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Giovannni wants a sportscar - 1966 Frunian Coastal Cruise [Finally Complete!]


Nice to hear that you like driving the Nebula :slight_smile: I tried to make it as neutral as possible, yet still retaining the feel of a MR car, and it seems like i nailed it


Working on the final round, expect to see soon!


Final round: The technicalities

Ah yes, everybody’s favourite part of the competition

In this final round we will take into account 3 factors:

  • The price
  • Bonus points
  • Violations of the rules


Ahh yes, the penalties. Everyone’s favourite.

There were only 2 cars that receive a penalty(s) for violating the set rules. They are as follows:

Pennalised cars

Maccheroni S6: Violated Sportiness value (Below MIN) [-20 Points]

Epoch M20: Violated Sportiness value (Below MIN) and failed to reach 190km/h [-27 points]


Before we take a look at the price, let’s remind ourselves of the scaling price penalty chart

As shown above, an appropriate amount points will be added or subtracted based on how much the car costs (@0%markup)

This guide was made before the recent update however, which messed things up royally.

Luckily, I did the judging and applied the point penalties/awards before the update. So while I wont be able to tell you the exact price, I can still figure out the rough range based on the table above.



@Jaimz - Franklin Cerberus: ~$12.5K | +10 points

@MikonP7 - Neko Pure Sport: ~12.5K | +10 points

@Elizipeazie - Keika Katana: ~12.5K | +10 points

@Mad_Cat - Maccheroni S6: ~11.5K | +20 points

@Flamers - FS Azura Mk III Italia: ~14.25K | -10 points

@Anubeia - Corsair 2.0 MFI: ~13.5K | No point change

@gridghost - Scarab Nebula: ~15.25K | -40 points

@machalel - Epoch M20 S2800c: ~12.5K | +10 points

@GassTiresandOil - Armor Motors 190 California: 11.5K | +15 points

@Mikonp7 - Neko Pure Sport: ~12.5K | +10 points

@EddyBT - Angelerini Pegasus: ~12.5K | +10 points

@8bs - Terrier Sport Cabrio 2500: ~14.75K | - 20 points

Judge’s Comment:

Most of the cars fared well in this category, however some
some cars, especially the Scarab, were heavily hit by the point penalties. The massive violation of Giovaini’s $13K budget cost the Nebula a pretty penny.

Bonus points

If the car was a convertible, 5 points were added to the final score.


@Jaimz - Franklin Cerberus
@Anubeia - Corsair 2.0 MFI
@Elizipeazie - Keika Katana
@gridghost - Scarab Nebula
@GassTiresandOil - Armor Motors 190 California
@Mikonp7 - Neko Pure Sport
@EddyBT - Angelerini Pegasus
@8bs - Terrier Sport Cabrio 2500


If you submitted (or posted) an advert on the thread, I rated them out of 10 points. Let’s check them out:


Franklin Cerberus



Not bad. Awesome caption, but editing is a bit low effort

Scarab Nebula



Very nice. Aesthetic is on point.

Keika Katana


never trust a man who doesn’t capitalize his (i)s

Neko Pure Sport



Quite nice, I like the rising sun touch. Not very cleanly edited though, which is what stops it from getting higher

Angelerini Pegasus



Pretty nice looking, but not 60s. Much more of a late 70s vibe.

Armour Motors 190 California



Decent description, but photo is a bit of a weird angle

Terrier Sport Cabrio 2500



words cannot describe

Final Scores

don't peek

Round 3

Overall Competition finals:

So that leaves us with a winner…

@EddyBT’s Angelerini Pegasus!

Giovanni signs the paperwork and pulls out of the Angelerini dealership wearing an uncontrolable grin.
Who’s to say what wonders await him on the costal roads…


Hmm OK, not that I would have gotten close to the top, but the required top speed was 170, not 190. I also posted an advert that wasn’t scored.


tied for 3rd

congratz to Eddy for winning

but… Giovanni really needs some luck trying to find appropriate tyres tho


Snap oversteer and death, probably xD

I’m really surprised my deathtrap won, this was a really entertaining challenge and GG to all! Thank you for the host!

mwuahahhahahah minmax wins again


Required top speed was indeed 170, but a smaller penalty applies for not reaching 190. That was stated in op.

And as for your advert, I appolagize as it must’ve flown over my head during judging. Sorry about that one!


To be honest, your car was one of the nicer cars to drive. I didn’t experience the horrors it seems to have caused you :joy:


Thank you!

Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the competition, or even just followed along. It was a great deal of fun being the host of this, although it was hard to squeeze in the judging between exams and school assignments :grimacing:

There were some awesome cars entered, some that almost got the win, and others that would’ve flourished in a different setting.

Giovanni wishes everyone luck in their other competitions!

'till next time,



Thnx for hosting a great challenge