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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


That’s a good question.
PMI Holding is in the same boat here, with 4 Semi-independent US brands and 1 European entering the market in the 60s and one Japanese entering the market in the 80s. (All sub-brands available in the 2000s though - yay, globalisation).


I will have to think about that. It could make things a bloody mess. Especially because large motor companies get brands by a mix of acquisitions and new spinoffs. Plus there are companies that hold significant, but not controlling, shares in another company. GM is an example of literally all of these.

But on the other hand I know there are people out there whose main “modern” lore company is a new brand formed by the merger of two or more different companies (like how Nash and Hudson merged to become AMC).


I’m good either way. I understand it could become messy. I just want to know that if I choose my luxury or performance brands, that I won’t be penalized for it, say during the oil embargo (early mid 70s). American car companies were slow to pick up on the trend, and thus why they lost market share to imports. I think that it would be out of character for my company to claim some sort of clairvoyance, and shift focus ahead of the situation.


Keen to see what this becomes. You had me at “lore” :wink:


Alright, any more thoughts/suggestions before I write up the generalized rules?


One thing… Fore authenticity purposes can you please state any specifics about certain fixtures required or not needed. I don’t know enough about US specific fixture rules and I’d like to avoid losing marks because I used amber flashers or dual mirrors etc.

A hint on engine sizes for each era would be nice too! :wink:


Good point. I’ll try to make sure to note any specific requirements for each round, fixture wise. You know I did you guys right on that for my CSR round tho. :slight_smile:


Also, any static bonuses/penalties for re-using old engines/trims would be nice to know in advance as well!


on that note, any ‘outlier’ penalty. like someone going full out DOHC 4v in 1950.
i mean twin cam 2v was sorta accurate with some euro brands using it *ahem. but i don’t think DOHC 4v made it into mass production until the late 60 iirc. with the Nissan ‘Hakosuka’ Skyline KGC10



I’ll have to think about those points. As much as I’d like to say “be reasonable”, you know there will be THAT ONE GUY. :stuck_out_tongue:


So no 9.3L pushrod v8s? :frowning:


Although almost everyone that made V8 engines kept them under 7L (normally around 5L), Cadillac made an 8.2L V8 in the 70’s, and there are heaps of heavy trucks with larger displacement… so 9L is not completely crazy… :stuck_out_tongue:


Well hey, if someone wants to submit a deuce and a quarter, who am I to stop them? Lol


Company registration is now open. Please PM me the following:

Company name
Lore thread link
Country of origin
Year of official entry into the US market


Are we allowed to form a company for this? Because I’d love to join, but none of my companies have a possibility for this to work in.


Absolutely. All you gotta do is create a lore thread for it and keep it updated.


Wonderful! Guess I need to get started on making some history up for a company :smiley:


Would I be at a terrible disadvantage given that my main company starts in 1947, or would I just simply roll out something from the 50’s when that round comes up? Also, about how much time will there be between rounds?


You wouldn’t be the first company to start in round 2. As for timing, I’m hoping we can do maybe a 5 day submission period per round, and give me a couple days to process each round. So hopefully 1 week/round. I hope you all forgive me if I’m not 100% on schedule all the time, but know I will not forgive myself if I make it disastrously long between rounds.

I’m going to give company registration a few days before we start round 1. Companies can still register AFTER the rounds start, they’ll just be ineligible for any round for which the submission period has passed.


Can a brand only submit one car per round, even if the brand’s lore states that it launched multiple cars in the same year?