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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


I’m only happy for that, it gives me some time to catch up with my lore.


OK, the game FINALLY executed on my computer (took forever and a half though) so hopefully should have results up soon. Since I already extended the deadline, we’ll just leave it at that extended point. So, 2 weeks for this round instead of 1.


Motor World Review, August 1994

Model Year-In-Review Edition

(Znopresk has missed 3 rounds in a row and will be given an additional 1 point penalty to their overall competition RR.)

Best Entry-level Car – 1994

Bogliq Mutineer Entrance
Relative Rating: 100.00


It’s been a long time since an entry-level car has packaged this much value into its low price, but the Bogliq Mutineer has pulled it off.

This unassuming 4-door sedan comes with a 1.6 liter turbocharged motor under the hood, good for 110 horsepower. While this may not sound like much, especially as other competitors offer more power, its beauty comes from fuel economy. Even with the electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic in our test model, we were able to exceed 40 miles per gallon in our highway testing, and never dropped below 31 overall.

The interior is simple, but well thought out. Cloth-faced vinyl seats are standard, as are manual windows, manual locks, and an AM/FM/Cassette deck with 2 speakers. Power steering does, however, come standard, making the Mutineer a breeze to park and motor around the city.

Our biggest gripe about the Mutineer is that it lacks any air bags at all, instead relying on now-passe automatic seatbelts in order to meet federal passive restraint standards. Bogliq is the only manufacturer left using these types of belts, and one of only two that do not use airbags, with Rado being the other.

Still, the Bogliq Mutineer Entrance has an undeniably attractive starting price and a good track record of reliability. Combined with its fantastic fuel economy and reasonable comfort, what more could one ask for?

Best Upscale Car – 1994

Olympus Virgo LX
Relative Rating: 100.00

Big, beautiful, and chromed. Olympus’s Virgo LX wouldn’t look or feel out of place in the 1960’s. Well, if it weren’t for its aerodynamic body and thoroughly modern 4.0 liter V8 engine.

For those with the money to splurge on a high-end personal conveyance, we believe the Virgo is the way to go this year. Its list of standard equipment is impressive on paper, but you have to get in and feel it for yourself to understand how the engineering translates to a driving experience.

Let’s start under the hood, with the 226 horsepower 4.0 liter V8 engine. Small, but effective in moving around the Virgo. That power is put to the rear wheels through an electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic, and despite the car’s heft, is able to get up to 60 in under 9 seconds. Control of the vehicle is enhanced through 4-wheel antilock brakes and a passive traction control system that cuts power when the computer detects the is starting to go out of control.

Inside is where the feature list really gets long. Leather seating with power front seats and leather-wrapped steering wheel. Power steering, locks, and windows. Automatic digital climate control. Four airbags. Digital telematics display. Cruise control. Tilt-and-telescoping wheel. AM/FM stereo with 6-disc CD changer, 6 speakers, and a subwoofer. There’s even a chilled compartment under the glove box that can hold 4 12-ounce cans, keeping them cold and at the ready.

Got that promotion? Want to celebrate by getting rid of your old clunker? Check out the Olympus Virgo LX. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Best Sport Car – 1994

Grehet Supremacy
Relative Rating: 97.00

What can we say? The Supremacy from Grehet is, indeed, a supreme choice. Though competition in high-end sports cars is always fierce, they are perennially at the top of the list.

This year’s model uses a turbocharged 4.2 liter straight-6 that puts out a mind-boggling 500 horses, of two sports cars to shatter the 100 horsepower-per-liter plateau. This lets the Supremacy sprint to 60 in just 3.8 seconds, narrowly edging out the LMC Nessus. On the flip side, the Nessus has about 5mph more top speed once the Supremacy runs out of steam.

It was an absolute dogfight this year between the Supremacy and Nessus, but the Supremacy edged out (if only slightly) the LMC in most categories. We found it a little easier to handle the Supremacy in everyday driving, and the interior was just a hair more ergonomically friendly.

Either would make a fantastic ride, but we have to pick a winner, and Grehet is it.

Best Utility – 1994

RCM Labrador V8 4x4
Relative Rating: 100.00

Royal Canadian Motors, formerly Dominion Motors, has been producing the Labrador pickup for almost 50 years now. Though much has changed in the automotive world in the intervening time, one thing hasn’t. The Labrador is tough as nails.

Equipped with a 4.6 liter V8 pushing 227 horsepower to all four wheels, the Labrador time and time again proves that it can do anything, go anywhere, and come back from it all like it was a trip to the park.

Our test model was equipped with full cloth seating, cruise control, tilt wheel, and air conditioning. While we prefer the creature comforts of other models like the Hood or Stampede, that was soon forgotten as we towed a 5,000 pound trailer over a deeply rutted service road, something that Ardent and Sinistra couldn’t do.

If you’re looking to do heavy work or tow, the choice is absolutely clear. The Labrador is the only way to go.

Best Engine – 1994

Maesima GF2145N-FL
(+5 Relative Rating bonus)

Maesima has come up with what could be considered a crown jewel, as far as engines go. Their 2.2 liter SOHC engine, which puts out 116 horsepower, looks to be on track to breaking yet more reliability records, as manufacturers constantly improve their processes and materials. In addition, it powers the Celento to a second-place finish in fuel economy in its class. For that, we give the Engine of the Year award to Maesima.

Entry Class Reviews

Vermillion SpaceStar V6
Relative Rating: 97.14

“…versatility and room for a large family. We wished the seats were more supportive, particularly in the rear row, but the overall package is great…”

Pros: Good fuel economy, excellent practicality, best-in class safety, great drivability
Cons: High purchase price, low comfort, low reliability, high maintenance cost

Birmingham Brickham V6 LX
Relative Rating: 97.14

“…150 horsepower from the V6 in this deceptively sporty sedan. This could well be a sleeper on the streets, yet suitable for the everyday…”

Pros: Great performance, great handling, good comfort
Cons: Worst in class fuel economy, somewhat high purchase price, low drivability

Maesima Celento Tz 2.2
Relative Rating: 96.43 (Including bonus)

“…well rounded for an bargain-basement car. The interior feels somewhat cheap and cramped, and handling is a bit lazy, but the Celento is designed to keep chugging along…”

Pros: Best in class reliability, low purchase price, low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor comfort, sluggish handling, mediocre fuel economy

Upscale Class Reviews

Epoch M30 2.4 Executive
Relative Rating: 92.68

“…a good entry-level premium car, targeted at those on the fence between a budget car and something flashier. Look past Epoch’s brand image, and you will see its actually a comfortable choice…”

Pros: Low purchase price, best in class reliability, high comfort
Cons: Poor image, mediocre fuel economy, worst in class drivability

Fenton GT 560
Relative Rating: 97.56

“…bringing a thrilling pulse to an otherwise sedate class. If not for the atrocious reliability reports, this would easily be the top contender…”

Pros: Great drivability, prestigious model, excellent performance, good safety
Cons: High purchase price, worst in round reliability, poor fuel economy

Kimura Auriga Lxi 2.3
Relative Rating: 95.12

“…competent premium car that doesn’t demand a lot in the way of fuel or mamintenance. This would make a good alternative to some better-known luxury brands…”

Pros: Low purchase price, low maintenance cost, good fuel economy
Cons: Poor image, worst in class safety, mediocre drivability

Sport Class Reviews

LMC Nessus
Relative Rating: 95.72

“…our runner up this year was only barely edged out by the Grehet Supremacy. We expect this battle to rage on for years…”

Pros: Excellent performance, good reliability, prestigious model, good comfort
Cons: High purchase price, very high maintenance cost, poor drivability

Keika Katana 2000
Relative Rating: 85.51

“…its low purchase price and great reliability make it a good choice for someone looking for fun on the cheap, though we would like to note that this car should not be driven by young adults or teens due to handling and safety concerns…”

Pros: Good reliability, low purchase price, good fuel economy
Cons: Worst in class comfort, poor drivability, worst in class safety (nearly banned by NHTSA)

Erin Scarlet Mk2 3.8
Relative Rating: 90.62

“…could be considered a poor man’s Supremacy. Poor men should beware, however, of the Scarlet’s propensity to drink gas, as well as its poor reliability marks…”

Pros: Very good performance, high comfort, relatively low maintenance cost
Cons: Poor reliability, poor fuel economy, worst in class drivability

PMI Usurper Coupe V8L
Relative Rating: 91.89

“…the direct competitor to the Erin Scarlet. While similar in performance, the Usurper claims victory with its significantly better reliability and road manners…”

Pros: Very good performance, good comfort, high reliability, good safety
Cons: Worst in class fuel economy, poor drivability, high maintenance cost

Deer and Hunt Bambi Base
Relative Rating: 91.89

“…could easily be considered a small family car, as long as the family is OK with having only two doors. The Bambi is our least expensive sporty car this year. Driving it is fun enough, but it can’t stack up against other competition for pure speed…”

Pros: Lowest in class purchase price, very low maintenance cost, high reliability, good drivability, great fuel economy
Cons: Poor performance, poor image, poor sportiness

Caliban Type SC TO
Relative Rating: 88.07

“…good performance in a relatively inexpensive package. We found the seats to be cramped and uncomfortable, and there are question marks as to this model’s safety…”

Pros: Good performance, best in class reliability, low purchase price
Cons: Poor safety, poor comfort, expensive maintenance, poor fuel economy

Takemi Hyperion RT
Relative Rating: 82.96

“…while fast off the line and nimble, the Hyperion runs out of breath too early. It also compromises too much for everyday use…”

Pros: Good lateral handling, good sportiness, reasonable drivability
Cons: Poor comfort, high maintenance cost, top speed too low vs. Competitors, poor reliability

Sakura Duchess MP
Relative Rating: 89.34

“…easily the editor’s pick for everyday driving in the class. Its performance isn’t up to the task of taking on the Erin, LMC, or Grehet, but it’s a much better street car than the others…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, best in class fuel economy, prestigious model
Cons: High maintenance cost, relatively poor performance, poor safety

Utility Class Reviews

Ardent Hood LX (7-Passenger)
Relative Rating: 95.56

“…with fold-down rear seats and the ability to haul a 2000 pound trailer, the Hood excels in its versatility. Creature features throughout are a nice added touch, and don’t seem to bother fuel economy either. Some problems have been reported with early Hood models, however…”

Pros: High practicality, best in class fuel economy, good drivability
Cons: Poor reliability, mediocre offroad and utility

IP T-Rex
Relative Rating: 91.11

“…very bright green test model was quite shocking visually. More shocking were the problem reports that came in from the field regarding this model…”

Pros: Best in class comfort, good fuel economy
Cons: Worst in class reliability, relatively low safety, poor drivability

Sinistra Stampede V10
Relative Rating: 97.78

“…gloriously sublime on-road ride from this luxury ute. While the Stampede can be taken off the highway, we recommend sticking to forest service roads…”

Pros: Best in class drivability, best in class practicality, great comfort, prestigious model
Cons: Poor offroad, poor fuel economy, very high purchase price, poor reliability

Rado Trucks 200 Wagon
Relative Rating:; 86.67

“…seems a hint of the old SOFA-based Rados has come back to life. On the bright side, the 200 Wagon gains great marks for reliability and capability…”

Pros: Great offroad, best in round reliability, low purchase price
Cons: Worst in class drivability, worst in round safety, worst in round fuel economy, poor comfort


just want to say to the other sports car manufacturers.
you freakin lost to a 12yo model car. kek


Seems like I can never get any reliability with autos…


Eh, my trim was 7 years old at this point. Not surprised I sucked.


Mine was the kind of car that usually doesn’t do well and is 5 years old . Y’all gonna have some real competition next round :wink:


Your platform was 9 years old, with an 8 year old engine design. The Hood was 2 years old, with a 4 year old engine design. This is one of those “caught sleeping by the competition” moments. If you redesigned the T-rex and I kept pushing out the same Hood for round 12, the results would likely be flipped. :slight_smile:

But besides that, your cooling airflow slider was at 50, which is better for fuel economy but worse for reliability and utility. For a ute/truck, you might want that a bit higher. I think I set the Hood’s at 62. For fun, I just cranked yours up to 60 and got another 0.5 points of reliability, sacrificing just 0.1 MPG. It also boosted your utility score by 3 points.


Sure, but I am speaking in general, I either build cars that are unbreakable (manual) or crap (auto). :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes, I think I forgot to look at maybe adjusting the slider for the V6 version, on the 4 cylinder version (engine with roots in the 60s and single point injection) I had to do all I could to keep fuel economy down…

The platform will be replaced in 1997. However, I didn’t have many cars in the lore thread that was available in 1994 so I had to choose an old one… It is kind of a Pathfinder/4Runner competitor to start with, so it came around at the same time, and they started to get some tough competition from more modern SUVs in the mid 90s…they both was replaced around the same time too IIRC.

The conclusion though? Never buy an IP with automatic transmission because they will just self-destruct. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, stop sourcing your autos from Honda then! :stuck_out_tongue:


Honda? No I found a huge pile of leftover transmissions from 90s Dodge Caravans, very cheap! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lore Here!


Hey folks. My job recently picked up from 30 hours per week, to 60 per week. It’s all good, because I was really hoping they would. It does however, cut into my automation game time, and I will not be able to finish this challenge. If I were, I would have wrote a story about how the S.U.V. market had grown so much that luxury brands were jumping into the market. My 1999 entry would have likely been an S.U.V.
Alternatively, much like the XC70 and Subaru Outback, the late 1990s were the beginning of the modern crossover. I submitted an AWD version of the Capricorn for Knugcab’s magazine, but it was not refined enough for this round.


Thanks for playing, and congrats on work picking up!


What About the Heavenly Option?

1999 Sakura Deva EX

Powered by Anhultz


The Mk 1 Tauga was a hugely significant moment for Erin. It embodied a new focus on safety and efficiency, utilising aluminum construction on an affordable, everyday car for the first time in the company’s history. Developments that had been pioneered through ErinSport’s Group C programme a decade prior were now benefiting a car that the majority of the public would actually be able to buy.

It was also the company’s first ever mid-size executive saloon, with its broadside squarely aimed at the German and Japanese competition that dominated the market at the time. It would quickly establish itself thanks to its great package of efficiency and distinctive driving feel, and would further cement this place thanks to success in the European Touring Car Championship - with the help of Caliban, of course.



It’s time for the flextape era of Keika


Can I get it with a fiberfix rollbar too?


To demonstrate the power of Flex Tape, I burned this one of a kind concept car!

Now that’s a lot of damage!