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Generations [LORE, UE4] [FINAL RESULTS]


Yeah, I actually think it might be best this way, it feels like a natural break when the final year was 1999, like if the competition was “best automobile manufacturer of the century”.

By the way, I start to wonder if the problem with the Icarus rather might have been that all the people interested in a car like that probably died off before the car did?


We call that “Buick Syndrome”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hehe, to be honest, that was a bit of the point with this model. The sedan killed of in 1993 when the whole platform probably should have been buried, as the upscale models will be moved over to the Royalist brand. Some stubborn consumers still wanting big and old fashioned wagons, getting fewer and fewer in the days of the SUV and MPV though, manufacturer as stubbornly refusing to upgrade the platform and just chunking out cars until it died off by itself, trying to make an excuse for the few buyers still complaining in the ad for the runout model :stuck_out_tongue: To be honest, the review you wrote could as well be one for a Volvo 940 in the late 90s, except that the 940 was dead reliable… A bit sad that I had no other car from 1999 in the lore yet though… :grin:


It would have been nice to continue this challenge all the way to the present day, but ending it in 1999 made more sense given the host’s tight schedule.


Wow, it was only a lead of 0.19!!! :astonished:

Thanks @VicVictory for a unique challenge that, I for one, entered into without fully realising the scope of such an endeavour…

By the end I was having to refresh my line-up of three sedans, two sportscars, one offroader and a van/MPV twin every few days! I had to try and re-design at least 24 individual cars by the mid 70’s and I also had to design and tune believable engines/variants for each car…

I had a hard time keeping up, let alone competing with anyone! A word to the wise, don’t use a weekly competition to build a wide spectrum car company lore within, you’ll run out of creativity and energy really quickly. :sweat:

Thanks to everyone who kicked my butt for revealing major flaws in the way I’ve imagined my company and thanks to Vic again for keeping me interested via our newfound Bogliq v Ardent rivalry… It was an honour to compete with all of you and I will endeavour to use my experiences to be a better competitor in the future.

On a final note, I need to apologise to @Leonardo9613. I was wrong. Your cessation of contributions to the competition was indeed missed and I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for my part in your withdrawal from Generations.

Thanks again Vic, I always find your competitions fun to compete in, so don’t burn yourself out on night shift, I need you here making cool challenges and keeping Bogliq honest!!! :sunglasses:


I’ll admit, I had fun, and while my lore-thread is still quite barren, that’s more from trying to keep up than from anything else. There are plenty of cars that never got seen after their debut, and some that never got seen despite there being clear intent otherwise. (After all, there is a 1973 Traville with the 3.9L V6, and the 5.2L V8 a few years later, and I never did put up the Savage 662 after I missed that round.)

I suppose what this means for me is that I’ll end up going over the lore thread and expanding on the years a little. Not editing the old posts, but using the cars already put up as ‘cornerstones’ to showcase the mindset of each generational leap for the cars, while going back into the 60’s through the 90’s to fill out the cars that went missing.

I had fun in the challenge, and while I wasn’t quite a competitor toward anyone, my FWD company didn’t end up dead last, so I’m quite pleased with that. Yes, there were a few times I broke from FWD, but I did so with lore behind it. The Sunbolt is just a FWD transaxle in the back of a sporty car, and the Stampede has a highly-front-biased AWD system.

So, thank you, @VicVictory, for the awesomely fun lore-challenge.


Thank you @VicVictory for getting me off my duff to flesh out my lore, even if it was only until 1994.


Excellent challenge all round, it’s easily been one of the best I’ve ever taken part in on these forums. :sunglasses:


Great challenge @VicVictory even if we had tense moments ooc, but the challenge went smoothly in the end and ended really nicely. I was too ballsy entering a track car company though :sweat_smile:

I will say I am salty though, for a different reason. I video edited an ad for the hypothetical 2016 round, will post later :cry:


To escalate the salty level… I’m gonna go back and knock down your score if you DON’T post that video! :wink:


I had something all sorts of evil planned for 2003, so… I’m saying you all got lucky that you won’t have to face it. Still, I had fun up to 1999.


Definitely one of the most ambitious and creative challenges in recent memory and despite joining this a bit later than most I really enjoyed my time. Thanks for hosting @VicVictory!


Now you’ve done it, I’m so posting it :angry:

As soon as my Andalusian trip is over in 5 or so hours…

EDIT: actually I can post it from the bus, here it is :smirk:



That’s fantastic!


Watched the Caliban advertisement… :hushed::exploding_head::star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


@VicVictory Thanks for the truly great challenge.

Really wasn’t expecting my Theta submission to win utility section. Pretty interesting how the best submission here for my entry-level/accessible performance car oriented company (Think early 90s Nissan with S13/S14, Z32, non-GTR Skylines) ended up being a truck. Not that I’m unhappy about that, in fact I think I need to flesh-out my lore for the Theta and Ascera.


Damn, @Mr.Computah… that was hot!!!


I know this is waylaid but better late than never.

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to @VicVictory for hosting an amazing competition and I would like to personally thank every single participant for the competition they brought to the table. I honestly didn’t think I would be sitting in the position of Number 1 at this thing’s conclusion but I owe that to all of you, not for any lack of good rivalry however – quite the contrary. You all provided such fierce competition that it was do or die and as a result I have gotten MUCH better at building cars and I hope that all of you have as well. Because if there is one thing this competition taught me, it was how to pay attention to all aspects of the car, including many that I had never even really noticed before.

This competition was a significant effort for myself and I perhaps took things a little too seriously in that this almost became a second job. But whatever my time investment was, I loathe to imagine what Vic’s was and consequently, I wish there was some better way I can thank you than just words. These don’t feel like enough. As much as I possibly can, thank you so much Vic for one hell of a ride, start to finish, and may your deeds bring you good fortune in this life or another.

My time investment feeds into a more personal note. This competition was very draining for myself because of, ironically, its appeal to my interests. More than building cars, I like telling stories. I also like photography. And by its very nature, every single car in this competition required a story and glamour. Thus, I come out the other end exhausted and little bit tired of Automation. I will be sticking around, yes, but my involvement here is probably going to be diminished for a while. As corny as it may sound, since this competition ended, I’ve felt liberated and have been spending more time outside the house and getting in touch with a whole world, especially cars, that exists outside my own. Its already led to some amazing encounters.

Don’t worry though. Fenton Holdings, Ltd. has more stories to tell even if some of the best were inspired by and already created thanks to Generations.

PS: Because of the stories Generations helped me create, I feel a little awkward accepting the title of Number 1 perhaps because I am not used to winning things, but also maybe it feels a little insincere to those had established their canon beforehand. Hence, some of you might be disappointed and holding a grudge against me and I understand how that may be justified. I would only ask that you please consider how the outcome of this competition is bittersweet for me, both for its toll on me as previously established but also for what I feel I may have taken from others. Winning is sometimes worse than losing.


I will echo everyone’s sentiments. Thank you for hosting this monstrosity!

I feel like it definitely pushed me and helped improve my designs. Even though Epoch was never a serious contender, I’m happy with how my “glorified wagons that never broke down” went :stuck_out_tongue: