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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


…but the tape STILL STICKS!!!




(Softtop sold as extra)

This is last vehicle made by the founders. After the Death of William Hunt in 1994 his son “Fallow Deer” takes over the company and starts to modernize the whole lineup.


Discover its lore!


1999 Bogliq Mutineer Entrance



Automobiles Mont Royal

About 36 hours left for submissions in this round. I’m missing 14 potential submissions (including my own… to be rectified tomorrow)


@VicVictory, thank you for this competition. I’ll be dropping out here. I am out of inspiration for my company lore in the modern times. I already felt I rushed it a few times in the previous rounds, and I’m currently reviewing my lore anyway. So I’ll be dropping out.

But I continue following this, because the entries and the readups and the evaluations are a always of great quality.


@VicVictory Yeah, I would go on a bit of a soliloquy, but essentially I no longer will have time for a few weeks or so until I can get back to the challenge. Until then, I’ll be on the sidelines watching. Thanks for hosting for now, and hopefully you’ll see more of me later on.


The 1999 Everette Vancouver

Toyota made a critical lapse in judgement when they started Scion. Making a brand targeted at the modern youth doesn’t work because America of the 1990s and 2000s was not the same America of the 1950s and 1960s when such a strategy might have actually worked. There was no post-War economic boom to put money in the pockets of the youth, so the result is a generation of kids trying to buy any old junk they can get their hands on. What are the cars / brands that this generation dubbed “Millennials” actually go for then? Used Buicks, Mercuries, and high trim Everettes. Because if you need a car that costs nothing to buy and you couldn’t give a fuck about anything except the drivetrain, nobody does that better than 1990s American premium.

Toyota should have cloned the Vancouver and made that the Scion brand. For real though, no. These things are terrible. Go check out its story in FHL’s thread and you will see what I mean.

Wait, Hang on. I am getting a call

Oh hi, GM. What’s up

What’s that? You want your horse piss quality interior back?

Uh huh… I am guessing you’ll be wanting your horrendous body rust back too then?

Fuck. Well looks like I won’t be submitting a car.

Just kidding! :smile:


That name’s quite the coincidence, since I just came from Everett and drove into Vancouver after a vacation in Florida…


Not exactly coincidence… he’s originally from the West sound area. :wink: And AHEM… I live in one of those cities you just mentioned.


1999 Ardent Chancellor

Drive into the new millenium in style. Stretch out in the spacious cabin. Open yourself to the sky with the power moonroof*. Or take off into the unknown with up to 268 horsepower from the Shrike V8 engine*.

The choice is yours. Your Ardent can help you select the options right for you.

After all, it’s a car worthy of Jack Chancellor’s name.

Be Bold. Be Ardent.

*Moonroof optional on SE trim, standard on all others
*268HP Shrike V8 available only on GT and GT Limited trims

Submitted trim: Chancellor LS V8 (214HP)


Rado employee: “Hopefully we’ve sent the right car this time.”


Another round, another Maladus. Sorry I’m behind on the company thread :sweat_smile:


(No other car available in 1999 in the lore thread unfortunately…)


1999 Takemi Theta W-Spec


Lore post.


At the end of the 20th century, Maesima had grown quickly, perhaps too quickly. This rapid rise was driven by a relaxation of socialist grip on the economy of Anikatia and flood of foreign investment. It was this that allowed Maesima to pursue its export efforts and the creation of Maesima’s US operations. By the mid-1990s the companies lineup had grown to four car lineup in the US consisting of the mainstay Celento sedan and wagons, Exestis affordable coupe along with the NRZ sports car. Joined by the new NL-992/Senatos premium sedan. Maesima’s first effort to enter the premium market.

The Exestis was based on the Celento’s UF chassis but used the rear suspension from the NRZ. This design would take over from the NRZ line in the companies rally efforts in Group-A. The Exestis proving to be one of the companies most successful rally vehicles achieving impressive performances in the 1995 and 1996 seasons. The Senatos derived from the NRZ chassis and engine initially struggled but after some price cutting found a niche. Although the damage was done to the luxury image. But things were about to get much worse. By 1997 Asian Financial crisis hit and while the Democratic Socialist People’s Republic was able to keep itself above the fray it was forced to devalue its currency to protect its competitiveness with the other nations.

The DSRA had made its currency fully convertible only a few years prior to the crisis. The Anikuro currency devalued swiftly and lost more than half its value. As the crisis intensified in the following months when the effects of the devaluation showed up on corporate balance sheets for Maesima. Which had to borrow in foreign currency had to face the higher costs imposed upon them by the Anikuro’s decline and many other firms reacted by buying foreign currency through selling Anikuros, undermining the value of the matter further. The effects began to hurt Maesima and it was forced to cut costs where it could. The company suspended most of its Motorsport operations and focused on its rally efforts albeit in a greatly reduced capacity, as a result, it never able to achieve the same level of success.

The UF-platform Celento had been in production since 1993 and efforts to replace it were already well underway when the crisis hit but it still caused issues. While the successor was planned during the lavish era. Bringing back the liftback, wagon and sedan variants. The lineup was simplified and engine choices reduced. Earlier plans to move the successor to UR-platform of the Exestis with independent rear suspension were scrapped and a revision of the of UF-platforms torsion beam was kept. The Exestis and NRZ were given minimal upgrades and the Senatos was also left to languish in the new economic climate.

The Celento remained a key product for Maesima both in the US and abroad, but on the auspicious year of the crisis the Celento was replaced and its name discontinued (in most markets) and replaced by the Avellca. It was thought amongst the higher ups within the US and European operations that the Celento name was too closely associated with the companies early budget roots and as part of larger plan to move the brand upscale, starting with the NL-992/Senatos and NRZ. These plans proved completely unfounded disastrous ill-timed and placed the company under even greater financial strain during an economic crisis as it threw away its heritage it had worked so hard to build up with the Celento.

Despite all this, the Avellca continued the reputation of the Celento in all but name, continuing to provide class-leading reliability, outstanding value and service costs matched to impressive warranties. Thankfully for Maesima the Avellca proved just as successful as its predecessor and help kept the company afloat in the growing crisis of the noughts. The Avellca kept the companies award-winning and critically acclaimed MCG-engine. One big first for Maesima was the MCG-engine was improved with its first DOHC head now standard on all models along with drivers airbag and remote central locking. Efforts were made to improve fuel economy compared to its predecessor along with changes to suspension setup to improve comfort and handling response.

Avellca 2.2L Liftback Xz 5MT: $6,844*

(*+10% in 1999 value equal to 8,958.00 (+10%) in 2010 Autiomation units)

Original Lore Post


oh wait… i forgot to post the ad yesterday… fug

i’m late. i don’t care. i’m bit too tired to care at the time of creation/posting


Motor World Review, August 1999

Model Year-In-Review Edition

Best Entry-level Car – 1999

Vermillion SpaceStar V6
Relative Rating: 100.00

It seems at every turn we’re talking about a Vermillion car at the top of our lists. Well, they’ve done it again this year with the SpaceStar minivan.

The 3.0 liter “DFH” V6 under the hood puts out a decent 170 HP, enough to move this suburban mover with decent vigor. While the engine is an older design, it is still relevant today. Its proven track record continues to make it a viable option to this day.

Exterior design is clean and modern. There are dual sliding side doors, allowing easy access from both sides.

The interior includes standard full cloth seating, power windows, mirrors, and locks, and a 6-speaker AM/FM/Cassette deck. Air conditioning, power steering, and 4-wheel antilock disc brakes also come on every SpaceStar.

Our test model was passed around the entire staff, and pulled duty on everything from road trips for the younger writers, to soccer shuttle duty for the more senior editors. Everyone remarked on how comfortable and smooth the ride was, how easy access was, and how much cargo the SpaceStar could carry, both with the rear seats upright and folded down.

We must caution that this is one of the most expensive cars in the class to buy and keep up. But if you have the need for lots of seats, cargo room, or a smooth ride, this is the best choice this year.

Best Upscale Car – 1999

Erin Tauga Lex 2.8
Relative Rating: 100.00

With the trend of luxury sport sedans taking over corporate parking lots like disco fever in the 70’s, it was inevitable that one would land at the top of our list sooner or later.

The Tauga Lex 2.8 from Erin is now ready to make its mark on our pages.

226 horsepower from a smooth 2.8 liter straight-6? Yes, please. A 5-speed manual transmission with viscous rear LSD? Ohh yeah. Getting up to 60 in a class-best 7 seconds? Check. What else is there?

Erin is glad you asked. Because they’ve added taut, precise cornering to the package as well. Is it as comfortable as an Ardent Chancellor? No, but it’s a lot more fun to drive. Just have a little awareness when you are blasting it around town, or you’re sure to get a ticket. Just ask our senior editor.

In any case, the Erin Tauga Lex also includes most of the luxury goodies you’d expect from an upscale sport sedan. Power windows, locks, mirrors, and steering are all there, as is a remote locking system. The leatherette seats have a good range of adjustment, and the driver’s seat even has 8-way electric adjustment. A CD player is also standard, but its 100 watt rating and 4 speaker system is easily outclassed by other competitors. Not so easily outclassed in other areas, the Tauga Lex includes 4-wheel antilock disc brakes, traction control, and driver and passenger airbags with side impact bags as well.

The Erin Tauga is the clear-cut winner for being an overall great premium sport sedan. So if you’re looking to make a statement as you pull in to work, make sure your boss sees you in one of these.

Best Sport Car – 1999

LMC Maladus M200
Relative Rating: 100.00

Get out your checkbooks, ladies and gentlemen. The new Maladus M200 is here, and it’s hot.

A 4.6 liter, all-aluminum V8 lurks under the hood, waiting to unleash 343 horses to the rear, via a 5-speed manual and limited slip diff. How does 5.5 seconds to 60 sound? Sounds like fun to us. And if you’re lucky enough to have a track to be able to bomb down, you should expect a good 165 or so miles per hour. Though our favorite was the slalom test, which was just an absolute gas.

And unlike some sports cars, the LMC will not break your back. Though it does come with standard 4-point harnesses in low-slung bucket seats, they are well-supportive and surprisingly adjustable. Plus having creature comfort features like power steering, air conditioning, and a sunroof are also bonuses.

As long as you have the budget to get a no-compromises sports car, you should be heading to a LMC dealership.

Best Utility – 1999

Takemi Theta W-spec
Relative Rating: 100.00

Light duty trucks have been seeing some changes in recent years. Many have been eschewing their straight utilitarian images in an attempt to cater to a wider market. One such example has caught our attention this year.

The Theta W-spec from Takemi wraps a little bit of comfort into a sturdy four-wheel drive workhorse. Standard cloth seating and full-carpet flooring greet the occupants when they hop in, but those fancier floors are protected by a set of all-weather floor mats. Air conditioning, a host of power bits, and a pair of air bags also round out the interior.

What set the Theta apart from competitors is that they don’t just slap an engine and transmission in and call it good. There is a definite focus on making sure you can get to your job as well as complete it, regardless of the conditions.

Four-wheel antilock brakes, traction control, and even electronic stability control are standard on this model. The 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission changes from rear to four wheel drive at the flick of a switch.

With 214 horses, the Takemi Theta has the grunt to get it done. It has certainly earned our seal of approval.

Best Engine – 1999

Deer and Hunt 4 Liter V6
(+5 Relative Rating bonus)

Sometimes newer isn’t better. Deer and Hunt is proving that this year with an engine that was first released when Reagan was still in office. What makes their 4 liter V6 so special is that it’s simply reliable. And though it may not be the most efficient motor available these days, there’s something to be said for being able to get in your car and have faith that it’s going to be running today. And tomorrow. And for the next 20 years. For that, Deer and Hunt wins our Engine of the Year award.

Entry Class Reviews

Maesima Avellca Xz Liftback
Relative Rating: 93.53

“…decent, competent car for a low price. It’s reliable and cheap to maintain, though other competitors are cheaper to fuel and feel better to drive…”

Pros: Low purchase price, low maintenance cost, high reliability
Cons: Low comfort, poor drivability, poor economy vs. Competitors

Bogliq Mutineer Entrance
Relative Rating: 97.88

“…fantastic package in this low-cost model. It’s easy to drive, comfortable, and sips gas…”

Pros: Low purchase price, great fuel economy, good drivability
Cons: Mediocre reliability, relatively high maintenance cost

Everette Vancouver GLR8
Relative Rating: 95:70

“…near-premium driving experience without the up front price. On the back end, it may get you in maintenance and fuel costs…”

Pros: Premium level comfort and safety without the cost, good drivability
Cons: Low reliability, worst in class fuel economy, haigh maintenance cost

Grehet Reviva
Relative Rating: 93.53

“…pint-sized fuel sipper. This makes for a great commuter car or possibly a starter car for a teenager…”

Pros: Best in round fuel economy, lowest in round purchase price, good reliability
Cons: Poor drivability, poor safety, poor comfort

Upscale Class Reviews

Ardent Chancellor LS
Relative Rating: 93.63

“…next-best thing to the sporting performance of the Erin Tauga. It’s far better behaved on the roads, and receives top marks for safety, but also comes at a premium price…”

Pros: High comfort, high drivability, best in round safety, prestigious model
Cons: High purchase price, highest in class maintenance cost, poor reliability

