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GM's new toy


So, I started hearing about this a couple months back. Supposedly this engine delivers 310 HP and 348 lb. ft. of torque. If you imagine, just 10 or so years ago, they were barely getting that out of an engine twice as big. They’re only putting this in the trucks right now, but why stop there? In a different article (it’s on the same blog, but I don’t really feel like searching through dozens of entries), it says this engine is 45% efficient. Imagine if they combine that with a hybrid electric motor?
The thing is, I know it’s 2018, and not 1986, but back then, they started making 4 cylinders that promised V8 power, that would wind up burning up (think Pontiac 6000). Do you think this will be the same?


I am more surprised by who’s done it than what it has accomplished. Volvo is powering the new S90 with a 2.0L 4 banger that’s making about the same figures.

In answer to your query, high strung 4 cylinders have been slowly taking over the roles typically fulfilled by V6s and V8s since the mid 2000s even in GM’s lineup. Hell Cadillac’s flagship, the XTS, is powered by a turbo I4 (at least on the base trim) so I don’t see this as the same thing at all. Its 2018 – we actually have the tech to deliver on a promise like that without making the engine as unstable as nitroglycerin in a steel forge.