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The new 1957 Sinistra Raider, either the greatest achievement known to the common man, or a motoring company being sabotaged from within, depending on who you chose to believe. Two parts family car, mixed with one part V12 engine, a pinch of front-wheel-drive, and just a dash of class.

The V Engine Luke had wanted was still yet to arrive, but now they at least had a V-shaped engine. Their marketing was designed to hook the attention of cylinder-counters, those looking at the fours and sixes and thinking “I’d rather have 8.” Why have 8 when you could have 12, a whole half-an-engine more? Sure, the displacement is lower, but it claims to have ‘startling torque’ and it’ll go 100 miles per hour despite not having 100 horsepower.

The various ads Sinistra threw out there tried to capitalize on the car’s improved handling and that 12 cylinder engine. “Fighter planes had 12 cylinders, and now you can have them in your own car,” was a common tag-line for Radio ads. Luke even went so far as to make a TV commercial, getting a local barn-stormer to chase the Sinistra Raider in his plane while a camera crew rode in a heavily-modified Sinistra Swift pickup truck, filming the chase as the Raider raced across the desert.

In the chase, one of the photographers got a picture of the car that just seemed to capture it the best, and that was used for the main print ad.


What is the required company information?


@Aaron.W please read the OP HERE which will tell you all you need to know!


Is this amber?




The MY57 TSR Kansai SL Fallwing

Introducing the TSR Kansai SL Fallwing. But first, we will introduce you to the Kansai line-up first. The Kansai was intended to be a GT car. It entered the US market only last year (1956). It’s one of the most advanced cars at its time. Featuring an independent rear suspension and a 4.8 litre DOHC V8 engine, it will produce 278HP to 338HP (depending on trim). The trims are SM, SA, SSM, SSA, SX, SL and the new SL Fallwing trim. The one we’re talking about is the SL Fallwing, the most luxurious trim. It features a hand-made interior and a phonograph. With the most comfortable suspension setup TSR has ever made, that makes this the most comfortable Kansai ever made. It’s starting price is $106170 with 90% mark-up.

-SL Fallwing trim shown

Buy the most popular GT car in the US! Don’t let the competition pass you, be better than everyone. Buy the most advanced car. Buy the TSR Kansai.


literally was i was posting about just 16d ago above


Also, even if Jaguar and some others were early adopters of OHC technology, it was mostly on inline engines, OHC on V-engines was very uncommon until at least the 70s, Ford had their 427" SOHC in the 60s which was pure racing stuff and then there was the Mercedes V8s in the late 60s/early 70s… Probably because a V-engine with its dual heads requires a much more complicated chain or belt transmission for the camshafts, and also, while OHC on an inline engine only makes it higher, it will make a V engine both higher and wider which will require a large engine bay. But thats just my own theory.


Birmingham HQ car park:
Roland: waht is that?, pointing at a tiny green car with black steel wheels.

reginald: Its what we are calling a supercompact
roland: can i take it for a drive
gets in the car, it has a lot of space inside for its size, and can seat 5
reginald: its the 1st model, dont expect it to be perfect, ok?
roland: it is very easy to park, i must say, and its actually fairly fast and very agiile. how much power does it have?
reginald: only 45, but the launch model should have at least 50.
roland: 45bhp?! this thing has a 0-60 time of 12 seconds, it must have at least 100bhp.
reginald: nope, 45. it only wieghs 560kg. And it FWD
roland: FWD? im not too sure about this, sinistras FWD car in 1951 was a faliure.
regiald: yes, but it was heavy. in a car like this it makes more sense. also, we have the new radial tires, and they are extra wide to make this car even easier to drive.
roland: i have to say, this drives almost as well as a full sized car, and how come there is so much space?
reginald: theres no drive shaft, the engine connnects straight to the wheels.
roland: i only have one more question, is it safe?
reginald: lets see for oursleves.
arrive back at factory and see another supercompact, this time blue opposite the 1951 7000
roland: what are you doing?
regianlad: just watch.
the 2 cars speed accross the car park and crash into each other, the 7000 instantly crumples whilst the supercompact stays in 1 piece.
roland: what kind of magic have you used here?
reginald: advanced safety, sir
roland: put this thing into production, now!!
reginald: yes, boss


Wednesday, November 14th, 1956

Legal Offices of Rodriguez and Schmidt

Valencia, Spain

“We would love to accommodate you as soon as possible,” explained Alonzo Rodriguez, his hands out in front of him in a gesture of offering. “But you have to understand, what you ask will take time. There is much maneuvering to be done with the government.”

“And yet here I am, offering something that the government desperately needs,” Jack Chancellor retorted. “Opportunity. Growth. As I understand, you haven’t had that in what, 20 years?”

