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Go West Deathtrap Tour [FINISHED]


Day 2 - Team Kent Croissants

Previous Part

12PM - 6AM

The team are sleeping.

All timestamps since 12PM added together.

Fatigue: -19 (-10 Total)
Morale: +1 (8 Total)


Day 2 - Team Spanish Fiesta.

The two brothers woke up sometime around 6AM. They’d soon dress up and go have breakfast, but Alejandro stopped abruptly.

“Hang on, Ana…what about we do our thing with the cars while these drivers are having breakfast…?” He asked, smiling.

“Our thing…oh, I know! You’re goddamn right we’re gonna do it.” Replied Ana, with a smile too.

Their first victim car was the Dynamite. Ana and Alejandro started using the dust to draw rather questionable shapes with a smile on top, in every window. They then moved on to the Shromet, the Exempla, the Merciel and finally the Rigel.

Once their job was done, both brothers entered the motel again, getting ready to have breakfast before hitting the road again.

To be continued.




(I will apologize in advance, I will be taking a couple days off from this. My mother in law is staying with us, and it’s adding both work and stress to the dynamic here)


Team Rice Box

Day 2, 5am-6am

“We need a wake up call, Ly.” Charlotte seemed unusually chirpy for 5 in the morning.
“What about the other teams?”
“Eh, fuck them. We need to wake up.” Charlotte fished out her speaker, and started playing her… questionable playlist.

“Right. Sure. Just be fast, we want to be out of here by 6.”



(Zach is behind the wheel and is slightly nodding off)

Blake: Knock that shit off! I need you focused!

Zach: I’m running on barely three hours of sleep, and that back seat isn’t the most comfortable place to do it!

Blake: Should’ve gone to sleep earlier.

Zach: Don’t push me old man! I’m not in the mood right now!

Blake: I’d check that attitude if I were you!

Zach: I’m a grown man, don’t tell me what to do!

Blake: zzzzzzz…

Zach: Son of a bitch!


Legend of Terms:

TBDC: Time Block Distance Covered. This is the amount of mileage covered during the current 2 hour period.
ODC: Overall Distance Covered. This is the total distance that the team has covered since Noon on Friday
MRL: Morale modifier
FTG: Fatigue Level
Notes: Any notes I have for your team during this time block. Including POI results, car issues, etc.

Friday, 6AM - 8AM

Weather Conditions: 71 degrees, high clouds, slight breeze

All vehicles are on US 287, I-25 North, or 26 West

Upcoming POI (optional, let me know if you want to stop at them for rest/sightseeing): Independence Rock State Historic Site, Soda Springs.

Next Waypoint: Fort Laramie, South Pass, Fort Hall

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 637 mi MRL: -1 FTG: +2 Notes: Non-critical failure: Vehicle would not start in the morning. Diagnosed as bad fuel pump, part procured from parts store and repair underway.

TBDC: 78 mi OD: 1190 mi MRL: -4 FTG: +2 Notes: Team has refueled in Montpelier, ID. Team has stopped for an hour at Soda Springs, ID. TEAM MORALE IS LOW. Team is feeling tired.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 675 mi MRL: -2 FTG: +2 Notes: Team had wanted to diagnose the problem with fuel smell while still at Fort Laramie. Problem has been diagnosed as 2 leaky fuel injectors. Parts procured from junkyard and repairs are underway.

TBDC: 64 mi OD: 739 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: None.

TBDC: 38 mi OD: 637 mi MRL: +2 FTG: +0 Notes: Team has purchased and installed a cheap slip-on muffler from a parts store. Not as good as the original, but the comfort penalty is reduced.
Waypoint completed: Fort Laramie. Team has stopped at Fort Laramie. TEAM MORALE IS HIGH.

TBDC: 119 mi OD: 756 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Waypoint completed: Fort Laramie.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 898 mi MRL: +1 FTG: -5 Notes: Team wakes up at 7am and will be on the road at 8am.

TBDC: 136 mi OD: 811 mi MRL: -1 FTG: +1 Notes: Around 730am, the rear end starts vibrating rather violently at speed.

TBDC: 117 mi OD: 754 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Team has refueled in Fort Laramie, WY. Waypoint Completed: Fort Laramie.

