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Giovannni wants a sportscar - 1966 Frunian Coastal Cruise [Finally Complete!]


This being an order for a light sports car is the point for me.
And Keika is all about being light.

Plus, the inspiration cars you posted are either way above or way below what i think the customer wants because a car having like 70hp (Alfa Romeo Spider), won’t reach the still required 190kph, but most of the Ferraris listed are significantly overbudget.

To me, putting a fuckton of comfort through fancy interiors is not really reasonable since this is a sports car and that would just add unnecessary weight.


Pictures were for stylistic inspiration only, and a “fuckton” of comfort is not needed. If you are worried about weight, use a sports interior. Lightest of the bunch asides from the penalised basic. And a standard radio doesn’t weigh that much (what, 30 odd kilos).

Also that 70 hp alfa has an exact top speed of 190 km/h straight.


I will make a couple more test mules with different approaches to make sure that there is some creative licence with design. But from the entries I’ve had so far, all are quite different but manage to meet the requirements equally


Is that from the test track screen or the drivetrain tab? I currently have something with 172 km/h top speed listed on the test track screen while the drivetrain tab shows estimated top speed of 202 & geared for 202.6. that’s with a 2L V6 that makes 137.1hp & car weighs 1937.7lb (878.9kg) in the test track screen while design tab shows 1930lb(875.4kg).


Drive train tab. It’s all about showing off, he’s never actually going to go that fast


After some controversy I’ll lower the penalty for not having an estimated top speed of 190 down to -7 points. So that way cars that reach it have a little advantage over those that can’t, but those that can’t should be able to make up for it in other ways.


Submissions are now open!
Lets see what you guys have got for Giovanni.


:crab: :crab: ford time :crab: :crab:


Flamers Car Company - Azure Mk III - Italia Edition

The Azure had always been a sports car and the third iteration was no different, staying with the same block that was in the Mk II and the Feino Mk I Super Speed. The Azure MkIII was a true throw back to the original Azure, built to drive around the coast roads in style.

The Italia edition is built for the roads of Italy, using lower octane fuel than it’s English brethren it still manages to produce a similar amount of power due to the upgrades in technology between the Azure Mk III’s release in 1963 and the Italia edition in 1966.

It’s elegance is in it’s simplicity.


Deadline has been set!



Sooo… got the styling pretty much done on my car and I was fine-tuning the mechanicals. Went to export it to Beam to test it out and, POOF! All my fixtures disappeared. Guess it’s back to the drawing board lol.


thats rough. Did it delete all of the fixtures out of your automation model? or just the beam export?


The automation model. As soon as I went back into it the car was barren. It’s ok… just an opportunity to do it better, at least that’s what I’m going with lol.


theres a bright side to everything lol


So far i’ve received entries from:


There is a little over a week until the deadline, so plenty of time to finalise or even start designs.

I would prefer entries sooner than later however, because I’m on school break as of now so I have a lot of time to judge, but the deadline is just after school starts back up again and I won’t have nearly as much time on my hands.

The more judging I can get done before the deadline, the better


does a car count as being a convertible if the removeable/ foldable top is replicated using fixtures despite the game still counting it as a coupe?


If you can pull it off and I think it’s passable, then yes. I’m interested to see this now.


If anyone wants to just do design, I’ve made a roadster platform that you can style. Send a PM if interested.


Stable release only?