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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


Can I actually submit 2 cars?



  • Ah, James, enter.

  • Morning, Joseph.

Flops Motor World Review, August edition on desk.

Jospeh shrugs and looks at the cover, featuring a teeny weeny little budget car.

  • James, really, this is what you let us lend out our top of the line model to? They review toy cars.

  • It’s just the cover - and apparently the best sedan of 1957, I don’t claim to understand that one either - but, open up, page 28.

  • Oh… Well, time to change our advertising. And to buy a drink for old Francis at Usurper for tipping us off about this.

  • And for your engineer.

  • Haha, ok, alright James, you’re right, thank you.

Opens decorative globe at takes out a bottle of 25 year old Glenmorangie.

  • Care for some scotch?

  • Don’t mind if I do! You know, Joseph, I see future in this concept. We have a separate Spirit model line for our delivery vehicles, we have Roamer for the dedicated offroad trucks; but these adapted versions of the Roamers seem to have potential for the mainstream market.

  • Craziness, I call it. They are lacking for the city and in comfort and are too delicate and complex for the heavy hauling and offroad work.

  • It’s the future, Joseph! They are crossing the line between both types of cars. Let’s call them Crossovers.

  • Haha, the scotch is getting to your head already? That’s a horrible name!

  • Hmm, maybe you are correct. What about Sport Utility Vehicle?

  • SUV, “suf”…? That sounds like you can only pronounce that with disdain.

  • No, SUV, “S-U-V”, we sould trademark this!

  • Haha, let’s keep it in mind shall we, but don’t rush now… Let’s enjoy this scotch and our nomination.


Lord Mach’s residence, Cardiff. 23rd February 1961.

The chandeliers had been replaced by electric lamps, the flow of electrons now illuminating the hallways of Mach’s residence. At the bottom of the left side mansion, Zacharias’ office door stood closed, locked from the inside. Inside, Zacharias let a loaded syring dance around his fingers, suddenly interrupted by a knock on his door. He hid the syringe before answering.

Zacharias: “Yes? Who is this?”

Brown: “It’s me, Brown. Lord Mach needs to meet us at his office.”

Zacharias: “Ah, yes.”

Zacharias walked to the door, unlocking it and exiting, shaking hands with Brown.

Brown: “Big news. Walk and talk.”

Zacharias: “What’s happening?”

Brown: “ACA has changed some of the conditions to keep the partnership alive. Some of our designs will have to incorporate ACA parts, for example. They also want to have a stake in our motorsports operations.”

Zacharias: “What’s Lord Mach’s stance on this? With all due respect, I think this is a bit of a takeover.”

Brown: “That’s the worst part. He seems to be willing to play along.”

As Zacharias and Brown approached the last door before Mach’s office, a now teenager Williams Mach, the same person who would later become Lord Mach II, steered from his father’s advisors’ path, frowning.

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ACA HQ: Lansing, Michigan. | December 4th 1958

Sam walks into Conway’s office…

Sam: Um, sir.

Conway: Well done kid.

Sam: Huh?

Conway: Looks like your gamble paid off. It’s not selling too poorly and seeing as we have the most luxurious car in the class, I think we should be fine.

Sam: But sir, we were hardly the best. Did you not read the report?

Conway: To hell with that report. America wants comfortable cars, not sporty cars. Anyways, the only thing that did worry me about the report was the issues with reliability and practicality. Oh and that violation of the regulations. I need you and your design team to fix that ASAP.

Sam: Alright, sir. I’ll get to it.


Bogliq USA HQ

Detroit, Michigan

CEO Konstantin’s office, January, 1957

“We’ve dropped from first to fourth! We need to win back our heartland!” Fumed Konstantin. “Damn that McCarthy, we expanded too fast, too soon and now we got rats chewing up our marketshare!”

“We had to continue our expansion plans or else we’d be giving away entire markets to our competitors” Jake Mulligan, head of marketing, replied calmly. “The way I see it, the only ones who need to fear anything is our competitors; we’re in EVERYONE’S market, not just one or two”. “We sit astride the marketplace like a colossus, with the competition scrabbling for the crumbs off our plate! We just gotta keep focussed on being the benchmark in every market we are involved with and the sales will fall into our laps. We’ve got this in the bag…”

“Stop right there” interjected Konstantin. “You’ll doom us with that sort of talk; we’re only as good as the last model we built. I’ve already got the engineers making sure the cars are the apex of their segment but don’t discount our competition; Ardent is now second on the ladder, and all because they’re consistent. We let winning get to our heads… Well no more!!! I want everyone focussed on promoting Bogliq core values, am I clear?”

“Yes sir…”

“Good!, now leave me as I need to plan our next move.”

As Jake left, Konstantin sat back in his chair, opened his lower left hand drawer and pulled out the latest Motor World Review… Birmingham had stolen the Zealot’s value for money position and Caliban had embarrassed the sports Zealot. The Mutineer was getting old and couldn’t out sell the, much cheaper, new Epoch 30. The Maverick had been a swing and a miss and the market wasn’t over-excited over the Model 5 or the Model 6.

