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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


Just like a real 80’s British Sports Car! :stuck_out_tongue:


Bogliq USA HQ

Detroit, MI

September, 1988

Michael sat in his comfy, overstuffed leather recliner surveying the grounds of the Bogliq estate. Konstantin had bought the property during the Great Depression for a song and had held onto the place ever since. Now Michael was the lord of the manor… Whenever Michaels gaze would rest on one of the gardeners they’d redouble their efforts, not wanting to be seen slacking, but Michael never noticed. His mind was too troubled by the events of the past decade to care whether a gardener was working or not.

You see, Bogliq USA was in trouble. The product was too expensive and was less pleasant to drive than their competitors. Maesima were selling a car that undercut the cheapest Mutineer by $4k yet made more profit per car than Bogliq did! Even worse, the Bogliq ASCAR team failed to place on the podium whereas the Maesima team blitzed the competition with 1st place podiums at EVERY race of the season…

But the greatest symbol of Bogliq USA’s fortune was that they were lagging behind Ardent. Konstantin must be spinning in his grave, he’d never let Bogliq fall behind stodgy old Ardent, NEVER! Bogliq USA was between a rock and a hard place. Their cars needed to get cheaper by a substantial amount and they needed to be better, or at the bare minimum comparable, than the previous cycle’s cars.

So it was no wonder that Michael didn’t see the garden. He was in automotive hell, neck deep in debt hoping a newer, more efficient, engine would allow Bogliq to trade their way out of trouble…


Hey @HighOctaneLove… are you ready to get hit by a mountain?

Submitted trim: Hood LS 4WD with 3.4L and 7 passenger seating.


Eat dirt and tire smoke.

Lore Post Here


Discover its lore!


Lore HereOlympus Motor Group

Inspired byhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDXvXVkfLUo

Bennett: Sure are a lot of luxury sedans out there.
Rathbone: mmhmm!
Bennett: So I’ve got to spin this some way, so we can stand out.
Rathbone: We still use wood trim.
Bennett: I need more than that, ma’am.
Rathbone: What about the gadgets? We’ve got a ton of gadgets.
Bennett: Like?
Rathbone: This is the first car that is built for your cell phone; built-in cell phone antenna, dialing console, hands free speaker phone.
Bennett: Not everyone has a cell phone.
Rathbone: Not everyone drives an Olympus.


The M30 2.4 Executive from Epoch.

“Sir, your ride awaits…”

Trusted reliability the world over. Exceeds 31 MPG on the highway. Always delivering affordable class and style. From $7,323.



(No attack ads this time pls. I have uni finals. kthxbye)



So I don’t have access to a computer that can run Automation at anything beyond minimum settings, so you get this instead!


Because 1994.



Check out the finer details HERE


Approximately 36 hours to the round deadline. Please get your files in. There are a few of you who have posted ads but not submitted your .car file!


Rebel Against Your Usurpers, and Reinstate the Duchess

1994 Sakura Duchess MP


It’s coming, it’s all under control.

By the way, my lore is still only in the early 90s, so I might jump out of this competition… I rather make some well thought out cars in a slow pace than rushed jobs just to manage to finish this. We’ll see if I have any car produced in 1999 ready when it’s time for that.


Royal Canadian Motors (RCM)


if you thought it was perfect before, you should try it now

Grehet Supremacy Rx

the effort level just goes lower and lower AND lower



Low effort ad but too busy recently to come up with decent stuff.

Also, fitting for the car’s back story.