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Giovannni wants a sportscar - 1966 Frunian Coastal Cruise [Finally Complete!]


The 1966 Armor Motors 190 California


Stable release only, no open beta.


I’ll be away from my pc from today till Monday, so I probably won’t respond to messages and that. But please still send through entries if you’ve got them!

Deadline is Wednesday the 24th of April, 12 am GMT


A letter from some UK guy in Japan

Hello Mr whoever reads this,

may i interest you into our brand-new Keika Katana?

[imagine basic spec-sheet here; not actually put here for competitive reasons]

Well… we are short on funds and i am no PR professional, but it has a 2.2L 149hp V6 and it handles well-ish?

Hope you at least consider a test drive, thanks.

Daniel Chase

*actual appearance of car may differ from what is shown
**this is a mechanically printed letter and thus does not need to be signed


1965 Neko Pure Sport


“Violation of these will cost -20 points* per violation”

So. Say I sent a car from the future. A car later than 1966 that will beat the others easily simply because it’s more technologically advanced… would that be a 20 point penalty only even if it’d be impossible to send the car to the past for Giovanni?

Same with any other violation? ET? Weight? Fuel economy? Etc.

I see a problem in here


I smell a 2020 Miata arriving shortly


Well you would get -20 points for year, then automatically get another -20 for not having standard 60s safety. So maximum you could score would be 150/190. But yes, the year limit should be a hard limit, not just a -20 point violation I think.


Looks like I have a Lore car that needs only minor tweaks, so will be entering soon. Cheaper and ‘gruintier’ Fiat Dino here we come…


Good pick up there. But that was more so if someone accidentally sent in a car with the trim year of 1967 or something. If it’s obviously intentionally exploiting the system then I’ll disqualify it.



Just over one day left to submit entries!



Dear sir,

Please feel free for a ride in our 66 version of our small convertible sports car, with a new Straight 6 2.5L engine.

It’s slightly more expensive than our 2.0L L6 model, but we believe that it has a superior performance that you would like to have in the twisty and open roads. Also in town you can drive it around with the comfort of a hydraulic assisted steering.

Here’s our lame brochure!

Best Regards,


Do you wish for an exotic sports car, yet your budget only extends to a ‘warm’ sedan?

Do you like to enjoy a spirited drive, yet don’t want to sacrifice too much comfort?

Do you like the feel of the wind in your hair, but still think that safety in a vehicle is important?

Have you been looking for the right car to satisfy all of these criteria? Well look no longer!

Introducing the special edition 1966 Epoch M20 S2800c (2+2). Based upon the M20 S2800, and featuring Epoch’s sporty 2.8L V8 engine, this dealer-modified variant is equipped with revised suspension settings, a sports exhaust, and a retractable cloth roof that combines the feeling of a convertible with the safety of a hardtop. Enquire at your local Epoch dealer today in order to secure your chance to own one of these limited vehicles!


that brochure is… something else…


Thanks to all those who’ve entered, submissions are now closed.

The first round of judging is Style, made up of 5 segments being Looks, Era consistency, Stylistic consistency, Functionality and Detail.

Results will be presented shortly.


Round one results are up! I’ve decided to edit them into the main post to keep things clean. Go have a read!


Awesome :slight_smile:

Pretty much agree with your judging on all the cars so far! Interested to see how they compare in the next stage.


I agree mosly with what is written, tho some disagreement on the nebula as it was inspired a lot by the Ford GT40, Lamborghini Miura and the De Tomaso Mangusta, which all are made in and around 68, and are similar in looks to the Nebula… I agree that the wing is a bit over the top tho :smiley:


The under grille vents were meant to be similar to this little happy boy, clearly didn’t nail it quite right!