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Goblin95's collection of random cars


I had an emotional breakdown last time I tried to be a serious car company, so I’m no longer interested in worldbuilding anymore. Instead, I’m going to post batches of cars that do not have any particular lore set in mind.

First car in the batch is the Hermes Concept. Yes, it’s a direct reference of the car from GTA Vice City / GTA San Andreas. It’s a 4-door sedan featuring the body styling of a 1950’s luxury car with some modern touches such as concealed door handles and LED.

Click for pics

It also comes in a purple-gold, Saints Crew-like trim complete with 24 inch wire wheels.

Click for pics

Next is the Tenno. Originally called the “Sensible Wagon”, it is a minivan, but with large chunky off-road wheels and a true 4x4 transmission with lockers. In theory, this kind of vehicle does not make any sense, but it is what it is.

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The last car featured in the batch is simply called Hako. In Japanese, “hako” literally means “box” because of how square this car looks.

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More might be coming, idk.


Second batch, Uninspired Cars Edition! Yaaaay.

First car is the notMercedes notGclass. It’s your typical fossil of an SUV: Big, square, has five wheels, maybe some little accessories here and there, and ecology activists throw a tantrum at it every time it steps on the grass.

Click here for pictures

Also includes some sort of copy text.

The next car is the notSentinel E26 Turbo. It was built with one idea in mind: What if it were designed using nothing but a 30 cm ruler (heheh, 30). I personally call it “the most boring-looking 200+hp sedan in the early 80’s”.

Click here for pictures


Love the first one.

2nd one is just Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooox


Oh no! Why am I posting a van with no lights or other fixtures and a dead meme on its side? It’s a bad car, Bin!

UPDATE: Car file, it’s pretty beefy - Canvas car - Canvas 1.car (127.5 KB)


Ehm… if you find an answer to your question post here, so others who encounter the same problem know the answer and the solution.
Bepis tech support.


I still prefer Conke :cry:



Well then.

(Note: Just a heads up, graphics on the side like these will be a recurring theme on my future cars)


CONKE ? !!!


What’s the most retrowave car I can imagine?

1986 Ausud Malin.

And now for some proper retro shopness.


It may be an 80s car without pop-up headlights, but the Malin still epitomizes the “greed is good” mentality of that decade.


Fun fact: In my headcanon, the Malin’s headlight covers open by dropping down, sort of like how the Vector W2 or W8 is like.


I did a couple of HDR stitching to argue that Automation’s photo mode can be pretty close to real photography.

Ausud 159RE

Rosin-Calvinator Miara (yes, that Calvinator)

If anyone wants to have their car(s) done in this manner, you can PM me!


Happy Eid Mubarak to those of you who celebrate it!

Here are the final products of my procrastination from work. The first in the lineup being a Dodge Viper Dievo Medusa GTS.

Powered by the venerable 8.4L V10 engine producing almost 600 horsepower, this car is treading the fine line between muscle car and supercar since not only can it reach a top speed of 300 km/h, but it’s actually not too shabby around the corners either. The body style is a mix between a Viper GTS and the more recent Viper SRT-10, but it has all the advanced safety gizmos like electronic stability control and tons of airbags like the SRT Viper.

And what’s this? A free .car file for the car itself? Am I out of my mind? Well, no. I’m feeling generous since today is Eid, and the base idea for this “replica” itself isn’t very original to start with. Hey, who knows, you might even be able to improve upon the current design. Enjoy!

Dievo Medusa GTS - Stock (v3).car (82.1 KB)

Next is the Kasai Shindai GT. Wait a minute, why is there a Kasai here? Shouldn’t it be posted to the Kasai thread instead?

Well, you see, this car trim in particular is not canon, being a V12-powered, 600hp FF monster it is. Somehow it woks, too. Nevertheless, I still really like how it turned out, so I’m putting it here.


You’ve come closer than anyone else to making a replica of the first-gen Viper GTS… except that the Kee version had a body mod resembling a Viper but UE4 doesn’t. But you’ve done a surprisingly good job with the ND MX-5 body you had to use, which makes it all the more convincing.


BeamNG track cars edition!

First off is the victim of a -15 quality spam abuse. I got no clever name for it, so let’s just call it that for now. Because it’s so awfully constructed, it’s also designed on a cut budget. Spartan cut scoops and vents, asymmetrical roof bubble because it only needs one seat, and gas tank located in the rear just to balance out the weight at the front.
Powering it is a growly 2.0L boxer-4 N/A engine producing 238hp, full carbon fiber construction, full time AWD system, active pushrod suspensions and carbon ceramic brakes. Sounds expensive, right? But check this out: All those hi-end gizmos only require 18 ET and only costing you a little over $24,000! Sure, the car is guaranteed to fall apart after only one track day, but hey, if you want a Ferrari Scuderia experience for 1/100 its asking price, then look no further.


Remember this front end shape? I did not give up on it, ha!

But how does it drive in BeamNG.drive, you may ask? It’s wonderful! In fact, out of all my exported Automation cars so far, this one (along with the Aegis) has the best handling feel around ATT! It sticks to the road vigorously, doesn’t make much drama on the wheels (duh, it’s an AWD), and overall has a pretty respectable hotlap time for a -15 quality abuse meme.

More pics + bonus!

Anyway, this angry ugly duckling of a car is looking for a new owner who will love it unconditionally and make lap records with it. That owner could be you!
The car no one wants to buy - H4.car (26.0 KB)

Secondly, on the less meme-y side, is the Screamy McTwinswirly Aegis II. A long time ago in Kee, I made a masterpiece of my own, called the Aegis. But that car is long gone now, so I tried to recreate the Aegis II as its spiritual successor. Armed with a miniscule 1.8L(!) twin turbo V8 flatplane engine that revs to up to 10.400 RPM (hence its nickname), the Aegis II does 0-100 in less than 4 seconds, handles just right, and putting cherry on top is the glorious sounds of the flatplane that’s just intoxicating. I love this car so much.



Aaaaaaand I have returned, with more cars in the batch! Yay.

Car number 1:

Bandung City government is testing new models to replace their aging “angkot” (Indonesia’s in-city public transportation) fleet. This, the Kasai Muro, is one of the cars being tested. They later eliminated the car due to its steep service costs and mediocre gas mileage.

Car number 2:

Dievo Pegasi: Dievo’s answer to being a cheaper Ferrari. It’s not even trying to be the F40. I mean, it’s only got, like, half the engine power and half the top speed. What a loser.

And the last in the batch, car number 3:

Yet another old sports car. Boooooooring.
Anyway, this uninspired coupe is called the Dievo Troya. Powered by a turbo 3L crossplane V8 producing an anemic 436 hp… yawn Top speed measuring at maybe around 250 km/h if you’re lucky enough to find a long enough straight line? Who even cares about specs at this point? It’s a car, it drives, it brakes, and it can make you go to places. Period.


These are fairly accurate designs to be honest. Now, if someone could just swap the Pegasi’s engine with something commensurate with its F40-like looks… And how could anything with 436 horsepower be called boring? Then again, the Troya’s low top speed might be the result of gearing, poor aerodynamics, or both.


Piye kabare? Jaman aku lebih enak to?