TBDC: 38 mi OD: 675 mi MRL: +2 FTG: +0 Notes: Team wakes up at 515am and is on the road at 615am. Waypoint completed: Fort Laramie.

TBDC: 127 mi OD: 764 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Waypoint Completed: Fort Laramie.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 637 mi MRL: +0 FTG: -10 Notes: Team wakes up at 8am and will be taking an optional hike of Scotts Bluff at 9 am.


TBDC: 14 mi OD: 689 mi MRL: -5 FTG: +0 Notes: Critical failure: Brakes failed on 26 West, preparing for the bridge just before Experiment Farm Road in Mitchell, NE, and the car hit the guard rail just before the bridge. No injuries, but the car is undrivable.

TBDC: 67 mi OD: 742 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: None

TBDC: 117 mi OD: 754 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Waypoint completed: Fort Laramie. TEAM MORALE IS HIGH.

TBDC: 127 mi OD: 802 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: None.

TBDC: 137 mi OD: 788 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: None.

The following vehicles are in packs:

Team Teal Terror

“FFFFFUUUUUUU…” Fuzz growled.

“How the hell did you break it already?” Jen gasped incredulously.

“I didn’t break, it, it just… God, this piece of shit!”

“Hey, be nice!”

“No.” Fuzz banged on the dashboard with his fist. “No, this can’t be.”

“Take a breath. Pop the hood. Let’s take a look at it, ok?”



Highway Hooligans

Day 2, 4-6a - “Plans for Trouble”

What started out as a peaceful breakfast at the Bunkhouse Motel turned quite quickly into chaos when the Hooligans, or at least 3/4 of them, started sending scrambled eggs flying. Jake and Cody took the opportunity to nail Alejandro in the ear with a sausage, and Marcus threw a pancake like a frisbee, getting the syrup-soaked disc stuck to the ceiling, where it fell a few seconds later with a loud plop onto the floor.

With chaos quickly getting out of hand, Trevor slipped out into the parking lot to take advantage of the relative peace and quiet to do a little pranking. Which is precisely when he saw every car had a dirt-dick drawn on the windows. “Two can play dirty.” Trevor grumbled to himself, opening the Dynamite’s hatch and grabbing a few supplies. The only car there without dirt smears on the windows happened to be the car belonging to Spanish Fiesta, so Trevor went after it hard.

He tried the passenger door handle and was pleasantly surprised to find it unlocked. “Fools.” he said to himself, before setting one of the Stinkers, his modified automatic air fresheners, to 10 minutes and pulling the safety tab out of the battery compartment. A fresh blast of ass-gas wafted into the air, making him gag. With it tucked under the seat, he carefully closed the door, then grabbed the other items he had gotten out of the Dynamite’s trunk. Using the cardboard to mask the windows and lights from over-spray, Trevor promptly gifted the car with a hot-pink metallic racing stripe.

With the paint applied, Trevor joined the others in the food fight, slinging the contents of the plastic cup of orange juice across the room. At 7:00 on the dot, the Hooligans raced to the parking lot. They started the car only to be greeted with the strong smell of gasoline again, which led Marcus and Cody to check the engine.

“Two fucked fuel injectors. We can limp it to the junkyard and back safely enough to get parts, but we’re starting late today.” Marcus said. After a brisk trip to the nearest junkyard, and scavenging fuel injectors from two completely different cars in hopes that one set would be decent, they pulled back into the parking space to fix the engine.

At 8:00, however, they were still working on it. “Goddamn fuckin’ piece of shit.” Marcus said, wrestling with the spark plug leads.


Morale +4 (-2)
Fatigue 0 (+2)
Waypoints: 5
Status: Fixing the fuel problem.

(OOC: Yes, this was planned between the two of us. However, if any others want to have similar happen to their cars at the Bunkhouse Motel, feel free to add in either the stink-bomb or the impromptu racing stripes to their own cars. We’ll gladly take the blame for it.)


Team Big Blue, Part 8

Jez was the first to wake up, and his teammates followed soon after. He addressed the team as follows: “Good morning, boys. Today we’ll use the same strategy that saw us through the previous day, but with a slightly more aggressive strategy, just to teach that truck driver a lesson.”

