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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 8 SUBMISSIONS]


The 1966 Bogliq new model blitz!!!

First up, the new Exordium…

The 5dr Hatch is my CM competitor
E1 Exordium Model Range

Next is the bulk of the Bogliq range, the Sachem, in two parts…

The family cars:

The Sachem 129F, first on the left, is my IM competitor

Then the high powered variants:

The Sachem 443AE, also on the left, is my MC competitor

A2 Sachem Model Range

Next is my luxury car update, the Primarius:

Not competing, just helping to make this thread great again!

B2 Primarius Model Range

Here’s my utility model, the Haulstar 337U, now expanded to include a van, the Cargostar 337C, with both being ready for whatever work you want to throw at them.

The ute is my UT competitor, amusingly enough, lol

C2 Haulstar and Cargostar Model Range

Finally, I’d like to introduce the new Naiad sportscar…

Don’t judge me, I like blue and I have a hard time making other colours that look any good, lmao!!!

D2 Naiad Model Range

I hope you all enjoyed and I’ll see you all… Next time!!! :grin::nerd_face::wink:


3 days till the deadline and I still don’t have entries from:


I don’t know if a bunch of you went into hibernation like I did and haven’t seen this yet, or you’re quietly on track to meet the submission deadline, or what. I would like to hear from you guys and see if I maybe need to extend it a bit?


I am working on it. I’ve been spending a good bit of time the past few days and have the intermediate and muscle car finished; the compact will be a refresh so not terrible. If you keep the deadline just don’t be surprised if my utility looks stupid.


Wow thanks for the reminder. Things have been so crazy I totally forgot about it. But 3 days should be Sunday. If that’s the case I should have my entries ready by then. But question, are there enough mods available for the new update or we’re going vanilla?


Autoation 4.0 (UE4.24) is now stable and there are literally scadloads of mods ready and rearing to go!

Most of my cars have mod bodies and fixtures and more are being updated (and created) as we digitally converse!

So get on Steam, download everything you like marked UE_4_24 and create some amazing cars!!! :tada::tada::tada:


SIR YES SIR! :guardsman:


I have the cars ready, it’s the writing of the lore I’ll be behind with. I will pm them to you asap


seconding this:

LOADS of good mods to build good cars from, plus i am also using mod bodies (for lore reasons regarding Bogliq Automotive USA)

neat, my hastily made group-ad counts

And now for the worst piece of marketing ever:



Approximately 33 hours remaining before deadline!


For 1966, the Earl Motor Company brings you many more stylish, reliable, and competitive models!

The Earl Eagle Special Sedan - Compact Entry
After the intermediate class grew to dominate the family car market, the compact Eagle still remained popular with commuters and fleet buyers. The basic Special trim features less than the Custom but is an excellent value proposition upfront and long term, especially to the first time buyer. This model features an optional 130 gross (105 net) horsepower six, and remains easy to drive and park. Popular with budget-cut government agencies.

The Silverhare Stepford - Intermediate Entry
Between racy styling and a quality image, Silverhare entries in the new mid-sized class consistently outsold their equivalent Earl models. The midsize Silverhare Spear line was completely redesigned for 1966, making this Stepford premium estate the envy of any suburban mom. With full bench seats for true 6 passenger comfort, plus a huge cargo area, and standard V8 engine/automatic transmission combo, this is an excellent choice for the family on-the-way-up. Absolutely nothing insidious or creepy about suburban conformity, no siree.

The Earl Thriftmaster 8-Door - Utility Entry
Earl identified by the early 60s that the sedan utilities and covered trucks of yore were missing an important niche of dedicated delivery vehicles. Various components from both the Eagle line and light duty truck were combined with some ingenuity to form the semi-unitizee Thriftmaster series of compact cargo and passenger vans. The first models only had a four cylinder engine, essentially a cut off version of the venerable Black Smoke Six, however later models could be had with V8s. Unlike other vans the Thriftmaster was available with a front bench seat above the engine and double wishbone suspension, however the center seat was so close to the engine stuffed underneath that it became notorious as the “ass burner” and is an option not shown here. Popular with businesses and mystery-solving hippies alike.

The Silverhare Spear GTA - Muscle Car Entry
By the mid sixties the country had hit a fever pace with pony and muscle cars, and the Earl Motor Company was at the center of it. The newly redesigned midsized Silverhare Spear line featured option sheets to create your own sort of musle car, but presented two heavily advertised, ready-made packages. One, the Spear 4-4-4 (for four barrel, four speed, four tires, but also the engine displacement) with its big block was very powerful, but was an unsophisticated, ill handling machine with bad brakes, designed simply to go fast in a straight line on the cheap. The Spear GTA, however, was a gentleman’s muscle car, with a decent quality interior and radio, mag racing wheels, functional scoop, sports tuned suspension (granted, with a live axle), bucket seats and console, and the ultimate tune of the 357 cubic inch small block Caliber V8, with 320 gross (250 net) horsepower. While slightly slower, the lower weight/better distribution and reasonably mpg made it the wiser choice. Plus, the stripe was kinda snazzy.


The Courageux 3 - Compact entry

Launched in 1965 to fill the spot left by the original Ambronay when the second generation moved up in size and was the companies first front wheel drive car, with the technology being used in the Porter van first. Using an upgraded revision of the pushrod 3 cylinder engine with 1103cc this produced 44bhp@4500rpm and went through a 4 speed manual gearbox

Overall the car was pretty basic, with a single door mirror and one wiper. The interior has a carpet and cloth seats but no radio and the only instrument was the speedometer. Windows only slide up and down with no winder mechanism

The Courageux Ambronay (B) - intermediate entry and muscle entry

The second generation Ambronay was launced in 1960 and moved the series up to a larger 4.0m long vehicle. After the problems with the new aluminium engine early on the car went back to the cast iron pushrod engine that had been reliable. The standard car had a 1331cc ohv engine producing 55bhp@4800rpm.

For a more sporting drive a new cast iron ohv v6 engine was launched in 1965, this was 2492cc and in the Ambronay 2500 special produced 122bhp@5000rpm. With 2 twin barrel carburettors and a tubular exhaust this gave the car a sporting tone. Exterior changes were very limited. The radiator grille was more open and vents were added to the bonnet for cooling. Magnesium wheels with lower profile tyres were included as were slightly larger front drum brakes with an asbestos brake pad for better stopping and brake feel.

The Courageux Porter - utility entry

The porter van was launched in 1960 as the previous Croisere coupe utility wasn’t very useful as a delivery vehicle due to having no load cover. Using the same 1331cc engine as the Ambronay this was the first front wheel drive vehicle produced by Courageux. The engine being a longitudinal layout in front of the wheels however. This meant the engine was mounted between the front seats and no 3 seat variant could be offered.


1966 Dominion Atlantic V8 Sedan and 1966 Dominion Atlantic Stag

1966 Dominion Labrador Stylemaster

1966 Dominion Victory 220 Automatic



1966 Rocha Cargo 421

The cargo van you already know, now more powerful, economical and safe. New front grille and new taillights.

1966 Rocha Toledo 421

Toledo is the newest entry-level car of the brand, with 2.1 engine, 3-speed manual transmission and AM radio as standard items. Space for 5 people, trunk with 571 liters and simple and cheap maintenance make Toledo the most rational purchase for the American family.

1966 Rocha Madison II 630

Madison’s second generation arrived as Rocha Motor’s main bet. New monocoque chassis, new 6 cylinder 3.0 engine, much more powerful and economical than the previous generation. New modern design and greater internal space. Comes standard with 3-speed manual transmission, AM radio, hydraulic steering and much more …

1966 Rocha Madison RGT 670

Madison RGT is the newest American Muscle Car! Based on the brand new 2nd generation Madison, it has the mechanical set of the spectacular Rocha Rocket presented in 1960. The RGT comes equipped with a 6-cylinder, 7-liter engine, 4-speed manual transmission, 4-wheel disc brakes, self-locking differential, steering hydraulics, AM radio, modern suspension and more!


Submissions are closed for the round, the numbers have been crunched. Just have to write the blurbs, but I don’t foresee finishing that tonight.

