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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 12 SUBMISSIONS]


For the sports compact segment here is the Courageux 15 CSR

Power comes from a 2.5l inline 5 cylinder engine. Compared to the standard engine the CSR model gets forged conrods and pistons and a performance air intake. This combined with a sports exhaust means a total output of 290bhp@6500rpm and 382NM@4000rpm.

The car is kept front wheel drive but to alleviate torque steer a geared differential is used. For lightning fast gear changes a 6 gear automated manual sequential gearbox is fitted meaning 0-100 is 5.9 seconds


I have a feeling im gonna be last in the sportcompact segment


2 Days? Left


Ha… I’m always last in the sport compact segment so challenge accepted.




The Silverhare Masquerade 3.0 - Crossover Entry
The Earl Motor Company approached the burgeoning market for crossovers in the 2000s in a rather confused fashion. Earl dealerships, not wanting to sacrifice their reputation in off road capability, kept selling the truck-like traditional 4WD Pioneer and Conqueror. Silverhare dealers, having had difficulty for years in the decline of large car sales, glady started selling comfortable, efficient car-based CUVs with transverse FWD/AWD. Hirondelle, refusing to sell any transverse vehicles, used the chassis from the Masquerade but a longitudinal drive train to make the Merlin. This Silverhare Masquerade is a well equipped trim with a 3 liter 6 cylinder, all wheel drive, and a luxurious interior; producing over 200hp and getting over 25 mpg combined.


Honestly, there’s no way im exceeding triple digits on production cars, Thats as far as im gonna get with the power wars on a challenge like this (700HP). No further than 700s, as the brand’s too bland to be a surprise.


It would be cool if the final round was like a 5 car round with a supercar/hypercar category. @VicVictory please don’t let this (round 11) be the final round. :sob:


1 day left. (PST)


I still have 3 people who have submitted no cars at all and one who has submitted 2 of 3 cars. You have a hair under 27 hours left at this time.


Ah lawrd help me


They tell you "Hey why do you need this CHONK of military B-Spec with leather seats?" or "Don't you think you should care more about the planet" or "Why are you in my house Kyle." To these nay-sayers i say, "Fuck you i'm in a tank" I pretend to be Rambo as much as i want and you can not stop me crushing old Melodies under 2 tons of big american CHUNGUS. God bless America.

Deer And Hunt Bambi Sport

Hi Class of 2022, here speaks your future 500$ first car. Enjoy all the costs of driving something labeld “Sport” while being not actually be so sporty to wrap yourself around a tree. Sized engine, kinda lightish, enough room for 4, and cool black accents.

Deer And Hunt Hawg Sport

I hate you so much @thecarlover

Why is this smaller, less usefull Hawg a thing. Nobody knows but marketing says we should, so we did. Enjoy your lifestyle activities with this FWD thing.


OK, now just waiting on @thecarlover’s third car, and all of @lddrs’s cars.


I don’t know which is more hilarious, a Wrangler-lookin unibody FWD crossover or a Hummern’t in the luxury category.


I was really hoping the huge truck was going to be the crossover


The crossover I am entering is the Courageux 15 4ALL


it’s deer and hunt, they don’t bother with weak cars


@VicVictory hours left?




About 8 hours rn


2007 RCM Carabine Sport