The expansion hadn’t failed but it hadn’t been the blitzkrieg that Konstantin wanted. But Bogliq still had a massive market share and a healthy history so things weren’t all doom and gloom… Bogliq just had to hold on and survive the next three; four; five years!


Car Can be found here.


Its just a facelift of the '51 model :stuck_out_tongue:


Lore post.



“So, Luke, what’s this “savage project” you’ve been keeping under wraps?” Mark Jasper asked during a design meeting.

“Something the world isn’t quite ready for, and we aren’t ready to build, either. I’m thinking, '65, we build and show the concept to the world, release the car in '66. It’ll fit better then, I’m sure of it.” Luke replied.

“So, what’s the plan for '61?”

“The Senator. We’ll need the 5.2 liter V8 for other things eventually, and the 3.9 liter V6, well, we can derive that from the V8. There’s a dirty trick to doing that, makes for a rough-running V6, but… We’ll need the parts in the 80’s at some point.”

“Wait, you’re talking about cutting V8’s in half, lopping two cylinders off one side, and welding the whole mess back together, aren’t you?” Mark asked, with more than a hint of skepticism.

“Precisely. Believe me, it’ll work. Yes, we could derive the V6 from that V12 you made, but it’d require a crankshaft we’re not quite ready to design. This buys us time.” Luke said.

“So, what’s the plan for the warehouse full of ‘spare’ cylinders?”

“Focus on building the engines for now. Leave my plans for the future to be learned later, when they’re more appropriate. If word got out about my plan for those cut cylinders, believe me, it’d cause all sorts of mayhem. People like to think in twos, threes, and fours. A motorcycle might have two cylinders, and no one minds that. Complete shitbox cars might have a three-cylinder engine. Four cylinder cars are becoming somewhat popular, and everyone knows the inline 6 is just three twos, or two threes. V6, well, it’s two threes. V8 is two fours. V12 is four threes or two sixes. So, believe me when I say the world isn’t ready yet for an engine made of two fives.”


Andrea Wright looked at the ad she’d made for the new car. She’d been with the company for a month now, and had found she could hold her own against the Engine Team’s pranks. However, she felt the new ad was… Maybe it was too angular, or too bold. Maybe there was too much information, or was there just not enough? She stood outside Luke Sinistra’s office, trying to get up the nerve to push the door open, to walk in and set the ad on Luke’s desk and ask for his approval.

She didn’t get the chance. Luke opened the door and nearly walked into Andrea. “My apologies… Andrea, is it? Those damned assholes in the Engine Design team stole my coffee beans again.” Andrea looked to the coffee mug in Luke’s right hand, and the cane in his left, then smiled.

“Was about to ask your approval for this ad.” Andrea said, offering Luke the thin page. She watched as Luke tucked the cane under his right arm, holding her ad in his left hand.

“I think it looks good. Gives enough information about the other engine option, without mentioning the dreadful ‘Low Cost’ versions. Keeps the image up. Consider it approved.”

“Thank you!” Andrea said, smiling.

“Out of curiosity, Andrea, what do you currently drive?”

“A 10-year old Bogliq Mutineer. Why?”

Luke tossed Andrea a set of keys. “Parking lot three, fifth space from the building, third row. Midnight Moonlight, Senator, LX 5200 with all the paperwork filled out. Welcome to the company, Andrea. Consider it a bonus for the quick turn-around on the advertisement. And for putting Mark Jasper’s hat inside the oil pan of his Raider. Yeah, I heard about that. Said he didn’t think you’d actually do it.”

“I got tired of him thinking I couldn’t work on engines. My father ran a farm, I was more interested in the tractors than my brothers. They went off to study law, I stuck around until the harvest was done. Could fix that stupid tractor with my eyes closed, cars ain’t that different.” Andrea said.

Luke smiled. “That’s why you’re part of the team. We do some races now and then, could use a good mechanic, a crew chief, if you will. Might drop some jaws on the other teams to find out a lady can change tires faster than they can.”

“What’s the catch?”

“No catch. Participation in the Sinistra Performance Division is completely voluntary. Just, you get to see new technology being applied and tested at the track. That, and you’ve got to be willing to get your hands dirty, but you’ve had no problems with that so far. But, I’ll let you think on that on your own time. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an Engine Team meeting to crash, and coffee to make.”

Vermillion Motor Co - The companion of your dreams

Bogliq Secret Test Track, October 1959

Somewhere in Michigan

Konstantin watched the little blue sedan race about the course then pull into the pits, where it was swarmed by mechanics and engineers. He then gestured over to his Chief Engineer to come closer…

“So, our answer to Caliban’s challenge is ready?”

“Yes sir, we have ample power, excellent straight line speed and the handling is razor sharp. We’ve even made the ride more comfortable!”

“So what’s the sting then?”

“The cost. This model runs 98 Octane fuel and costs 50% more than the previous model”

“Hmmmmm, that’s acceptable. We need a halo car or two and you’ve provided me one. Make sure it’s part of the Mk II program.”

“Yes sir, right away sir!”

Konstantin then gathered his briefcase and overcoat and walked back to his Maverick Empower, pleased that the Zealot program was proceeding as planned and on schedule…

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Ardent Corporate Headquarters

Tuesday, January 7, 1958

Jack looked up from the papers when he heard a knock at the door. The door swung open, and Stanton Glass hobbled in. Gray now streaked the engineer’s slicked-back hair, and the age lines on his face accentuated his burn scars.

“Stanton, please have a seat,” Jack motioned.

Stanton moved to his customary place when these meetings took place, turned to the side of the desk. Over the years his movement had slowed, though his mind was sharper than ever.

“We did well with the A1,” Jack started. “But competition is shifting again, and we need to look to solidify our position once again. I need you to take on another design, if you can.”

Stanton smiled. “As always, I’m your man. I may need a couple more junior designers, though.”

Jack nodded. “Staffing is a bit thin right now. I’m putting in a requisition with Personnel. We’re going to hire three more for Powertrain and four more for Design. Which brings me to my next point. How would you feel about sitting in on the interviews?”

Stanton’s expression disappeared, and his jaw slacked. “Me, sir?”

“Of course. You might want to know a few things about your potential new hires. That, and it’s your damned job, Stanton.”

“My job is to mold clay from paper, and steel from clay, Jack.”

“That was your only job before you were Chief of Design. Now you have meetings and staffing and all of that other fun stuff that comes with it. And it’s past time you took on the rest of your responsibilities.”

Stanton grimaced. He was saved from having to think of a comeback when Chancellor’s phone rang.

Ardent’s head honcho picked up the receiver. “Chancellor.”

“Jack, my friend,” Alonzo Rodriguez chirped on the other end. “I have some news about your inquiry. It should be arriving in your mailbox within the next couple of days.”

“Can you at least tell me if it’s good or bad news?”

“I would consider it good news, though my mind and yours are not the same,” the Spaniard replied.

“Bad news, then,” Jack grumbled.

“Where there is a will, there is a way. Your will is being tested. Remember, this is not up to me, but to those who hold the keys.”

“Yeah, I know, Alonzo. I guess we’ll see.” Jack hung up.

“What was that about?” Stanton asked.

Jack’s brows arched. “Maybe you’ll know some day. Four new hires, Stanton. That’s your goal.”’


1959 - Epoch USA office.

Sam was shocked. He sat in his office and read the letter again. He really wasn’t sure how to feel; on one hand he was very sad to hear of the passing of the head of the company, but on the other hand he was pleasantly surprised at the offer of promotion to head up the future concepts section over in the UK.

He sighed, wondering who would be chosen to replace him. He would, of course, be asked to give recommendations, but out of the three candidates, he held reservations about each one. One was too conservative and had no passion, but was great at the finance and planning side of things. The second was arrogant and hot headed, but knew how to get things done. And the third was the least experienced and often made rash decisions, but was loyal and hard working.

Sam sighed again. Unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to oversee the strategy for the next Epoch model release for the US market, but at least he could write up notes and observations and suggest that his replacement follow the original plan.


Late 1961 - Mathews Imports Offices, Los Angeles, California

David Mathews sits in his office, overlooking his yard, the unsold Duchess models sitting in the Californian sun. He had just returned from a meeting with his investors, having just sat down as his Brother, Emerton, burst into the room

Emerton: “David, Important piece of mail for you.”
David: “Whose it from?”
E: “Seems to be from… uh, Sakura Automotive.”
D: “Give me the letter and have a seat damn you.”

David read the letter, then re-read the letter, and read it again. His face showed signs of confusion.

D: “If I’m reading this letter right, they’re telling me to stop importing their cars, as we’ve undercut their expansion plan, but…”
E: “But what, David?”
D: “They said they’d be willing to partner with us. Sell their cars via our connections.”
E: “That’s… That’s amazing. I need to go tell Maria about this.”
D: “No, not yet. First go find us some property on the East Coast, we need to expand our lots.”

With that, Emerton walked out of the office, leaving David to wallow in his thoughts. This is a hopeful outlook for us David thought to himself, Maybe things aren’t going to be so bad. He lit a cigarette, as he gazed out of his office window.


Bogliq HQ, Prototype Showcase, September 1959

Detroit, Michigan

“So, what do you think?” The Chief designer indicated towards the nondescript yet shiny Model 7 prototype in the centre of the room.

“Hmmmm, nice, the car has real road presence” mused Konstantin.

“We wanted to take the bulbousness out of the design, get the car to hug the ground, excite the mind…”

“You’ve definitely achieved that! Let’s hope the American public agrees with your assessment.”

“Thank you sir, I’ll get production underway immediately”

Konstantin was pleased, the next generation was here and it would make all the established competitors look as stale as a two week old loaf of bread. This will finally do some real damage to Ardent’s reputation!

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.>be everybody

Economy: Mild recession



Hey my company has not much of a choice lore wise :frowning:


Mild recession matters not for the rich :stuck_out_tongue: