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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


Clark: Is the deal done? Are we selling these now?
Jeffrey: Yes, and here’s our ad for the new car:

Clark: There’s no text on it.
Jeffrey: Oops, wrong ad.


Lore post.


I must say that in 1969, right after the failure of the Corvair and the debate that “unsafe at any speed” started (even though the Corvair would have been doomed without that book too tbh), it is a brave decision to launch a rear engined car of that size…


All - it’s been a hell of a day. I’m just now sitting down to start going through things, so I won’t have results until sometime tomorrow.


I… I hate to have to do this, but it’s very likely I’ll have to withdraw for an unknown amount of time after this round concludes. My desktop went down hard. Pump failure, and also blew the northbridge heatsink fan to pieces, and it won’t run without that.


:tada: Oh… That’s soooo terrible… How will my company survive without Sinistra to compete with me… :tada::confetti_ball::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But seriously though… That sux man, your cars will be missed and I hope you can get back online soon! :sob:


but, northbridge heatsink fan… what are you, or you were running again?
and did anything got shorted though?

@HighOctaneLove oh don’t worry you’ll have plenty of competitors :stuck_out_tongue:


Was running an old EVGA SR-2 with twin Xeons. Really fast, but… I’ve had it for 7 years, things were bound to go wrong. Didn’t see any leaks, so I don’t think it shorted anything, just the pump impeller exploded.

Currently using a netbook with a 1.3ghz single-core celeron and old-school Intel integrated graphics. Mighty pile of suck, it is.


dayum. from top of the crop to the bottom of the barrel. that was my computer/laptop like… 7 years ago.
it barely works.

but anyway. would a cheap-ish tower cooler replacement and just blowing a fan onto the northbridge enough to get you going again? at least until you can replace/upgrade your PC?


Not really. Xeon socket 1366 has backplates, means cooler compatibility is low. And without that fan, the board won’t boot. I tried. Managed to get it booting by plugging the side-panel fan in for an RPM signal, and then the pump went bang.

I’ll make do for now with this pile of junk, see if I can get a decent laptop because this is the third time the big rig’s blown a pump.


You’ll start a monopoly, gradually grab power from the government and then start a cyberpunk dystopia

+f @Madrias is there any chances you can land your hands on a new cooling loop? Just in case the impeller damaged something else or another part is bound to fail soon, and you know we’ll be here :smiley:


Birmingham super duster small block (late pic i know)


Might be able to, but to be honest, I just want out from under the money pit. Hence the plan for a laptop. Modern integrated graphics can do a lot. And, when I cool down, I can still try to fix it.

Amusingly enough, my phone is faster than the laptop I used earlier.


Vision: Three debuts at the 1970 Detroit Motor Show!!!

Horsepower Magazine, Feb 1970 Edition

Press/ Public Information Leaflet

Vision: Three was at the Detroit Motor Show and man! That cat be smooth, you dig it?


I mean, it looked like some sort of spaceship, all wedge and low to the ground, and hot damn is this thing fast! 313Km/h top speed, 5.5 sec to 100Km/h and pulls a 13 sec quarter! This badboy would see any street racing hustler off in a heartbeat!

I had an opportunity to talk to the big chief, Konstantin Bogliq, himself to discuss what Vision: Three represented and what was in Bogliq’s future…

Me: Thanks for agreeing to the interview. What’s up with Vision: Three? Why something so radical?

Konstantin: Vision: Three is our take on the future. There’s only so much power you can squeeze out of increased cubic capacity. Plus, if you don’t have the room like, say, in the Nihilist then you’re restricted to the best a small engine can supply. The answer is to find power by reclaiming waste energy and that is what Vision: Three successfully prototypes.

Me: Fascinating, but does Vision: Three only focus on engine power?

Konstantin: No, not at all. Vision: Three is made of a new type of glass-fibre, which is lighter and more damage resistant than steel. There has been careful attention to aerodynamics so Vision: Three slices through the air, rather than bludgeoning it to death. Bogliq RnD believe that sportscar drivers will want racing seats from the factory so Vision: Three prototypes an interior that saves weight but is still enjoyable to sit in longer term. Vision: Three is more than just achieving really fast straight line speed.

