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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


A time of turnover and change at Olympus Motor Group. The founders were well into their 60s. Robert Stewart had retired, Jerry Springstead had passed on, Lazarus Wayne was not much more than a figure head, and Eli Webb had begun mentoring his replacement. Even Dale and Joe Rathbone, the twin brothers who’s shrewd investing, and clever marketing had breathed this company to life, were feeling their age. It would be another 10 years or so, until their children would be old enough to take the reins.
In the meantime, the boys had hired a new CEO to oversee the design and direction of their flagship marque, Olympus Motors. After a disastrous debut of Jacob Osborne, who had been mentored into the position back in 1958, the brand had gone through a series of cosmetic cover-ups, rather than coming out with new models. Osborne had been right about one thing however; there was too wide a gap in between the Libra and Virgo models, that needed to be addressed by an intermediate sized vehicle.
Osborne’s Capricorn design was revisited. The horrific front fascia was replaced with a more dignified look. The front wheel drive concept was scrapped for the more traditional rear wheel drive. The wagon variant was also ushered into the dust bin, as it seemed to be the antithesis of the Olympus brand and image. The only thing that remained was the name, and the availability of both sedan and coupe variants.
Other things that saw change under this new management, uniquely for this model. It would not be made available with an OlympusSix™ engine; instead only available with a DOHC version of the 4th generation Herculean™ V8. The Capricorn would be available in Premier and Luxe trim, but not in the opulent DuLuxe trim. And while the other brands under the OMG banner had utilized television and radio advertising, the Capricorn would be the first Olympus to grace the small screen. The Capricorn Premier Sedan shown below was $1,700 in 1964; that would be $13,675 today (approximately)

Grace! Elegance! Class! These words describe the new 1964 Olympus Capricorn. Experience the ease and comfort of Olympus’s Lux-O-Matic™ automatic transmission. Marvel at the crystal clear sound of the premium AM radio. Relax, assured that your entire family is sitting comfortably in the safest premium family sedan. The Capricorn by Olympus!


Ardent Headquarters

Monday, May 6, 1963, 9:25am

Ray Salducci sat at his drafting table, looking over the latest drawings for the Orion Type 1A, Ardent’s small straight six introduced in '62. Initial reports were starting to come in that there might be a problem with freeze plug fittings. He shook his head in disbelief; this was a bit of an embarrassment for a new product to have a problem like this, yet he had yet to successfully trace what might cause it.

As he pondered, a dark form moved in his peripheral vision. He looked up and to his side, where his boss Desmond Wainwright stood, his mouth agape, searching for words.

“Mr. Wainwright, sir? Is there something wrong?” Ray asked.

He nodded slowly and swallowed the lump in his throat. “Jack Chancellor is dead.”

The pit of Ray’s stomach fell instantly. “What?”

“He… he apparently had a heart attack Friday night. He’s…”

Ray’s crossed himself, almost reflexively. “God rest his soul. I’m sorry.”

Desmond nodded. “Thank you, Ray. I spoke with Stanton. All design staff are dismissed for the day. Tomorrow will be a day of remembrance in-office. Food and drink provided by the company. Dress accordingly.”

Ray nodded. His attention turned back to the schematics.

The last task Mr. Chancellor ever gave us.

Cincinnati Enquirer, Business Section

Monday, August 13, 1963

Much news has come to us from Ardent Motor Corporation this afternoon. In the wake of Jack Chancellor’s passing, the automotive manufacturer has been searching for a new CEO. It seems they have finally made the decision. Charles Bergman, previously the president of Markham Corporation, has been hired as their new top executive.
In a brief statement, Bergman said, “It is an honor to take the helm of such an illustrious manufacturer. I look forward to continuing the works of my predecessor, who was truly a visionary.”
That was not the only news today with respect to Ardent’s hierarchy. Ardent also announced today that Jeffrey Moss, long-time president of the Townsend Coachworks division, will be retiring at the end of this year. So having completed the hunt for one executive candidate, they are now on the prowl for another.

Trim for competition: '64 Trinidad Super Six in Ocean Blue Metallic


the next week

Blake : gentlemen, good morning. i hope you all have more info for today’s meeting. what have you all gathered?

Hamston : well me and my team has been working hard trying to upgrade our engine to where we need to be. good news. it’s possible.

Blake : oh, that’s great, so…

Hamston : not yet. there’s more bad news then there is good news. we need to push the engine to the limit with not much room to grow. the time for preparing and tooling the factory means we may not make it in time by next year. it’s basically feasible… just not reasonably so.

