ShiftGuard automatic, and the Hood grows slightly in size, and more upscale in the market. But the biggest news is the replacement of the Ardent Manhattan, a nameplate that has been around since 1960. Its replacement is a full sized touring sedan, RWD based with optional All Wheel Drive, powered by the Toledo Advance series of V8 engines. It is the Ardent MTS.

February 2004 - First-year sales of the Olympic crossover far exceeds the expectations of Ardent. Overall sales finally rebound to pre-9/11 levels, though the Ozette and Shoshone still trend downward.

April 2004 - The redesigned Kestrel minivan goes on sale as an early 2005MY. The 3rd generation Hood follows suit in June, with the MTS sedan bringing up the rear in August.

October 2004 - Ardent CEO James Mardon suddenly and unexpectedly steps down and resigns from Ardent. CFO Jeffrey Moss III is once again tapped by the Board of Directors as Interim CEO of Ardent. Rumors swirl as to why Mardon left, and it becomes somewhat of a conspiracy theory within Ardent’s lower ranks that Mardon was actually an industrial spy for Bogliq all along.

December 2004 - This year’s LA Auto Show brings news that the previous REX-8 concept has been greenlit for production as the Ardent Regent, slated for launch in the 2006MY. A near-production version is brought to the show for display. While the styling is much more conservatively tuned, the Regent retains the option of the new 5.4 liter Toledo Advance V8 motor, also common to the Manhattan luxury car. The Regent does not pretend to be a rough-and-tumble SUV, but rather aimed at those who want the luxury of a high-end Chancellor or even Manhattan, with the ride height and poor-road performance of the much smaller Olympic.

February 2005 - Overall vehicle sales for 2004MY increase modestly but steadily over the previous year. All models have now made a turnaround from their previous lows, with the exception of the Ozette, which continues to slowly sink.

March 2005 - Ardent announces that the Ozette offroader will be discontinued after the 2006MY due to poor sales. As this is the second model plate to die under Jeffrey Moss III, some within the company start to call him a butcher. One automotive press writer even goes so far as to say “Bogliq has tried for decades to do what Moss has done in just a few months.”

May 2005 - Jeffrey Moss III is returned to his previous position of CFO as the Board of Directors hires a new permanent top exec. Lance Kitagi, previously the Executive Director of Global Products, is promoted from within Ardent’s ranks.

September 2005 - The brand new Ardent Regent hits dealer showrooms. Somewhat unexpectedly, the initial target demographic doesn’t materialize, and Ardent is left with an unusual stockpile of top trim GT Limited models. By contrast, the base LS model sells out immediately, and a three month waitlist forms in a matter of weeks.

February 2006 - Annual sales increase at a brisk clip for the 2005MY, led by the Olympic and Sentinel.

December 2006 - Ardent unveils the new 6th generation Chancellor mid-size at the LA Auto Show. In an effort to simplify the line, the base RS model is now called the Base, the LS-L is removed from the lineup, with much of its equipment now being relegated to an options package on the LS, and the GT Limited continuing unchanged. All automatic transmissions are now the 6-speed ShiftGuard, and the anemic 1.9 liter Trivalve is replaced with the 2.4 liter Cygnus. The GT Limited gains the new 4.0 liter Scorpius Advance.

(Car Design Competition) The safe pony you can actually drive (FINAL RESULTS ARE IN)

2007 Ardent Motors Lineup

(Pictures to come later)

Passenger Cars and Crossovers

Piper - 3-door subcompact. Available in Base and LS trims. Engine options: 1.4L or 1.7L (Opt. LS) Trivalve 4-cylinder. Transmission options: 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto.

Marathon - Compact sports coupe. Available in LS, GT and GT Limited trims. Engine options: 2.4L Cygnus 4-cylinder (LS, GT), 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6 (GT), or 2.4 Cygnus Advance Turbo (GT Limited). Transmission options: 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto. AWD optional on GT, standard on GT Limited.

Sentinel - Compact sedan, coupe, or wagon. Available in Base, LS, and GT Limited trims. Engine options: 1.7L or 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder, or 2.4 Cygnus Advance Turbo (GT Limited). Transmission options: 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto. AWD standard on GT Limited, unavailable on other trims.

Olympic - Compact crossover. Available in RS and LS trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve (LS) or 2.4L Cygnus (RS). Transmission options: 6-speed manual (LS only), 6-speed auto. AWD available on all trims.

Chancellor - Mid-size sedan. Available in Base, LS, and GT Limited trims. Engine options: 2.4L Cygnus 4-cylinder, 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6 (opt. LS), or 4.0L Scorpius V8 (GT Limited only). Transmission options: 6-speed manual (Cygnus only), 4-speed auto (Trivalve only), or 5-speed auto (Eridani or Scorpius only). AWD standard on GT Limited, unavailable on other trims.

MTS - Full-size luxury sedan. Available in LS and GT Limited trims. Engine options: 4.7L (LS) or 5.4L (GT Limited) Toledo Aluminum SOHC V8 . Transmission options: 6-speed auto. AWD available on GT Limited.

Regent - Full size luxury crossover. Available in RS, LS, and GT Limited trims. Engine options: 4.7L (RS, LS) or 5.4L (GT Limited) Toledo Aluminum SOHC V8. Transmission options: 6-speed auto. AWD available on all trims.

Trucks, vans, and utilities

Shoshone - Compact pickup. Available in Base and LS trims. Engine options: 1.9L Trivalve 4-cylinder or 2.7L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 6-speed manual or 5-speed auto. Extended cab available on 2.7L only. 4WD available on all models.

Kestrel - Minivan. Available in Base and LS trims. Engine options: 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6. Transmission options: 6-speed auto. AWD optional on LS.

Hood - Mid-size SUV. Available in Base, LS, and Limited trims. Available in 5-passenger (all trims) or 7-passenger (LS, Limited) configurations. Engine options: 3.2L Eridani Twin-Cam V6, Scorpius 4.0L V8 (Limited only). Transmission options: 6-speed auto. 4WD available on Eridani engines, AWD available on Scorpius engines.

A-series - Full-size pickups and vans. Available in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton configurations, Base, LS, and JCE (except vans and 1-ton pickup) trims. Engine options: 5.4L Toledo Aluminum (SOHC) V8, 6.6L or 7.3L Ursa V8. Transmission options: 5-speed auto (Ursa) or 6-speed auto (Toledo). 4WD available on pickups.

Submitted vehicles:
Sport Comapct: Ardent Sentinel GT Limited, 2.4L Cygnus Turbo I4, 6-speed manual AWD
Luxury: Ardent MTS GT Limited, 5.5L Toledo Advance V8, 6-speed auto AWD
SUV: Ardent Olympic LS AWD, 2.4L Cygnus I4, 6-speed auto AWD


10 days (and change) remaining for this round’s submissions.


Dont want to be rude, but where’s the pics for the Ardent 2007 Lineup



CX-4: 2.4l inline 4, 160 hp MSRP: $33k
Vatina GTR: 2.8l inline 6, 380+ hp, MSRP: 56k
King: 5.0l V10 BiTurbo, 300+ hp. Visit dealer for pricing options.


specs of the CX-4?