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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


The Mk 2 Merna launched in 1968, and marked one of the most significant moments in the company’s history. After a decade of trying to establish itself, the Mk 2 proved that Erin could make a car that didn’t have to rely on banking on the company’s motorsport prowess to sell itself.

It was this generation that also cemented the Merna as perhaps the quintessential British compact hatchback, selling over 1 million units between 1968 and 1975 and becoming a household name in the country’s car culture. Major success in the BTCC as well as ventures into the European Rally Championship helped to further justify this car’s standing today as one of the best Erin’s of all time.

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Car Can be found here


Shown here: the 1969 ad for the Rev. 4 Caliban Type SC, a facelift with mechanical improvements of the Rev. 3 Type SC.

Lore post on the car here.


The 1969 Fenton LE

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Flat out recently, so unfortunately not up to date on the lore thread yet, but this is the next in the M10 series - designed from the ground up. The A1500s is the “sports” version… 0-100 in a blistering 15 seconds…


With a name like that, I’d expect the Jetsetter to be really fast - and it looks great in deep purple as well!


It’s respectable… 0-60 below 10 seconds, 128 MPH top speed. It’s a big, heavy droptop cruiser. The closest IRL equivalent (of the year) would be the Oldsmobile Cutlass.


Olympus Motor Group boardroom - Detroit Michigan - April 29, 1967

Dale Rathbone: These reliability issues are going to kill me!
Joe Rathbone: Take it easy! With your high blood pressure, they just might.
Dale: We’re supposed to be at the top of the industry. We can’t have reliability problems.
Joe: Our biggest issues are associated with our luxury appointments, and accessories.
Dale: I understand new technology has bugs to work out, but how can we get past this.
Joe: I would suggest we spend more time and money on improving their quality.
Dale: People won’t pay for that!
Joe: People will pay for whatever we give them. Our cars are the best luxury vehicles on the market.
Dale: It’s just so frustrating. I can’t breathe!
Joe: I know.
Dale: No! Joe! I can’t breathe!
Joe: What?
Dale: Joe! I think I’m having a heart attack!


Deer and Hunt Repair shop. 1966 8pm

The room was full with the smell of Whiskey and cigarette smoke. Both Jason and William are sitting on a table and look at each other.

“So what now Jason” William broke the silence.

“I don’t know Will… Luxury doesn’t seem to be our strong suit”

“Maybe a redo?”

“No… we already did that. We need something.”

“BUT what”

“We went to far from our path… we have to go back”

“We cant do that Jason…”

“Maybe we can… I have an idea. Get the notepad”

Cars sold by 1969 :



In 1962, Kimura entered the American market with their VX and K-C models. It was not until 1964 when they began the production of their all-time best selling model, the Auburn.

The final generation of the VX was produced from 1968 up until 1974, where the model was discontinued for good due to slow sales and a focus on the then-booming sales of the Auburn.

Kimura faced economic crisis in 1971 which also contributed to the inevitable discontinuation of the VX series with the possibility of facing a hostile takeover from Nohda.

Here is an ad for the 1969 Kimura VX-21.


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Coyote lore found HERE



Following the successful introduction of the Pollux for 1964, a facelift came for 1968.
Here’s the 1969 model year wagon.

More information here.



<Leviathan Motor Company (LMC) - 1969 Seabeast





  • Blake : it has been 2 years since the FALMO GTL was launched the sales number never went up as any of us wanted it to.

  • Grudsen : well our prediction was slightly off. the economy really did grow as we expected. but the market turned to a new space that we didn’t expected. the used to be niche sports car is now the most profitable market

  • Shew : that’s just business as usual. we try to predict and do the best we can, but we never really know what’s just around the corner

  • Hamston : at least it did buy us a lot of time. this new car is taking a long time to make. it’s everything we have never did yet. or the market. at least as far as we know, right now, nobody is doing a fuel injection anymore, and i feel like it’s time. 4 valves per cylinder. one upping everyone.

  • Grudsen : let’s just hope it actually sells well. i still don’t agree that we’re pushing upmarket. again, the GTL is a disappointment in sales. why are we going up instead of down?

  • Blake : i’ve explained it to you before and i’ll tell you again. image. company image. we could forever be known as the manufacturer that makes cheap cars, and that way people won’t look to our brand when we make something special. but going just enough upmarket means we can cover both the premium and the budget market in the future.

  • Grudsen : still doesn’t mean it’s the best financial decision. at least i can’t see it being that way

  • Shew : ahahaha. getting grumpier as we got older aren’t we. anyway, despite that, you’re still managing the company flawlessly

  • Grudsen : yeah. but it’s often a headache.

  • Shew : haha it’s only going to get worse in the near future. we’re getting too old now. we don’t have that much time left to hold this position. while we’re looking for our successor, we are slowly planning about leaving something behind.

  • Grudsen : …so you’re saying just having built this company is not ‘something’ enough?

  • Blake : smirk no. a company is just a brand that the average people know us for. we’re talking about something that will be remembered because it’s by us, not the company, because it’s outrageous enough that people remembers the car. not the company that makes the car. and would make people drool for one when they see it.

  • Grudsen : sigh that’s for the future i guess

  • Shew : i see you’re not complaining about it

  • Grudsen : …