Me: What’s the deal with the unleaded fuel? Vision: Two was designed to showcase 91RON lead free fuel and Vision: Three also runs on it.

Konstantin: Simple really. Lead equals bad health for humankind. I don’t want my kids ingesting, inhaling or absorbing lead. Since I have the power to make change happen, I have had Bogliq’s lobbyists push for a lead free future. The Gamma engine line has been engineered to run on unleaded since the beginning and we’re hopeful that Congress will make a change soon.

Me: Is there any truth to the rumors that you’re looking to retire in the next couple of years?

Konstantin: I can confirm those rumors, my son will be taking the helm, but he won’t be fully in control until 1975. I’ve run Bogliq since 1930 and I’m now an old man. It’s time for fresh blood, fresh thinking and a new direction. Bogliq USA deserves nothing less… Now I have to go, duty calls etc. click

So there you have it. Vision: Three is Bogliq USA’s take on the future direction the market will take and the company will take on this future with a new CEO! Watch this space!




“It seems like the next generation Flaire will be entering the shores next autumn.”
“Well, the current model is really getting a bit long in the tooth…”
“Yes, but the Sprint coupé model of the Celestia has proved that IP can actually build sporty cars, it has been a better image booster than the Flaire ever was.”
“So where is the news?”
“How about a 140 hp V6, individual suspension in the rear, much better performance and a more modern shape?”
“Yes, sounds great. Can you stop looking at those pictures of some Lamborghini or De Tomaso or whatever it is and concentrate on your work?”
“But this is the new Flaire!”

“If we can sell a car on looks alone, I don’t care if this one has a 30 year old tractor engine from Poland! It will sell more than we can ever import anyway!”


Motor World Review, August 1969

Model Year-In-Review Edition

Best Sedan – 1969

Znopresk Z215
Relative Rating: 100.00

The Italians have come! New to our shores just a few years ago, Znopresk has managed to pull off a stunner in the Sedan category, earning our top honors in the class for 1969.

Compact, inexpensive, easy to drive, and it even passes the fuel pumps and keeps going. An unexpected twist, this little overhead cam marvel is worthy of high consideration. Don’t let its small size fool you.

Best Muscle or Sport Car – 1969

LMC Seabeast GTR
Relative Rating: 100.00

323 horsepower. It’s not the highest in class, but it’s good enough for a 6.9 second 0-60 in the LMC Seabeast.

What you do get that others in the class fall short on are road manners and a plush, comfortable interior.

Leviathan has created a muscle car here that is not purely focused on any one aspect. Instead, the overall balance of the Seabeast is sublime, and it earns our top pick for the year.

This just prove that, in a crowded field, it pays not to be a flash in the pan.

Best Utility – 1969

Kimura VX21 Cross
Relative Rating: 97.50

Kimura’s VX21 Cross is our Utility of the year for '69.

Advertised as an all-terrain utility vehicle, Kimura certainly hits the mark. We found it to be competent in everything from soft sand dunes to rocky, timbered trails, and everything in between.

It’s not comfortable by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes up for it in low costs all across the board, from purchase to maintenance to fueling.

If you don’t need a long truck bed, we feel that the Kimura is, by far, the best choice this year.

Best Engine – 1969

PMI 464cid V8
(+5% relative rating bonus)

Of the engines put before us this year, we are most impressed with the 464 cubic inch V8 from PMI. A large brute of a V8, we nonetheless expect that it has high longevity. With 300 horsepower and 446 ft-lbs of torque, it is sure to shred tires for those who enjoy such endeavors. For that, PMI receives our Best Engine award for 1969.

