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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 12 SUBMISSIONS]


See OP


wait a minute, an Inline-6 Crossover? Cant be possible in sales?

The Hakumai Journey has a I4, 166HP. MSRP, $31K… 34.2MPG (US?)


My bad, it’s actually an inline 4. lol


Haha, i thought Katsuro was crazy enough to put an I6 into a Crossover. Certainly wont do well if it did


Haha, Rav 4 on Steroids… I think not! Anything under 2.6l would be an inline 4 for me.


how much does the RAV4 i mean Katsuro Crossover weigh?

3624lb for me


1486kg and design cues are rav 4 esque with Honda-like engineering.


my design cues are a bit more of just Imagination tm


Yea but designing crossovers suck. lol


Unrelated, but if pickups ever happen again in Generations, are these meme bodies?



When I get around to doing the visual design. Technical design is complete. But between the holidays and the fact that I’m right smack dab in the middle of changing my sleep schedule over, there hasn’t been much in the way of time or motivation.

No. This is same wheelbase as the 2020 F150/F250 SuperCrew with a 6.5’ box.


2007 Ardent Sentinel GT Limited

2007 Ardent MTS GT Limited

2007 Ardent Olympic LS


Does 4x4 count as AWD for the purpose of that category?


How many crossovers do you know that have true 4WD?


As far as I know, very few crossovers have true 4x4; most have just a regular AWD system.


In the US market, it’s a definition thing. A crossover has a unibody and AWD. If it has 4WD or a ladder frame, it’s an SUV.

(Yes, ladder frame AWD SUVs exist. See: 1st and 2nd generation Mercury Mountaineer. And an example of unibody 4WD is the Jeep Cherokee.)


2007 Hampton Range

Lore Post

The following vehicles are included in the 2007 Hampton model range:

  • Fairlie - Our first compact crossover, designed with a premium feel in mind, and with AWD as standard. Prices for the 3.0 AWD model shown above start from $30,000 AMU.

  • Fennec Turbo - Our first-ever turbocharged car, delivering 250 horsepower in a lightweight FWD platform for giant-killing agility. Prices start at $29,800 AMU.

  • Vanguard - Updated for 2007 with even more tech and opulence. Prices for the Vanguard V12 Elite shown above start from $86,000 AMU.

All 2007 Hampton vehicles will go on sale in the third quarter of 2006. Please contact your dealer for test drive inquiries.


2007 Cascadia Solaris SC Turbo




The Hirondelle Lancelot Tradition - Luxury Entry

The Hirondelle brand had less meaning in the luxury market by the 2000s, not due to any particular major failure but rather just new and strong competition. The Camelot name, formerly applied to an extended wheelbase limousine model, was applied to a luxury SUV in 1998; while the Merlin sedan name was given to a luxury crossover. The Galahad remained an entry level sedan, while the Lancelot and Shambala were retained as flagships. The “base” trim Lancelot Authenticity featured a 5 liter V8, while the “sport” oriented Lancelot Modernity had a turbocharged 6.6 liter V12. This midlevel Lancelot Tradition features the 445 horsepower naturally aspirated version of the 6.6 liter SOHC Persephone V12, based on the Demeter six with more advanced casting and tech. Listed for an MSRP of $59,999, its prodigious size and weight do not keep it from getting 20mpg and reaching 60 mph in nearly 5 seconds. It also features an endless list of niceties from cooled seats, to a panoramic sunroof, to massive 20 inch rims.