They never had a chance to test their strategy, though. As Big Blue sets off for the second day, Paul wonders why it isn’t slowing down… And doesn’t realize it until he hits a wall, trashing the car in the process and ending their hopes of even catching up to the Redneck Express. He shrugged and glanced at the culprit - a shattered brake rotor - and muttered:

"Well, you’d expect that with a car which was on its last legs, wouldn’t you?

Steve’s reply was: “Of course I would, but we’ll never know whether or not we could have beaten the Redneck Express… Or the red Enforcer for that matter.”

Ash rebuked him with: “We never could have. That bloody big truck was just too fast. And with our relatively conservative strategy, we would have fallen behind even more quickly than we wanted to - but at least we covered more than a thousand kays. And now I’ll head back to Melbourne with mixed feelings… And sour grapes.”

Jez’s response was succinct: "Sour grapes, you say? Actually, you’re right. Since it made its first rest stop further west than we did, and also at the right time for its crew, the Redneck Express could have everyone and everything else in this race utterly shot to bits. The red Enforcer, on the other hand, has been on the road for so much longer that its crew are now on the brink of exhaustion, and cannot possibly hold off that big black truck for much longer… Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back to Birmingham. What about you?

After a brief hesitation, Paul decided to fly west to the finish line and congratulate the finishers, taking Steve with him. But before leaving, he had one last thing to say about his experience: “We may not have accomplished what Team BAGS wanted us to do, but it sure was a lot of fun all the way through - and I’ll rebuild Big Blue for good measure, just so that it can return to the road once again!”


Team Redneck Day 2 0600-0800

Otis and Jake wake up at 7am, pack up their duffel bags then head over to the local diner which also has the towns only gas pump.

As the two enter the split rock cafe conversations stop briefly as the locals which consist of mostly ranchers and hunting guides, look to see who came in.

Otis, “Feels like home.”

Waitress, “Have a seat wherever you like, Ill be right with you.”

The two order a large breakfast and a lunch that didn’t need to be warmed later, they wolf down the breakfast.

Waitress, “Whats the hurry boys, y’all got a hot date or something”

Jake between bites, "Well kind of, in Oregon. We are in a race across the Oregon Trail. So far we have been in the lead for most of the race. There are teams from all over the globe, most of the other groups have a bit of wackyness to them.

Waitress, “What will you win?”

Otis, “Uhhhh, you know what I never looked at that part”, the two look at each other perplexed, “For us its more for the fun of it”

Jake, “Have you seen any other beaters go through last night or this morning?”

Waitress, “There was an old red ex cop car go by, about 4am, but thats it from what you guys are describing, we don’t have too many take this road even during the daytime.”

After breakfast the two get their to go order, check over the truck, then head out having fueled up the night before.



Luigi: God damn, we haven’t stopped at all?

Zach: We’re gonna rest for an hour when we reach Soda Springs.

Blake: I can’t do this. We’re too old to keep pushing like this.

Zach: We stop to get some sleep, we risk losing the lead we have.

Blake: If we’re overcome by fatigue, a lead won’t mean dick!

Marc: So we’re planning on stopping somewhere?

Blake: Fort Hall, I’ve gotta get some real sleep.

Marc: Very well, I suppose Homo is going to drive next?

Zach: The rest of the way to Fort Hall, then whatever.


Team Rice Box

Previous [Day 2, 5am-6am]

In an odd turn of events, Charlotte had taken over driving Banana, but she’d be out at lunch. Lyra had also been careful to avoid Team S.O.B. however, she was sitting on her phone in the passenger seat, doing some light stalking of James’ facebook account.
“Still swooning over him, are you?” Charlotte said, seeing Lyra on her phone. Lyra quickly, but rather obviously tilted her phone’s screen away.
“N-no. No.” Charlotte was giving her a ‘really?’ look out of the corner of her eye. “Yes, Yes I was. Fine.”
“Going to still be awkward around them, huh?”
“For gods sake.”
“I mean, of them all, you didn’t choose the more… exotic of them?”
“Charlotte, please.”
“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” Charlotte quickly turns back on the music.

“Char, why this one.”
“Because We need some INTENSITY!”


Team ‘Southend Or Bust’

Original Post - Previous Post

“God I wish we were turning left and heading south on I25” exclaimed James. “Bonneville is down that way”.

“James you said the exact same thing last night” said Seb, with a bit of a grump tone. He wasn’t used to the early start.

“Alright mister” said James in a mock-sassy voice.

“Oh come on mate, we all know about you and your beauty sleep” chimed Martin.

“Yes yes well anyway, Bonneville…” James said, trying to return the conversation.


However, it was clear something was up. James was keen to make any kind of conversation at all, even if it was just small talk; it’s was unusual to say the least. Seb messaged Martin, who was sitting in the back of the car -

Gonna rumble whatevers up with James. He’s fidgeting so much and constantly wants to talk.

Martin smiled when he opened the text.

Cool cool I’ll join in.

Seb waited for some quiet, then turned to James. “So Lyra” he began.

James froze briefly and blushed. Martin burst out laughing. “Ha ha! Does someone have a crush or something?”

“Well…” said James, trying to correct himself but hardly making an effort.

“Oh you are such a sop” said Seb, laughing too. “One girl shows a bit of interest and you can’t contain yourself”.

James stared ahead at the road with a grump expression on his face. And so began mile after mile of teasing. James wondered if Lyra was facing similar circumstances. No wait don’t do that you idiot, that would imply you really do like her.

He paused, in shock.

Shit. I do.


Gran: David this new silencer isn’t as good as the old one but it’s a LOT quieter than having nothing at all. Now, about this hole, it’s getting a lot bi…

Spanners: Don’t worry about it Mrs E. Everything’s good.

Mopey: So she isn’t going to fall out then?

Spanners: No mate.

Gran: George, you aren’t in my will!

Mopey: WHAT? Then why the flying fu…


Mopey: OW Dave…WHAT THE FU…


Mopey: GRAN!!! That really hurt!!!

Gran: Mind your language George.

Spanners: Yeah Mopey…mind your language!

Mopey puts his headphones in and ignores the conversation about how the youth of today have no manners and foul mouths.

This conversation lasts all the way to the next POI.


Legend of Terms:

TBDC: Time Block Distance Covered. This is the amount of mileage covered during the current 2 hour period.
ODC: Overall Distance Covered. This is the total distance that the team has covered since Noon on Friday
MRL: Morale modifier
FTG: Fatigue Level
Notes: Any notes I have for your team during this time block. Including POI results, car issues, etc.

Friday, 8AM - 10AM

Weather Conditions: 76-78 degrees (depending on location), high clouds, slight breeze

All vehicles are on I-15 North, US30 West, US 287 North, I-25 North, or 26 West

Upcoming POI (optional, let me know if you want to stop at them for rest/sightseeing): Independence Rock State Historic Site, Soda Springs, Hagerman Fossil Beds National Park, Old Fort Boise, Farewell Bend State Recreational Area.

Next Waypoint: Fort Laramie, South Pass, Fort Hall, 3 Island Crossing State Park.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 637 mi MRL: -2 FTG: +4 Notes: Fuel pump repair completed at 10am.

TBDC: 72 mi OD: 1162 mi MRL: -4 FTG: +4 Notes: Team was pulled over on US 30 West by an Idaho State Trooper. No citation was issued, but a significant delay was caused. TEAM MORALE IS LOW. TEAM IS VERY TIRED AND CRANKY.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 675 mi MRL: -2 FTG: +4 Notes: Injector replacement is finished at 10am, including confirming that the leak is no longer present and the new injectors fire properly.

TBDC: 126 mi OD: 865 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: Fuel low. Team will be stopping at the next opportunity for fuel.

TBDC: 89 mi OD: 764 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Optional stop: Register Cliff Monument.

TBDC: 115 mi OD: 871 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: Fuel low. Team will be stopping at next opportunity for fuel.

TBDC: 124 mi OD: 1022 mi MRL: +1 FTG: +0 Notes: Team refuels in Jeffrey City before heading out. Waypoint completed: South Pass.

TBDC: 91 mi OD: 902 mi MRL: -2 FTG: +3 Notes: Team stopped to refuel in Jeffrey City, WY. Failure: A few miles west of Jeffrey City, the right rear wheel bearing locked up. Team managed to pull the car over without losing control or crashing. A set of wheel bearings is among the spare parts carried; repair is underway, and the spare tire will be put on as the one on the car got badly damaged.

TBDC: 128 mi OD: 882 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: Fuel low. Team will stop at the next opportunity to refuel.

TBDC: 123 mi OD: 764 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: None.

TBDC: 125 mi OD: 889 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +2 Notes: Fuel low. Team will refuel at the next opportunity.

TBDC: 0 mi OD: 637 mi MRL: +4 FTG: +2 Notes: Team takes a 1 hour hike in the Scotts Bluff area, and gets on the road at 10am.

TBDC: 13 mi OD: 873 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: Wide open roads, driver got a bit overzealous. Fuel low, team will stop at next opportunity.

TBDC: 119 mi OD: 873 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +0 Notes: Fuel low. Team will be stopping at next opportunity.

TBDC: 127 mi OD: 929 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +1 Notes: Team stopped for fuel in Jeffrey City, WY.

TBDC: 126 mi OD: 914 mi MRL: +0 FTG: +2 Notes: Team stopped for fuel in Jeffrey City, WY.

The following vehicles are in packs:
Ardent, Kageshima
Shromet, Erin

Team Teal Terror

“Well crap, that sucked,” Jen sighed as she put the tools away and closed the coupe’s trunk.

“Gonna really have to make up for it now,” Fuzz added.

Jen groaned. “Oh God. Please tell me you’re not…”

“Pretending those Hooligan bastards are felons and I’m in pursuit? Hell yeah!” He grinned.

“That’s the last time I let you watch Hot Fuzz. Or Smokey and the Bandit. Or anything else. Ever.”

Jen climbed in the passenger side of the Teal Smoke, buckled in, checked her OSH, and resigned herself to her fate.


Highway Hooligans

Day 2, 6-8a - “Food Fights, Racing Stripes, and Other Bad Things.”

“Okay, Jake, run the test again.” Marcus said. Jake prodded the keys of the ancient laptop, and the car set off a burst of rapid ticks from the new injectors. “Looks like they’re all working, so we’ll go start the engine, make sure this problem is gone.”

“Good, because we’re four hours behind. And if nothing else, I want to beat that teal turd, and they’re still behind us.” Cody said, looking over the car.

Trevor gave a wicked grin, then said, “We might be behind, but, traffic willing, we may be able to catch up. There’s a bit of a surprise under the back seat, a 50-shot that’ll last a hundred miles.”

“You put nitrous in this thing!?” Jake asked, looking shocked.

“Of course I did! What, you think the only thing I’m good for is getting parts and making pranks?”

“No, just, isn’t nitrous dangerous?”

Marcus shook his head, then said, “It’s not dangerous if you aren’t stupid with it. Knowing Trev’s set up more than my fair share of tuner cars, that’s a very-wet 50-shot. Probably got enough gas for a 75-shot going to the engine. Means you can lean on it a bit and she won’t lean out. You have to keep the engine running fat and happy if you want nitrous not to make a grenade out of your block, and he’s done this before. Duration over Acceleration, after all.”

“So, what’s the point of a 50-horsepower boost over 100 miles? Wouldn’t it be better to have a 200 horsepower boost for a few miles?” Cody asked.

“First, I’ll answer the second one. This car would not survive a 200 horsepower nitrous shot, it’d blow the pistons right out of the bores. Second, duration is key. Your average street-racing shit-head has about a hundred shot and it lasts for maybe 30 seconds. Maybe 150 for 20 if the guy’s a hot-head. By having a 50 shot that’ll last 2 minutes, you trick him into blowing first. You light yours up, he blows his load early, you sweep the win by leaning on yours until the finish line.” Marcus replied, grinning.

“Well, let’s get this party on the road, then. Because it’s obvious it’s not pissin’ fuel and stinkin’ right now, and I’d rather be flying down the highway at 120 than sitting in this fuckin’ parking lot.” Trevor stated.

With that said, everyone packed the tools and got back into the car. At 10:00, the Hooligans were just leaving their parking space.


Morale: +2 (-2)
Fatigue: +4 (+4)
Waypoints: 5
Status: Car’s fixed, Nitrous Armed, planning on going very fast in the next leg to make up lost time, if the traffic will let them.



Blake: Luigi, Luigi… LUIGI!!!

Luigi: Oh shit! (swerves)

Blake: Pay attention!

Marc: Stupid **** is nodding off! What the hell do you have to be tired about? All you did so far was sit on your ass and sleep!

Zach: He did put the water pump in.

(Marc snaps a sharp look at Zach)

Zach: Shutting up.

Luigi: Good idea, let’s all shut up!

Marc: Including you? That’ll be a freaking Hanukkah miracle!


(Silence ensues until flashing lights are glimpsed in the mirrors)

Marc: Oh no!

Zach: What the?

Blake: Shit!

Marc: You stupid ***! Even though you drive like an old bitch, you still get the cops after you!

Luigi: Shut the hell up, let me do the talking.

(The Enforcer pulls over)

Zach: Can’t you show him your badge or something?

Marc: Yeah, good idea. Show a badge from a completely different state! We’re in a different jurisdiction you idiot!

Officer: Your license and registration please.

Luigi: No problem officer… here’s the license. Blake has the registration.

Blake: It’s in my wallet.

Officer: Okay, grab it.

(Blake reaches in his pocket for his wallet making sure his hands are in clear sight for the officer.)

Blake: Here you go.

Officer: Do you know why I pulled you over?

Luigi: It has something to do with the swerve back there? (leans forward, then sits straight up again)

Officer: Have you been drinking?

Luigi: No, we’ve just been driving all night. Just a bit tired.

Officer: Step out of the car. The rest of you stay put until I say so! Hands on the dash or the seat in front of you in clear sight at all times. 801 to Station.

Radio: Go ahead 801.

Officer: I have a potential DUI here, four white males. May need assistance.

Radio: 10-4, 812 will be advised.

(One by one the officer administers a field sobriety test for each man. Despite fatigue they pass the test without issue)

Officer: I’m letting you off with a warning, but you should find a place to stop. Driving so long without a break can be extremely dangerous. Have a safe drive.

Luigi: Will do officer.

(The state trooper drives off)

Zach: You should’ve fled.

Marc: And gone to jail instead of back on the road. I tell you Blake, that college is certainly working out for your boy here.

Blake: Just calm down, once we reach Fort Hall we’re going to get some shuteye.


Team Wagons West


Wookiee: Here, you potato! Left!
Beth: He’s not a potato, Dickie-boy.
wookiee: Whatever. Just turn!

Bill turned off the 26 and down the 71, as per the plan. They had decided the best course of action would be camping overnight near the monument. As they neared the right onto old 92:
Toni: Seeing as how you two have been relatively well behaved, I’ll let you set up the tents.
Bill and Wookiee start to protest, Toni responds;
“It’s either that or you cook… together”.

Within minutes of arriving at the campground, the instant tents that Toni was smart enough to buy were ready, and Beth was left to warm up the beans and instant mash. Toni sat back with her smuggled bundy and coke… and pondered tomorrows run.

Just after 9pm
Wookiee: “G’night, John-boy.”

Beth had trouble sleeping, waking repeatedly to nightmares of Lions and tigers and bears… oh, my! (Which she actually said in her sleep)
Bill dreamed of being a racing driver, but somehow even in his dreams Wookiee irritated him.
Wookiee’s dream involved flying a YT-1300… oddly enough.
It’s probably better if I don’t tell you what Toni was imagining.






The resident of Jeffrey City dont get much in the way of entertainment, and its a very small town. So naturally word spread fast that a race of sorts was rolling through town. With a sign just before the 1 pump gas station saying last gas for 60 miles.

An old chalkboard with who went through and when as well as a list of items that can be made quickly with their price, as well as an offer of free coffee.

The waitress is friendly and refers to everyone as you boys, yall, or you sweeties when she comes up to your car any orders are hollered at the entrance of the Split Rock Cafe where someone repeats it to the cook.

Several ranchers and other residents come out to talk to the racers in an almost all at once fassion, particularly if they appear to be from outside the US.

Most of the ranchers are carying a side arm of some sort or another on their hips, while the trucks and cars look beat up and dirty, the guns are in good shape and very clean, and look as though they didn’t come cheap.
A gun rack sits in the back window of most of the trucks with at least one shotgun or rifle in it. If questioned about it they simply say “Well shit, its an open carry state”, and “I wouldn’t be able to make a living if I didn’t keep a gun with me on the ranch”

Edit: Looked it up, Wyoming residents can open carry or carry concealed, non residents can only open carry. For those who don’t know open carry means it has to be plainly visible.