Sedan Class Reviews

Ardent Chesapeake Jetsetter
Relative Rating: 98.94

“…pillarless convertible coupe is one of our favorites, from its responsive engine to its pampering interior and surprisingly good road manners…”

Pros: Prestigious model, good comfort, high drivability
Cons: Low reliability, somewhat high cost

Grehet Whiton
Relative Rating: 94.68

“…unusually small, high-tech V8 engine seems relatively well matched. It’s only a four-seater, which may not be so appealing to larger families…”

Pros: Comfortable, easy to drive
Cons: High maintenance cost, low seat count for the class

Baltazar-Bush Pollux Wagon
Relative Rating: 94.68

“…not a comfortable ride in the least. For the money, there are better choices. The bright spot is that it handles well…”

Pros: Good overall handling, above average reliability
Cons: Poor comfort, poor rough road handling

Epoch M10 A1500s
Relative Rating: 93.62

“…tiny little sedan that could. It sips gas, runs on rubber bands and tinfoil, and is one of the least expensive to buy…”

Pros: Low purchase price, low maintenance cost, high efficiency, high reliability
Cons: Low comfort, poor safety, poor handling

Birmingham Superduster
Relative Rating: 91.49

“…seems to want to be a muscle car, but really isn’t. It still seems to be a solid, safe choice for those who want to balance reality and fantasy…”

Pros: Great handling, high sportiness, high safety
Cons: Poor practicality, not powerful enough to be a muscle car, high maintenance cost

Bogliq 460 Street
Relative Rating: 96.81

“…almost a rural racecar in a way. If this was 40 years ago we could see its predecessor running moonshine…”

Pros: Good performance, decent handling, particularly on rough roads
Cons: Low comfort, low drivability

Rado Communt 67 Standard
Relative Rating: 59.57

“…somehow the Reds got this thing into our country. For God’s sake, it needs to go back. Or at least be melted down and turned into schoolyard play equipment, because that would be a better use for the metal…”

Pros: Stupidly cheap purchase price, low maintenance cost, surprising practicality
Cons: Horrible comfort, horrible safety, atrocious drivability, burns fuel like a Tupolev TU-104, dangerously bad acceleration and top speed, handles like the KMS Bismarck after taking a torpedo to the rudder.
Special note: Ralph Nader re-released “Unsafe at Any Speed” and wrote a whole new appendix on the Rado Communt 67 Standard.

Olympus Virgo Premier
Relative Rating: 93.62
FIXTURE VIOLATION (No antenna, further violations will incur RR penalty)

“…what we would call a pocket-sized V12 engine under the hood. The Virgo is, overall, a classy ride, nearly on par with the Townsend Toulouse we recently reviewed…”

Pros: Prestigious model, best in class comfort, high safety
Cons: Highest in class purchase price and maintenance cost, poor rough road handling

Erin Merna 130SE
Relative Rating: 94.68

“…more than we could have hoped for from this entry-level sedan. The interior is surprisingly well designed, road manners are superb, and it just sips fuel. Too bad it just doesn’t have the power that we’d like to see…”

Pros: Low cost, low maintenance cost, good efficiency, high drivability, high reliability
Cons: Poor performance, poor rough road handling, low prestige

Muscle/Sport Class Reviews

Caliban Type SC Rev.4
Relative Rating: 86.67

“…the old kit car stays relevent thanks to significant engineering changes…”

Pros: High reliability, quick acceleration, good handling
Cons: Unforgiving handling in extremes, low comfort, low safety

IP Flaire II GTV6
Relative Rating: 89.17

“…small engine still gives sprightly performance. The Flaire’s rock-bottom price is sure to attract a number of enthusiasts who either don’t like or can’t afford the behemoths…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, great lateral acceleration, high reliability
Cons: Low comfort, lowest in class top speed, low drivability

Vermillion Arsene 413 GTS
Relative Rating: 90.00

“…the biggest two-seater we’ve ever seen. Be careful when choosing who you take along with you for the journey, because this big beautiful coupe is not meant to be shared with your friends…”

Pros: Absolutely gorgeous (sadly not worth points), good handling, good safety
Cons: Few seats for the car type, high maintenance cost, low reliability

Sinistra Savage
Relative Rating: 99.17

“…the weirdest word combination is ‘Front-wheel drive muscle car’. The weirder thing is that it actually works…”

Pros: Blistering performance, great handling for FWD, high practicality, high safety
Cons: High purchase price, high maintenance cost

PMI Scud Sabre
Relative Rating: 97.50 (after bonus for engine)

“…brawny 464 V8 makes this heavy oaf scream…”

Pros: Engine of the Year, good rough road handling, high safety
Cons: Low drivability, poor lateral performance, low sportiness

Dominion Alouette Super 444
Relative Rating: 86.67

“…firebreathing 444 cubic inch V8 with a six-pack makes for great fun in a straight line, though less so under other conditions…”

Pros: Fast 0-60, high top speed, high prestige model
Cons: Low comfort for the price, poor drivability, poor safety, mediocre lateral handling

Sakura Duchess 25x
Relative Rating: 85.00

“…another small V12 made its way under the hood of this model. While it’s a great improvement in power, it doesn’t seem to help the driving dynamics…”

Pros: Low purchase price, relatively low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor handling, poor drivability, poor comfort, poor safety

ACA RoadCruser 550
Relative Rating: 91.33 (after fixture penalty)
FIXTURE VIOLATION: Rear side markers are the wrong color

“…absolutely massive 550 cubic inch V8 is the biggest engine we’ve tested to date, though not the most powerful. It can’t heft the RoadCruiser’s massive frame like some of the others, and the suspension tuning is off…”

Pros: Prestigious model, high safety, best in class top speed
Cons: Relatively slow 0-60, poor handling, high maintenance cost

TSR Ultra GTS R-Package
Relative Rating: 64.17

“…seems that TSR has gone off the board with their selection again. The fuel injected, twin overhead cam engine is a futuristic marvel that just ends up being a mechanical nightmare…”

Pros: Best in class 0-60, high sportiness, best in competition lateral handling (1.06g)
Cons: Ridiculously high purchase price, limited availability, poor reliability, worst in class comfort, exorbitant maintenance costs

Keika Katana 2000
Relative Rating: 98.33

“…slick all-aluminum, overhead cam engine breaks the 1 horsepower per cubic inch mark. And it does so for a remarkable bargain. Then again, Keika appears to have been going a little too all-out in making it a bargain, and the overall outcome is a cheap looking car…”

Pros: Great handling, low purchase price, low maintenance cost, great fuel economy
Cons: Poor safety, low prestige model, mediocre reliability

Fenton LE 397GS
Relative Rating: 92.50

“…one of our favorite blends of power and comfort. Though not fast in a slalom, the overall road manners are good…”

Pros: High comfort, prestigious model, high safety, good drivability
Cons: Poor lateral acceleration, high purchase price, high maintenance cost

Takemi 100G Apollo
Relative Rating: 87.50

“…brilliant 203 cubic inch straight-six winds up with curious ease. Just take care, because its handling seems to be tuned to the razor’s edge…”

Pros: Great performance and lateral handling, modest purchase price, high safety
Cons: Low drivability, poor rough road handling, poor reliability

Utility Class Reviews

Deer and Hunt Fallow
Relative Rating: 93.33

“…easy to drive for a truck. Sadly, we think that Deer and Hunt may have lost the way of their roots, as the new Fallow doesn’t seem to hold up as well as its predecessors…”

Pros: High drivability, decent fuel mileage
Cons: Poor reliability, relatively high cost

Sorry for the delay… the past two days have been hellaciously unpredictable. I will update the overall standings tomorrow, as well as post the rules for the next round. Rounds 7 and 8 will be slightly extended at this point, spanning 3 weeks between the two, thanks to the delays I’ve inflicted. Good news for you guys: a day or two extra each of the next round.

Automation Sunday Cup - Race 3: ATT

One question for the future is how to determine which cars that will pass the 5 mph bumper regulations. Some bodies with built in bumpers are hard to make any additions to, and even with bumpers added on when it comes to the bumperless bodies, how do you determine a pass or fail?


I’ll include that all in tomorrow’s post, have no fear. :slight_smile:


Whelp, thank god this generation of Duchess is dead. Maybe the next series of US imports can do well.


Also, IIRC, they only applied to passenger vehicles and not trucks and vans. Correct?