Blake : … well that’s not what i wanted to hear. Grudsen. what about you?

Grudsen : sadly not much more info. just more data and public feedback. they seem to be really split on sports car or luxury. i think we’re fine if we go either way. so i think it’s better to make the easier one to make

Shew : okay we can just transform the Falmo into an entry level premium car for next release. but what about the engine then?

Hamston : as much as it pains me to do this. i have a proposal. let’s put revising our V6 as a plan B. as it won’t be as good as we wanted it to be by our set release time. let’s contact some other manufacturers and see if we can buy their engine, and we can just make a new fitting for the engine in the falmo.

Grudsen : oh no. that’s more work for me isn’t it?

Hamston : i’m sorry Grudsen. but it sounds to me like the most reasonable approach right now. also. what would you say to this Blake?

Blake : sounds risky. how bad would the Plan B work?

Hamston : not quite sure. i’m pretty sure we can refine it enough to get it to make more than 150hp. but no promise anything above that. and also no promise for the fuel efficiency

Blake : okay then. Shew, you okay with this?

Shew : well doesn’t sound like we have much other choice. so let’s get on it.

we are looking for a partnership deal to buy an engine in our 1964 Falmo Release

what we want :

  • at least 200hp
  • at least 15% efficiency
  • ‘reasonably priced for the tech’

go PM me


am i allowed to supply engines even when i am not part of the competition?


Yes, because it’s the overall car that’s graded.



Deer and Hunt Repair shop. 1pm. 1961

Jason was sitting at his desk. But not looking at the books. He was looking out the window, waiting for something… or rather somebody…

The door opened with a big bang.


William was standing in the doorwell. Sweaty and gasping for air.

“Take a seat Will”
Jason pointed at the seat which was on the other side of his desk.

“Umm thanks.”
“So what makes you almost get an hearth attack ?”

“Oh Yeah!”
Quickly William grabs the latest version of reviews from his inner jacket pocket.
“Here! Read it!”

“Why don’t you read it to me. I am a bit tired”

“Um okay ?”
William cleared his throat
“With the Buck, you get an uncompromising work van, powered by a 170 horsepower…”

Jason chuckled.

“You already read this right ?”

“I may have. Some other people here were already celebrating. And so should we!”
Jason gets two glasses out his desks, put them on his desk and fills them with a whiskey he already had on the desk.

“Cheers, Will!”

They both emptied their glass and slammed them back on the desk.

“So whats next Jason? Hawaii?”

“No… I have plans… We gonna show them who is the biggest animal in this forest”


November 1961

After just two months, the new 1962 Fenton GT is selling like never before. The Everette’s replacement is due to launch in just a few weeks. A critical question is raised by the GT’s newfound life.

Fenton put down the copy of Motor World Review that he had been perusing for the last hour. Something had been bugging him for a while now and seeing the GT make top mark’s in Motor World Review pushed it into full on vexation: the GT and the Everette were different – much too different.

He got up, walked out of his office and towards that of his colleague who was the inarguable father of the Everette. When Fenton arrived, the door was open. He leaned upon the door frame and gave a slight knock on the door itself. Everette Haverford looked up and immediately greeted him.

“Hey, Fenton. To what do I owe the pleasure of presence?”

“You remember the conversation we had about the Everette a few months back? About making it into its own line?” Fenton asked.

“Of course.” Everette responded.

“I’m simply going to reiterate what we said before. I think we should do it.” Fenton stated, matter-of-factly.

“Hmmm.” Everette pondered. “Marketing says its a risky move since even the Fenton nameplate isn’t well established. I…”

Before he could finish, Fenton cut him off. “Marketing should be worried about brand image just as much. The Everette is a great car, don’t get me wrong. But it has precisely nothing in common with the GT. So we’ve got a Ford and a Mercedes with the same nameplate. Does that make sense?”

Everette paused and pondered what Fenton had to say. “…I have to say, I agree. And with the opcoming SE model… Two different tangents.”

“Come on, Everette – you deserve the credit anyways.”

“Well, if you insist…” Everette said. “Wait, do you mean to do this before launch? Is there enough time.”

Fenton smiled at him. “Won’t even be an issue. I had the lawyers preemptively trademark the name after we had the conversation. We just need to convince the board and its your brand.”

“…wow.” was all Everette could muster.


And so Everette was launched as its own brand. For 1964, the Everette Ellston gained a new 244 cubic inch V8, power steering, and front disc brakes in the true 1960s way of “keeping up with the Jones’s”.