The Spanish lawyer nodded and sighed. “And if it were up to me, I’d sign the contract myself today. But a foreign company asking to buy government lands at a time like this…”

“Again, key word is buying. Investing,” Jack interrupted.

“Be that as it may, the current climate is not exactly one welcoming of foreigners. Particularly Americans.” Alonzo looked around the room. “Come with me, let us enjoy some fresh air.”

Jack grudgingly agreed. His newfound lawyer seemed a tad on edge, and he didn’t want to do anything overt to make his overseas trip a waste. He had already toured potential factory sites and met with officials in Ireland, France, and Greece, but none of them had quite fit Chancellor’s needs. Now, in Spain, he found both the proper site and labor force, but was meeting government resistance.

They walked into a small courtyard shared by the adjoining buildings and found refuge from the late afternoon sun under a large ficus tree.

“My friend,” Alonzo whispered. “You seem to misinterpret what I am saying. The Francoists aren’t against an American company building a factory by principal. I’m just saying that the wheels need to be, as you say, greased.”

“I see,” Jack scratched at his chin. “Do you know how much grease it will take?”

Alonzo shrugged. “It is not something I can exactly just call someone and ask. It will take time. But trust me when I say I will work to find out for you.”

“Very well.”

Moments later, Alonzo’s secretary walked outside, making a bee line for them.

“Senor Chancellor,” she announced. “I have a telephone call for you. It is from the United States, your assistant Clarence.”

“Bah,” Jack spat. “What does that sycophant want now?”

Jack returned inside the building and picked up the receiver at the secretary’s desk. “Chancellor here.”

“S-sir,” his assistant’s voice was even more nasal through the cross-Atlantic connection. “I just received a call from Mr. Vale at Motor Review World. He w-wants to know what car we’re sending them to test.”

“Good for him, Clarence. Now, if you don’t mind, I have actual work to do.”

“S-sir, he said that if we don’t make arrangements by tomorrow, it will be too late and we’ll be l-left out of the publication.”

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose. “You still have the list of considerations from the last staff meeting, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“So pick one. Eenie meenie miney moe, use a dart board, flip a coin. I don’t care. Just get Vale a set of keys by the end of the day today.”

“Y-yes sir.”

Jack shook his head and put the receiver on its cradle. Alonzo was leaning in the doorway, arms folded, with a wide smirk on his grin. “How much extra wheel grease do I need to get a better assistant to take back to the States with me?”


January 20, 1955 at the North American International Auto Show - Detroit Michigan

Joe: I’ve noticed you’ve only brought overdrive 4 speed examples.
Dale: Yes. There’s tons of press here, and I don’t want our cars to look so stuffy.
Joe: Maybe we should have brought colors other than baby blue.
Dale: I was going to bring our Goddess Gold showcars, but again, too stuffy.
Joe: You really think this boat is going to win people over?
Dale: Maybe. This year, I want to focus more on the Libra. Coupes are in.
Joe: Says who?
Dale: You used to say that all the time!
Joe: That was during prohibition! It was just me and 24 cases of hooch! Nowadays, folks have 3, 4, or sometimes more kids.
Dale: I could show the Aquarius, but it seems a little out of place here. I’m not going to focus on the Sagittarius yet; I believe it pales compared to our Pantheon Challenger XS.
Joe: Yeah! You didn’t bring any Pantheons, Stars, or Pegasuses… uh Pegasi… uh Pegaseese?
Dale: That’s what television is for.
Joe: Sponsor on television, all you’re going to get is halfwits, dimwits, and nitwits.
Little Dale: Nitwits!
Dale: Elizabeth! I found the boy!
Elizabeth: Can you handle him, I’m feeding our daughter!


1957 Bogliq Maverick Empower!!!

Check out the entire range HERE

Buy better, buy Bogliq


Deer and Hunt new Repair shop. 5pm. 1951

It’s getting late outside. The first people start to slowly end their workday, cleaning the garage and giving customer cars a quick clean. The only hard working person, like always was Jason. Sitting in his office working at 3 books at the same time. Reading in one while writing numbers into another. He needed a bigger desk… or smaller coffee cups… Maybe it was time to get some help. It knocked on the door. Jason could instantly see William through the glass in the door

“Come in Will”, Jason says while giving him a gesture to come in

“I see nothing changed since this morning! Well besides the amount of cups that is”

Jason cleared his throat.
“No Hello? No ‘how are you’?”

“Oh SORRY Jason. Didn’t toughed we are proper posh now”

“Yeah whatever. What you want ?”

“I just wanted you to ask if you want to grab something to eat?”