Edit: Because of the hiatus, I am not penalizing the 4 companies that didn’t submit this round, they just get a null value (not averaged). However, this is the only round for which this applies. Further skips will result in a severely damaged RR and reliability rating


The suspense… when are we getting these? Lol :confounded:


Best of Compact Class - 1966

Bogliq Exordium 514F

Oft neglected and overlooked, compact cars are nonetheless an important class of cars, particularly for those who live in more densely packed areas, or those on a budget who cannot afford a properly sized family car. While tight on space, they can offer good value. None offered that value this year better than the Bogliq Exordium 514F.

Under the hood of the usually-blue car is a small 85 cubic inch four-cylinder motor, mated to an unusual feature for a small car: a 3-speed automatic. The Exordium’s wishbone-and-coil setup is also somewhat unusual for the class, though it doesn’t offer modern unibody construction. It is all shrouded in an attractive semi-fastback design with a full-size liftgate. Road manners are phenomenal. The Exordium is nimble, small enough to park anywhere, and surprisingly good at soaking up imperfections in the road surface. Noise intrusion from the engine is also minimal.

Interior design is spartan, even by class standards. The front split-bench seat is narrow, and the shifter for the transmission is mounted on the floor instead of the steering column. This allows only allows two to sit across the front. Real estate for three children is available in the second row. Seating surfaces are supportive, though hard. Bogliq opted for a handsome houndstooth pattern on its vinyl upholstery. No radio is available; this is par for the course for the notoriously inexpensive marque.

Where the Bogliq’s shine is particularly evident is in its cost to own. Outright purchase cost is the among the lowest in class, and its inexpensive and plentiful maintenance parts, combined with good fuel economy, make it a thrifty proposition to own for many years.

Katsuro A-1

“…very comfortable model that can be had for a surprisingly low price. Early projections show it to be a reliable choice as well…”

Pros: Low purchase price, lowest in class maintenance cost, excellent reliability
Cons: Poor drivability, unrefined engine

Anhultz Puck I C

“…very reliable. Its fantastic fuel mileage is also a huge bonus, which makes up somewhat for the unruly driving dynamics…”

Pros: Good fuel economy, good reliability, low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor practicality

Courageaux 3
Car equipped with radial tires. Designer accepted the associated penalties.

“…a very inexpensive option well-suited to an unmarried owner, or perhaps newlyweds. Space is definitely at a premium, and comfort is somewhat lacking…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, low maintenance cost, good drivability
Cons: Worst in class practicality, poor comfort

Earle Eagle Special Sedan

“…splendid comfort for its occupants, with clever use of cargo pockets throughout the interior and a well-packaged trunk. It is somewhat of a premium car, costing more to buy and own than some Intermediates…”

Pros: Excellent comfort, excellent practicality, great drivability
Cons: Highest in class purchase price, high maintenance cost, poor fuel economy

Dominion Victory 220 Auto (TIE)

“…a very well balanced package overall. We liked the confidence the Victory projected on the road. Our one gripe is how costly this model is after driving off the lot…”

Pros: Good practicality, good drivability, good comfort
Cons: Worst in class fuel economy, highest in class maintenance cost

Charge Dynasty Exemplar (TIE)

“…rather miserly on gas. We also liked the supportive, but not overly hard, seating surfaces. Its road manners were less than stellar, however, and we have long-term concerns…”

Pros: Good fuel economy, good comfort, low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor drivability, poor reliability, somewhat high purchase price

Hampton Ferret 1.8
Car equipped with radial tires. Designer accepted the associated penalties.

“…is certainly a car that will either be hated or loved. There is so much to like, and just as many reasons not to…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, great drivability, good practicality, good fuel economy
Cons: High purchase price, high maintenance cost, worst in class reliability

Deer and Hunt Goonie Bambi

“…rather tight trunk with a high liftover made cargo loading a chore. Our test unit also had a problem with its driveshaft, forcing us to exchange it for another. It is a very comfortable model, however…”

Pros: Good comfort, relatively low purchase and maintenance cost
Cons: Poor fuel economy, poor reliability, poor practicality

Ardent Sentinel L

“…Ardent’s unrefined but powerful 220 cubic inch V6 resides under the hood. This makes the small car very squirrely, but offers something that other competitors have a difficult time doing, particularly at this price point…”

Pros: Good practicality, relatively low maintenance cost
Cons: Worst in class comfort, worst in class drivability, somewhat high purchase price

Rocha Toledo 421

“…we give them high marks for reliability, which has improved vastly. Still, the value for what you receve is just not that great…”

Pros: Good reliability
Cons: High purchase cost, poor practicality, otherwise extremely mediocre

Best of Intermediate Class - 1966

Bogliq Sachem 129F

Unlike the Compacts, where Bogliq took a commanding lead and left only the scraps for competitors, the Intermediate class was a knock-down, drag-out dogfight. Bogliq’s offering came out on top again, but only just barely this time. In fact, our top four are all very solid, viable choices in our opinions.

Powerplant choice in our test Sachem was a typical 176 cubic inch six-cylinder in a slightly less-common V-shaped package. Similarly to the Exordium, Bogliq chose to put a 3-speed automatic behind this motor, which again leads to a transmission tunnel-mounted shifter, and an unusually narrow front seat. The rear seat holds three, but is large enough to accommodate adults.

Suspension choice is Bogliq’s wishbone-and-spring combo, which is tuned to give a soft, controlled ride. Steering has hydraulic power assistance, making the big sedan a dream to drive, even for staffers’ wives who took the Sachem out for errands. Starts from a dead stop are slow, so the 129F is not the Sachem you would choose if you plan to drag race from a light, or on mountain passes for that matter. However, the 129F is your choice if you want to keep engine noise at a minimum, especially at highway speeds. One staff member commented that the only way he knew the Sachem was on at a stop light was the vibration of the engine through the pedals.

Bogliq has chosen to eschew performance in exchange for a pleasurable driving experience, and that transfers to the passenger compartment as well. High quality pleated, overstuffed vinyl seating awaits, along with full-width carpeting, a high-fidelity AM radio, and thoughful details such as a lighted glovebox, overhead assist handles, and an in-dash clock.

It is in the small details that we think we can give the Bogliq Sachem 129F our blessing over the other close competitors.

Charge Wesson 315

“…the most decadent interior of all the competitors. Were it not for a reputation for poor crash performance, it well could have dethroned the Sachem…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, good practicality, good drivability
Cons: Poor safety, high maintenance cost

Silverhare Stepford

“…most expensive offering of the group by a fair amount. Its sterling reputation for safety, as well as its cavernous cargo area, are definitely worth considering. The rest of the package isn’t particularly special…”

Pros: Great practicality, best in class safety
Cons: Highest in class purchase price, very mediocre otherwise

Katsuro L-2

“…a sublime drive both in the city and on the highway. Truly unexpected for such a bargain…”

Pros: Low purchase price, low maintenance cost, good drivability
Cons: Worst in class practicality

Hampton Valiant II Prime
Note: Car equipped with radial tires. Creator accepted the associated penalties.

“…This is possibly the best choice when cost of ownership isn’t a consideration, but rather dynamics are everything…”

Pros: Great drivability, great safety
Cons: Below average in all other aspects

Deer and Hunt Goonie Base

“…and to counter Hampton, this is your choice when cost of ownership is the only consideration and a compact won’t cut it…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase cost, low maintenance cost, good practicality
Cons: Poor comfort, poor safety

Anhultz Dione V C*

“…possibly even more comfortable than the Sachem. Our staff found it rather unwieldy to drive, particularly around town…”

Pros: great comfort, relatively low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor drivability, subpar safety

Ardent Chesapeake S Wagon

“…a proper family wagon that can seat 8. Just a bit too much power from the 289 Toledo V8 makes town driving a bit of a drag…”

Pros: Best in class practicality, good safety
Cons: Worst in class drivability, high purchase cost, high maintenance cost

Courageux Ambronay B 1300
Note: Car equipped with radial tires. Creator accepted the associated penalties.

“…inexpensive to get into and keep running. Might want to save up some money for the chiropractor however…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, lowest in class maintenance cost
Cons: Worst in class comfort, poor drivability

Rocha Madison II 630

“…although the seats were much less stiff than the Ambronay, we’re not sure it justifies the higher price tag…”

Pros: Good safety, relatively low purchase cost
Cons: Poor practicality, poor drivability, poor comfort

Dominion Atlantic V8 Sedan

“…a rare swing and miss by Dominion has us wishing for so much more…”

Pros: Mediocre comfort
Cons: Literally everything else

Best of Utility Class - 1966

Bogliq Haulstar 337U

This year’s crop of Utility vehicles came in an incredibly wide array of sizes and shapes. Yet somehow, through it all, this way something blue has come. That’s right, Bogliq and their Haulstar 337U have swept away another class.

We again see a pattern in the drivetrain and suspension setup, with a V6, 3-speed floor-shifted automatic, and wishbone-and-spring suspension. With this coupe utility, Bogliq’s body-on-frame chassis is not the slightest bit out of place.

What is surprising for Bogliq is that they didn’t come anywhere near the title for being least expensive. Quite the opposite, in this case their offering is middle-of-the-road as far as costs. But its true three-quarter ton load rating, bed long enough to haul plywood, and fantastically planted feel on the road are good enough to come away with the title, if not by a large margin.

Katsuro X-2

“…innovative crew cab pickup normally reserved for heavier duty trucks. With how this handled our obstacle course, we can see this being used by the Forest Service…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost, great offroad
Cons: Subpar utility

Anhultz Dione V BX

“…reasonably sized coupe utility that is easy on gas…”

Pros: Great fuel economy, good utility, good drivability
Cons: High purchase cost

Hampton Transtar 2.0 (TIE)
Car equipped with radial tires. Designer has accepted the accompanying penalties.

“…excellent, inexpensive van that can be maneuvered at just about any job site…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, low purchase cost
Cons: Subpar offroad, high maintenance cost

Earl Thriftmaster 8-door (TIE)

“…less costly to procure than a Hampton, and cheaper to run. This one is less likely to be a good choice for construction trades, however…”

Pros: Low purchase cost, good fuel economy, good drivability
Cons: Poor offroad, poor utility

Courageux Porter
Car equipped with radial tires. Designer has accepted the accompanying penalties.

“…bargain-basement small van. We feel this would be best left to handyman services that don’t need to do any serious carrying…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, low maintenance cost, best in class fuel economy
Cons: Worst in class utility, poor offroad

Dominion Labrador Stylemaster

“…overall a good, solid package for a work truck…”

Pros: Good utility, well balanced other than cons
Cons: Worst in class drivability, worst in class fuel economy

CCM TopPick 3Auto

“…undisputed champion of hauling in the entire class. There is a price to be paid for that title, however…”

Pros: Best in class utility, good offroad
Cons: Worst in class maintenance costs, poor in all other categories

Ardent A100 4WD

“…cheap to run and a competent 3/4 ton hauler. Ardent has hampered themselves with pricing, and the geriatric Vela engine is just too thirsty…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost
Cons: Highest in class purchase price, poor fuel economy, poor offroad, poor drivability

Rocha Cargo 421

“…riddled with embarassing design flaws, the Rocha Cargo 421 seems to be an embarassing step backwards from a company that was trying to bury its past…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase cost
Cons: Poor in all other aspects

Best of Muscle Car Class - 1966

Hampton Valiant V8 5.0
Car equipped with radial tires. Designer has accepted the accompanying penalties.

Over the past couple of years, there has definitely been a battle brewing for supremacy in power. Models once called family sedans have added fire-breathing cousins to the lineup, bringing danger and thrills around every corner for their owners. This group was indeed thrilling for us, not just for the cars, but to see if Bogliq would make a clean sweep. It was not destined to be, thanks to a Valiant effort.

Under the hood of our winner, the Hamption Valiant V8 5.0, is just what the name implies. A 5.0 liter V8. That’s 305 cubic inches, in this part of the world. While it’s not the most powerful of the bunch at 245 horsepower (that honor goes to Charge at 293 horses), the overall package of the Hampton makes it the best of the bunch this year.

In fact, it did not need to be the most powerful to net the fastest 0-60 acceleration time of the group at 7 seconds flat, thanks in part to beefy tires and a 4-speed manual transmission. Its suspension is also set up to carve corners, and gave us the best overall driving experience in the group.

This does come at a cost, quite literally in the Valiant’s case. Its sticker comes in a full 33% higher than its least expensive competitor, the Deer and Hunt.