( @HighOctaneLove round 2 starts now :wink:)


By 1964, the Lagana had firmly established itself as Erin’s most successful sports car yet, with consistent year-on-year sales that had earned them recognition from even their most toughest of rivals. 1964 too would also see a big increase in sales for the car for one key reason: motorsport.

Erin took the decision in 1962 to enter two race-prepped Laganas into GT +2.0 class of the World Sportscar Championship, up against homologated rivals from the likes of Bonham and Zavir to name a few, expanding their team to a two-division operation alongside their prototype entries. It was a well-executed move, and would lead to 1963’s stunning dual constructors title in both Division III of the manufacturers championship and the sub-3.0l class of the prototypes championship.

Original Lore Post


Baltazar-Bush enters the challenge, with the new for 1964 Baltazar-Bush Pollux V8L.

Car post

Baltazar-Bush backstory




15 hours remain, I’m still missing 6 possible submissions!


1964 Bogliq Mutineer Entrance Mk II


Check out the specs HERE

Buy better, buy Bogliq


1964 Falmo GTL

with a partnership forged between Grehet and Boqliq. we present to you. Grehet Falmo GTL. powered by Boqliq’s Gamma 8 engine


<Leviathan Motor Company (LMC) - 1964 Sunspear


Lore post.


this car is fairly ugly but i have been busy this week so its not top drawer


Royal Canadian Motors (RCM)

Motor World Review, August 1964

Model Year-In-Review Edition

Best Sedan – 1964

Vermillion Athena 276
Relative Rating: 100.00

We must sometimes sound like a broken record. Once more, we hold up Vermillion’s Athena as our Sedan of the Year, this time for the 1964 model year.

When we last wrote about the Athena, it was powered by a straight six. Now it boasts a 276 cubic inch V8, topped with a pair of 2-barrel carburetors. 206 horses are unleashed when the throttles are opened, passed through a 4-speed manual to the rear.

Fit and finish is typical of the class, though the radio includes programmable resets, which is a nice feature. As well, Vermillion includes power steering on the Athena, which makes parking a breeze.

We’re confident that the Athena will hold up well, and thus it again gains our endorsement.

Best Sport or Touring Car – 1964

PMI Usurper Elegant GT
Relative Rating: 96.96

Speaking of repeats, PMI has scored another victory in our book, this time with the Usurper Elegant GT.

PMI has restrained themselves somewhat this time around, with 248 cubic inch V8 under the hood that outputs a modest 180 horsepower. At least, modest when you consider the competition.

While not the fastest in any given direction, the Usurper holds its own, with a sub-10 second 0-60 time. It is, however, a very comfortable and chic cruiser, if not a bit controversial with regards to its styling.

For all that you get, the purchase price of PMI’s tourer is actually quite reasonable.

It is, in our opinion, the must-have in this class.

Best Utility – 1964

ACA Model 60
Relative Rating: 100.00

ACA’s Model 60 pickup is our Utility of the year for '64.

There is nothing bizarre or fancy about this design. Just a strong 350 cubic inch V8, automatic transmission with locking hubs for four wheel drive, and a bench seat with a basic AM radio for the long road.

ACA’s Model 60 is expected to go long on the road, too, with good reliability.

It’s nothing to write home about as far as its drive. It’s not an exciting or thrilling vehicle. But it is as solid and tough as they come.

Best Engine – 1964

LMC 289cid V8
(+5% relative rating bonus)

Of the engines put before us this year, we are most impressed with the 289 cubic inch V8 from Leviathan. A large, powerful, yet smooth V8, we anticipate that this will be a workhorse for years to come. With 192 horsepower and 262 ft-lbs of torque, it also has the grunt to power a wide range of vehicles. For that, LMC receives our Best Engine award for 1964.