Jason closed one of the books in front of him
“What are you planning Will?”

“Me? Nothing! Can’t i just have a nice dinner with my friend and college”

Jason only replies with a stern look

“Well maybe i had an business idea”

“NO we not gonna start building that sportscar you want”

“Well that went fast”
William takes a piece of paper off the stack of paper he was holding an put it in this pocket
he continued “But i have a different idea!”

Jason interjectioned “Will we cant afford a whole new plant”

“NONONO Hear me out. We gonna expand into something with things we already have”

“What do you mean”

William shows Jason a piece of paper

“The ‘Hawg’ ?” Jason asked

“Yes. A 4 door Offroader. It gonna use some of the Fallows parts. Engine, Suspension, wheels maybe even the gearbox.”

“I see. Interesting. I will approve this, maybe this gives us another piece of the cake”

Cars sold by Deer And Hunt in 1957 :

  • Fallow MKII
  • Hawg


The original Everette has again long since been lost to the sands of old builds, so I remade it, this time with a proper amount of pointless and garish 1950s styling elements. The original just wasn’t convincing me.

Preliminary Design Session - Late 1953

After spending much of 1952 shoring of the last of the production problems on the GT, C Fenton Trunt Company turned its attention to a new project proposed by Everette Haverford. He wanted an everyman’s car with a Fenton badge on it and convinced his boss, Fenton, that he did too.

Fenton and Everette sat together in a meeting along with the chief of engineering on the new project, Bill Waterson and head of marketing, Zach Stasiak. He laid out the plans and talked them through.

“Now this is naturally just our first ideas for the new car so we’re not married to anything just yet,” Bill explained. “So don’t be afraid to critique. What do you think?”

Fenton and Everette looked over the plans in silence for a few seconds. Finally, Everette pIped up.

“Its a bit small, don’t you think?”

Bill was expecting this. “Ah yes,” he said as he pointed to the ceiling. “Zach would you care to explain?”

Zach leaned forward from his seated position and laid out their approach.

“See, the giants aren’t making anything small right now” he stared. “but the market is there. Its a wee bit niche, yes, but its there and you’re not going to have impossible competition. The only other people in the market right now are a couple of the other small guys in Indiana.”

“Plus,” Bill interjected, “smaller means more economical – more affordable. More people can get their hands on it that way.”

“Okay. Okay…” said Fenton thoughtfully as he pondered their approach. “What about the engine? Everyone is going to V8s now and you said you want a six in this car?”

Bill was ready again without hesitation. “Again, its a matter of affordability. A six is cheaper to make than an eight.”

Zach interjected this time. “Plus we can make the V8 a high dollar option and earn a higher margin if its not standard. People love paying more for extras but they don’t want to pay for the bottom line.”

Fenton and Everette both nodded to this. Fenton scratched his chin a bit while Everette simply continued nodding. After a second or two, they both exchanged looks. They could tell they were on the same page.

“Well all right then.” said Everette. “It seems like you guys have this well in hand. Make it happen!”

Prototype Trials - Fenton Proving Grounds - Early 1956

Bill and Everette watched the new car go around the track for what must have been the 100th time. And watched it spin out again for what must have been the 50th time when it got to the high speed bend.

“This is the problem we’ve been having. The thing is too damn tail happy,” He said blithely.

“Why’s that?” Everette quizzed only somewhat ignorant of the answer.

“Well its a small front-heavy car.” Bill answered. “There just isn’t any weight on the back tires especially not once you get up to speed.”

They both watched in silence again for a half a minute or so.

Everette finally broke the silence. “Now I’m not an engineer, but wouldn’t this just be solved if you put a stabilizer bar in the front?”

Bill huffed a little in frustration. “We tried that and in short yes. But again its so front heavy. It just makes the steering mushy at the limit but its still trying to brake loose the whole way there.”

Everette nodded silently.

“This is just a thought.” Bill said prefacing his next statement because he had no idea what reaction it would garner. “But what if we drove the front tires instead of the back?”

Everette gave him a stare as if he had lobsters crawling out of his ears.

“No I’m serious,” Bill countered. “Apparently a lot of newer European cars are doing it and it works very well. They don’t have these problems with high speed instability and it takes advantage of a car’s natural front heaviness.”

“Okay, hold up.” Said Everette. “Lets talk this through.”

And so they did. That was the day it was decided that the Everette, as the car came to be known, would be front wheel drive.

1957 - Naming and Release

The question was on everyone’s minds what the call C Fenton Trunt Company’s new car. But really there wasn’t any surprise as to what it became known as. It was Everette’s idea so it was his car; it got named after him.

Five years after one fateful dinner, the Fenton Everette went on sale in August 1957 for the 1958 model year.

For more about this car see the original post in FHL’s thread.


November 1951

Sam Worthington let out his breath, sealed the envelope, and handed it to the telegraph boy along with a small tip. Walking back to the office, he couldn’t help but smile as he thought about the sales results for the Epoch Model 20. It had been a resounding success, more so than he had actually expected even on his optimistic days. It seemed that Epoch had definitely attracted a following, and Dave’s advice around going for a more sporty model that could slot into a line-up one spot up from the Model 10 was spot on. Sam was still considering his report that had been sent back to London HQ, as he was uncertain how favourably it would be received. He knew that Epoch’s self-given remit was super affordable and reliable transport for the everyman, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that they were aiming too low - heck, most people would consider the Bogliq to be as cheap and basic as you could get, and Epoch was ever cheaper and less well equipped than them!

Sam shook his head, reminding himself that it was the Bogliq that managed to pick up the Motor Word Review “Best Entry Sedan of the Year” award. If anything, Epoch should be trying to copy Bogliq, but cheaper and better and…

Sam stopped, frozen mid-thought. Sitting in front of his office was a brand new Bogliq Mutineer (in blue of course), parked in front of a Epoch Model 20, with Dave leaning against the side of the car, swinging a set of keys around his finger. Dave turned his head and met Sam’s stare, and broke out into one of his trademark grins.

“Hey Sam! Look what I’ve got here, a little present for you!”

Sam quickly walked up to Dave with a confused look upon his face. “What the heck Dave? What’s all this about?”

Dave laughed, “This is the start of your next project. You said you were going to ask your bosses to approve another model, and here you go - I’ve brought you your template to start with.”

“Seriously? You bought a Mutineer just so we could take a look at it? We could easily get one for a test drive or something.”

“Yeah, but those dodgy Bogliq guys would probably knock you on the head and send you back to commieland* or wherever they are from if they found out you had taken their car apart!”

Sam just stared at him, figurative cogs whirring in his head.

Dave laughed again, “C’mon Sam, I know you’re a smart guy, keep up! We’re going to take this thing apart bolt by bolt until we know exactly what makes it so good for its price. Then you’re going to help those eggheads back in England come up with something better. You get me?”

Now it was Sam’s turn to laugh. “And here I was thinking you were just in it for the money and were going to let everyone else do the hard work! Come on Dave, let’s take it over to the USADiv workshop and let the boys take a look at it. You’ll make yourself some new best friends over there with this you know.”

*OOC: No offence intended, I’m just RP-ing what I would imagine a slightly rough American in the '50s would say :slight_smile:


The 1957 Epoch Model 30 4.8
Salvation is here.

Sam couldn’t sleep the night that Epoch released their new Model 30. It was a massive gamble, but if it paid off, both Epoch and Sam would be set-up for a much easier ride into the uncertain future. Sam’s reading of the market all pointed towards a desire for larger, more powerful, faster cars, however there were some uneasy discussions and rumours around a possible turn for the worse in the economy. The Model 30 was Epoch’s hedged-bet, meeting the needs of a sizable market segment either way. It may be Epoch’s most expensive car, but it was the pinnacle of what they could do and remain true to their corporate mission. Sam was disappointed that he couldn’t manage to get the cost under $1000, but he had shaved off as much as he could, and suppliers had balked at reducing their profit margins further.

Giving up on sleep, Sam got up out of bed and put on the new record that he had been given for his birthday by a friend, a music buff. Sitting back into his lounge chair, Sam picked up the record cover and inspected it whilst listening to the music.

“Buddy Holly and the Crickets hey? Can’t say I much care for it… No wonder why I haven’t heard of him before… Oh well, best of luck to us both…”


Right now I am wondering why you named your company’s CEO after a certain Australian actor… I could be wrong, but I suspect it’s nothing more than mere coincidence… Anyway, your company is doing rather well, surprisingly enough.


1957 Ardent A1

Submitted trim: A1 1.5 Ton pickup w/294 Taurus V8


Dale Rathbone: Is it me, or does the Aquarius lack mirrors?
Event Staff: Must’ve broke off in transport, sir.
Dale: Do you know what people are going to think when they look at my vehicle and see no mirrors?
Event Staff: They’ll think they break too easily?
Dale: I was going to say, they’d think we were showing a flawed vehicle, but yeah! That too! This is a disaster!
Joe: Relax! We’ll just put that one back on the truck, and let the press drive the Libra around.
Dale: I’m so upset! I don’t want to end up like those asshats at Packard!


Complete coincidence. Maybe it was subconscious?

You’re not the only one surprised :stuck_out_tongue: