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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


Tomorrow. It’s in his Round 1 post a bit above.

@VicVictory, maybe copy paste your current Round in the opening post as long as it’s running?


Round 1 deadline: Thursday April 26, 9:00 AM PDT (UTC-8)

@Private_Miros - I’ll look into that. The first post is pretty long already, I might just hot link it to the current round post instead.

Also, remember, the above deadline is just for Round 1 (1946). You can still register your company/join in afterward, you just won’t be included in the first round.


Another quick question: in the name of realism, can a single light be both the brake light and turn signal?


Yes they can. :slight_smile: That’s why the rule is (currently) written the way it is. That will change in the 60’s when regulations change.


Deer and Hunt Repair shop. 2pm

William moves up the stairs and opens the door to the office

“Ah Hello there Will”, Jason said, “I see you finally got back from the new factory! How is everything there”

William seats himself on one of the leather couches in the room

“Brilliant ! I don’t want to leave it. All the machines in there are so great and interresting”

Jason closes the book he was writting in
“So why are you here if you didn’t want to leave ?”

“Oh right !” William opens up his jacket, gets a folded piece of paper out and hands it Jason

“Whats this ?”

“Open it”

With a questioning look Jason slowly opened the paper

“Soooooo What you think!”

The paper was a freshly printed ad for the Fallow, still warm from the press… and Williams inner pocket
“Oh Wow. I thoughed this was going to be just some simple text in the newspaper ?”

“Naaah We going big. So people will know us!”

“So when is this all starting?”

“Oh yeah. The factory is ready to pump out cars by the minute and the prints are also on there way out. Speaking of paper”
William pointes at a big pile of flyers
“What is that ?”

"Oh that ? That’s just some flyers from other manufactores "

“I hope you are not planning to buy a car from them ?”

“Oh nonono but you have to see what other people are doing”

“True.” William gets up, takes the pile of flyers and flicks through them
" I see Ardent got a new 4 door"

“Yes! But nothing to worry about. We are not competing”

“Well. Not yet”


“Also a new Boklick”


“I said that”


“Bok-lick. Whatever. Oh god.”

“What is it Will ?”

William holds up the for the ‘Model 10’ and ‘Thunder’

“What do the bloody Brits want here ? You help them once out and now they don’t want to leave us or what!”

"Well at long as it isn’t the Germans, I don’t care if the whole Gentlemans Club and the Queen are opening up a Pub here. Like if the jolly chaps are going to be any danger with there little tin cans. I wanna see what gonna happen to them if they meet some grade-A american steel. Pretty sure more than just your monocle would break.

“Hahaha. Well speaking of Pubs. You want to grab some lunch?”

Jason gets off his office chair and grabs his jacket he had thrown over his seat
“Sounds good to me. Lets eat on our new future !”


Royal Canadian Motors (RCM)

Dominion Victory? Hell no, Alpha Quadrant Alliance all the way!


Dominion vehicles have fought the war in Europe, they can hold up to anything the competition throws at them.


How many of you are Borg?


Bogliq USA HQ, Detroit, Michigan

Corporate building, CEO’s office

CEO of Bogliq USA, Konstantin Bogliq, sighed as he read the daily paper, then leant back into his leather clad office chair. The end of the war was looking grim, not for the returning troops and the general public, but for Bogliq’s chances of surviving in the post-war climate. Macabre as it sounded, war was good for business, with Bogliq benefiting from a full order book and stable income. Konstantin worried that, with all the fresh competition, that Bogliq’s strategy in producing the Zealot wasn’t brave enough to stand out of the crowd and attract enough buyers.

Konstantin looked over the advertisments and rated their threat level to Bogliq’s profitability.

  • Epoch: With a car that’s similar to the Zealot and possibly cheaper to buy and run. The Model 10 is a major threat, right out of the blocks.

  • DeerAndHunt: A small threat if they choose to stick to Utility vehicles. The Fallow will steal sales of the Zealot Haulage but the Haulage is a value adding car, not the core market.

  • Caliban: A non-existent threat to Bogliq USA’s operations. They may even become a customer if a locally sourced engine for their kit cars is required.

  • Ardent is a major threat, with their Starlight being both in the same size category as the Zealot and Ardent have a pre-war history to contend with. These guys are our main rivals.

  • ACA: Another major threat, ACA builds high end cars and dominated the pre-war luxury car market. The Corona seats more people than the Zealot and is much more prestigious so the Corona will steal sales of higher spec Zealots. Very dangerous if ACA chooses to expand downmarket.

  • PMI: A threat, but more so to ACA than us. Again, should PMI move downmarket there’ll be less shares of the pie for us.

  • Vermillion: A major threat to the Zealot. The Athena has more seats, bigger body and a bigger engine than the Zealot and is priced to sell. We’ll be watching Vermillion very closely.

  • Birmingham: The 5000 S is an impressive sounding proposition but could be too powerful and thirsty to gain much traction in the market. But, with the right drivetrain choices, Birmingham is definitely a danger to Zealot sales.

  • Dominion: The Victory is another well placed and designed vehicle. Bigger than the Zealot and just as affordable, Dominion Motor Company is a dangerous new player and a major threat to Bogliq USA.

Konstantin buzzed his secretary and asked for a coffee. He could feel a stress headache forming, the next few years for Bogliq were going to be interesting ones, that’s for sure…


“Telegram for Sam Worthington of Epoch Industries!”

Sam popped his head out of the door of his tiny office and waved down the hall, “That’s me, thank you.”

Even after being embedded in one of their units in the war, and living over here the last two years, Sam still felt uncomfortable with the forwardness and disregard for proper manners of these brash Americans, but he was slowly getting used to it and finding himself conforming to fit in. He took the telegram and consciously made himself tip the boy as well; that was one thing that still didn’t feel right.

Sam went inside his office and closed the door, sat down behind his desk and took his souvenir letter opener, a 1st SSF V42 military stiletto gifted to him from his host unit, to the envelope. Inside was a short message from Epoch HQ London:

S Worthington STOP Epoch Industries STOP
UK Release success STOP Europe as planned STOP Shipment scheduled arrival 5 days early STOP
Continue American push STOP Advise competition advantages weaknesses STOP Plan successor EMPANEL STOP

Sam sat back in his seat and smiled. The Model 10 was arriving five days earlier than planned, and already had a good showing at home and on the continent. He thought a bit and then wrote up his reply.

International Division STOP Epoch Industries HQ STOP
American strategy progressing STOP Early delivery good STOP Competition uncertain STOP
Ardent Boqliq current threat STOP Caliban PMI strategic threat STOP Vermillion Dominion unknown STOP
Full report after analysis STOP


This website might be nice to have for future rounds


Has thousands from 1900 through to the 2000s

Seems to be very American Focused, too


This is amazing! Thanks!


Awesome thank you! I’ve just been using google image search… Not the best tool


April 13, 1946

Some CEOs are content with looking at advertisement brochures. Some even get by with assistants telling them scraps of information about their competitors. Pete Vermillion took a different approach. A more direct one.

“Huh. My son drove one of those in the war. Except this one is more…blue”

“Oh, trust me, good sir. This is not just the GPUV. There have been many changes to make it a perfect car for the civillian market.”

Peter looked underneath the car and noticed it still rocked the solid axle in the front. Many changes indeed. He then decided to go for a test drive.

That was an experience. This car. This car is supposed to seat five. It certainly didn’t feel like it would be able to. Pete Vermillion thanked the salesman for his time, and sighed in relief. The Bogliq was not a threat for now, and he could not imagine the other tin can makers to be more of a threat.

“…so you’re saying this thing only has a 4 banger underneath?” Pete asked, trying to feign worry.

“It is not only a 4 banger, sir. It gave our troops the reliabity they needed to win in Europe.”

Your troops, eh? Aboot that…” Pete said, proud of his take on the Canadian accent “Did our boys get to drive your vehicles?”

“Yes, of course, sir. They even found it better than that Bogliq truck.”

“I can imagine that” Pete said, remembering the Bogliq experience.

He looked underneath, noticed an independent suspension in the front. That wasn’t good. Them Canadians might be more of a threat than they seemed at first.


Entries for Round 1 are closed, and I’m now processing the results. Anyone whose company is not yet registered but wants to play, I’m still taking registrations for Round 2 and later.


what year range is the round 2?


Will be sometime between 1949 and 1952. I haven’t rolled the randomizer yet.


Motor World Review, August 1946

Model Year-In-Review Edition

Best Sedan – 1946 - Vermillion Athena

Relative Rating: 100.00

Our pick for Sedan of the Year, 1946, is none other than the Athena from Vermillion. The best all-around competitor we found, this 6 seat sedan gains high marks in every category we feel is important for a family or commuter car.

Under the hood is a 231 cubic inch straight-six putting out 104 horses. Rather unusually, Vermillion chose to put a pair of small carburetors on this motor. It pulls well throughout the band, and the 3 speed column shifter works well enough.

We found all 6 seating positions to be comfortable enough, though the middle positions of both rows are best suited to children, so as not to interfere with the driver’s elbow room or the space of passengers in the slightly narrow back.

On the road, the Vermillion is one of the best handling cars. It can also make it to nearly 100 mph in a spirited straight run.

While this is more expensive than several of its competitors, the Athena most definitely appears to be worth it.

Vermillion’s tagline is “Take a Look.” We couldn’t agree more.