Sedan Class Reviews

Townsend Trinidad Super Six
Relative Rating: 86.56

“…quite a pleasure to drive, once you get past how slow it is compared to the competition. This little car gives a premium experience for entry-level price…”

Pros: Low purchase price, good comfort, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor reliability, very slow

LMC Sunspear
Relative Rating: 85.68

“…utilizing a wonderful engine. But handling woes caused by its massive size and suspension setup may reduce its attractiveness…”

Pros: Very comfortable, engine of the year, good safety
Cons: Poor handling, poor drivability, poor fuel economy, poor reliability

Baltazar-Bush Pollux
Relative Rating: 97.48

“…big, beefy V8 engine. The Pollux gets up and goes willingly, and our testing shows it will stay going…”

Pros: High reliability, good performance
Cons: Poor rough road handling

Epoch M30 3.3
Relative Rating: 94.96

“…very dated styling, and equally dated handling. Yet despite its shortcomings, this sedan performs admirably on all kinds of roads, in all sorts of conditions…”

Pros: Good rough road handling, good poor weather handling, good safety, good economy
Cons: Comparatively poor normal road handling, somewhat high purchase price

Sinistra Monarch
Relative Rating: 93.28

“…good handling car, but the interior is rather stuffy. Also, we don’t have great confidence in the long-term reliability of this vehicle…”

Pros: Best in round drivability, good economy.
Cons: Poor reliability, high purchase price

Dominion Victory V8
Relative Rating: 86.56

“…couldn’t find a comfortable seating position. Also, the doors and hood don’t seem to close as solidly as other cars…”

Pros: Low purchase price, good reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, poor safety, worst in class economy

Deer and Hunt Goonie Rocket
Relative Rating: 70.59

“…very comfortable, with a long list of impressive features. But the car’s presence in life doesn’t live up to its hype on paper…”

Pros: Very comfortable, prestigious model
Cons: Very high purchase price, awkward and poorly matched engine, poor safety

Bogliq Mutineer Entrance
Relative Rating: 91.60

“…the least powerful engine in the class still manages to make a go at it. Overall, the Bogliq is a good entry sedan, and amongst our top picks…”

Pros: Lowest in round purchase price, good fuel economy, good reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, lowest in round prestige, poor handling

Everette Elston Custom
Relative Rating: 94.12

“…is easily the smoothest driving of the bunch, easily capable of handling urban and rural life at the same time…”

Pros: Best in round practicality, high drivability, decent comfort
Cons: Poor reliability, poor safety

Olympus Capricorn Premier
Relative Rating: 96.64

“…our pick for a premium car this year. Its handling is refined and sublime, and the 305 V8 motors powerfully through the band…”

Pros: High drivability, high safety, decent sportiness, good comfort
Cons: Worst in class reliability, high purchase price

Birmingham 5000 Custom Cruiser
Relative Rating: 78.99

“…a car that really can’t decide what it’s trying to be. The engine seems to be part sports car, part economy car…”

Pros: High comfort, reasonable purchase price
Cons: Low reliability, poor economy, poor drivability

Falmo GTL
Relative Rating: 88.24

“…nice country road cruiser. Other than a throaty 279 V8, there’s not a whole lot that stands out…”

Pros: Fast, good drivability, good comfort
Cons: Poor reliability, high purchase price, very high maintenance costs

Sport/Touring Class Reviews

IP-Kingston Celestia Sprint
Relative Rating: 83.30

“…motor not only hits, but shatters, the one-HP-per-CID formula. It can also handle a sharp turn well. But there are costs associated with…”

Pros: Best in round sportiness, high reliability
Cons: Poor driveability, worst in round fuel economy, worst in round comfort

Erin Lagana GTS
Relative Rating: 91.50

“…miniscule V12 loaded with caruburetors makes for a heart pounding, pulse-racing ride. Compared to its competition, however, steering is not terribly responsive…”

Pros: Fast, high comfort
Cons: Poor reliability, mediocre handling

Caliban Thunder Rev.4
Relative Rating: 90.13

“…throwing around a little car like this is so much fun, more so with the Caliban based on its willingness to deke…”

Pros: Best in round lateral acceleration, high reliability
Cons: Worst in round safety, poor prestige

Sakura Duchess 25x
Relative Rating: 88.76

"…Sakura’s budget sports car just can’t stack up against the Takemi in handling, reliability, or even economy… "

Pros: Low purchase price, mediocre performance
Cons: Poor economy, poor reliability, poor drivability

TSR Kansai GTS
Relative Rating: 79.21

“…another super-premium Kansai that, while it performs well, just doesn’t deliver any semblance of value when compared to others…”

Pros: High top speed, high drivability
Cons: Extremely high purchase price, extremely high maintenance costs, worst in round reliability, poor economy

Takemi Promenance GT
Relative Rating: 88.13 (After -2 point Fixture Violation Penalty)
FIXTURE VIOLATION: Rear side markers are the wrong color

“…a budget sports car that could actually be used for more than just a Sunday drive…”

Pros: High practicality, high reliability, lowest in class purchase price
Cons: Poor comfort, mediocre handling