Bogliq Sachem 143AE

“…was almost able to hang with the Valiant, and earns our second spot, mostly due to its handling characteristics…”

Pros: High sportiness, relatively low purchase cost
Cons: None

Anhultz Dione V S

“…gives a good ride both on the track and on the street…”

Pros: High sportiness, good drivability
Cons: None

Courageux Ambronday B 2500
Car equipped with radial tires. Designer has accepted the accompanying penalties.

“…more of a pony car due to its price point and lesser power. Yet it is still potent enough to break the 10 second 0-60 mark…”

Pros: Low purchase cost, lowest in class maintenance cost
Cons: Poor drivability, slow 0-60

Silverhare Spear GTA

“…rather sluggish cornering performance, though made up for in the straight line…”

Pros: Fast 0-60, relatively low maintenance cost
Cons: High purchase cost, poor drivability and sportiness combo

Charge Wesson GSX 415

“…A beast on the streets when it needs to be, and tamable by its owner. Unfortunately, its thirst can only be slaked by premium fuel, and it requires rigorous maintenance…”

Pros: Fast 0-60, good drivability
Cons: Poor sportiness, high maintenance cost

Ardent Chesapeake GT (TIE)

“…doesn’t cost nearly as much to buy or run as some of its competitors. It’s affordable, and will give at least one thrill…”

Pros: Low purchase price, low maintenance cost
Cons: Slow 0-60, poor drivability, poor sportiness

Rocha Madison RGT 670

“…quick off the line and can he handled by even the meek among drivers. Perhaps that’s because it can’t really handle sharply enough to get itself in trouble…”

Pros: Fast 0-60, best in class drivability
Cons: Poor sportiness, high purchase cost, high maintenance cost

Katsuro A-R15

“…a V8 can’t make this pegasus fly, so a pony it shall remain…”

Pros: Good drivability, low purchase price
Cons: Worst in class 0-60, poor sportiness

Dominion Atlantic Stag

“…premium-thirsty monster that costs nearly as much as a Valiant without the fun factor…”

Pros: Decent sportiness
Cons: High purchase price, highest in round maintenance cost

Deer and Hunt Fallow RUT

“…definitely a niche vehicle. Deer and Hunt continues on the RUT line, though public interest in it may not be high in the face of competitive hardtops and coupes…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, relatively low maintenance cost
Cons: Literally everything else

Best Engine - 1966

Katsuro L6-2.6
+5 Point Relative Rating bonus

It seems over the past year or so, manufacturers have decided to up their games as far as power and overall speed of their cars. This kind of pulse-racing drive may be fine for the thrill seeker, but for the average driver, it can cause issues. As much as we love the sound and thrill of driving vehicles powered by such beasts as the Rocha Rocket, Ardent Triple Three, or Silverhare Caliber, our overall approval is not to be any of their ilk this year. In that spirit, our staff returned a verdict that may surprise some as far as our favorite engine.

It’s a mere 159 cubic inch, straight-six engine from Katsuro. With well under 100 horsepower and a fair amount of throttle lag, the L6-2.6 isn’t even the slightest bit sporty. But it is sublimely smooth and quiet, with reliability that would make a Swiss timepiece look sloppy. To top of its trifecta of usability for the every-man, it is very inexpensive to feed and run.

These are the details that, while seemingly mundane, make a truly spectacular motor.


Six years ago we issued our first special engine advisory, warning about the aluminum Courageaux engine available in 1960. Since then, we have seen exceptionally poor designs pop up every few years. With that in mind, this will be the first year of our new “General Engine Advisory”. From here on, we will detail the most disconcerting engine choice we have come across each year.

It seems that our staff have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Katsuro. Soaring to great heights and capturing our Engine of the Year award for their L6-2.6, Katsuro also falls from grace with their A4-1.6 four-cylinder engine. While very inexpensive to operate and reasonably reliable, the A4 is one of the most unrefined, raucous engines we tested this year. In fact, the three loudest engines tested were all Katsuros.

Between its coarse manners and low power output, we just can’t recommend models equipped with this motor. We’d really rather drive something with an Ardent Eridani V6, and even that is a pretty low bar in and of itself.

Visual Design Honorable Mentions

Silverhare Spear GTA
Dominion Atlantic V8 Sedan

1960 Reliability Rankings

Anhultz - 62.03
Katsuro - 60.1
Earl/Silverhare - 59.48
Courageaux - 57.38
Bogliq - 57.13 (TIE)
Rocha - 57.13 (TIE)
Charge - 56.85
Dominion - 56.83
Ardent - 56.45
Deer and Hunt - 54.78
Hampton - 53.6

1966 Relative Ratings

Bogliq - 100
Katsuro - 88.45
Anhultz - 84.28
Hampton - 83.98
Earl/Silverhare - 83.86
Charge - 80.86
Courageax - 74.45
Deer and Hunt - 64.74
Ardent - 64.03
Dominion - 58.90
Rocha - 56.20


Lol an interesting year… almost a clean sweep for Boliq… Katsuro making the slowest “muscle” car ever and the best and worst engines at the same time lol

P.S… I rushed out all models the same night… lol serves me right… but awesome round I think.


Round 4 - 1972

While Cold War tensions are still at their heights, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon, as the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is signed. Still, both sides are in a stalemate. Soviet Union gains a minor victory in the space race when they launch the first space station, while the USA has a scare when the Apollo 13 mission suffers crippling damage in flight, with the crew barely making it back to Earth with their lives. Nixon is elected as president of the United States. In a shock to the pop culture world, the Beatles disband. Walt Disney opens his second theme park, this time in Florida. World travel is revolutionized by the introduction of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet. The Sapporo Olympics are slated for this year, and it is looking to be a showdown between the USA and the Eastern Bloc.

Unemployment: Low
Inflation: Low
Economy: Booming
Short-term economic forecast: Continued expansion

Notable Social and Political Happenings

Nuclear Nonproliferation treaty. Beatles break up. Apollo 13 accident. Boeing 747 introduced. 26th Amendment. Disneyworld opens. USSR launches first space station. '72 Winter Olympics in Sapporo.


Fuel: Leaded (universal), Super Leaded (universal), Regular Unleaded (common)

Bumpers: 2.5 MPH bumpers required. If a body has integrated bumpers, these qualify.

Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. Only round, sealed-beam are allowed in this era. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Exactly ONE pair of parking lights is required. Turn signals and headlights may NOT be placed in bumpers, but parking lights MAY. There must be some form of visual separation between turn and park lights, either by physical separation (separate fixtures) or color separation (Different color bulbs in the same fixture)

Front light colors: No red may face forward. Parking lights MUST be amber.

Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. NO lights may be placed bumpers (however, optional red reflectors may be). If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture and of the same color, there must be a minimum of two bulbs in the fixture.

Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals cannot be white.

Side marker/signal lights: Front side markers required. Rear side markers/reflectors are REQUIRED now.

Side light colors: Front side markers must be amber. Rear side markers must be red.

Mirrors: Driver’s side required.

Aerials: Long mast or retractable antenna required if car has a radio.

Fuel fillers: Fillers on the rear panel and hidden behind fixtures are legally allowed. This is the LAST round that this is the case. Fuel fillers must be on the opposite end of the vehicle from the engine.

Tires: Cross ply or Radial now available for all manufacturers. No semi-slicks.

File Naming Convention:
Model: G2R4-(category)-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)

Engine: G2R4-(category)-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)

Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

Vehicle Categories This Round:

Intermediate (File naming convention: IM) - Larger than a compact car, usually a size class smaller than the manufacturer’s flagship vehicle but by this time can be encroaching on size.

Luxury (File naming convetion: LX) - Flagship model full of technology. Can be any size, but is often the largest model available from any given manufacturer.

Muscle Car (File naming convention: MC) - High-power cars, often 2-doors based off of existing models. Can include Pony Cars as well. CHALLENGE: Vehicle should be the same model as before, or a trim of your current Intermediate model if it has been redesigned in the mean time.

Remember, vehicle categories are based on your company’s lore for the US market, there is not a specific body size requirement or type for any category…


Round 4 deadline: Saturday August 8, 4:00 PM PST (UTC-8)

Companies now eligible in this competition:
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BRC: 1970 Nürburgring 24h [CLOSED - QUALIFYING]