Best Other – 1946 - PMI Usurper V8

Relative Rating: 97.09

Brawny and comfortable. These are two adjectives that come to mind after we tested the Art Deco-style Usurper from PMI. Part roadster and part luxury car, this V8 powered street figher is our Best Other Car of 1946.

Able to rocket to over 100 MPH, and cover the first 60 in just over 11 seconds, it’s plenty fast. Genuine wood trim all over the interior, two plush seats, and a radio round out the equipment list on the Usurper.

Perhaps it’s not the best handling car in the world, but the fun factor is undeniably there. As is the flash factor.

For those looking for a unique, thrilling ride, not much approaches the dollar for dollar value of this vehicle.

PMI may claim that the Usurper “has a way with women”, but we think that it is simply “the way” for sport in the current market climate.

Best Engine – 1946 - Vermillion 231cid Straight-6

Of the engines put before us this year, we are most impressed with the 231 cubic inch 6-cylinder from Vermillion. It is not the most powerful option on the market, but at 104 horsepower, it does the job with which it is tasked. And it does so with buttery smoothness and remarkable efficiency. For that, Vermillion Motor Company receives our Best Engine award for 1946.

Sedan Class Reviews

Epoch Model 10
“…unbeatably low purchase price is unfortunately compromised by a woefully underpowered 31 cubic inch (no, that is not a misprint) engine. One must carefully weigh the significant savings from low fuel consumption against the sheer amount of time to get from point A to point B.”

Pros: Best in class fuel economy, lowest purchase price, both by far
Cons: Unbelievably slow, poor practicality
Relative Rating: 86.15

ACA Corona V8
“…lavish interior appointments, standard AM radio, and beautiful exterior. The Corona shows why it was king before the war. Unfortunately, it still rides like it did almost 10 years ago, and the power plant is showing its age…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, very prestigious model
Cons: High purchase price, worst in class handling, poor reliability
Relative Rating: 90.77

Ardent Starlight 220 Deluxe
“…cramped seating for 6 people. Also, despite good manners and nimble handling on paved roads, we found it was a little less than pleasant on a rutted, muddy road. Overall, however, the package offered in the Starlight is a good one, particularly for a small sedan. The 99 cubic inch 4-cylider has proven to be trouble-free in extensive testing…”

Pros: Low purchase price, best in class reliability, best in round handling
Cons: Worst in class offroad, poor acceleration, low comfort
Relative Rating: 93.85

Bogliq Zealot Entrance
“…flat out uncomfortable. Also, the transmission is a simple hi-lo affair, which seems to tax the 122 cubic inch four to its limits. Once you get past that, however, you can see where the Bogliq has interesting value. And it comes mostly from its relationship to war-time transport models that Bogliq used to put out. Almost unbelievably, the tiny Zealot can go almost anywhere that a rough-and-tumble truck can, for a fraction of the cost…”

Pros: Best in class offroad, low purchase price
Cons: Very slow, worst in class comfort
Relative Rating: 92.31

Birmingham 5000
“…Smooth, comfortable, and fast. This solidifies the Birmingham 5000 as one of the must-have cars for managers and executives. It also places it out of reach for most average drivers. On the topic of averages, the Birmingham is not for the average driver in another aspect; it is a very raucous ride when pushed in any way, so only those who truly know what they are doing should be driving one in a spirited manner.”

Pros: Most prestigious in class, fastest in class
Cons: Least driveable, most expensive, least reliable
Relative Rating: 93.85

Dominion Victory
“…another reasonably balanced candidate. It combines the prudence and frugality of the Ardent with the size of the Vermillion. It falls short of the latter in our testing, but is still a strong overall contender…”

Pros: Low purchase price
Cons: Poor safety
Relative Rating: 92.31

Other Class Reviews

Deer and Hunt Fallow
“…a very good selection for rural owners and farm work, we still hoped that the Fallow would be a bit more rounded of a truck. We felt its motor was just too small to do an adequate job for large loads or for heavy towing work. On the other hand, it looks to be an inexpensive, reliable option.”

Pros: Low purchase price, high reliability, best in round offroad
Cons: Worst in round drivability, poor utility for what it’s trying to be
Relative Rating: 85.71

Caliban Thunder
“…gloriously spirited driving machine. It doesn’t have the sheer power of the PMI, but rather makes use of absolutely every horse, every inch of suspension. A bit of a shame that it’s a kit car, as it will not garner the attention it should were it a mainstream model.”

Pros: Best in round sportiness, great drivability, marvelous (albeit a bit advanced) engine
Cons: Limited availability, poor comfort, cannot be driven on unpaved roads at all
Relative Rating: 89.67

Epoch Industries - lore and model lineup thread (1867 onwards)
Bogliq Automotive USA
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Woah, I’ll take a 93.85 :slight_smile: