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Generations II: The Full Line Challenge [LORE][RD 9 SUBMISSIONS]


1996 Ardent Piper DL

1996 Ardent Hood LS 4WD




MY96 Line-up, Bogliq Automotive USA


Bogliq USA had gone through a period of massive growth; partnerships with Latin American design firms, Garcian automotive company's and Bogliq USA's first non-US factory. This growth had overtaxed the capabilities of Bogliq USA which resulted in unfocussed product that failed to interest US buyers. Therefore, Bogliq USA proceeded to consolidate their model line-up. Some models were re-purposed, others dumped and Mexican imports filling some gaps....

Economy Car: Bogliq Bosun 215B

The Bosun is the result of a partnership between Bogliq USA and Garcian Motors Incorporated

The Bogliq Bosun is a Mexican built, GMI engineered, small car that Bogliq USA decided to license produce. This was undertaken in orer to relieve the engineering burden on the USA development team. The Bosun has unique details that separate it from the GMI ZX64/128, the front and rear styling is different as is some parts of the interior trim, but the overall style and interior presentation is essentially GMI’s work. The Bosun was sold throughout the America’s as a Premium hatch, but in the USA it’s a base model, with unique to the USA trims and engines ensuring US buyers will find plenty to love about the new Bosun!

Sports Compact: Bogliq Beagle 532AE

Bogliq USA wanted the Beagle to be seen in a sporty, yet premium, light. Bogliq engineers also wanted to ensure the Beagle would be “Exotically American” and the AE variant definitely nailed that brief. A 3.2L, narrow vee, 8 cylinder is pretty much certain to do that!

Bogliq USA was going mainstream; The Buttress, Bosun and Bastion were now FWD and the old supercars were being put out to pasture. But Bogliq USA wanted to maintain a link to the past as well as build a small premium platform to keep the upwardly mobile in-house. The result was the E5 Beagle. Avante Garde styling and sophisticated engineering was combined with American traditions like RWD, V8’s and performance to create a unique driving experience that no other manufacturer could match. The AE variant dialled that up to 10 by debuting Camlift, a variable valve lift tech, to the existing Camshift, which resulted in extra power and improved fuel economy as well!

Sports Utility: Bogliq Baller 251P

Yep, the Baller is now an SUV!!!

The most obvious symbol of the changes within Bogliq USA was the transformation of the Premium sedan, Baller, into a Premium SUV. This nameplate was considered the simplest to change, since it’d carry over the cachet of quality, and buyers were looking to Baller for classy style, not rigid tradition. The Baller would continue to maintain an “Affordable Premium” position in the Bogliq line-up and buyers would still have access to smooth, high efficiency, V8’s. Bogliq USA, based on focus group feedback, felt that the new Baller was going to take the SUV market and run with it; The Baller would save Bogliq’s bacon!

Midsize Car: Bogliq Buttress 121B

The Buttress was always going to be the safe bet of the Bogliq model range…

Bogliq USA had let down their bread and butter clients. Bogliq’s family cars had fallen behind their competition since the mid 70’s and hadn’t regained their mojo ever since. The A5 Buttress was the model to address that decline; easy to drive, fuel efficient and affordable. The car wasn’t as sporty as before, but the car drove well, felt safe and was comfortable. The Buttress was now finally living up to it’s potential!