IP Icarus Mk IV 3600
Relative Rating: 76.60

“…poor driving dynamics, and uninspired engine definitely don’t help. The Icarus seems to miss nearly every benchmark expected…”

Pros: Low maintenance cost, good comfort
Cons: Poor reliabilty, poor drivability, worst in class economy, poor value for the price

Mont Royal MV EP
Relative Rating: 95.75

“…sublime ride and superior cabin comfort are among the perk of this model, and a thoroughly modern 3.4 liter V6 helps as well…”

Pros: Best in round drivability, prestigious model, great safety, superb comfort
Cons: High purchase price, high maintenance cost, poor fuel economy

Birmingham Altaya
Relative Rating: 85.12

“…premium sports sedan that does well, but not well enough. It carves corners like a dream, but beyond that and its low cost, there’s just not enough to distinguish it…”

Pros: Great handling, good drivability, lowest in class purchase price
Cons: Poor reliability, high maintenance cost, low comfort, lackluster performance

Sport Class Reviews

Keika Katana 2400
Relative Rating: 90.48

“…a little long in the tooth, but we still love it for its low cost thrills…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, good performance, great fuel economy
Cons: Barely met crash standards, very poor comfort, poor drivability

Epoch M10 Ansom RSA
Relative Rating: 92.86

“…a decently sporty car that’s reasonable to drive every day. It shouldn’t hit the wallet too hard…”

Pros: Good comfort, reasonable purchase price, low maintenance cost, good safety, high practicality
Cons: Poor drivability, relatively low reliability, poor lateral handling

Sinistra Serenade GT 2.0
Relative Rating: 92.86

“…performance that’s well below average for this category. Even for a cheap thrill, we prefer others like the Keika. But it still would make a decent daily car for those looking for a little adrenaline…”

Pros: Low purchase price, good fuel economy, practical, good drivability
Cons: Tepid performance, poor comfort

Sakura Deva EX
Banned by EPA – Failed to get Emissions Certification
Relative Rating: 0.00

“…unfortunately were not able to get our hands on one to test before they were sent back to Japan due to an emissions debacle…”

Pros: N/A
Cons: Emissions exceeded maximum allowed

Caliban Type SC TO
Relative Rating: 95.24

“…blistering performance on a budget. That should allow you to buy a used Ardent or Bogliq to commute in to save your spine…”

Pros: Fantastic performance, modest price, great reliability
Cons: Questionable safety, insane maintenance cost, poor economy, bad comfort

Utility Class Reviews

Deer and Hunt Hawg
Relative Rating: 95.91 (including bonus)

“…modest rear-wheel drive ute with surprising off-road capability. We’re sure the four-wheel drive version is even better…”

Pros: Fantastic offroad, good comfort, modest purchase price, good safety
Cons: Poor handling, poor drivability, poor reliability, poor fuel economy

Rado Adventure 2.4 Base
Relative Rating: 96.97

“…for those who like to find adventure afield, but don’t like the traditional SUV concept. We found this to be exceptionally capable and durable…”

Pros: High reliability, low purchase price, low maintenance cost, great fuel economy, good off-road
Cons: Poor drivability, poor comfort, poor image

So, I’m severely struggling with my schedule shift. I could put this on hiatus for a while, but I also heard feedback from several people that they were out of lore and/or burned out, so I think we’ll just call this the end of the competition. I’d like to thank all of you who participated, brought the lore, and had fun playing off of each other. It was a big experiment, and I think you all made it successful. So here are the final standings:

Overall Relative Ratings (FINAL After 12 Rounds)

kmBlaine - 95.71
Kubboz - 94.88
Private_Miros - 93.85
DeusExMackia - 93.78
undercoverhardwarema - 93.41
Chickenbiscuit - 93.04
HighOctaneLove - 92.39
koolkei - 92.31
VicVictory - 92.20
Rk38 - 91.86
Madrias - 91.84
TheCarLover - 91.81
titleguy1 - 91.38
DukeOFhazards - 91.04
Mikonp7 - 90.87
BoostandEthanol - 90.50
NormanVauxhall - 90.49
machalel - 89.30
Mr.Computah - 88.88
Nicholander - 88.26
Knugcab - 86.30
Dorifto_Dorito - 85.98
Aaron.W - 78.96
Vri404 - 76.25
nerd – 75.50

CONGRATULATIONS to our podium winners:

And a personal special thank you to @HighOctaneLove for giving me a run for my money as usual, as well as the usual ahem… friendly… rivalry between Bogliq and Ardent. You literally pulled it out over me in that last round there.

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