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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


Lord Mach’s residence, 9th of July 1961.

Lord Mach, Brown and Zacharias are once again reading the last issue. Suddenly, Mach’s hands start shaking, throwing the issue at the floor.


Brown: “Sir, the new platform has been hard to work on. We’re still trying to figure it o-”

Mach: “I want no excuses, Brown! The Type SC has become quite worse. Not only that, but we have Bogliq making a comeback, and that new company, Erin!”

Brown: “Sir, we’re doing the best we can.”

Mach: “Well, perhaps you should learn a thing or two from our American partners. They brought engineers here for something. I don’t want any more excuses, Brown, mark my words.”

Brown: “Yes sir.”

Four years later, 1965. Many events have taken place, Lord Mach developed a friendship with ACA’s owner, and William Mach has conceived the woman that would later become Lady Mach III.

Brown is talking to Zacharias in his office. William Mach, now an adult in his 20s, enters with no prior warning, closing and locking the door behind him.

Zacharias: “Sir, what are you…?”

William: “Listen up. I have a couple of questions.”

Without even asking, seemingly angry, William sat on the second chair on Brown’s side.

William: “Your cars are not what they used to be, am I right?”

Zacharias and Brown remained silent, trying to digest William’s words. Brown ended up nodding in defeat.

William: “I knew it. And I might know who’s guilty of this: ACA. My father knew exactly what he was doing with the original Type SC and look at the latest generation. From Britain’s greatest sport car to a sorry excuse of a deathtrap. I blame it on ACA forcing my father to buy and use their parts and watering down our cars.”

Zacharias: “And what do you suggest we do, Sir?”

William: “We will start putting limits to ACA’s influence on us. And we will let my father know there’s a limit of what’s acceptable. I’ll make sure I talk to the workers myself.”

( @Dorifto_Dorito your turn :wink: )


Early 1962, Sakura Automobiles HQ, Japan

CEO of Sakura, Takeji Hikado, sits at his desk, chipping away at the piles of paperwork. With a sudden sound, the door bursts open as KHI CEO, Kabeno Takanaguchi, walks in with a magazine in his hand.

Kabeno: “What is the meaning of this?” He gestures to the open page, and a review of the Sakura Duchess 25x from Motor World Review
Takeji: "The work of an illegal operation that we have partnered with. They bought our Duchess Models, made it fit the US regulations, and sold them. We decided to partner with this company, and start a network.
K: “I don’t approve of this maneuver, not at all. You showed me your expansion plan, this was not in the plan.”
T: “Well, we made it work, and now our name is out there in the US. Can’t change the past, Kabeno.” Kabeno storms out of the room, leaving the magazine behind, as Takeji starts to flip through the magazine

Late 1962, Mathews Imports Offices, Los Angeles, California

Emerton was walking back inside, as he notices a younger Japanese gentleman walking toward the building. He ducks inside, placing his briefcase and jacket down inside.

Emerton: “Hello, may I help you, sir?”
Gentleman: “Ah, good afternoon, my name is Takeshi Numura, I am the American liaison for Sakura Automobiles. Is this the Mathews Import Office?”
E: “Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Numura, I’m Emerton Mathews, Co-Founder of Mathews Imports. If you’d be willing to step inside, and talk with me and my brother?”
T: “Of course, Mr. Mathews.”


ACA HQ: Lansing, Michigan. | December 17th 1961

Sam once again walks into Conway’s office…

Louise: Hello, need to talk to Mr Conway?

Sam: Ah, yeah. Oh, I was wonderin-

Louise: He’s not here at the moment, you can wait in the lobby.

Sam: Ah, well I was just wondering if-

Conway: AH! Samuel. Just the person I was looking for. So tell me, how are the modifications to the Apache going?

Sam: Good afternoon sir. ahem. The modifications done to the Apache are looking well. We should be ready for production by January.

Conway: Brilliant! If all goes well, I’ll make sure to give you a promotion.

Conway moves over to a photo of a group of men standing outside a building

Conway: I’m getting old. You see this Samuel? The grand opening of the ACA factory in 1935. I was just a simple factory manager back then. I think you’ve got the guts to end up somewhere higher.

Sam: Uh…thank you sir…I don’t know how to respond

Conway: Well, you better make that car good before we start talking…

Lansing Town Hall: Lansing, Michigan. | December 20th 1962

A year has passed since the release of the updated Apache. With the success of the first year’s sales and reviews, a party was held in the Town Hall for its lead designer, Samuel Salazar.

Conway grabs Sam out of the crowd to meet some ACA shareholders

Conway: Gentlemen, meet Mr Salazar, the man responsible for the success of our new car!

