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Geneva International Motor Show (90th International Motor Show)



don’t worry i’ll have something to post


Bates Engineering

WEC Hypercar, Developed by Bates Engineering and Revo Design. York’s Finest


Pre order now at your local charge dealer

Availiable in fleet, GS, GSL and sport
starting from $25000


The back is fricking good in my opinion


Decarlis D40 Traverse

Ahead Geneva Internationnal Motor Show, Decarlis is proud to show you the all new Decarlis D40 Traverse.

As you can see below, this is it 4th generation. It was first launched in 1996.

For its launch in april, it will be powered by a 200ch inline 4 cylinders 2.0 liters.


A few more teasers before the showcase tomorrow :wink:


Buffalo to leave the show for now
Due to major problems the company can’t enter the show right now

IRL:Due to my lazyenss


oof welp see you next show.


So as you may have heard from the news, the Corona virus outbreak has led to the cancellation of the Geneva Auto Show.

Not really sure how this affects the forum version, but as it seems that most automakers are planning on premiering their cars online that may be a course of action you can choose to take. I would be perfectly fine if you want to continue to post the unveils designated for Geneva in this thread.


Revo Design and Bates Engineering

Announcement - Due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus and the cancelling of the Geneva Auto Show, Both Revo Design and Bates Engineering are not willing to put our employees in harms way, so we shall be announcing our cars online instead

In late 2019 the 60 year engineering firm called Bates Engineering was on the edge of bankruptcy and couldn’t find any investors to help finish its latest project. At the same time the tuning and bespoke design company called Revo Design was looking for help to design its first mass market car, but also a bigger development site. So Bates Engineering and Revo Design agreed to buy shares in each other to form an alliance. This is the public announcement of the merger and also the debut of 4 new cars from both manufacturers.

Revo Mirage

The Revo Mirage is the first mass market car to be produced by Revo Design and is built to take on the likes of the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class. The Mirage will come in three different trim levels SE, SE-4 and HE. Pricing will start from £35,600 and range to £47,800. More details shall be available at a later date, along with the announcement of two performance variants which are still currently in development.

More Images

Revo Damocles C6-RR

The Revo Damocles C6-RR is a racecar that follows no rules, no regulations it is simply built to be as fast as it possibly can be. The Damocles C6-RR is a hybrid with a 870BHP 2.8L B6 with a redline of 12,000RPM and a 250BHP electric motor on the front axle. Making a combined 1,120BHP, the car has be built to take on the VW ID.R at the Nurburgring and Pikes Peak. More details will be announced at a later date.

More Images

Bates Engineering RT-18

The RT-18 is a track only car which has been developed with no rules and no compromises to be as fast and light as possible. The car has been built to take on the likes of the Ferrari FXXK and Aston Martin Vulcan. The RT-18 has a 961BHP 4.0L Twin Turbo V8 with a redline 11,100RPM, which allows the car to hit a top speed of 212MPH. Pricing is going to start from around £800,000 and there is a road-going version in development. More details will be given later.

Bates Engineering RT-19 'Uaithne’

The name Uaithne comes from Irish mythology and is the name of a harp used by the Dagda. The harp has a second name it goes by which is Daur da Bláo which means The Oak of Two Blossoms, the name symbolises how the car was co-developed by Revo Design and Bates Engineering. The RT-19 ‘Uaithne’ has been built to enter the WEC Hypercar series, with road-legal homologation versions coming soon. The RT-19 ‘Uaithne’ has a 500BHP 2.0L Twin-Turbo V6, which is paired with a 100BHP electric motor to drive the back wheels. Additionally there are two 250BHP electric motors driving the front wheels. For a combined 1,100BHP and a total weight of 996kg’s, the car is capable of 230MPH. Pricing will start from around £1.4 million for the track-only version and £1 million for the later road-legal version. More details will be avaliable at a later date.

More Images

Revo - Redefine the Revolution

Bates Engineering - Engineering the way to the Future


2020 Geneva International Auto Show Pre-Show Coverage

So, the worst had happened. Geneva Auto Show is officially cancelled due to COVID-19. Due to this we will offically withdraw from the show, but new cars reports will continue to be reported.

Carol’s here, and see you on New York then. Stay tuned.




Taimania & Blaire’s Mega Showcases have been moved to New York. See you then!


Returning to a sportive approach, like the latest models of the brand, the New Urban is more focused on the driving experience. According with the 85% of customers, they prefer a sporty and fun experience instead being only focused on the confort, like the current generation.

The new Montes modular platform (called LMP, or Longitudinal Modular Platform) is a completely new platform that it will be used on the next brand models with front longitudinal engine, and it could be made on AHS steel or aluminum. And also, is compatible for EV models. It features multilink on the rear, and McPherson with decoupled stub, to control perfectly all the movements, giving a precise, responsive and confortable behavior. And also, we reduced the weight between 100 and 200kg compared with the 6th-gen.

The engines were tweaked to improve the fuel efficiency, responsiveness, performance, as well emissions (all are euro 6d-temp compilant), and due to the SCHI (Super Controlled Homogeneous Injection) tech, it doesn’t needs FAP.

The completely new design shows a youthful, sporty and agile image, as well stylish and modern. We played with tension lines and tridimensional elements, like the composed taillights or grille mesh, and with textures, like the glossy black found on the rear diffuser.


During the release, it will be only offered only with the following trims. MRP and GTS trims it will come during April:




During the release, it will be available only with that engines:

  • 1.5 SCHI turbo 145 (4-cylinder 1.5 turbo with 145hp and 186Nm. 4.0L/100km. 0-100 in 8.35s)
  • 2.0 SCHI turbo 190 (4-cylinder 2.0 turbo with 190hp and 234Nm. 5.1L/100km. 0-100 in 7.26s)
(During April, PHEV versions will be available, as well EV versions during June.)




The prices starts from 25.350€ for the Genesis RWD MT 1.5 145, up to 31.100 for the Cosmos AWD MDC 2.0 190.

(And, BTW, the new badge)


oh my GOD this post aged HORRIBLY


Those would most likely be introduced at the New York Auto Show next month. As for the lesser versions, my ideal spec would be a Cosmos AWD manual with the 2.0L turbo four, in purple with double six-spoke wheels.

However, with its longitudinally mounted engine, the whole Urban range is built on a rear-drive platform, which should set it apart from the crowd. And surely there is room in the range for 3-door hatch, 4-door sedan, 2-door coupe and 5-door wagon variants - if the potential for more choices exists, why not offer them?



AL Autos Announcement

Due to the Geneva Motor Show being canceled, AL Autos will showcase the newly redesigned AL Autos Erucae during a public special event being held back in our main showroom stateside. The cars are currently en route back to the US (after the fiasco of trying to get a spot to ship them back) and are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, March 5, 2020. Once they arrive, we will be ready to present them. To compensate for this late reveal, we will also be showcasing the special limited production version of the Erucae. I hope you all will join us!


Reguarding the Geneva intervational Autoshow.

It is most unfortunate that the Geneva international Auto show has been cancelled due to what is quickly evolving into a global pandemic. Nonetheless, we carry on. You can find information about our new EV partnership with Rigore Automotive Here, and the flagship model of this partnership, The Interval, here. Where you can schedule a test drive today. We will have more to show as the year continues.


Great choice!

About the release of a 3-door hatch, that’s discarded currently, but we are thinking about a coupé. More info, soon.

And the same for the wagon variant.

A sedan is not expected, having the (recently restyled) T30.


BREMEN: Due to the unexpected cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), the planned offcial new vehicle announcements of Ursula AG will be cancelled and all automobile reveals will be shown later in Ursula’s official website (or in IRL terms, this place).
See you in New York, stay safe and have a great day.