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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]



I need to make something clear here… some of you have been violating the spirit of this competition. The core premise: make this thread fit your company’s lore. Not vice versa.

Too many of you have released an “all new” model on EVERY single round. Statistically speaking, this should not happen if your company is following regular product cycles. I should be seeing more cars based on models that are a few years old. While it’s normal for the randomly selected years to coincide with redesigns now and then, it shouldn’t be every. single. time.

Just so you have an idea of what I mean, here’s the history of my own cars with respect to the generations:
1946 - New model (duh, cause the game can’t go any farther back)
1951 - 1 year old
1957 - 2 years old
1961 - 3 years old
1964 - 1 year old
1969 - 4 years old
1973 - 9 years old
1979 - New Model (and FYI, I had actually built this model in UE before this competition ever began)
1982 - My most likely models are 1 and 3 years old. While in lore I have a brand new model in this year, I am unlikely to use it based on the economic conditions in this generation.

To those of you who are consistently sticking to your lore and submitting cars that aren’t always newly remodeled the same year, kudos to you… to those who aren’t, please start making a stockpile of lore ahead of time and play by the spirit, mmkay?

Side note… I came very close this morning to just doing a /tablelflip and walking away from this whole thing. I don’t need a GAME to become a stressor in my life. I have children just in case I ever feel I’m too relaxed. So if YOU are getting stressed over something happening here… take a step back and evaluate whether or not it’s really worth it.


Just to be clear, are you talking about “all new” models or facelifts as well? I’ve mostly been looking through my lore spreadsheet for stuff that’s either all new or gotten a facelift that year to use (and usually with an old engine family or even variant in it) since I figured that’s what’s likely to be reviewed by a magazine. If you’d prefer seeing more cars that haven’t even gotten a facelift that year, then I’ll be happy to submit some of those as well. :+1:


Well, I agree with you to a point there. But on the other hand, take some big manufacturer, with a huge range of models, Toyota for example, and you will see that there is new models released every year. Also, I can understand in such a scenario why you want to submit the newest model, because it’s the one that’s most up to date. My own lore is at 1988 now despite being at 1980 in the thread, because I don’t want to spam that thread all the time (or have the energy to do so). So (and I know that you aren’t talking to me personally), the fact that I will be using a new for 1982 model that is not in the lore thread yet, is not to create it for the competition. It was done a couple of months ago anyway, but I like to do my lore thread in chronological order.

With that said, I think that I have only used completely new models in 1964, and now then again 1982 so I know that I’m not the reason why you are upset, so it’s just a little reflection.

If the point of this competition had been to use just different generations of one single model through the ages though, I would have agreed with you 110%.


I mostly try to have at least 5 years between Facelifts. For the 82 round i will probally use a car which was available in the previous round. But i also dont have my whole lineup planned. I know what will be build not not when exactly. I do use this challenge to develop cars for DaH if they were not already made.


All new models. Facelifts are all part of a normal product life cycle. A platform generation lasts between, say, 5 and 10 years. It’s normal to have a mid-gen facelift (i.e. not creating a whole new “model”, but creating new trims at the facelift year based on the original launch). and Knugcab, most of the “new models” rolled out by major manufacturers are actually facelifts, not fully new platforms.

No one who has replied has done what I am referring to here.


I think I’m probably a bit guilty of this, as I have been playing catch-up for most of this comp (my brand almost didn’t exist prior to this thread). That being said, I’ve also been rotating through model updates, so there is a new (or facelift) model every year or two. :S


New Found Freedom.
1982 Sakura Asura Overland Republic

From $7,335

Lore Post here


Yes, but even if we don’t count facelifts but only all new models, we can take Toyota as an example again, counting only all new models here:
1990 - Celica
1991 - Tercel
1992 - Camry
1993 - Corolla
1994 - Celica again (previous generation had a short lifespan for some reason)
1995 - Avalon
And so on.

When having lots of models in the lineup and quite short lifespans, like most japanese manufacturers have, new models have to be released everytime.

But still, I can understand what you mean and I agree with you too.


For Sakura Personally, I usually introduce the new models in the first 5 years of the Decade, and then do facelifts for the last 4 or 5. Just a side effect of how I plan my company.

I can see where the issue does lie, that is for sure.


Also, you will all probably notice one new company joining this round. That’s because I registered them 2 months ago and, like the giant potato I am, forgot to update the OP. Anyway… Maesima WAS registered prior to the close of new company registration, so it is legit.


My lore is loosely based on a light campaign playthrough in which, I amassed a sizeable tech pool, had familiarity, and a list of engineers. I was able to maintain a 4 years or less turnaround until the mid-late 1990s. The other half of the equation is real life counterparts; such as the G-body. The version in the game isn’t available until 1975, but its real life counterpart showed up in 1977 as a 1978 model.


I’ve been trying to stick to company lore, even if in the 70s-90s PMI Usurper is quite… Chrysler-esk. I do have to say the years randomly chosen have been horrible in terms of planning that Ihad for releases. I have tried to submit cars that were updates of existing models though, even though I could have designed a better newer car.


Leviathan Motor Company (LMC) - 1979-85 Maladus


That’s totally not a Corvette. :wink:


I totally didn’t use the same font either :stuck_out_tongue:


Ardent Headquarters

Tuesday, October 9, 1979

Engineering Department Memorandum. For Internal Use Only.

Attn Engineering Division Employees:

The following is a summation of policies being implemented effective January 1st, 1980, as part of CEO Matthew Seldon’s “Path to the Future” strategy. All employees are expected to fully comply with policies applicable to their department no later than the implementation date.

  1. Smoking will no longer be allowed inside any Ardent Motors Corporation building, facility, or company vehicle. Smoking areas will be set up by Facilities near all building entrances. Smokers are to use these areas or their own personal vehicles, and must do so during their breaks or lunches.
  2. Ardent will provide an extension to all existing health insurance plans to 90% of programs and/or treatment to quit smoking and/or drinking for all Ardent employees. Use of this plan is optional; the choice of what is best for you is your own, but we are here to help if you want it.
  3. The corporate cafeteria will begin carrying an expanded range of lighter meal options, to be served alongside the existing daily menu.
  4. Consumption of alcohol on Ardent premises is strictly forbidden at any time, with the exception of company parties sanctioned by the office of the CEO. These are currently the 4th of July and Christmas parties. Any other functions will be announced by memorandum at least one month in advance.
  5. In accordance with our values as a clean workplace, employees may be subject to random screening for illegal drugs.
  6. All section heads must select at least two employees to complete a CPR and First Aid certification course. This course will be paid for by Ardent Motors Corporation.

In addition to the above policies, The Executives have departmental-specific directives for the Engineering Division.

  1. A complete, rolling refresh of the entire model lineup, to be completed no later than the 1986 Model Year.
  2. Develop new front-wheel drive platforms for the Chancellor and Marathon, modernizing two venerable, popular nameplates.
  3. Develop adaptable drivetrain components to allow small-platform vehicles to utilize existing Ardent 4-cylinder engines or the new, upcoming Toledo 4-cylinder.
  4. Full redesigns of the Taurus V8, Eridani V6, and Vela-6 engines, with focus on increased efficiency and reduced operational cost.
  5. Co-development of new compact pickup platform with Suzume.
  6. Development of new safety systems, to bring Ardent’s models to the forefront of technology.

Matthew Seldon extends his thanks to all Engineering Division employees who helped make 1979, and particularly the relaunch of the Sentinel and all-new Piper, such a strong success. We look forward to continued momentum in 1980 and beyond!


Sinistra Motors Headquarters, Nevada

June 3, 1982

Luke glared at the Design Team, before throwing a few pictures down on the desk. “So, who’s idea was it to make the Swift a compact, when we already had the Traville as a compact? One of these needs to become a midsize in the next revision cycle, we can’t have two compacts and no midsize offering.”

“Was my idea, sir.” John said, looking at Luke. “I thought… Maybe a somewhat sporty compact would help our lineup. Next generation, we’ll make the Swift grow up, it just makes sense.”

“And Jeff, how’s the new project going?” Luke asked.

“Project Sunbolt is coming along well. We had to make a new 3 liter V6 for it, the 3.9 is just too big. But it should be available for testing in '84, and with any luck, we’ll be able to present it in '85.”

“And how will it handle?”

“Well, it should be a sports car, so it hopefully will be sporty. Luke, will you sign off on this plan for Project Sunbolt?”

“Yeah, I’ll sign off on it. And get Project Twin-Snail into testing with it, too. I want to drive this car.”



“It is a hard time selling cars nowadays. The economy is going into a deep recession and we never know when a fuel crisis will strike again.”
“Oh, yes, you are so right. But at least we are in the right end of the market when being struck by bad times.”
“But how much will Joe Average be willing to sacrifice for the sake of economy?”
“Anything! Believe me. Anything!”

To be continued


Reminder: This round’s deadline is Sunday night, not Thursday morning.


1982 Bogliq Coyote 240 Street


Read the lore HERE