All the shareholders shake hands with Sam

Sam: Ah, hello… Thank you…

Andrews: Hello Mr Salazar, its a pleasure to meet you.

Sam: Its a pleasure to meet you too Mr…

Andrews: Denver Andrews, I found your work fascinating. However did you manage to get help from those Europeans? You see, I believe that with our current success, it won’t be long before we are able to start opening up a new market in Europe.

Sam: Ah, Mr Andrews, well I just knew a couple of guys down there when I was studying in Europe.

Andrews: Well, you think that you can use those contacts to help us form a foothold in Europe. Skills and contacts like those are going to be vital in the coming years. Well, I’ve got to go, business calls, but if you ever want to contact me…

Andrews walks away giving Sam his business card

Louise: Oh, Sam! Good going on your promotion!

Sam: Ah, Louise. Um… I was wondering if you wanted to go have dinner with me next Sunday at 6?

Louise: Ooh… are you hitting on me? Hahaha, I would be glad to. Just don’t be late, you don’t wanna keep a girl waiting…


August 1961, somewhere in the Erin Headquarters, Nottingham, UK

It was 9:33 am. The factory was ticking over. Most of the team had arrived for work. Although still only a small office block with an equally small factory, there was clearly something ‘happening’ here. A new car company beginning to make its mark.

“…those bastards” said then-CEO of the company, Dominic Erin, slamming down his copy of Motor World Review. The weekly briefing wasn’t going off to a good start, it seemed.

“What have they said?” inquired Arnold Clark, one of his chief advisers.

“They’ve spelt the name wrong. ‘Laguna’. Are they blind?” ranted Dominic. He was a fiesty, strong willed man who liked to win. It was what had driven him to start his race team back in 1951, and what was now driving his will to turn it into a functioning car company.

Arnold and the rest of the table chuckled. “How bloody typical eh” he remarked, pushes his glasses up his nose a little.

“Aside from that, they like the car. Quite a lot it seems” said Dominic. It was a sense of relief. He knew his company had to nail this car after their previous attempts at sports-cars-based-on-race-car-chassis had predictably ended up making two properly hard to drive vehicles.

A sense of relief went across the table. Harold Forgely, the man who had styled the Lagana and was now the company’s chief designer, wondered how they could have messed it up. “It’s an American publication, right?” he said, with a thick Derbyshire burl coming through his voice.

“Yes” replied Dominic, studying the page where the magazine had reviewed a rival car from Caliban.

“Bloody yanks” replied Harold, “they can’t style cars and they can’t spell names properly either”. Having worked at a few other British companies in the design department, he felt he was well versed to make such judgements.

“It’s the way it goes. A slight trip-up in the grand scheme of things” remarked Dominic, turning his leather swivel chair to look out over to the factory. He’d poured his life into this company, and had never predicted 10 years before when they first lined up on the starting grid at Le Mans that they would be selling production cars, let alone both sports and family cars.

That family car of course, was the Merna, the company’s first venture beyond high performance motoring. Domininc could see lines of the things in the massive parking area at the bottom end of the factory, waiting to be picked up by transporters or loaded onto trains to be sent across the country and across the channel to Europe.

It was uncharted waters for him, and every so often it would scare him how far he was going and how quickly the Erin Motor Company was developing. But he knew he didn’t have to worry; by his side - or in this case, sitting behind him at a meeting room table - were people who believed in his vision and shared his passion for the motor car. And, they were committed to the company. He couldn’t ask for much more than that.


13th September, 1961, TSR HQ JAPAN

Tomo: It’s amazing Motor World Review sent us the latest Magazine to Japan!
Opens the Magazine and read them
Ryo: The Kansai is very well-criticized! Sales of the Kansai are improving! This is great Tomo-San!
Tomo: Yep. Still ludicrously expensive but all that bad sales day are over. We are now even with the competition. Who knew, the Fenton GT was the best in this segment. Very well-balanced car.
Ryo: I got a plan.
Tomo: And that is…
Ryo: You remember right when Boqliq revealed the Vision: Two?
Tomo: Yeah, why?
Ryo: Where’s the engine?
Tomo: At the middle. Wait… You’re not thinking what I’m thinking!
Ryo: I’m not planning to make the Kansai to mid-engined. We need to make a new model.
Tomo: Very well. Let’s do the prototype.
Ryo: But no one knew how to mid-engine a car.
Tomo: We’ll see how technology evolves. For now, we should have a toast for our Kansai. Our baby has grown. What an overrated baby turned to be a beautiful child.
To be continued



-We’re soon in trouble if this thing will continue. Our old Saturn engines won’t cut it anymore against the competition, people are joking about the performance of even the Flaire!

-Have you heard about Kingston Motor company?

-No, should I?

-Their technology will soon be under the hood of every IP automobile.

-Oh, so what are they, some kind of sports car maker?

-Definitely not. Their only model is a copy of the Willys Aero technically, with an even more bland sedan body.

-Wait a minute! You don’t mean that we are getting a copy of an old Willys engine I hope?

-No, he (George Kingston) have invested and invested and invested in a new engine, it’s a gem compared to the Saturn unit, alloy head, overhead camshaft, you name it! But he is running out of money and IP is watching the failure of his company as a hawk, buying his whole car company when he’s turning bankrupt soon. Also, they do have an exciting sports sedan in their pipeline, it’s going to be released as a coupe too…

To be continued


Round 5 - 1964

The Soviet Union strikes a bit of a blow to the US space program by becoming the first to launch a man into space, Yuri Gagarin. The US ends up being second when Alan Shepard achieves the feat for them later on. To keep from falling behind, President Kennedy urges congress to fund a manned lunar mission by the end of the decade, to the tune of $531 million dollars. The US launches a failed coup in Cuba using Cuban exiles, which increases hostilities and plays a role in the escalation of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Meanwhile, racial tensions in the South are at a fever pitch when black students attempt to enroll in “white” colleges. A whole new storm washes ashore when the Beatles catch fire in America, causing a cultural phenomenon. And a new iconic landmark is completed out west, with the Space Needle in Seattle readied for the World’s Fair. Economically, the past few years have seen the reversal of the previous recessions, with slow but steady growth and a decline in unemployment.


Unemployment: Moderate-low
Inflation: Low
Economy: Growing
Short-term economic forecast: Good

Notable Social and Political Happenings

Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepard become first men in space. Kennedy asks Congress for funding to put a man on the moon. Cuban missile crisis. The Space Needle completed in Seattle. Spiderman first appears in comic books. Kennedy is assassinated, Lyndon B. Johnson becomes president. Beatlemania begins. Studebaker ends production. Racial tension in the South about to boil.


Fuel: Leaded (universal), Super Leaded (universal)
Bumpers: Required, but no regulation as to size or strength. (Strength requirements will not occur until 1973)
Front lights and fixtures: At least one pair of headlights required. At least one pair of turn indicators required. Turn signals may be placed in bumpers.
Front light colors: No red may face forward.
Rear lights: At least one pair of brake lights. At least one pair of turn signals. At least one pair of reverse lights. Turn signals and reverse lights may be placed in bumpers. If turn and brake lights are in the same fixture and of the same color, there must be a minimum of two bulbs in the fixture.
Rear light colors: Brakes must be red. Reverse must be white. Turn signals cannot be white.
Side marker/signal lights: Front side markers required. Rear side markers not required.
Side light colors: front side may be amber only, rear side may be red only.
Mirrors: Driver’s side required.
Aerials: Long mast or retractable antenna required if car has a radio.
Fuel fillers: Fillers on the rear panel and hidden behind fixtures are legally allowed. (Regulation banning these will occur in the mid-70’s)

File Naming Convention:

Model: Gen5-(username) Trim: (MFR Model Trim)
Engine: Gen5-(username) Variant: (Whatever you want)
Export and PM me the .car file, make a post about your car in your lore thread (if not already there), and post an ad in this thread BEFORE the round deadline.

If your company hasn’t registered for the competition yet and you want to participate in this round, please PM the required company information as well as your submission prior to the round deadline.

Round 4 deadline: Thursday May 24, 9:00 AM PDT (UTC-8)

Registrations for new companies are still being accepted.

Companies now eligible in this competition:

Kimura Motors, Ltd.

Also, I apologize for the exhaustion-induced typos last night.


If amber rear turning signals is used, is it OK to combine brake light and taillight in the same fixture even if it’s only single bulb then? (done on many cars IRL by having a dual-filament bulb)


If it’s one fixture, it has to have at least 2 bulbs. Whether that’s red-red or red-amber is up to you. But I have to be able to see it.



Believing that if it worked once, it should work again, Luke rallied the design teams to create an up-market station wagon. After all, the success of the Senator meant that the company’s teams were, as a collective group, quite pleased with themselves for what they’d accomplished three years ago, and even now, they just about couldn’t keep pace with the demand. As the economy improved slowly, demand for the “Budget Luxury Sedan” skyrocketed, and Sinistra Motors was forced to expand their factory for the first time in company history. Plant 2, as it would come to be known, was four-times the size of the original factory, now labeled as Plant 1, and was nearly dedicated to the production needs of the Senator. As a result, the stockpile of “Missing Cylinders” as a result of turning 5.2 liter V8’s into 3.9 liter V6’s ended up filling the first on-site warehouse. The solution? Build another warehouse.

By sharing 100% of the driveline components, even down to suspension arms and half-shafts, the Monarch was a light gamble on whether station wagons would be popular enough among those who were looking for a new car, or whether they needed to make a step in a different direction.

Meanwhile, the Engine Design Team was busy working on one of Luke’s secret projects, taking the V8 engine from a ‘mere’ 5.2 liters and making two new concept engines out of it, but that’s a story for a different year.


At the cost of sounding like a major moron, are we supposed to be factoring in markup? Because this sounds wrong… unless you’re considering its break-even retail value. I’ve been so focused on stat tuning for these competitions that markup completely slipped my mind.


From what I remember, markup doesn’t import, unless something changed


Ardent Headquarters

Monday, November 20, 1961

Jack Chancellor looked out over the grounds of Ardent Headquarters. The long-standing factory, built in 1892 as a foundry, churned out another Starlight. Its Sunshine Yellow paint cut through the gentle haze of the crisp autumn morning.

The Starlight was in its twilight years; design of its successor was nearly complete, headed by Eugene Morrow. Even still, the replacement car would not be produced at this factory, but rather a new, expansive facility farther downstream on the Ohio River.

The company that Jack had taken over 29 years ago had grown into a global competitor. With the acquisition of Townsend Coachworks, they also had credibility in the luxury market. His new plans for expansion were coming to fruition.

He smiled, taking a puff on a fat cigar and a swig of scotch from the glass in his hand. On the desk behind him sat a letter from Alonzo Rodriguez, congratulating him on the purchase of a plot of land just outside of Valencia, as well as informing him that the hurdles toward building a factory on Spanish soil were disappearing. Likewise, he had received similar news from Manzanillo, Mexico, where a plot had been acquired close to the port city.

It was only a matter of time, he felt, before fortune in the domestic market swung back their way. Perhaps they were still short-staffed on design, having been late to market a couple times recently with key models. But other staples, such as their trucks, continued to dominate.

It would be Ardent’s day, though, soon enough.

kmBlaine - I base that just off of the raw cost, no markup, in the markets tab.


Bogliq USA HQ

Detroit, Michigan

Things were looking up for Bogliq USA. Sure, the brand new Nihilist failed to land a knock-out blow on the competition, but Bogliq was the highest rated of the big local companies and the entire model range was fighting fresh and well liked in their respective market segments. The time for aggressive model proliferation was over; consolidation was the key for success going forward.

Konstantin had also heard, via contacts both at home and abroad, that Ardent was expanding overseas. This new move by Ardent troubled him, so he ordered a special taskforce be formed, to examine the feasibility of Latin America and Africa as potential markets for expansion outside the USA. If Ardent could do it, then Bogliq needed to be there to stymie their efforts at dominance, no matter what!



Ryo: So, we have a new legend now…
Tomo: Yep. Our secret weapon.
Ryo: JFK is assassinated last year. That’s sad, cuz I have been friends with him… Anyways, this is our trump card. Our facelifted Kansai’s are now cheaper which means more people buying the car. After all, the US’s economy is steadily growing…
Tomo: Yeah right. Let’s reveal the car!

The 1964 New York International Auto Show

The car is revealed. With it’s cover taken off, revealing the shiny gloss black TSR Kansai.

-The new 1964 TSR Kansai GTS revealed in the New York International Auto Show

Then, the advertisement was made…

Lore thread is here!


Mathews-Sakura Dealership Offices, Los Angeles, California, late 1963

David was was having his 3rd cigarette of the day, reading through some reports when a knock at the door caught his attention. He beckoned them in, as he turned to look, he muttered an expletive under his breath. His Wife, Claire, was standing in-front of his desk

David: “What do you want, dear?”
Claire: “I want you to come home, okay? We can spend some time together, like we used to before all of this” She motions with her hands to the office, and the papers “Just for one day, David, one day.”
D: “Fine, I’ll grab my things.”

Sakura Head Office, Kurashiki, Japan. Late 1963

Takeiji and his Operations team were in an intense discussion about future plans for the American market, as he is tapped on the shoulder by an Intern

Intern: “Sir, Subaki would like to talk.”
Takeiji: “Tell Subaki to meet me in my office. We can pick up this conversation tomorrow.”

Takeiji half rushes to his office. A meeting with Subaki is never a good sign Takeiji thinks, as he opens the door to his office. A few moments later, the Vice President of KHI - Subaki Meijidora - walks through the door.

Takeiji: “Ah, Mr. Meijidora, what is the purpose of this meeting?”
Subaki: “Well, Kabeno is less than pleased with your expansion into the US.”
T: “We’ve been selling as many cars as we’ve imported, we have a waiting list for Christs sake! How can he be ‘Less than pleased’ with our expansion?”
S: “He doesn’t like your American business partners, he thinks they’re going to run to the hills, and take our brand down in the US.”
T: “So he has no confidence in my decisions?”
S: “That is correct, Takeiji. He’s asking for you to step down as CEO of Sakura.”
T: “And if I refuse? What then?”
S: “Then you lose your job. He’s giving you a year to fix the ‘problem.’”
T: “That seems like a long time.”
S: “6 months to get the US more interested in our Duchess, you don’t meet that target, then you’re in a deeper hole, Understand?”

Car Can Be Found Here


Mid 1963

Blake : well. let’s start this meeting. talking about our expansion to the US. it’s a step in the right direction. we are selling quite the number there. which is good. but…

Grudsen : let me guess, you’re not satisfied?

Shew : well to be frank, we actually have a sales goal for the US. and we did meet it. but secretly hoped it would have been a breakthrough. but i guess we are just putting up our expectations too high

Hamston : i say it’s nobody’s fault. if you can say anyone is at fault at all. we are just not familiar with the market over there. the roads. what people demands. we only have surveys and predictions when i was designing the car. and now we have hard data and feedback from the consumers. i overestimated the roads over there. i knew they are building a massive highway network. but there’s still a lot of less developed roads. our car was not comfortable enough at speed. plus, we only had minimal experience making a high speed car, i made a mistake in the suspension geometry that led to some instability at high speed. it was fixed, but it was too late. we lost our chance at making that big debut.

Blake : Hamston there you go again. stop blaming yourself. look at the sales number. it’s a success! it may not a big breakthrough. but you did it with only prediction and minimal information at the time. it’s an amazing result

Shew : i agree. you and your skills are basically what half of this company is based on. no need to be so humble, you can lift your chins up a bit.

Grudsen : anyway. that’s enough cheering Hamston up. what do we do next? here’s some info i have gathered since we expanded there. the economy seems to be growing ever so slightly faster every year, and i haven’t found a good reason to think that it will stop soon. so the budget car market is going to be shrinking and our strategy of going the cheap car route won’t hold for much longer. also i found another part of the reason why our car didn’t gain as much market

Drops a review magazine on the table

Grudsen : this. the Senator. i thought we europe were the ones pushing new tech, and they refine old tech. that’s why some of us get the unreliable labeling. because we’re producing unproven tech. and yet, what is this? they’re using the same new V6 technology as us, also the same Overhead Cam just like us.

Hamston : oh wow. this completely catches me off guard. we’re not on the bleeding edge anymore. sigh i have to do some decisions. our V6 is new. but if this is the case, we have to re-evaluate if it’s beneficial to just push an even newer tech, or just refine this existing one.

Blake : that will have to be decided after we decide with what approach we want to go with next. i see it we have to go upmarket. that would leave only 2 options in general. sports car, but american style or big luxurious and heavy slab of metal.

Hamston : of which, both approach, we have no experience in. but Grudsen, you did say that fuel is not much of a concern right? if i can go disregard fuel economy, i think i can push our V6 to make upwards of 200hp possibly. but going luxury… i don’t know. is pushing such a big car with such weak brakes and engine really what these people wanted?

Grudsen : apparently so. the senator. expensive, 3 speed automatic. it’s just a point and drive machine to float above the road. people don’t drive like we do over here. they go fast, but steady, but also in comfort if possible.

Blake : so we’re split? looking at what we have. a sports car seems to be more sensible to make. but we’re hesitant if that’s what people want. but the luxury cars are hard to make, but is what people want. i don’t think we can come to a conclusion today. i want you all to go and collect more info we could use on the next meeting next week. for today, meeting is finished

i fukkin did it again


Introducing our most prestigious, safe, and refined vehicle yet. The range-topping Epoch M30 3.3 features a completely redesigned smooth six cylinder engine that produces power whenever you want it, without draining your wallet through your fuel tank. The M30 3.3 redefines affordable luxury, with premium appointments throughout the cabin and a state-of-the-art radio system installed as standard. Let our best offering yet whisk you away with a quiet grace that you wont find without outlaying double the purchase price.


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