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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


3 days remain in this extended round. I have received 10 out of 25 possible entries.


The finished product was supposed to be released in 1978, however delays forced only a limited release in December 1978 with the full release being in 1979. Sporting a 2.3 liter/140 ci OHV 4 cylinder engine making 73 hp and 105 lb-ft of torque, the Rado Adventure 140 would be Rado’s second attempt to enter the passenger car market. And unlike the communist import that preceded it, it actually came with a choice of trim levels, Basic and “Value”, which was really just the former with all the options added for a slightly lower price than getting all the options. It also came in a choice between RWD and 4WD.

Employee: “Well, the results from the crash test could come back any minute now…”
Head of Safety: “I have the results, and, it passed.”


In 1979, Kimura began production of their best-selling model in the US market, the Auriga.

The Auriga became a new sensation in America in 1979. The 4-door sedan quickly became renowned for it’s tight handling and practical nature for a low price.

The combined sales of the Auburn and Auriga would arise a new era for Kimura: commonly known by fans as the “Ultimate Age,” from 1980 to 1995, Kimura would continue to grow vastly and develop new technologies for more obscure, small car projects, such as the TKR-C and the KR-R program.

Here is an ad for the 1979 Kimura Auriga.


Click on the ad to see the lore…






Cascadia Inc

Birmingham 1500 XLG with ez-access XL rear doors
(when i exported this all the fixtures dissapeared so the .car wont have any)


The Baltazar-Bush Quasar. Import quality, made in America.


This whole round feels so…french?


It’s about to get a lot more French


Click the Image for Lore Post.


1979 Ascera GR


Lore post


Motor World Review, August 1979

Model Year-In-Review Edition

Best Sedan – 1979

Birmingham 1500 XLG
Relative Rating: 100.00

With a long history of building solid compact cars, it’s no particular wonder that Birmingham tops our list once again, this time with their 1500 XLG.

This 5-door hatchback comes with a reasonably powerful (82 HP) 2 liter four cylinder engine. Our test model was equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission, which puts down power to the front wheels. Off the line and around corners, the Birmingham gives rather sprightly performance, considering it’s geared towards the every-day driver market.

Full cloth seating in all 5 positions is a welcome touch, and the AM radio also comes with an 8 track player. Sound quality is very tinny from the single dash-mounted speaker, but both radio and climate controls were easy enough to use.

The 1500 XLG is priced very reasonably compared to its competition, yet gives you a lot for your money. This earns it our top spot this year.

Best Upscale Car – 1979

Erin Nedala GT-12
Relative Rating: 95.62 (after deduction)
FIXTURE VIOLATION: Rear side markers are the incorrect color

(Rear side marker may look red from this shot, but when I went into the editor and clicked on it, it was amber)

In the interest of disclosure, before our readers go any farther: Our winner this year is a toy for the elite. The likes of stockbrokers, executives, and high-power attorneys are sure to be particularly interested. For the rest of us peasants, we can only dream of owning such a car. Erin bestowed upon this lowly editor the honor of testing their Nedala GT-12 for a short period of time.

The 12 in GT-12, obviously, stands for the number of cylinders in the 5.4 liter all-aluminum motor. This amazing techno-marvel pumps out 395 horsepower, and drinks gas like I drink a Big Gulp.

Fine leather trappings for four await inside, along with other touches such as power steering, windows, and central locking, a 4-speaker AM/FM 8-track player with equalizers, a lighted glove box mirror, and air conditioning. Not to mention generous amounts of real wood grain trim throughout the cabin.

The ride is sublime, though as to be expected of a car the size of the Nedala, parking can be an interesting task. Then again, if you can afford a Nedala, chances are it’ll be a valet doing your parking anyway.

Best Sport Car – 1979

Vermillion Arsene V6 LX
Relative Rating: 99.71

Whereas many companies try to build the ultimate sports car and lure buyers to abandon reason for a set of keys, Vermillion has taken a different approach. With the Arsene V6, they have an “every day” sports car.

Sure, it doesn’t have the flat out speed or cornering of a TSR Kansai or Keika Katana, but it has something that they certainly don’t. Wrapping fun in a sensible package.

If you really want, the fuel-injected 3.4 liter v6 under the hood will take you to 60 MPH in under 10 seconds, and you can go over 120 miles per hour. You can also fit a load of groceries in the trunk, and fighting urban potholes is not nearly as big of a deal during everyday driving as with other competitors.

We found the full cloth seating (for four) to be very comfortable, supportive, and well-made. The radio only had one speaker, but played clearly enough. The 5-speed manual transmission was a joy to row in spirited driving, and its driving dynamics made doing donuts both easy and… well… smoky. All in good fun, of course.

Its price is about in the middle of the pack, which makes it a viable alternative to a boring sedan for some folks, but it’s by no means a “budget” sports car.

Still, we can’t overlook the overall package. And that’s why it’s our top pick this year.

Best Utility – 1979

Deer and Hunt Fallow
Relative Rating: 100.00

The stalwart truck of our roads, the D&H Fallow, tops our list in the utility field this year.

With a no-nonsense 5.0 liter V8 engine, cargo and pulling power to spare, and newer interior refinements, this was not a particularly difficult decision to make. And, of course, over two million buyers have made that same decision since the Fallow was introduced over 30 years ago. You can’t argue with that kind of crowd, now, can you?

Best Engine – 1979

Cascadia 1.7 liter 4-cylinder
(+5% relative rating bonus)

Of the engines put before us this year, we are most impressed with the 1.7 liter 4-cylider from Cascadia. Just a decade ago, it would have been unthinkable that something that put out a mere 69 horsepower would ever make this list. But as times have changed, so have our criteria. Cascadia has put a slick throttle-body fuel injection on their little 1.7 liter, giving it incredible efficiency. Add to that reports from our testing labs that predict this motor to be long lived and you have a winning combination.

Sedan Class Reviews

Ardent Sentinel Sport
Relative Rating: 93.33

“…available in a wide variety of bodies and trim levels. The base “Sport” model is a prime example of how Ardent is catering to entry buyers, with its low price and superb reliability…”

Pros: Best in class reliability, lowest in class purchase price, low maintenance cost
Cons: Low comfort, poor image

Epoch M30 Augustus
Relative Rating: 87.62

“…very comfortable sedan, aimed at those who can’t quite afford a premium car. Our biggest gripes are its fuel consumption and handling…”

Pros: High comfort, high safety
Cons: High purchase price, poor fuel economy, poor lateral handling

Sinistra Traville LC-260
Relative Rating: 90.48

“…a solid car for families on the go. We found it very easy to drive, good on gas, and able to move anyone and anything from point A to B, as long as there wasn’t a dirt road involved…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, reasonable fuel economy, high practicality and utility
Cons: High purchase price, poor reliability, somewhat high maintenance costs, poor rough road handling

Cascadia Combo
Relative Rating: 98.33 (after bonus)

“…compact commuter that should stun the world. Under its hood is our Engine of the Year award recipient, and that’s not all that we love…”

Pros: Engine of the Year, high drivability, good fuel economy, low maintenance cost, high reliability
Cons: Mediocre handling, low image

Kimura Auriga SKR
Relative Rating: 85.71

“…very fun to drive car. If that’s important, this is the car for you. However, it falls short of competitors in many every day aspects…”

Pros: Great handling, high sportiness, good rough road handling
Cons: Somewhat high price, poor practicality, poor drivability, mediocre fuel economy

Bogliq Mutineer Engage
Relative Rating: 87.62

“…a bit of a design enigma. It tries to be a sports sedan, but fails. When you consider it as a family hauler, there many others that do a better job…”

Pros: High sportiness, high safety, good rough road handling
Cons: Poor fuel economy, poor lateral acceleration, mediocre reliability, poor drivability

Everette Bellevue SR6
Relative Rating: 91.43

“…a more reasonably priced alternative to a premium car. It rides well, with decent handling as long as it’s not pushed too far. The interior is one of the most comfortable in the class…”

Pros: High comfort, best in class safety, high utility
Cons: Worst in class fuel economy, high purchase price, high maintenance cost

Takemi Ascera GR
Relative Rating: 93.24 (after penalty)
FIXTURE VIOLATION: Rear side markers are the incorrect color

“…fun little gas-sipper with a potent turbocharged engine. It’s great for blasting around corners and bombing down the road. Just expect it to bomb your wallet now and then as well…”

Pros: Great gas mileage, great performance
Cons: Poor reliability, high maintenance cost, poor rough road handling

Znopresk Z217 Ecomfort
Relative Rating: 90.48

“…like other Znopresks over the years, it’s inexpensive, comfortable, and easy to handle. Quality seems to have been going downhill as of late, however, and the Z217 is also a bit frightening to get up to speed on a busy freeway…”

Pros: Best in class drivability and comfort, relatively low purchase price
Cons: Poor reliability, very slow, less than stellar cornering, somewhat high maintenance cost

Sakura Ronin ES-T
Relative Rating: 72.38

“…while we are not engineers, we do seriously question some of the choices Sakura made when producing the Ronin. For instance, the two-speed manual transmission and tiny engine…”

Pros: Best in class fuel economy, low maintenance cost, good reliability
Cons: Poor drivability, worst in class comfort, low practicality, very slow, poor safety

Upscale Class Reviews

PMI Usurper Consul
Relative Rating: 85.71

“…a premium offering from PMI that just doesn’t rise to the occasion. From the small 4-cylinder engine to the poorly tuned suspension, we’re just not fans…”

Pros: Relatively low purchase price, low maintenance cost, good rough road handling
Cons: Poor performance, poor lateral handling, poor reliability

ACA Traveller
Relative Rating: 90.48

“…an affordable premium compact that may actually claim some sales victories from the entry classes. It’s efficient and comfortable, at least compared to the lesser class. And when one considers that it’s less expensive than a Sinistra or Everette, the value becomes clear…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, good economy, good practicality, great drivability, good handling
Cons: Poor image, lowest in class comfort, marginal safety, mediocre reliability

Olympus Virgo Luxe
Relative Rating: 95.24

“…well-rounded luxury car with a phenomenal safety and reliability record. You’ll pay a lot up front, but in the long run definitely get your money’s worth…”

Pros: Best in round safety, best in class reliability, great comfort, high prestige
Cons: Poor fuel economy, poor drivability, poor handling, high maintenance cost, high purchase price

Sport Class Reviews

IP Pandora 1300S
Relative Rating: 85.71

“…looks sharper than it handles. If you’re looking for a sporty car and your budget is tight, this is your only choice. But we’d recommend saving up a little more…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, low maintenance cost, good rough road handling
Cons: Low image, very slow, poor lateral acceleration, poor drivability

Grehet Emotion
Relative Rating: 90.96

“…a far worthier budget sports car than the Pandora. It won’t break the bank, nor any speed records, but it is far more fun in every condition…”

Pros: Good drivability, high sportiness, best in class economy, low purchase price, good reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, expensive maintenance, low image, subpar performance

TSR Kansai GTR
Relative Rating: 89.21

“…the performance of the Kansai seems to be a little off from the previous generation, with no corresponding relief on the price tag. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s a great supercar, but it could have more bite, we think…”

Pros: Very fast, extremely prestigious, good safety, good comfort
Cons: Extremely high purchase price, extremely expensive maintenance, poor economy, poor reliability

Keika Katana 2000
Relative Rating: 89.21

“… blends several characteristics of its competitors, while in a way attempting to emulate the TSR Kansai. It’s a competent and fun car, but we wonder if it will find the right market in the current conditions…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost, high sportiness, good performance
Cons: Poor comfort, poor safety, relatively high purchase price

Caliban Thunder Infinity
Relative Rating: 87.46

“…radically styled and fast hatchback. The Thunder Infinity is a pretty ridiculous car in many ways. It’s fantastic fun to throw around a track, but terrible for everyday use…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost, high sportiness, extremely good cornering, high reliability
Cons: Backbreaking comfort, worst in round safety, poor image

Utility Class Reviews

Rado Adventure 140 Base
Relative Rating: 95.65

“…outdoorsy wagon from Rado, a company with a severely tarnished reputation. Don’t hold that against them here; the Adventure is nothing like the Communts that they used to import. Versatile, reliable, and efficient…”

Pros: Low purchase price, best in round offroad, good economy, good reliability, low maintenance costs
Cons: Poor drivability, poor comfort, poor cornering


Round 8 - 1982

The 80’s have arrived with a terrible bang, or more than one. John Lennon was assassinated, Mount Saint Helens erupted in a devastating manner, and the USA mens’ hockey team upset the USSR at the Winter Olympics. Iran and Iraq are at war, causing instability in the Middle East. Reagan has been elected and sworn in as president, and the first Space Shuttle mission blasts off. The economy is in definite recession, with inflation almost out of control. Times are challenging all around…


Unemployment: Moderate-high
Inflation: Very high
Economy: Recession
Short-term economic forecast: Deepening recession

Notable Social and Political Happenings

Ronald Reagan elected president. US Rail industry is deregulated. STS launches begin. Iran-Iraq war. Massive inflation. John Lennon dies. Mt. St. Helens erupts.


Fuel: Regular Unleaded (universal), Premium Unleaded (common)
Bumpers: 5MPH bumpers. Most cars with “integrated” bumpers qualify. Cars with no discernable integrated bumper must have a bumper added.
Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Turn signals may NOT be placed in bumpers. Exactly one pair of parking lights are required. Parking lights MAY be placed in bumpers. Parking lights and turn signals may not be part of the same lens/fixture. There has to be some form of visual separation.
Front light colors: No red may face forward.
Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. NO lights may be placed bumpers (however, optional red reflectors may be). If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture AND of the same color, there must be a minimum of THREE bulbs in the fixture.
Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals cannot be white.
Side marker/signal lights: Front side markers required. Rear markers required, may be placed either on the side or the rear.
Side light colors: front side may be amber only, rear side may be red only.
Mirrors: Driver’s side required.
Aerials: Long mast or retractable antenna required if car has a radio.
Fuel fillers: Must be placed on the side of the vehicle. Front-engine cars must have the filler somewhere in the rear quarter, mid- and rear-engine cars must have the filler somewhere in the front quarter.
Emissions: Catalytic converter required.
Safety: All passenger vehicles must have a minimum of 26 safety. All trucks, vans, and utes must have a minimum of 20 safety.

File Naming Convention:

Model: Gen9-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)
Engine: Gen9-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)
Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

If your company hasn’t registered for the competition yet and you want to participate in this round, please PM the required company information as well as your submission prior to the round deadline.

Round 9 deadline: Sunday July 1, 9:00 PM PDT (UTC-8)




Oof…How did I miss an extended deadline? Welp I’ll try not to miss this one…

  • track car
  • bad dailyability
  • reeeeeeeee :stuck_out_tongue:


Link to the Lore


(Price adjusted for inflation)



I need to make something clear here… some of you have been violating the spirit of this competition. The core premise: make this thread fit your company’s lore. Not vice versa.

Too many of you have released an “all new” model on EVERY single round. Statistically speaking, this should not happen if your company is following regular product cycles. I should be seeing more cars based on models that are a few years old. While it’s normal for the randomly selected years to coincide with redesigns now and then, it shouldn’t be every. single. time.

Just so you have an idea of what I mean, here’s the history of my own cars with respect to the generations:
1946 - New model (duh, cause the game can’t go any farther back)
1951 - 1 year old
1957 - 2 years old
1961 - 3 years old
1964 - 1 year old
1969 - 4 years old
1973 - 9 years old
1979 - New Model (and FYI, I had actually built this model in UE before this competition ever began)
1982 - My most likely models are 1 and 3 years old. While in lore I have a brand new model in this year, I am unlikely to use it based on the economic conditions in this generation.

To those of you who are consistently sticking to your lore and submitting cars that aren’t always newly remodeled the same year, kudos to you… to those who aren’t, please start making a stockpile of lore ahead of time and play by the spirit, mmkay?

Side note… I came very close this morning to just doing a /tablelflip and walking away from this whole thing. I don’t need a GAME to become a stressor in my life. I have children just in case I ever feel I’m too relaxed. So if YOU are getting stressed over something happening here… take a step back and evaluate whether or not it’s really worth it.