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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


We were humbled by the demand when we released the Mk1 Artemus. This time, five years on, we have extended the opportunity to America to share in our centenary experience with the updated and improved Epoch Artemus 3000 Mk2. A limited run of 2000 units is planned for the US market, to be sold at a cost price of $1,970. This will be your last and only chance to own a piece of history… Our birthday present to you…


Expect our lawyers to call you soon… :thinking:



cough cough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wr9ie2J2690 cough cough


Yes, but that song was launched waaaaay later than the van… :wink:

(OK, I agree, the idea came 13 years ago when listening to the song and thinking “that sounds like some kind of stupid trim level on some strange asian van”… :smiley: …just didn’t have automation back then, stealing is the true form of appreciation :wink: )


Yeah… about that. It is! Nissan Elgrand Highway Star.

also I’m like 99% sure his point is that his car isn’t called the Highway Star, just a line at the top of the advert


I was just joking with him a little bit though. :slight_smile: Or maybe RPing, hehe.



A little over 36 hours to go. I’m missing 11 entries.


Wish it were that I could. Sadly, I can’t play Automation on my phone.


Recorded Conversation From 1973

Rado Rep.: “Look, people will be all over us about the safety of the Rado Communt. We need to tell them the truth.”
Sofa Rep.: “If we cave on safety, what else could this lead to? Your government has been talking about emissions regulations too!”
Rado Rep.: “What else can we do?”
Sofa Rep.: “Lie.”

Official statement from Rado: “We do not believe there are any safety problems with the Rado Communt in particular on American roads. The 98% statistic was fabricated as part of a smear campaign.”

The Rado Communt 121 Super was a slightly modified version of the 67 standard, getting a 2.0l straight-six from Sofa’s largest offroad SUV and both the “67 Standard” and the “121 Super” got other updates in 1973 to meet new American regulations. Among those were the addition of larger front and rear bumpers and front parking lamps above and slightly inward of the front indicators.

Of course, the really big news was the 2 liter/121 cubic-inch straight-six mentioned earlier. It made 59 hp and 74 lb-ft of torque which was enough to reach a top speed of 80 mph. Since the standard Sofa 3-speed transmission couldn’t handle the torque that the 6-cylindr made, a different 4-speed transmission was used from the Sofa SUV mentioned earlier. The resulting car was introduced with the 1973 refresh.


Royal Canadian Motors (RCM)

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[REBOOT] Keika Automotive - Sports Cars at their Finest

Lore post here!

(Props at @BoostandEthanol for lending me the Katana’s platform!)


Takemi GTM-R, only 155 ever produced


Bush Halong 1650-6. Small enough to drive through forests, capable enough to not get stuck.



Birmingham 2000 sports sedan gen II, with all-round discs


welp. im late. but i tried. if it doesn’t get accepted i’m erasing this post. no excuse, i had plenty of time


Koolkei was only a few minutes late, and I was in the progress of transferring the submissions into the game when he submitted, so I’m allowing it.


(4 entries processed, 3 fixture violations…)


I uh…yeah I’m probably one of them :stuck_out_tongue: